The California DOJ reverses course and now says Archewell is in good standing

Last year, I had to file an amended tax return because of a perfectly innocent mix-up on CB’s end. I wrote a check to the IRS to cover the amended filing, and while the check was en route, the IRS sent me a notice of what I owed. I wrote a second check and sent that in. Long story short, I ended up getting my overpaid taxes back in a refund check, but I maintain that it was the right thing to do when dealing with the federal or state government. Overpay and let them figure it out. I bring this up because it looks like the state of California messed up on the Archewell check and the Sussexes are getting the blame for it. The answer, if you’re a regular person without an entire international press breathing down your neck, is to just issue a second $200 check without question and just let the California DOJ sort it out. Of course, that’s assuming that the Sussexes knew about the missing check before *someone* leaked it to Page Six. Speaking of, the Daily Mail ran this as exclusive:

Sussex sources claimed [on Tuesday] that the ‘delinquency notice’ was actually issued because Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office did not process the $200 cheque.

Sussex sources told MailOnline this morning that the Archewell Foundation’s tax filings for 2022 were submitted in full in accordance with all regulations in the US, which was widely reported in the media last December – including by this website. They said the California state filing, renewal and required payment were sent and delivered to the Attorney General’s office via tracked mail, and received on time. However, the delinquency notice was then issued on May 3 because the cheque had not been processed by the Attorney General’s Office, according to the sources.

Until Archewell Foundation officials could confirm the tracked mail and receive acknowledgment of receipt, they assumed that the cheque had been lost in the mail – hence the initial explanation, which has now turned out to be false.

[From The Daily Mail]

“They said the California state filing, renewal and required payment were sent and delivered to the Attorney General’s office via tracked mail, and received on time.” So it’s another version of “everything was fine on the Sussexes’ end, the screw-up happened somewhere else.” At first it was a question about whether the check had been lost en route, but now they’re saying that the check/envelope arrived at the state office and they have the tracking receipts to prove it. Which might explain why, just hours later, the California DOJ reversed course and now says that Archewell is in good standing:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell Foundation is back in “good standing” after being listed as “delinquent” on their website Monday. The press office for California Attorney General Rob Bonta confirmed to Fox News Digital Tuesday, “After being in touch with our Registry of Charities and Fundraisers, the organization is current and in good standing.”

An Archewell Foundation spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News Digital, “We have diligently investigated the situation and can confirm that The Archewell Foundation remains fully compliant and in good standing. Due payments were made promptly and in accordance with the IRS’s processes and procedures. Furthermore, all necessary paperwork had been filed by the Foundation without error or wrongdoing.”

On Tuesday, a source told Fox News Digital that the charity’s tax filings were submitted as required. All payments were sent to the Attorney General’s Office via tracked mail, and those payments were received on time.

[From Fox News]

Sounds like Archewell’s lawyers ripped into the California DOJ for failing to process a check which they received months ago. The fact that this whole thing was cleared up in roughly 24 hours actually shows that the Sussexes have all of their ducks in a row and they keep receipts. Something for the Windsors to consider, you know?

Also: Governor Newsom even spoke about Archewell’s good standing in the state during a Tuesday press conference. Whoever organized this hit job did a pretty sh-tty job if everything was cleaned up this quickly.

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109 Responses to “The California DOJ reverses course and now says Archewell is in good standing”

  1. Nanea says:

    Fingers crossed the office where the leak stemmed from will find the leaker and fire them.

    And of course the delulu Derangedeers haven’t stopped screaming about Gov. Newsom’s involvement, because that means that Meghan will run for President somewhere down the road. And the Nigerian title is fake, and they should be stripped… Rinse, repeat.

    • Ginger says:

      The Kate Middleton “fans” hate because they are sad, lonely people with no lives of their own. Nothing new there.

      I’m glad this was cleared up quickly and I hope the person that messed this up at the DOJ office is fired.

      • Bunny says:

        Racist. Kate Middleton’s online fans are conspiratorial nutjob racists. As you say, they’re sad, lonely people with no lives, but never forget the blatant racism running though every comment they make.

        The list of things they believe about the Sussexes all boils down to jealousy
        and vile racism.

    • Joy says:

      It’s public record, no one leaked anything. Anyone can look up any 501(c)3 on the CA govt website. Someone is probably getting paid to look up Archewell every single day though.

      • swaz says:

        I truly believe that someone is getting paid to look up everything Sussex every single day ✔✔

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Joy Exactly. There was no leaker.

        However, I do wonder why the incorrect information was showing in the database. Either someone dropped the ball or someone deliberately did not update the Archewell account.

        While I firmly believe no one should get special treatment with regard to government agencies I also am a former government worker and I know that cases with potential to become newsworthy are handled carefully and as quickly as possible. One would think that whoever received the documentation and check from Archewell would have been especially careful about processing and entering that information.

      • Megan says:

        I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again today, state registrars for charities and fundraisers are total shit shows. Mistakes like lost paperwork and checks happen on a daily basis. Archwell’s lawyers didn’t need to rip into anyone because states have a direct line for lawyers to call to resolve matters quickly because mistakes are so common.

      • kirk says:

        Like I said yesterday:

        How did “Sara Nathan… the award-winning editor at large at the New York Post” get this amazing super scoop you ask? Duh. She hauled out her manure scoop, went hunting for garbage and manure, then spread it all around herself. Probably she’s hoping for a britmedia or faux news award from BRFCo & Assoc client media 🙄

        All the screamy meamy headlines pointed to Sara Nathan of Page Six as the source. So we should all give her credit for her super duper pooper skills and her big manure shovel. Also I saw yesterday on X-Twitter that somebody had downloaded registration reports from Charities website and fully 21% were listed as delinquent: out of 131,561 non-profits, 28,047 are listed as “delinquent.”

        Unfortunately for “Sara Nathan…the award-winning editor at large at the New York Post,” Governor Newsom, of the great state of California, told reporters while standing in front of a “mental health site” that there’s been a “piling on” over a technical paperwork issue with the Archewell Foundation. Newsom said Archewell was fully in compliance and is a “celebrated organization” on several issues, “notably around mental health.” AFAICT “Sara Nathan” hasn’t updated her super pooper garbage scooper of a story to encompass Governor Newsom’s remarks.

      • Caribbean says:

        I will say it for everyone and repeat for those that said it already…this was HIGHLY suspicious, especially dropping on their return from their highly successful (per usual) trip…The Archewell news dominated digital media (US & Uk) and no mention of all the good work H & M did and the support shown to Meghan from highly reclusive and respected Nigerian Kings.

    • the Robinsons says:

      You go my boy, Gavin Newsom!!!

  2. s808 says:

    “Sounds like Archewell’s lawyers ripped into the California DOJ for failing to process a check which they received months ago.”

    As they should’ve. I’m also curious to find out how the DM obtained this information.

    • ML says:

      Yesterday I said this was a sloppy, but honest mistake. Obviously, I am now taking those words back! The sloppy mistake is the fault of whoever went after the Sussexes, because they obviously chose this time (right after IG London and the brilliant Nigeria trip) to leak this. And whoever this was did not do their nasty homework properly if it got thoroughly cleaned up this fast. So, yeah, how and from whom did the DF get this information from?

    • Megan says:

      No one ripped into anyone. These mistakes happen all the time. There are entire law firms that specialize in resolving errors with state registrars. Like most errors, it was resolved within 24 hours.

      • JudyB says:

        It’s really not OK to excuse this because these “mistakes happen all the time.” And there should not need to be entire law firms that specialize in resolving such errors. State offices should operate efficiently regardless of who applies for what because such mistakes affect citizens, sometimes severely, from small business people to general citizens.

        And in this case, this “small” error resulted in more than a dozen negative articles being printed trying to make H&M look incompetent and possibly poor operators of this charity. Resolving errors quickly is good, but preventing them is even better!! Citizens deserve better, and state employees need to realize that their actions, or lack of actions, cost people money and more.

      • Megan says:

        If state registrar offices were fully funded and fully staffed, there would be far fewer errors. Unfortunately, they are not a priority in any state budget.

      • Eurydice says:

        @JudyB – mistakes shouldn’t happen, but they do. Normally, a mistake like this is resolved quietly with a few phone calls. In this case, it wasn’t the mistake that was the problem, it was the insatiable intrusiveness of the tabloids. They’re the ones who printed all those negative articles.

      • MoonTheLoon says:

        @JudyB- Government workers are by and large not hired for their competence and commitment to efficiency. They’re hired to do what they’re told, to the letter of how they’re told to do it. There are many who do their best to ensure efficiency and think outside of the box. But they’re outnumbered by the ones who will “play it the company way” so they can keep the good pay and benefits rolling easily enough. That this has played out this way doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. And it’s hilarious to me when it surprises others.

    • Chelsea says:

      It’s public record. These raare always obsessively scrounging through recordgs for anything on the Sussexes since they have no access so my guess is they found this before now but specifically waited until after the Nigeria is done and when their team would be in the air to bring it up now hoping they could twist it in the worst way possible while the Archewell team was unable to respond. It says a lot about how good the Archewell team is that they were able to clear this up in less than 24 hrs but it also says a lot about how quick some ‘friendly’ publications were ready to run this smear with accusory click beat headlines(including this blog).

      • Michelle says:

        This blog has made me more aware of who benefits from my clicks. I intentionally didn’t click the links for the Clickbait on this topic. I did read it here because the smear was obvious and I wanted the real story. This blog and other friendly publication HAD to cover the story so the smear wasn’t the only information out there.
        The BM spin of H&M was obvious early on, and in those early days I was clicking every story to get those few grains of substance in the hopes of building a more rational narrative. Finding Celebitchy has been a relief, now I don’t have to contribute to shady British tabloids to get a story with multiple perspectives.

  3. Lady Digby says:

    Making a mountain out of a molehill n to smear Meg and Harry after the stonking success of their visit of Nigeria, these hit pieces are blatant and are seen for exactly what they are. It is so annoying that they are subject to forensic scrutiny when Chuck and his bags of cash in Harrods bags isn’t!

  4. Eurydice says:

    Ok, receipts, good, a nothingburger, good, all good. But the Governor of California coming to clarity this? To also talk about the great work Archwell is doing in California? To say the press is deeply unfair? First we have 4 Nigerian kings leaving their realms to celebrate Meghan and now Gavin Newsom making a press conference statement over a $200 mix-up?

    How does this sit with your morning tea, Charles?

    • Tina says:

      Lots of casual readers will believe this and the deranged will parrot this but I agree this backfired. It was cleaned up quickly and I appreciate Newsom answering this on camera. A lot of people immediately called this a smear timed to damage their successful tour. The more they do this I think it makes people sympathized with Harry and Meghan.

    • Laura D says:

      Let’s not forget the Spencers turning up at the Invictus ceremony to remind the Windsors (and their attack dogs in the MSM) that the Sussexes have family in the UK. Family who are willing to support them publicly when needed. If I’m still reeling from the shock of seeing Earl Spencer and his sister showing up at St. Pauls goodness knows how Charles, Camilla and William are processing their appearance.

      Then there were the cheers and smiles from the members of the public when Harry entered and exited the cathedral. The Invictus Ceremony annihilated the myth of the Sussexes being isolated and unpopular in the UK.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’m reeling a bit, too. It’s one thing to like H&M and be sympathetic towards them, but now we have some big names going the extra mile to support them publicly. I think it’s extraordinary.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Eurydice: yes! especially this coming from the governor of California, a state whose GDP far exceeds that of the UK & many (most, actually) other countries.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think there is a feeling from many outside the UK that the British press need to leave H&M the eff alone. Newsome has met them (right?) and he obviously likes them and likes the work that Archewell is doing. He wants Archewell to keep doing good work in his state. Here, he wasn’t saying anything outlandish – just emphasizing their good work, saying they are in compliance, and telling the press to run his comments the way they ran the “archewell delinquent!!!!!!!!” headlines.

      The BP keeps insisting that the more and more people know H&M, the more and more they want nothing to do with them. But its clear the opposite is true -the more and more people get to know them in the US, in other countries – the more they realize how much of the tabloids are lies and the more they are willing to fight back against that narrative.

      The governor of one of the largest economies in the world essentially telling the british press to back off is……well, its interesting to say the least.

      Then consider their reception in Nigeria, the crowds outside St Pauls, the Spencers’ attendance – it feels like those who might have quietly supported the Sussexes before are no longer going to be quiet about it.

      • swaz says:

        I have that feeling too, especially after the British Press have given Kate Middleton complete privacy, Whatever happen to we pay you play ?? WHERE IS KATE.

      • kirk says:

        Recall back in 2021 that britmedia-Rupert The Sun (aka faux news) reported that Governor Newsom called the couple and they (sunfaux) screamed about her getting too political? Newsom’s office said he basically called and said “welcome to California.” They already had been doing high profile visits (making lunches, loading backpacks) at local food charities they wanted to call attention to by then.

      • AC says:

        @becks1 100% agree. They know Gavin is powerful – he’s running a state(my state) that has a larger economy than the whole United Kingdom put together. Even India now passed The UK as the 6th largest economy, they’ve fallen further behind to 7th.
        And Gavin looking at the camera and calling out the BM – It makes them look small.
        It seems the rest of the world telling the BM to FO. They should worry about their Own Declining country.

    • Kim says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. I love how much public support they’re getting.

    • Caribbean says:

      “NOT VERY WELL, thanks for asking😒 Do you know if anyone in his office needs some cash? !” Charles.
      ME (listening to the conversation): 😁🤣😂

  5. Pinkosaurus says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t matter. Page Six got all those sweet sweet clicks and casual readers have the impression that Archewell is, at best, poorly run, and at worse a noncompliant grifter scam. Part of any misinformation campaign is trying to smear everyone else with doing what you are doing. This is perfect for covering up and distracting from “working” royals bags of cash and “charities” that don’t seem to fund anything but investments that line their own pockets.

    In better news, I’m so glad to see the Sussexes PR team hit back hard and fast. More of this please!

    • swaz says:

      People will believe WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE, I read about the miss payment yesterday and didn’t believe for a minute that Archewell was poorly run, that thought never even cross my mind.

      • kirk says:

        Yeah. Page Six got a click or two from me, just so I could cement in my mind to avoid Sara Nathan stories in future. Page Six and New York Post are usually not go-to reading for me, but some of their employees have actually done real newswork. Just not Sara Nathan AFAICT.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      And, again, how is it that a Murdoch owned media entity can trumpet a damaging story about Harry’s foundation without disclosing their parent company is in a legal dispute with him?! Actively trying to get him to settle out of court with his back up against a legal requirement to pay all their legal costs if his final judgement in court is less than what he turns down in settlement from News Corp? Would People Magazine and other American outlets have leapt to amplify this nothingburger ‘Page Six’ story with such vigor if that was made clear?

      How is it the media is allowed free rein to malign someone they are being sued by? Why are they not ordered by the court to be transparent about their conflict of interest?

      • kirk says:

        I would love to see a normal ethical news story where conflicts are disclosed in each telling. Unfortunately that’s not how it works with BRFCo & Assoc nor Murdochmedia. Instead we get regurgitated crap about how Harry is estranged from “his family” (BRFCo). The way Meghan’s suit against DailyFail was arranged to win a share of profits was great at getting around the settlement gotcha that exists with other britmedia cases. Disgusting to see these types of stories knowing that H-M security was pulled so 4 yrs ago so Willy’s secretary Christian Jones would be protected. Haven’t forgotten that the Sun paid Willy a large sum of money while Harry was kept in the dark about all that phone hacking.

  6. ELX says:

    Was it a mistake or did someone in that office decide or get paid to do this?

    • Sunnee says:

      My thoughts exactly. Was it a deliberate “mistake” by someone? My senses tell me it’s likely

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      @Elx It could be either one. I used to be a government worker and I’ve seen both malice and incompetence at work.

      On one case, I should have been the only person who worked that case (I was the only person in our unit who *could* work that case due to experience and training). At one point the case was back in our department and ended up in my completely sloppy lazy azz psycho (seriously she was an absolute menace) coworker’s work pile. She ignored the correct procedures, entered incorrect info, set it with the wrong ALJ who mishandled the case.

      The claimant reached out to a news reporter who completely misrepresented the decision the claimant received (on the nightly news!) Someone reached out to our legal dept who reached down to our dept and imagine my surprise when one of my big bosses stormed over to my desk and started screaming at me about *my* mistake and “HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!?!?!”

      It took me approx. 60 seconds to see what happened. I explained what happened and told him he needs to go scream at my psycho coworker and demand to know why she did not follow proper procedure. He just turned and walked off. The coworker was never reprimanded (because she was literally a psycho and even supervisors didn’t want to deal with her).

      So while it is possible the Archewell case was mishandled due to malice (I can believe that) it may have been due to incompetence. Whatever happened, I hope the supervisors are willing to correct the issue and hopefully prevent this from happening again.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Darn it, I forgot option 3….there is a backlog of processing in that office and the paperwork and check had not been assigned to someone to process.

        Once the news hit someone (most likely a supervisor or the “clean up” worker) manually went through all unprocessed paperworks and found the Archewell papers and check and got them entered into the system immediately.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @BNB: why are they paying by check anyway? Do you know if the state of CA has an online payment system? I would think that would be better than snail-mailing a paper check.
        Ah, never mind. Read a little further down below.

  7. Tina says:

    This was such a clear smear job. I’m so frustrated in all of the so called reputable news organizations that immediately parroted the page six information. I hope someone gets fired over this. I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist in my old age and I say that cheque was deliberately lost or shoved into a drawer. Wonder how much this cost Rupert murdoch. .

    • North of Boston says:

      Could be (about the deliberate) setting aside of the check.

      But several of the US states I deal with for work, including California oh and the IRS too can sometimes get backed up processing submissions. It’s not unusual to get a “hey your thing is late/hasn’t been filed” followed by a “oh never mind it was us we’ve got it” notice not long after. Or an “expect delays, ignore any late filing notices, we’ll reach out if there’s an issue, we’re working through backlog” message.

      Heck there can be snafus with corporations too. We have one customer, with 10,000 s of millions in cash who paid us with a $50k check that bounced (likely just a cash management/sweep/positive pay snafu). We shot them a message and the cash was in our account hours later.
      What we did not do was leak to the press / announce to the world that this well known company was failing to pay its bills. Because it wasn’t and we’re not vindictive idiots.

      • Becks1 says:

        I work for the federal government (not receiving checks though thank goodness lol) and I can’t tell you how many times over the past year (when I was in a more public facing role temporarily) I had to call someone and say “we do not have this form, if we don’t get it in X days we’ll close out your case” and they call back and are all “I FAXED IT TWO WEEKS AGO!” and I still didn’t have it and then all of a sudden in two days it appears in the electronic file.

        I can absolutely believe that this check was just sitting somewhere and then when someone actually looked for it they were like oh yeah, there it is, WHOOPS.

      • Dee(2) says:

        I was saying the same thing yesterday to the people commenting it was such a huge sloppy oversight. Either they have the pleasure of not having to deal with the government often, or they don’t realize how much this stuff happens at their own companies and they’re just not aware of it. I recently worked as an election judge and had to wait 7 weeks after the primary to get a paper check. My friend who lives in another state got hers the next week via direct deposit. Each state runs like its own little Kingdom.

      • kirk says:

        That’s the difference between private companies and the government isn’t it? Private company snafu stories don’t get shared, but government has to publicly disclose. There’s a well defined process in place for how revenue is handled in governments, usually more rigidly defined at federal than state level. But fee processing not so much. Seems like this undue attention to CA Charities division could get fixed by relax their programming standards around the “delinquent” designation.

        When it comes to government work, you also can not rule out the effect of anti-tax lobbyists, etc. There’s always a question of how to allocate scarce resources in govt.

  8. As I have said before the crazy’s on salt isle look for the littlest things to say gotcha. Glad it backfired on them as it usually does. Glad it was the governments fault for not cashing the check.

  9. Dee(2) says:

    As I said yesterday it was stupid. Clearly the BM trying their best to make the Sussexes seem shady, like they try to project bad marriages, how no one really likes them, and how they’re laughingstocks worldwide on to them when they really know those are the feelings for the BRF. I’m glad though that it was cleared up quickly, and that Governor Newsom pointed out how overblown a simple clerical error was. I hope all the people here so concerned yesterday and calling Archewell staff sloppy and amateurish give a little grace next time when it could be them.
    ETA- Again kudos to their new comms team.

  10. First comment says:

    When everything else fails, smearing is the solution… it was to be expected after the glorious tour of Harry and Meghan in Nigeria and the positive comments about them….we can’t have the spare thriving and showing how capable he is outside of the institution….people might start to think about how useless the monarchy is…. side note: whatever happened to real journalists? You know, journalists with integrity who check their sources and are objective? I’m not talking only about British media but worldwide, where this kind of news was spread by just repeating the page six initial article… doesn’t anyone want to know the truth? I’m deeply disappointed 😞

  11. Hypocrisy says:

    The timing is extremely suspicious… 🤨 almost like is was planned

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Agreed. Someone knew about this situation in early May but sat on it hoping it would still be unresolved during the Sussex’s Nigerian visit.

  12. sarah says:

    next time do it electronically. who writes physical checks these days and send via certified mail? seems like a rookie move. glad it’s all resolved and we can move on. millions of americans pay their taxes electronically for this reason…not having to deal with this lost check, late mail, wrong address bs.

    • Julia says:

      That particular payment cannot be submitted electronically in California. Don’t blame Archewell blame the antiquated payment systems used by California government agencies.

      • Bumblebee says:

        Yeah, we pay income tax to several states because of contract work, and have to pay by paper check to all of them. It takes money to switch payment systems from paper to electronic. Money state and local governments don’t have.

    • JT says:

      Do people really think that Harry and Meg would rather send a check over filing electronically if they could? California does not accept electronic filing for things like this. There are too many people commenting about “sloppiness” and “amateur hour” who don’t know how it works over here in California.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Sarah: It’s ok to say you got it wrong yesterday.

    • swaz says:

      I can only pay my water bill with checks, I have a check book just for my water bill.

  13. Just Jade says:

    Archewell was always in good standing someone is working with page six to go after Harry & Meghan business and foundation. They should investigate to find out who is working with the rats and some of the US so call journalists who just repeat every crap the island is selling without any proper investigation.

  14. Jais says:

    Well. Back to drawing board. They’ll have to cook up some new smear for the end of the week. This got settled quick. Good.

  15. Monika says:

    Sloppy research by the newspapers as usual. If they would have done their due diligence as journalist this should not have made it into the papers.

    • Eurydice says:

      It wasn’t sloppy research – it was a choice. When a government agency issues a letter like that, you don’t call them up to ask if they’ve made a mistake. But you can call Archewell to ask for a statement from them. Evidently, PEOPLE did because they got the quote about how Archewell had the receipts.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    As most of us were saying this was a non-story. Hopefully those who were “concerned” yesterday are ok now..

  17. Roseberry says:

    This intervention by the governor is such a big deal- people here on puny salt isle do not realise that California is geographically 3x the size of the UK, it’s the 5th largest economy in the world, the governor oversees a $3.8 trillion economy and here he is commenting on nuisance calls over a $200 common administrative error. In 24 hours he did what king chuckles-sausage fingers III has never done- defend Meghan and Harry!

    • JT says:

      Thank you. The California economy is massive. I’m upset that our governor had to waste time on this because a bunch of deranged DM writers and “concerned” commenters. He has better things to do.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      That actually makes me a little teary. 🥺 So true. The photos with the Kings in Nigeria 🇳🇬 had me blubbery too. Some true fathers who protect and treasure. Chuck just ain’t got it.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      No kidding. I can’t believe Governor Goodhair got involved in this. Unlike a lot of people involved in this kerfluffle he actually has a real day job. Mind you if someone hadn’t been trawling public sites for dirt and making a big deal of a common admin error …

      (But then again, Gavin certainly knows what it’s like to be the target of an organized right-wing hate campaign.)

  18. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    This only makes it clearer that they are targets and the world is going to see this for what it is and love them even more for it, remember Diana even more & hate the Royals even more! Thrive H&M!

  19. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Governor Newsom, in less than 10 minutes, defended the Sussex’s more than Harry’s father ever did. Let this sink in, the Governor of the State of California, came forward to defend Harry and Meghan, when to date not one member of Harry’s family has done the same.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      That was my reaction, too, Harla.

      Imagine if Charles had come to Meghan’s defense after that horrific Clarkson column written by Camilla’s pal. Or if the RF had defended Meghan right from the jump. Or if Charles had placed his son’s well-being over the invisible contract.

      Newsom’s strenuous defense of Archewell just highlights Charles’ cravenness and weakness.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      How humiliating for Charles. The Governor of California has taken better care of Charles’ son than “King” Charles ever has. The King can order the Commonwealth not to let his son visit, but can’t even once take a stand for his son against the tabloids.

      What a complete piece of trash Charles is as a father.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      You know, I hadn’t thought of it this way, but you are so right.

  20. Maxine Branch says:

    The good from this kerfuffle is the Sussexes now know the traditional route for paying for this renewal will have to be done more carefully and the Governor praised the work #Archewell does re mental health and women outside of a mental health facility while calling out the perpetrators of this nonsense. If this is/was an inside job, that avenue is now closed. You can not keep good people down.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I’m not sure what more else they can do next time than what they did this time. They sent it on time, certified and tracked mail so they could get a confirmation of delivery (which they got)! Seems they did everything correctly and carefully and responsibly. There was no error or anything that could have been done differently on their part.

      But I do agree with you that if this were an inside job to delay their paperwork to make them look delinquent, hopefully now that avenue is closed and their paperwork will be recorded by the government agency in a timely manner (although no guarantee of that, ever lol).

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        although it’s political enough now that someone in the agency might be taking special notice of it to make sure no errors happen.

  21. 411fromdownunder says:

    It had to be an inside job… but how amazing that the Governor specifically spoke about it as a mistake and they/the foundation being in good standing…


    I suppose it’s always been at the point where they need to worry about govt documents they file being subverted to be used against them. Awful to see the reality for them.

    The USPS or FBI should investigate the whole kerfuffle, as tampering with the post is a federal crime.

    • Eurydice says:

      There was no tampering with the post. Archewell has the receipt that the check had been delivered. Someone in the government office either didn’t cash it or didn’t post that the payment had been made.

  22. sevenblue says:

    Harry’s case against Murdoch is next. We are gonna get more hit articles to make him accept a settlement.

    • Tina says:

      Yes I think all of this (including the madness coming from the Brits) is about the next case. I still maintain Charles tried to guilt/bribe Harry in their February meeting. Murdoch does not want this case to ever see the light of day and Charles agrees.

  23. Bettyrose says:

    Write the second check and let the IRS figure it out is possibly the best adulting advice I’ve ever heard. The IRS is bureaucratic to a fault but they’re not grifters. The return will come eventually. Having them owe you money is always the better balance.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yep, back when I did my taxes by hand on paper, I’d make mistakes from time to time; sometimes I’d get a letter saying, hey, you overpaid, here’s your refund, other times it was hey, you owe us X amount. Either way, the IRS is on it (however slowly sometimes & not counting the recent deliberate cutting of jobs). Apropos of nothing, in all the years of using TurboTax, I’ve never gotten one of those letters!

  24. Wls145 says:

    Those hit pieces by the tabloids might run well in the U.K. but not here in the U SA. The new communications team that the Sussexes put in place are no joke. They don’t let false information stand anymore, so they can repeated over and over again until people believe it. The palace is really scrambling now.

  25. Reign says:

    Their new Comms team are cracking. Succinct and professionally answering the questions to take the criers down at the knees. Love it.

  26. Gabby says:

    Hey everyone.
    Remember the Global Sussex Baby Shower? H&M’s anniversary is coming up. What if a bunch of us made donations to Archewell on that day? I’m not on Twitter so maybe the Squad has something planned already. I can’t give a lot, but drops in the bucket and all that.

    • Julia says:

      Members of the public can’t give directly to Archewell. It’s a Foundation that gets money from donors in a simple way to the Royal Foundations.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      The Sussex Squad organizes donations to various places supported by the Sussexes, so that might be an idea.

      • kirk says:

        I decided to make a donation to GEANCO while they were in Nigeria. I think somebody in Sussex Squad was suggesting a donation to Canadian Invictus Games team? Anyhow, seemed like GEANCO was a good choice.

  27. Islandgirl says:

    I know that Harry and Meghan are quite likely very frustrated at all this.
    But I see it differently – these kinds of incidents continue to show everyone outside of Britain who and what Meghan and Harry are facing.
    The tabloids, with the backing of the royal family continue to try to smear them. They will use minor incidents like these and blow them all out of proportion.
    This is a good thing for Harry and Meghan – the world is watching and these kinds of issues reveal a lot – and not about Meghan and Harry.

  28. Walking the Walk says:

    At least that deranger who kept talking about Charity Watchdog disappeared.

    And also did some read the article? Harry and Meghan’s team didn’t do anything wrong. The freaking state of CA didn’t cash the check. That is on them.

  29. Jeanette says:

    And the know, before they try and unleash their imaginary pitchforks

  30. chiclit says:

    It was a lovely thing to see-Gov Gav is one of the best progressive spokespeople out there. He thoroughly understands right wing media tactics and strategies-and its so apparent the right wing MAGA/Brexit media and social media bots and trolls are going after H and M. So he shut it down. Obviously he doesn’t want his government to appear incompetent, or be sued so that was likely a motivation too -or he already knows it was an inside job. Also wondering if new comms team has political connections too?

  31. girl_ninja says:

    Well, they tried it and looked like morons in the process…I love that for them. They really thought that they dropped something good too.

  32. Julianna says:

    I bet Chucki, Huevo and Camzilla are having a rough week after these last couple of weeks. I love that Newsom came out and supported them! He called out the press and he pointed out all the great work they are doing. The Spencer’s showed up to Invictus in the UK. And then of course the entire trip to Nigeria and 4 King’s even traveling to see her. Each and every time they tried to hurt, malign, embarrass and abuse them they ended up with egg richocheting back into their faces.

  33. Newt says:

    The thing is this: the bad story about Archewell is already out there and people only remember the first headline (most of the time). So whoever leaked this false narrative got what they wanted: a bad headline/story about H&M’s foundation in the headlines. I will NEVER understand all this hate toward them and toward Meghan in particular. Racism, obviously. But she just seems like a lovely human.

    I. Don’t. Understand. Any. Of. Your. Hate. You. Fools.

  34. Chelsea says:

    As someone who’s been following H&M for 6+ years I saw this for what it was whch is why i didnt interact with this story on any site or Twitter yesterday. We should all know the playbook now; the Sussexes have a successful trip and while they are on their way back home the tabloids start a smear campaign; it’s been the playbook since the Oceana tour and it’s never going to change. The good thing is that their team understands this and acted with amazing speed but their supporters need to get smarter and STOP engaging with these stories until their team has had the opportunity to respond. Even if you are saying thaf you think it is a smear or defending their integrity all you’re doing is bringing more attention to an issue which, by the looks of the comments from California AG and Governor, was not their team’s fault at all.

  35. therese says:

    It was deeply unfair and piling on and the Sussexes do great work in California, and it was deeply decent of the Governor to publicy proclaim this. Bravo!!

  36. L4Frimaire says:

    At least now Archewell knows that people are constantly sniffing around their shop and going through every little thing. The fact that the AG and Governor Newsom spoke about this in record shows this screw up was a bog deal. Hope it shuts up the usual suspects who keep trying this BS. They’ll be back to sniffing around patents and trademarks and combing through Delaware business registrations again

  37. lanne says:

    I hope this leads people to take a look at the royal foundations. His “sacks of cash” Majesty isn’t exactly running a pristine operation. And the kensington royal foundation–what does it do, exactly? Wouldn’t it be great if this kerfluffle leads to a deeper dive in the finances of the royal foundations?

    The Wales Foundation, I am certain, has made its largest expenditure on buying bots. There was a whole story in the NYTimes about Kensington palaces buying followers. I’m sure that report got zero play in the UK

  38. Saucy&Sassy says:

    What I liked about Gov. Newsom’s comments was that he mentioned the ‘good work’ Archewell is doing for women and girls in California. He then commented on the work they’re also doing around Mental Health. This while he’s standing in front of a mental health facility. I hope this helps some charities in these fields to get donations. Well done, Gov. Newsom.

    • MoonTheLoon says:

      It’s also an unintentional (maybe) bitchslap to Huevo and Keen. Weren’t they the mental health champions of the RF?

  39. Bad Janet says:

    This is exactly what I said yesterday. When I bank issue checks, they frequently end up on someone’s desk and they start nastygraming me with late payment notices, when they HAVE the check sitting on their desk. It’s happenened with my doctor’s office, for my kid’s sports fees, and plenty of other scenarios.

    Luckily, I’ve got the check number and delivery confirmation from my bank and can tell them exactly what day the check landed in their hands. If I can’t pay immediately with a credit card, bank issued checks are it for me.

  40. AC says:

    Gavin always has the perfect response. He made Desantis eat his words and he just made the tabloids and derangers eat theirs.
    He’s also running a state that has the 5th largest economy in the world overtaking the UK. Some wanted to recall Gavin but he still won in a landslide in Ca.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Californian here. Our recall procedure doesn’t require a lot of signatures etc. and is very easily gamed. The Republicans can’t win state wide office in the state any more due to the craziness of the party so they wanted to try to sneak in. Gavin won by a lot (3 million votes/20+ points) but it was a temper tantrum that cost us all money.

      As I said elsethread, Gav knows what it’s like to be targeted constantly by RWNJs.

  41. blunt talker says:

    I know people can make mistakes-everybody does-this sound s like sabatage to me-who ever is responsible needs to make an apology to the Sussexes and Archewell or lose their job.

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