Royalist: Yep, Prince William is blocking the Windsors’ reconciliation with Harry

This week, Petronella Wyatt wrote an interesting/funny column in the Telegraph, all about how Prince Harry should be “brought back” to the UK, because he’s the only Windsor left with any kind of “pizzazz” or “star power.” Wyatt also spilled some lukewarm tea that the estrangement between Harry and the Windsors is shockingly not all Harry’s doing. According to Wyatt, “courtiers of my acquaintance hold William equally liable” and “It is William who was often the difficult one, and it is William who is preventing his father from having a proper reconciliation with Harry.” Add to all of this, Wyatt is clearly someone getting consistent leaks from her “friend,” Queen Camilla. Remember Wyatt publishing Camilla’s tantrum about Harry visiting his father in February? So… this week’s story has the feel of Camilla saying that William is standing in the way of King Charles and Harry’s potential reconciliation. I don’t believe that, but it’s interesting that Camilla is throwing Huevo under this particular bus. Speaking of, the Royalist column at the Daily Beast is clearly following these shenanigans closely as well:

A friend of Queen Camilla has claimed that Prince William is obstructing a reconciliation between Prince Harry and his father King Charles III. Urging the royal family to “bring Harry home,” the society journalist Petronella Wyatt said in a column in the Daily Telegraph that William was “equally liable” to Harry for the breakdown in royal relations.

Wyatt has known Camilla since she was 18. She is the daughter of the late life peer and friend of Queen Elizabeth II, Baron Woodrow Wyatt, who attended Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. She is a friend of Camilla’s and has previously described her as the “nicest person I have ever met.”

In a column in the Daily Telegraph she cited a “former palace official” who used to work for both Harry and William “before the good times stopped rolling” as saying: “There is a public misconception about William and Harry. It is William who was often the difficult one, and it is William who is preventing his father from having a proper reconciliation with Harry. This isn’t helpful at a point in time when the country would be buoyed up by seeing them together again, as would the King.”

A friend of William and Kate Middleton’s told The Daily Beast: “There is a grain of truth in what she is saying, although William wouldn’t dream of telling his father what he can or can’t do in relation to his other son. But what is true is that Charles’ absolute priority is the unity of the monarchy, and given the extent of William’s animosity to Harry, Charles can hardly roll out the red carpet and invite Harry and the kids to stay at Balmoral for the summer holidays—however much he would like to.”

[From The Daily Beast]

What I have believed for some time now is that Camilla manipulated, nurtured and added to William and Harry’s estrangement. Diana’s sons could not be united because that would be a threat to Camilla’s power and reach. The thing is, William is just too stupid to realize how consistently he’s been played by Camilla and Charles. Camilla and Charles are still using William’s incandescent rage as an excuse for “why Harry can’t come back.” Camilla and Charles have their own reasons for not wanting the Sussexes around – their own jealousy, their own racism, their own fears of being overshadowed, etc. But again, Charles and Camilla are perfectly content to wrap the blame around Huevo’s neck, and he’s so much of a bumbling idiot, he ends up doubling-down. Camilla’s allies: it’s William’s fault that Harry won’t come back. William’s allies: This is very true!!

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  1. K8erade says:

    I mean duh. I figured out it was Egghead blocking a long time ago. It made perfect sense. The only thing I’m curious about is what’s the longer play for Camilla by telling the world this? If/when Charles dies before her, Camilla will have no power whatsoever. So, is this her way to try and isolate Huevo so she can remain an advisor? Because my thought is by putting this out there, she’s compromising herself and putting William’s ire focused on her. That doesn’t seem wise in the long term if she wants to remain relevant when William reigns. It doesn’t even seem wise in the short term except to tell the world “This isn’t my fault.” (Except it totally is…and Charles and Camilla definitely stoked the fires.)

    • ShazBot says:

      If Camilla outlives Charles, she will have her house, money, and secrets. William won’t touch her.

      • K8erade says:

        Which makes this even more curious to me. Why would Camilla put this out there? What does she gain by making William look bad?

      • ShazBot says:

        Because she’s protecting Charles. In this family, in order for someone to look good, someone else has to look bad. Harry is gone, and the only one high up enough to use to make Charles look good is William (since Andrew is off limits for whatever reason. I can only assume blackmail factors into it)

    • Couch Potato says:

      Camilla got what she wanted – to be the one called queen instead of Diana. As @Shazbot said she has her house, money and secrets. Among them very dirty secrets about Willnot. She’s not interested in an official role when Chuck dies, she wants to drink gin, smoke and gossip with her friends.

    • OliviaOne says:

      My guess is that she “divides and conquers” for her children and grandchildren. The more unfettered power she has over Charlie and Bulliam, the more things slip around and whoops… a couple more estates and millions landing on her blood line.
      Plus, at this point I am guessing it is a hobby of sorts along with lies need more lies to cover up for the lies.

    • what's inside says:

      Camilla has won Charles’ devotion simply for being what she is – his creature who will do his bidding. Sort of like Dracula and Renfield.

      • booboocita says:

        Only in this case, Renfield has complete control over Dracula and he rewards her for her service with estates and jewels instead of bugs.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      “The good times stopped rolling”???

      If you read spare, Harry’s good times didn’t start – truly – until he got out with Meghan and Archie.

      So they just mean – the good times rolling OVER Harry in the bus they threw him under. Repeatedly.

    • Lulu says:

      Charles cut the promised money and security. Then he evicted the Sussexes. Charles needs to reconcile because of his own deeds. I do wish it would happen even if Harry has to take some small role, like something with the CW. It would be wonderful somewhat put the brakes on the tabloids free for all against Harry and Meghan.

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        Meghan and Harry were full time royals and they were smeared to hell and back. They will never be protected since that’s not the role of the spare.

        The media – at the direct orders of the palace – has dragged the Sussexes through the mud. They have attacked Meghan and their children with horrific racist attacks.

        There is no level of cooperation that would make any of this stop as this abuse is the entire point. The reason they continue to abuse the Sussexes is because they don’t have the access to them to abuse them EVEN MORE.

        Please understand that this is a palace / highest level of government sanctioned character assassination by the full power of the UK press. Don’t get it twisted. The Sussexes have done nothing to deserve this and every thing they have done in regards to the press / palace has been to ensure their safety.

      • Square2 says:

        💯 % to what @JOYFUL LILURI said. H&M and their children should never take on any role or do any job for the r0tten racist BRF ever.

  2. swaz says:

    Nobody goes back after they’ve tasted FREEDOM 😍😍😍

  3. Peg has been blocking the reconciliation for a long time. Peg has been jealous of Harry since the day he was born. Chuckles allows Peg to block it because he is weak and afraid of the incandescent ones rage tantrums.

    • Serena says:

      Chuck is jealous of H & M shine as much as Bulliam, he made it clear he doesn’t want them in the UK.

  4. Jasmin says:

    William has no idea how bad this makes him look. Go leak stories about how you’re taking care of your wife – washing her hair and massaging her feet. That would be sweet, but no this man would rather make sure his friends are telling his favourite reporters how much he hates his brother instead.

    • OliviaOne says:

      Thing is.. the higher you are on your social food chain, the more sycophants and a55suckers surround you.
      I remember going to one of my cousins’ birthday thing.. Someone dragged me along who knew both of us, I was not even officially invited on account of just having moved to x country.
      In the circles that she is running (not going to mention what or why because you never know who is reading what and where) she is a princess. I remember sitting on her dining table and some woman was talking about how beautiful my cousin was serving the salad in her face and and and..and this was going from different people all evening about different stupid little things.. And I kept looking at her, because I knew she was smart, and she must see how embarrassing these people are perma attached on her ass.. but she was going along with it, feeling fluffed up and empowered. It was the weirdest thing (for me) to witness and I avoided meeting any of those people again. Years later when I met with her for an unrelated issue in a different country, she was saying the most obvious facts/statements as if they were revelations of sorts. So.. I don’t think Bulliam has any friends who would ever tell him how stupid he looks or how he needs therapy for his anger issues etcetc. He just has people who suck his a55 and tell him how amazing he is.

  5. Royal Donwnfall Watcher says:

    I am so happy for Harry and Megan that Harry is going to therapy and doing the work of decoupling himself from his toxic family. It is one of the hardest things to do in the world, as a part of natural development of the brain is to rely on your parents and trust they have your best interest at heart. I am sure the betrayal of his father and brother must hurt but I am so glad he has Megan, his kids, and his other side of the family for support. Will and Chuck can rot.

  6. ML says:

    More things can be true: CRex is perfectly capable of making his own decisions to meet up with Harry. The same holds true of William: if he wanted a relationship with his brother, he would have done something. If anyone chooses to actively listen to and support Camzilla, they are old enough and not incapacitated enough to have that as their own responsibility.

  7. Tuesday says:

    This just seems like cleanup from last week’s tantrum. Charles threw out a good 18 months worth of “of course I want to reconcile with Harry” PR groundwork because Harry let it be known Charles didn’t want to see him.

    • Dutch says:

      The whiplash on Charles’ narrative is palpable. As recently yesterday Chuck and Will were arm-in-arm about punishing Harry and the wife who will not be named for continuing a life in public outside the confines of The Firm.

    • Jais says:

      It is cleanup. Last week, one of the first reasons given for Charles not meeting with Harry was bc of Camilla. I’m trying to remember who said that? In which article? So clearly someone had info it was bc of her or they just made an obvious assumption. But either way, that was one of the first reasons given. And now camilla is saying it’s William. And William’s just like yep. But that’s doesn’t mean it also wasn’t camilla. It’s not exactly rocket science for camilla to play William. His jealousy of his brother makes it easy as can be.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Jais, I think this article is all Camilla. She wants to throw the responsibility onto Billy Idle. I think she’s incredibly manipulative, but she wants that all behind the scenes. She does NOT want King Snubby and Harry speaking to each other without her present. She wants to be able leak when it will make her look good. This is just more of the same for her. She knows that the Spencers showing up to the IG 10-year Anniversary brought a negative spotlight on her. Oh, I bet she’s maaaaaaaad. Too bad.

        She’s the one I think should be watched more closely. Yes, King Snubby and Billy Idle are the ones usually in the media being angry, but how much of that is Camilla poking the bears?

    • Couch Potato says:

      This cleanup is costing to rota a lot of articles. Now they can’t write their yearly cycle of “Chuck invited / did not invite Harry and Meghan to Balmoral”.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t believe either Charles or William want a reconciliation with Harry because of his lawsuits against the press.

  9. s808 says:

    I wanna feel bad for W but I don’t. He’s obviously involved most of the time lead the charge but C&C trying to act like it’s ALL W fault is something W should’ve seen coming. As always thinking too short term.

  10. Beth says:

    Lol I can’t get over how gumpy W looks in that uniform. What a jealous, petty brat.

    • CatMum says:

      I can’t get over how brand new his uniform is. He’s not served a day in his life. It just came out of the package! He is so fake.

    • AMTC says:

      If he flies a helicopter anything like he uses a shovel clear the flight path.

  11. kelleybelle says:

    Seriously, does this ugly git have ANYthing better to do than to make sure everyone knows he hates his own brother and there will be no reconciliation? FFS, move on William. Narcissists do this; they create malignant and abusive situations themselves and then play perpetual victims in situations of their own fn making. This man isn’t fit to organize a dog fight, much less be any sort of ruler. He’s a POS.

  12. Jaded says:

    Camzilla is a master at the old “divide and conquer” method of clinging to power. The more she can manipulate and enable the hatred William has for Harry, and the more she can coax Charles into joining the pile-up against the Sussexes, the better her position as “doyenne” of the family. If there’s one thing that can unite a group of people like the BRF, it’s having a common enemy. Jealousy and resentment are powerful motivators, none of them can stand being upstaged by anyone let alone the spare, who was treated like a punching bag growing up, or his beautiful, intelligent and charismatic wife who is too much of a reminder of Diana to be tolerated. Their inherent racism, jingoism and white supremacy drives them but they’re just shooting themselves in the foot over and over again.

    • Laura D says:

      It’s suits BOTH Charles and Camilla to keep the brothers apart. They want no reminders of “Diana’s Boys.” They will keep pressing William’s buttons about Harry and he falls for it every single time. William’s rages ensure media focus is on the disagreements and not that they’re the beloved sons of Diana Princess of Wales. I do believe part of the reason Charles is so unhappy about the successful visit to Nigeria, is because of the number of times Diana’s name was mentioned.

      If William had been smart he would have gone to the Invictus ceremony and walked up the steps of St. Pauls with Earl Spencer. He didn’t have to speak to Harry, all he needed to have done was to sit with the Spencer family and talk with a few veterans. The global media would have been off the charts and William would have gained (some much needed) positive international PR. It would also serve to remind Camilla Parker-Bowles that no matter how much muck she uses to smear Diana’s name, it will be Diana’s son; a Spencer who will next sit on the throne.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jaded, I agree. I posted above before reading this, but I think the Escort is behind a lot of the negative media about Harry coming from King Snubby and Billy Idle. Oh, they’ve got anger and to spare, but I honestly think the Escort keeps those fires burning.

    • Eos says:

      Jaded, I completely agree with you. Camilla is the poison in the family. Vindictive and on a warpath to destroy any semblance of a relationship Charles has with his sons. She knows they hate her. There is no way she was not involved in Harry leaving the UK as was Queen E, Charles and Willie. Camilla has been playing the long game leaking against Harry & Willie to the BM forever. When Willie said Diana was paranoid, Camilla figuratively got Willie to her side widening the rift between the brothers.

      More and more, the decision by the RF and their handlers to push out H&M is playing out unequivocally as a total failure on the global screen threatening the demise of the Monarchy. The Tories thru monarchists like Tina Brown and the toxic BM are telling C&C not only did they fk up but to do something about it. Oh what to do?

      Here comes Camilla with her next play – use William and destroy him at the same time. She hates Diana’s sons. Let’s not pretend the negative imagery we have been fed by the rotten BM re Willie did not partially come from Camilla. Recently we read, Camilla and Willie spent time together. True or not, it was Camilla’s move by way of the media. “Will you walk into my parlor” said the spider to the fly. Blaming William for the relationship between Harry and Charles not only serves as a ploy to obfuscate the fiasco that was started by her, the RF and their handlers but to also baptize C&C with innocence in all of it. As if!
      Camilla’s power play is designed to separate Charles from Willie, and for Camilla to finally get full control. William doesn’t have good advisors to strategize with, no cheerleader Kate around and is surrounded by yes-men some selected by Charles’ courtiers! He doesn’t have the smarts or the ability to fight this battle with a seasoned manipulator like Camilla. Whether or not Willie will shrink and accept becoming the sacrificial lamb and who will out in the game of thrones between BP & KP is yet to be seen. Regardless, the Sussexes are not coming back. And where is Kate?

  13. QuiteContrary says:

    This made me think of William scrunching up his plug-ugly face and whining, “Harry, Harry, Harry!” like a psycho Jan Brady.

  14. Vader says:

    Obviously Willie is a jealous rage monster who hates his brother. But I put most of the blame at chucky’s feet. QE2 herself stated that chucky gets what he wants (from spare). Chucky has always seemed to hate his second son probably because he is so much like Diana. Chucky was throwing harry under the bus since he was a teen. I am in agreement that chucky and camilla promoted and encouraged willy’s hatred of his brother. Also a lot of the vindictive actions take him could only be done by chucky, like pulling funding and security and the titles fiasco. William probably has no idea how any of that works.

    I think Chucky is trying to pass the blame entirely on to wank for the state of his relationship with harry

    • Feeshalori says:

      Camilla is evil, but Chuck opened the door to her, colluded in destroying his first marriage, elevated her to a position of power, and allowed her to run rampant and wreak havoc on his family. I blame Chuck for the weak-willed person that he is with his own issues that he allowed a vile woman to take advantage of.

      • Liz says:

        Totally agree Feeshalori. Camilla is the biggest viper in the nest. When Harry called her dangerous in Spare he was absolutely right.

      • OliviaOne says:

        I blame all of them.

        Instead of using their wealth and power to help people practically, not just going to places and being paid to cut ribbons. Hungry people, people who eat once a day and can only afford to shower once a week.
        It is absolutely deplorable of them with their petty little lives and their petty little minds.

  15. Libra says:

    Last sentence; ” invite Harry and the kids “. No Meghan then?

    • Beverley says:

      Charles made it crystal clear, after QE2’s death, that he doesn’t view Meghan as family. Nor has he ever walked that statement back.

  16. Grandma Susan says:

    Every time I see that top photo of Willnot all I hear is the bray of a jackass.

  17. Becks1 says:

    Do I think Charles is desperate to reconcile with Harry? No. And even if William had no opinion on the issue, I still don’t think Charles would be desperate to reconcile with him.

    That said, I think William’s hatred of Harry and complete opposition to any semblance of reconciliation probably just adds to Charles’ desire to avoid Harry. He’s going to keep William “happy” at all costs.

  18. Laura D says:

    B*llocks! They’re all as bad as one another. It wasn’t William who ordered members of the BRF to ignore a ceremony celebrating army veterans so they could attend his garden party. It wasn’t William’s “friend” who wrote about Harry’s wife being pelted with excrement. Just to be clear I’m no fan of William. His behaviour towards his brother has been despicable but, he wasn’t operating in a silo.

  19. MsIam says:

    Well this is interesting. Last week they were throwing Camilla under the bus saying that she was the one blocking Harry because he couldn’t be trusted and he didn’t want her in the room (rightly so) . I wondered if that came from Charles but I guess it came from William’s camp so now she is lobbing the grenade back at him. I hope they all blow each other up and leave the Sussexes the F alone.

  20. Jay says:

    That crunching sound you just heard was Camilla throwing her older stepson directly under the bus. No doubt TOB is raging, screeching, and throwing “pillows” about Harry’s success, but he doesn’t control the monarch’s schedule.

    If Charles wanted to reconcile with his son, he would. If he wanted to spend more time with his American grandchildren, he would. If he wanted the Sussexes back in the fold and appearing at royal or royal-adjacent events, he could make that happen. He doesn’t. Every chance he gets, Charles shows where his priorities lie by his actions (or, put another way, his inaction). He is happy to use Harry’s visits to stir his heir to action and also get some of that Harry shine for himself – the mere idea of Harry flying over to visit gets Charles several days of headlines. Ditto the “will he/ we won’t he” games in the media where he pretends to consider inviting and/or snubbing his son before any major event. Charles has been riding the Sussex coat tails hard for years, which probably stings for him. The only consolation is that Charles and his consort have been running circles around the Wails in the media and continue to do so.

    • Vader says:

      💯 Charles isn’t being manipulated by anyone. This is just who he is, a vile, cruel and petty person. He found the perfect partner in cowmilla who happily helps him. Wank is an idiot but one thing I’ll give him is that at least he isn’t hiding behind the pretense that he wants to reconcile and he just wants to see his niece and nephew etc. If he actually wanted to finally best chucky and cowmilla, the only thing he could do is to reconcile with Harry first but that will never happen.

      • what's inside says:

        Yes, indeedy. C-Rex has always been manipulative, cruel, and petty. Very much like his ancestors.

  21. HeatherC says:

    All things can be true

    1. William AND Camilla are shutting down any talk of reconciliation

    2. Charles doesn’t really want that anyway

    3. Harry’s not coming back

    The left overs are petty, small, jealous people who can’t fathom how Harry is so successful when the only blueprint they had was the Duke of Winsor. Harry seems to have broken all the molds from birth and continues to do so. I hope they continue to seethe at each success as thei own influence shrinks and shrinks.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      You forgot to add:

      4. Those pink manmade polyester-satin robes are just plain fugly!

      There, I fixed it for you!

      • HeatherC says:

        Thank you BTB! I bought a princess dress off Amazon for 30 bucks to have a princess tea party with my niece this week and it honestly looks better and more “royal” than whatever Party Pieces festive plastic tablecloth left overs they’ve draped themselves with.

      • what's inside says:

        Those look like left-over cheap Halloween costume material refashioned for the event.

      • TybeeLucille says:

        One would think whatever “god” they worship (satan) who made them “above all other humans” would provide them with more “royal” attire. Cosplay at it’s weakest.

  22. TN Democrat says:

    Charles married his AK and didn’t just employ her like QE. Camilla made sure her (much older) children were included in Will-not and Harry’s social circle. Her son was a rumored drug addict. She “forced” Charles to ghost friends who expressed concern about his sons associating with Camilla’s drug user son. The levels of dirt she could have gathered on William through her children after Diana’s passing is staggering. The hacking/press leaks also didn’t happen without some insider information and help within their social circle. William and Harry both loathe the press because of their traumatic childhood and Camilla egged the media on because she understood how they ticked. Harry says in his book that he and William were never close and Camilla has certainly exploited the lack of a brotherly bond. Will-not may hate Harry with incandescent fury, but he needed him more than Harry needed him and is less without him around. Glad Harry bolted. Camilla’s future is set, but we may be watching the demise of the English monarchy in real time.

    • Cali says:

      Camilla’s son wasn’t just a drug user—he was a dealer! Drug addiction has been devastating to many aristocratic families. Tom Parker Bowles made money by selling drugs to his “friends”.
      When Harry described Tom as a louche character he wasn’t kidding.
      And I think that deserved shot at Tom in Spare is the real reason Camilla hates Harry. I mean she never liked him but for Harry to point out her son was highly problematics must have enraged her.

    • MsIam says:

      I think that Camilla also blamed Diana for breaking up her marriage. If Diana had just kept quiet and played the game like she was supposed to then Camilla could have continued on with her threesome with her husband Andrew. So Harry talking about his mother and always being a reminder of her has to grate Camilla like steel wool. Charles and Camilla are two of the most selfish people ever. I’m sure Camilla ” the kindest person Petronella knows” feels she is taking out her revenge on Diana by mistreating Harry. Charles probably is too.

  23. Lady Digby says:

    A reconciliation is never going to happen. RR and BM keep recycling snubbing / olive branches/ wounded Chuck/ outraged Will/ Harry yearning to return and misses Kate so very much for content and clicks. Best that Harry can hope for is RF and courtiers to stop briefing against him and Meg but that won’t happen either. Really RF should concentrate on ahem, improving “service delivery” and leaving Harry and Meg alone. Okay KC is back on a phased return to work but one day Willy will be Kinging from his sofa, sorry, ” modernizing the monarchy ” by mainly lying on his royal sofa and getting his Palace Elf Dobby to issue the occasional statement about world peace!

  24. ohwell says:

    Chuck is playing good cop to Bill’s bad cop.

    Neither want reconciliation with Harry.

  25. Lili says:

    the stories this week are really strange, one of Camila’s mouth pieces coming out to say bring Harry back, then coming out to say william is blocking it, couple that with the roll out of Rose. something is not right in the house of Windsor.

  26. Scorpio says:

    There are 3 separate leakers with 3 separate agendas in the house (now that Kate’s mum has been muzzled). I do think that Camilla and Charles leak different messages, no matter what Camilla tells her petulant King. I agree that all three don’t want the Sussex family back (for different reasons) and all three don’t want to be blamed for not wanting them back. And none listen to their senior advisors who are probably desperately counseling messaging around a united family.

    Given that, I expect this will be a continuation of the ultimately tiresome s-show of leaking about their pathetic feelings about Harry and Meaghan, till the Kate crisis (whatever it really is) finally breaks.

    The press may finally do their job and do some investigation into what is really going on with Kate, cause royal family outrage is probably not selling papers the way it used to. And, as much fun as it is to lie about Harry , the papers know he will sue and the litigation fines are getting pretty high.

  27. Serena says:

    While we know of Willys temper and Cowmilla snake tendencies, to put it mildly, there’s no coming back for Charles after he exposed himself this week.

    • windyriver says:

      I tend to agree. Charles has been on a slow but consistent downward slide since TQ died, well before his publicized health issues, and the poor decisions he’s made are a feature of who he’s always been, not just a function of recent illness. There were very big miscalculations with his actions the past couple of weeks, and he’s going to ultimately find out the damage is permanent.

  28. Lulu says:

    Press outside of the UK isn’t just parroting the rr, they are starting to back up Harry and Meghan, time to blame it all on the other brother.

    • Lulu says:

      Also occurred to me that it might be possible Charles is getting pressure from the military. They were not happy to lose Harry as a patron and they cannot be please that the entire rf snubbed the IG service nor the stunt with the big handover.

  29. sammi says:

    Petronella Wyatt….Boris Johnson’s paramour and jilted lover ? Not a reliable source if she trusts the likes of her past connections of liars and cheats but a good indication of who she chooses as a ‘friend’…………..hello Cammie Knickers.

  30. Lizzie Bennett says:

    This whole thing is just a hot mess! We keep reading about William’s incandescent rage and how KC asks what William’s mood is like before meeting him. Seems like KC is scared of him, but this was a monster the Windsors were aware of and created practically from day one. Why didn’t anyone deal with this properly decades ago? The King scared of his heir. What makes them think this is a good look?

  31. Mel says:

    Frankly, I don’t think Cam gives a rats ass about those boys because she knows she has Chuckles on a leash. I believe that William has always been irked that he wasn’t an only child. Not only that but his brother was easy and likeable. Have you ever seen clips of Harry interacting with his Grandparents? You can CLEARLY see that they adore him, especially QE2. I believe that William has been petty and small to his brother for years because he thought that he would consign Harry to being his dim side-kick who would do all the heavy lifting for his lazy behind for the rest of his life. Harry was so thirsty for love and so indoctrinated into believing that he could have no other life that he just went along. All the women he got close to, took one look at that mess and most said ” Nah”. I would not be surprised to find out that William set the the Paps on him to scare anyone serious off. Then he met Meghan who was smart, had some money of her own and was no pushover. William saw the end coming and went too far. Now he’s just mad that Harry can basically brush his teeth on camera, and it would be news while he does whatever he does, and no one cares. Queen jumpoff has bigger fish to fry, Willy boy doesn’t.

  32. HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

    He is such an empty suit. All jealously for his brother, because he knows he can’t compete.