Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez went to dinner & Emme’s school event on Sunday

Y’all, I don’t even know what’s happening with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez anymore. InTouch Weekly got the ball rolling last week when they claimed that Original Bennifer was headed for divorce and it wasn’t even Ben’s fault. That’s when other outlets got involved – People Magazine reported that Ben and J.Lo hadn’t been seen together in 47 days, then their sources confirmed that Ben and Jen were living separately in LA. Us Weekly’s sources claimed that they’ve been on the outs for weeks, if not months. Then on Friday, they were seen together at a school play for one of Ben’s kids – they arrived separately but they were photographed together.

These photos are from Sunday – Jennifer arrived at a Brentwood movie theater separately from Ben, but they ended up leaving together and grabbing dinner at BOA Steakhouse. He drove, they were photographed at multiple locations and they seemed to be sending a signal to the public that they’re not divorcing… yet. They’re working through their sh-t, maybe. It’s worth noting that Friday’s joint appearance was for one of Ben’s kids, and Sunday’s theater trip was seemingly for a school event for Emme. So Ben and Jen are still showing up for their stepkids. And I’ve always felt that Ben completely adores Emme in particular. I wonder if Emme is telling them to work out their sh-t.

Over the weekend, a source told Entertainment Tonight: “Jen and Ben’s relationship is not over yet, but they have been staying in separate homes and the tension has been high. They are taking a second to figure out what each of them is going through and wants. Both of them have been very down.” High tension? Okay. Ben was also seen without his wedding ring over the weekend, but he wore his ring for Sunday’s outing.

Again, Jennifer has a movie premiere tonight. Will Ben show up? Is this all just gossip for Jen to promote her movie? Or is this just two melodramatic Leos being melodramatic??

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Hypocrisy says:

    All the money and choices these people have and yet they never seem satisfied or happy. That is my take on these relationships. I just feel bad for their children that they drag through the dysfunctional messes their parents make.

    • orangeowl18 says:

      Well, money definitely does not make anyone immune to addiction or depression or any other mental illness, any more than it makes them immune from physical illness. It is definitely a shame for the kids if things don’t work out yet again.

      • B4n4n4 Ph0n3 says:

        I get your point, which is totally valid, but shitloads of money do make a big impact in preventing physical illness. Generally speaking, ofc – obviously not all of them, but if a richie uses some of their wealth to take care of themselves, access adequate doctors (which I know are harder to find than people think), maintain a healthy lifestyle, get supplemental treatments, etc… not immune, for sure, but they’re def not getting the kinds of health problems a poor like me does.

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    This level of relationship scrutiny must be exhausting, even for these two. If there was a headline every time I looked at my husband with anything less than loving adoration, there would be a lot of headlines.

    • MaryContrary says:

      But they invite it. She has an entire movie about Their Love Story. If a mom from school posted constantly on social media about how amazing her marriage was, how great their love is, put up pics every day of them loved up-and then suddenly they appeared to be on the rocks, we’d be talking about it too.

      • Lula says:

        I agree with both of the above statements. I have a good marriage, but it has its ups and downs, and I learned a long time ago that the compulsion to show the world when you’re in those ups and SO.IN. LOVE. just makes the completely normal downs, whether it’s real rough patch or just one of those days when you’re spouses cute little ‘quirks’ are driving you batshit crazy-feel so much worse. It seems kind of nuts that she hasn’t learned that it’s just not a good idea to put your relationship out there for public consumption.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah it’s part of their schtick. They welcome it. There are plenty of celebrities that are able to fly under the radar.

    • Rosie says:

      I don’t believe they invite the scrutiny, negativity, and all the media intimidation. They share what they want to – as most of us do. Sharing good things and going on pap walks does not mean they want all the heat – no one wants that. I think there is often an understanding that you will have extra pressure but this is gross. They were flying under the radar and the media went berserk because of however many days of no sighting together. If you don’t see someone maybe just leave it. Move on.

  3. Libra says:

    Her life seems to be one continuous photo op. That’s all this is. Is it trolling for attention?

    • Amy Bee says:

      I doubt she wants this type of attention.

      • Barbara says:

        I don’t know. She might just love the headline that he’s miserable without her and that he’s going to try to make things work (like he didn’t do with J. Garner).

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Barbara: I would think that her marriage to Ben breaking down would be an embarrassment and not something she wants out there.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      @libra I agree. Ben is less of an attention whore but jen needs the never ending “look at meeee” for approval except when there’s trouble of course.
      There is something about jen that reads lack of self esteem, narcissistic and control freak to me. Ben seems to be laid back, low profile which is totally the opposite of her. Better break it off now, it’s never going to work. Ben and jen garner were the best match to me

  4. Amy Bee says:

    I’ll take this is a positive sign.

  5. Chaine says:

    Those slacks are possibly the worst thing i have ever seen her wear

    • orangeowl18 says:

      Aw, lol, I was thinking that I liked her outfit, nice and sedate for her. A bit baggy, yes, but the overall effect is okay.

  6. DaveW says:

    They may love, and definitely lust for, each other but do they actually like each other too? Because that part of the equation is just as important as the others. I don’t see them as some grand love story and if/when they do split I imagine the story will be she’s the one that called it to save face (IIRC Ben is the only one that left her, she was the one to initiate her other breakups, or so the PR goes).

  7. OriginalLeigh says:

    I feel sorry for Jen’s kids. They were also very close with Alex Rodriguez and his kids…. And I wonder how often they see Marc Anthony? Marc still lives in Miami with his new wife and baby.

    • sunny says:

      JLo and Marc Anthony share custody but I believe she had the kids 3/4 of the time. Now that they are older, I wonder if they get more of a say where they spend their time.

      Anyway, I hope all the kids are doing well.

    • Jayna says:

      Marc isn’t much of a father at all anymore. J-Lo finally alluded to that fact. She said she envied what a good co-parenting relationship Ben and Jen G have. Marc is on to his next child bride. He lives in Miami and tours a ton. The twins didn’t attend his wedding last year. I believe his new bride is pregnant.

      I feel most sorry for Max. I think he really would benefit from a strong father figure. He was very attached to A-Rod, who was very attentive to Max. I do think Ben is a very sensitive stepfather in how he deals with J-Lo’s kids and understands they’ve been through a lot since he came into their life right as A-Rod was exiting.

      But at 16, Max is rarely photographed on outings with his mom anymore, like Emme still is. He is over being papped all the time. He is at that age where he is becoming more independent and pulling away.

    • Dani says:

      OriginalLeigh: I too have wondered how often Max and Emme see Marc.

  8. D says:

    At this point they are both showing the world who they really are. Immature narcissists. They keep doing this sh*t at their kids events. Instead of laying low and making this last month of school for their kids calm and celebratory they decide to invite all of this speculation right when their children have recitals, plays and freaking high school graduation happening. Violet is graduating high school in a week or two and these absolute a-holes are playing media games and doing pap shots. I just can’t. They could have done one easy statement a week ago that they were fine but instead they “couldn’t be reached for comment” and decided to “like” posts on Instagram and show off a ring-free hand. If I were their kids I would be furious.

    • Jayna says:

      Good points. I mean, in all honesty, watching these events where children are involved and papped, what was the problem staying another month or two, depending when he actually moved out, which we don’t know? That would have been the most adult thing to do for his children. Stay until the end of school so that the children’s lives aren’t disrupted and they aren’t affected emotionally, and then move out in the summer sometime while Jennifer is on tour. No one is together at that point anyway. The kids probably have summer camp to occupy them and vacations planned. It would have been an easier transition.

      • D says:

        Exactly, or just keep it low key. Issue a denial that there are no problems even if it’s a lie, they lie all the time. You put your head down and do what you need to do for a month until the kids don’t have to be getting papped at every school event.

  9. Nubia says:

    Does he do the Method acting thing? Maybe he needs his space and that’s why they are living apart.

  10. Lindsay Barrilleaux says:

    I believe her legal team drafted an agreement that these two attend Sunday dinner together so her movie tour kick off tonight isn’t completely disastrous for her and the Netflix production crew.

    This woman cooked this spectacle with all of her typical ingredients.
    He didn’t want a relationship played out to the press and SM?
    Please. As if he’s not familiar with how she rolls.

    That white hot heat that lasted 2 years, is now being extinguished.🔥 🚿

    • Nubia says:

      I knew this was going g to happen,how he lasted with Gardner for so long is amazing. He thrives in chaos,he cant handle when something is stable,they should have just scratched that itch with dating and not marriage and bring their kids into it.

  11. colleenjolene says:

    JLo brought Benny Medina to the movies with her. My guess is PR and damage control. Possibly a conscious uncoupling agreement was made, judging by the forced grins.

  12. Hannah1 says:

    Or maybe they are taking advantage of the spaces their wealth affords and can work out ways to have satisfying lives both individually and together?

    One can hope

    • Fifty-50 says:

      I was thinking the same lol. Sometimes a good marriage means you live in separate spaces. As long as the kids are okay, and it sounds like they are.

    • Lens says:

      Their wealth affords them a big enough space for one to live in the huge guest house they own and never see each other if they don’t want to. It would be preferable not to disrupt his children’s lives seeing as he has part-time custody of them. this is very disruptive to their lives and at a time when all of them except the middle are leaving their schools. That’s an emotional time for them to begin with and they couldn’t keep this on the down low for even them. if I were Garner I’d be spitting fire at my ex.

  13. Elo says:

    Relationships are complicated. Maybe they are just doing a trial separation. All this immediate jump to divorce speculation is odd to me. Time apart to work on a marriage could have very positive results too.

  14. Marietta2381 says:

    I’m sorry but This is a repeat of the first go around. He left her the week of the wedding (September, I think?) limped along for a few months and by January (even though it looked like Ben had been done since the wedding) finally split. This is literally her M.O. Last time, she started recording with Marc Anthony and 5 DAYS LATER, her and Ben split.

    Just saying, she probably doesn’t have a replacement yet and THAT’S why it’s all “lets be happy in front of the cameras” crap. Ben is done, he’s been done and he showed the world he was done when he took off his wedding ring. He did it ON Purpose! He has always been passive aggressive. JLo just doesn’t want to look pathetic when it finally comes out that he left months ago.

    She’s a piece of work and I almost feel sorry for her. I just can’t believe any man would put up with the “but I need to be seen as desirable- So you can’t publicly leave until I find a suitable replacement” BS.

    And I don’t think this was Emme’s event as Jennifer Garner was there too.

  15. girl_ninja says:

    Isn’t she working on promoting that unfortunate movie and the upcoming tour? She’s probably working and they aren’t sewed at the hip. I know Ben has serious struggles, but I still think that woman needs therapy. She has a fear of being alone and is co-dependent.

  16. Mina_Esq says:

    Or maybe they are just two busy adults that are out of their honeymoon phase and doing their best to achieve work/life balance…

  17. olliesmom says:

    How cold was it in LA yesterday? She’s all bundled up wearing a coat AND a turtleneck?

    It would be challenging to be in a relationship with either of them.

    • tealily says:

      They are one of those couples who dress very differently. This pics look like he doesn’t care that he’s not matching.

  18. mel says:

    Everyone needs to mind their own business and stop scrutinizing a relationship that isn’t theirs and expecting people to conduct it the way they do. If this is how they do to keep it together, everyone needs to look away. Frankly I can see why he gets annoyed by cameras constantly being in his face and people who don’t even know him judging every expression and then making assumptions like they know something. They may stay together, they probably won’t but everyone look away.

    • MaryContrary says:

      And yet the papps always seem to find them while other huge stars fly under the radar? Please. She calls them.

      • Mel says:

        I agree with you and he knew who he was marrying, so…. It’s always fun and games until it isn’t. Her calling the paps doesn’t mean that there has to be so many “deep dives” on the status or their relationship.

    • Pseudointellectual says:

      I’m just curious as to how they’ll be rolling out the breakup, the PR aspects. They’ll be managing the story to ensure they don’t look like they’re disrespectful to the institution of marriage, because a lot of people link that to morality/ethics.

  19. Jayna says:

    Yep, my post on one of the previous threads about this was spot on. Damage control with set-up pap shots. I said it was Ben’s MO, like back when he and Garner were splitting. Then I asked: Or is it J-Lo’s MO this time? Or is it both? I say both. The games being played with the PR/damage control is predictable. No one knew Ben had moved out. Then J-Lo set up some pap shots of her hunting for homes. Then Ben is papped coming from his new rental. Then J-Lo likes a post drawing even more attention to a rumored split. Then Ben gets papped with no ring. Like I said, these two are exhausting.

    Then bingo. They both appear separately at a school event. The money shot is taken of them both there. We get the info he took her home but dropped her off and returned to his rental.

    Bingo. They appear separately at another event where Jen Garner is also and the kids. J-Lo is in all her glory in her outfit. Ben, now not under J-Lo’s thumb, makes a point of dressing like he used to, more shlubby. They leave together and we get another money shot. J-Lo makes sure to pull her coat back, with her hands in her pant pockets, so we can get the full effect of her ensemble. I do love what she wore. J-Lo, even in the throes of heartbreak, will never let a good pap opportunity fashionwise go by. LOL And off they go, making sure we see them on much better terms. We are told by a source they went to dinner. Also, Ben’s ring went back on at some point in all this.

    So utterly predictable. Even Benny Medina was there with J-Lo ensuring all PR was executed properly. LMAO! Jennifer can now begin her tour with less humiliation.

  20. Carolnr says:

    They are toying with the paps. Ben showing JL is still a contact in his phone…seriously!!! What are we in junior high school now?! They both are making sure that everyone sees they are still wearing their rings now. When she is gone for this “fabulous” tour of hers, it should be interesting if they call the paps if he visits her on tour. JL thrives & lives for the spotlight & always will & that will never change!!

    • Jayna says:

      OMG!!! In my rundown, I forgot the “Jennifer Affleck” reveal on his iPhone.

      I take back a post on another thread. These two are perfect for each other. LOL

  21. Lens says:

    My eyes are rolling so hard they are detaching from my head. This is Deja Vu all over again from Ben’s jenG divorce. The on and off again rings, the are they back together because they’re friendly pap outings, the stunts like jlo calling Ben who is right next to her in the car to have him show paps her glam picture with “Jennifer Affleck” to communicate…what exactly? That he hasn’t changed her married name in his contacts? Whereby getting even more attention and don’t forget who is the common person in all this is. Mr I need privacy no less.

  22. Flamingo says:

    My gut says he stayed at another house to do some intense out patient rehab. Was trying to keep it quiet. But paps sussed out he wasn’t living with Jennifer. I still think this is a rough patch for them. But are trying to work through it. His addiction will always rear its ugly head over time.

    • Jayna says:

      Nah. Paps didn’t suss anything out. J-Lo purposefully did a house hunt and made sure it was papped. She opened the door, and all the TMZs and mags had to do was walk through it and follow the breadcrumbs being tossed out by these two.

      Ben is in the middle of shooting a movie as an actor. He didn’t fall off the wagon. Although, I agree with you his alcoholism is the devil on his shoulder, but that’s not their issue right now. Anyway, she’s an enabler.

  23. tealily says:

    I think he’s showing up in his schlub clothes for this because her whole film/tour thing in predicated on this being a Love Story and she’s convinced him to show up for her enough that her earning potential isn’t too affected by their rocky relationship or breakup or whatever’s happening.

  24. Alla says:

    I think he is still an addict. And that is the whole problem. I’ve seen it with all the pictures. Addicts can get addicted to love in the first place and with time their true colours come out and it’s exactly the time frame. 2 -3 years and the addiction comes back. He love bombed her while she was in a vulnerable situation . have been with one and i know what im talking about. Been there, done that. It’s pretty sad. I feel sorry for her even if she is high maintenance, i think his addiction is the main problem which she didn’t want to see because she was in a vulnerable position when he came for her. Im not a jlo stan but i know what I see.

    • Iagree says:

      I agree! It’s a cycle for him. Let’s not forget he pursued her relentlessly 20 years ago when she was still married, and did the same thing 20 years later when she was still engaged. He likes the chase and then gets bored and resentful.

      JLo has her abundant issues as well. She should have recognized the signs, but I think she’s afraid of being alone. They both need therapy and I hope they get it.

  25. VilleRose says:

    I really love the idea of Emme lecturing her mom about her love life choices. She and Max have been subjected to Casper Smart, A-Rod, and now Ben since their parents divorced and that’s a lot for any kid I would assume! Her over the top and extra tendencies have got to be a lot, even for her kids. It seems they genuinely like Ben. I’m not leaning towards either of them being more at fault by the way. I think Ben is more of a homebody and not really into showing up for events unless he’s promoting something. Plus with his substance abuse history, he probably prefers to avoid industry events. I also feel bad for the Affleck kids too. Their dad is messy and their stepmother is a lot.

    Also I learned yesterday apparently Ben’s daughter Seraphina now goes by Fin and I think uses they pronouns. I wasn’t aware of this until just now!

  26. Pseudointellectual says:

    I think they’re definitely done. This is just a gradual divorce PR story to show they’re upstanding, moral people who don’t take marriage or divorce lightly. “We tried. We really tried.”
    Also the fact she’s touring and singing about his Greatest Love Ever for her means they need to keep up the appearances for a while longer.
    They’ve both agreed to look like they tried to save the marriage. But they’re 100% done.

    • Jayna says:

      Well, he’s 100 percent done. J-Lo? Not if she had her way. She stuck it out with Caspar for five years after he cheated on her twice. A-Rod? Rumors were out he cheated. She stayed with him. Then he was DM’ing and trying to cheat again with that reality star. J-Lo stayed with those two guys. Do you really think after finally getting the one that got away, now age 54, after making a movie and doing a thousand interviews about Ben, that she agrees? It’s the ultimate humiliation after banging on about how amazing he is and how amazing the relationship is. The facade is almost as important to Jennifer as the private part of their relationship.

      It appears behind the scenes their marriage has been a house of cards for quite a while. We’re just now witnessing the collapse. Right now I feel for the kids because it’s an upheaval again. It hit me today that Jennifer should probably sing one of Taylor’s new songs on tour. “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart.” Those lyrics are really mirroring J-Lo’s emotions right about now. It’s sad. I always felt their relationship was performative, but in the documentary, I finally saw the tenderness and playfulness between them, the quiet (not showy) love between the couple, and I did believe they could make it. It was a glimpse of a more relaxed Ben with J-Lo.

      • Pseudointellectual says:

        I think your take is right in that she wants to keep trying but he’s done (see his side’s “fever dreams” leak to PageSix vs her team’s leaks to People saying they’ll stick it out).

        Thankful I don’t have to see Lopez the celeb splattering herself and her Great Love Story all over the room in the future. However, some sympathy extended to Lopez the human being (as nasty a person as she allegedly is).