Royalist: ‘It would be odd’ for Princess Kate to return now, before her summer vacation

Over the weekend, the Princess of Wales “sent a letter of apology” to the Irish Guards. She is the royal patron of the Irish Guards and an “honorary colonel” of the Guards, and she canceled her appearance at the Guards’ Trooping the Colour rehearsal last Saturday. The letter of apology was typed (and not proofed) and “Kate” signed her name to it, although few people believe that was actually her signature. It wouldn’t be the first time Kensington Palace forged someone’s signature, that’s all I’ll say. After that, there was a renewed conversation about whether Kate will appear at Trooping this Saturday, as well as speculation about when we could possibly have a credible sighting of a taxpayer-funded princess who has been missing for nearly six full months. Well, Tom Sykes, the Royalist columnist at the Daily Beast, has a new exclusive about what the hell is going on with Kate. Remember, a few weeks ago, Sykes was the one to have that exclusive about how Kate would likely be absent from public life for all of 2024. Some highlights from this new piece:

Speculation about whether Kate will go to Trooping: Those hopes, however, have now been tempered by palace sources who dismissed requests from The Daily Beast to clarify whether Kate had intended to indicate in the letter that she was indeed preparing for a return to pubic life. One palace source close to the princess said the situation remains the same: she is out of the public eye receiving treatment, needs her privacy and an update will be given “when there is one.” Another source told The Daily Beast that the note to the Irish Guards (apologizing for missing the official rehearsal for Trooping The Colour) shouldn’t be over-analyzed.

A source claims that William & Kate are really in charge of their own messages & photos: “I think to pick through the wording of her letter looking for clues to her intentions is a mistake. I am sure she does hope to be able to represent the Irish Guards again ‘very soon’ in an uncomplicated, normal understanding of that sentiment. The thing about William and Kate is that they honestly do a lot of this stuff themselves. It’s not like the old days of Queen Elizabeth II where the men in grey wrote something and the queen just signed it without any input. This was very clearly demonstrated with the photoshopped Mother’s Day image. For good or ill, they write the letters and take the pictures and tell their staff, ‘send it out.’”

Kate really did write that letter of apology, people! “Some people found it preposterous to be asked to believe that Catherine was sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop editing a picture William took. But I can tell you, anyone who has worked for that couple would know that is exactly what happened. My understanding is that there is no timeframe for Catherine returning to public duties. I actually don’t think her note implies she is going to be charging down to their headquarters to inspect a parade next month. I honestly think it’s just a classic case of the Waleses not feeling they need to ask for advice when it comes to sending a simple letter.”

She’s not going to Trooping: Another source, an old friend of the family, said that they thought it would be “bizarre” if Kate appeared on the balcony at Trooping the Colour this weekend having declined to appear for her own regiment a week before. “I think this idea that Kate is suddenly going to pop up on the balcony on Saturday is far-fetched,” they said. “It would be wonderful, of course, but more than slightly bizarre given that she bowed out of the Colonel’s review.”

They’re still kicking the can down the road: The friend said that the general understanding is that Kate is “doing well” with her treatment but prioritizing her recovery. They added, “The royals typically have a light schedule over the summer months, so it would seem odd to make a big push for her to return now.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Yeah, I don’t believe Kate actually wrote the note to the Irish Guards, nor do I believe she signed it. It was just something half-assed which was cooked up by Kensington Palace staffers. It’s wild that this is being used as an excuse or cover for the Mother’s Day frankenphoto fiasco too. Like, now Kensington Palace’s whole argument is: we’re not obfuscating a very morbid situation about Kate’s health, it’s just that William and Kate are tone-deaf and incompetent and we follow their lead! All of those amateurish edited photos and janky statements? Those came directly from Kate! As for the timeline… yeah, Kate will miss Trooping the Colour. She’ll miss the Japanese state visit. She’ll miss Wimbledon. They’ll say that she’s “resting and recuperating” at Anmer Hall this summer and no one should expect to see her for months. And then in September or October, they’ll have to come up with a new reason why they can’t physically produce Kate. I really hope I’m wrong and I hope this is all just Kate legitimately not wanting to work and wanting to “recover.” But we’ll see.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Kensington Palace.

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    This is just KP backing up the bus to run over Kate yet again. It’s all Kate’s fault! ALL OF IT!!!!

    Lordt, why do they think that’s a good look? William must be running the messaging again.

    • She isn’t coming back. But let’s keep the fake stories going so people won’t ask where is. Cant?

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right? They write their own missives & say publish it! They don’t listen to advice! They hire staff, but staff just sit around waiting for Will or Kate to tell them what to do! They waste millions a year hiring people whose expertise they can’t be bothered with! Professional comms people? Pffft!!

  2. equality says:

    Makes no sense. A lot of people return with a light schedule to ease back into things. It would be the perfect time to return to “work”. Interesting how the staff is being protected from any hint of involvement with anything. Is that because none of them have seen her or because they know secrets?

    • Royal Donwnfall Watcher says:

      Ding! Ding! Ding! This is a great point! They are basically putting in writing that only Kate and William are responsible for the messaging. That way it can’t come back to bite them. This is so crazy. I think movies will be made about this years down the line.

      • Christine says:

        This is such a strange message from KP. They really are saying that Will and Kate’s employees sit around twiddling their thumbs.

    • Teddy says:

      The only cancer-realted scenario that makes sense is if she needed a bone marrow transplant. But that would be a blood cancer, so the abdonimal syrgery story doesn’t fly. Bone marrow transplant starts with weeks of brutal chemo to suppress your immune system, then weeks or months of isolation to see if it worked. Then it takes a few months to get back up on your feet. But if so, why hide it? And why all the fakery? KP’s behavior through all of this has been so weirdly sinister.

      • Anna says:

        „Normal” cancer would be milked for goodwill PR endlessly. The origin of her disease/condition has to either embarrassing or self (someone?) inflicted. They they so hard not to reveal even the hospital, where a thank you note would be absolutely publicized. This is also personal- when you experience health scare you want to thank everyone involved in recovery. This is extremely weird if not sinister. This insistence that she cannot work but is so absolutely fine just doesn’t make sense.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Yep, excellent point @equality. Before summer vacation, returning to light ‘work’, is perfect and is completely normal for Kate’s schedule. How much heavy duty work did she do before summer vacation previously? Asking for a friend. As others have said, Kate actually being seen, not the bs that’s gone around, would bring about some empathy. If Kate were in a position of being seen-she would be. That’s how The Firm works. Looking her best wouldn’t be an issue. She’s supposedly the one that follows the So much bs.

      I don’t believe William is completely in charge of the messaging, the grey men have power. William goes along with and is a sh*t. For any of us that have read SPARE, lying (even to the face of QE2) by the grey men isn’t out of the ordinary.

  3. PEARL GREY says:

    I feel like I may be in the small minority of people who think there isn’t anything actually wrong with her and her “absence” has more to do with the state of her marriage to William than a health issue/recovery.

    • Inge says:

      Oh I hear that a lot. One theory is she was presented with divorce papers…

      • MY3CENTS says:

        I thinking we don’t see all.the children at trooping then it has something to do with separation, and she’s off somewhere with the youngest two.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        Charlotte and Louis are blood royals, why would they be split up away from their brother for such a length of time? If WanK are divorced is Kate floated security alongside her royal children or does she still receive security in her own right?

      • JT says:

        @Interested because George is the heir and, therefore, more important. Both William and Kate have singled out George in their PR. He was the only one to be at a gift from Attenborough, he’s the only one who gets to got big games with his parents, he’s always dressed in a different color than his sibling for family photos. It stands to reason that George would be with William and the spares would be with Kate.

      • Harper says:

        Would it be too “odd” to confirm whether or not the children will be at Trooping? We are getting so close; it’s funny how the rota has no interest in confirming that fact.

      • Jais says:

        The rota isn’t mentioning it but I’d bet they’re asking. They’re just not getting an answer yet.

      • Annalise says:

        I don’t believe for two seconds that even William would be STUPID enough to divorce Kate during or even immediately after, her supposed cancer treatment.

        Unless he’s TRYING to look even worse than Charles did, right after he divorced Diana, William HAS to know that divorcing his frail, cancer-ravaged wife, his delicate English rose, who needs him more than ever, as she fights for her life, would DESTROY what little bit of good will the public might still have for him.

      • Christine says:

        Annalise, agreed, even he is not that stupid. Which is why I keep circling back around to he asked for a divorce and she came up with the one scenario where she was un-leavable.

    • Proud Mary says:

      6 months is a long enough time for every theory possible to propounded about this missing person. And divorce has been high on the list. You are not in the minority.

    • ShazBot says:

      I feel like she was actually ill but I do think she’s just milking this recovery time so she doesn’t have to do anything. William too.
      Maybe she also falsely thinks ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ forgetting that she’s actually a pretty boring person and when she does reappear, people will get over it pretty quickly, especially if she just looks like her normal self.

      • ML says:

        Shazbot, I think she’s unbelievably lazy when healthy, and I keep hearing that her spirit has been spotted at chocolate shops and farm stores, but given the initial two-week reported hospital stay, Concha, the 5-wheeled car photo, the fact that her staff has no contact and she hasn’t popped up when Meghan was in the news leads me to believe that she is really not healthy and needs a long recovery. She was in retrospect clutching her abdomen in several photos last year. I actually don’t think she’s milking the time off. The fact that CRex and Camz aren’t attacking her speaks volumes to me, especially since CRex is out and about.

      • ShazBot says:

        ML, oh yeah, she was for sure ill through the fall. Lost weight, structured clothes to hide it, wearing full on wigs. I believe there’s definitely an illness there, but their PR around this is so bad and they are so unnecessarily secretive that it seems like the only options are the extremes – she’s terminal and they’re hiding it for quiet downtime with the family, or she’s recovering well but milking the time away and they’re being cagey about it to cover it up.

        I think Charles and Cam are leaving her alone because she’s the only one who can truly take attention from them. With her off, it’s nice and easy for them.

      • ML says:

        Shazbot, Given how the RF treated H&M, I don’t believe that they would have any problem kicking K when she was gone if she were okay. Honestly, those two vipers would probably love to have K fill in the place H&M left open when they fled, because they love to blame people in the press. H&M still take attention away from the royals and the royals still can’t shut up about them.

      • J. says:

        I think she has cancer, and she’s lost her hair due to treatment. This is, sadly, something far too many people will go through in their lives, and nothing to be ashamed of, but her hair is SUCH a big part of her visual identity and public image, and wearing a full wig would be upsetting.

        And—not to get all conspiracy-minded–but I suspect if she is battling cervical cancer, she wouldn’t want to open that can of worms: questions like, why wasn’t she screened during her pregnancies? Is this proof that William cheated on her and exposed her to HPV? etc., etc. There are other explanations, but do we really think the British press could resist the “WILL GAVE KATE AN STD!!!” headlines?

      • February pisces says:

        @J around 80% of people who have ever had sex in their life have been exposed to HPV. And it can re-emerge on its own decades after exposure. That’s why smear tests are so important.

      • Annalise says:


        You seriously think that William and Kate are PURPOSELY not doing anything to quash the “Will deleted Kate” rumors, such bringing Kate onto the balcony, because it’s an excuse not to do any work?? William is work shy, but come on……

      • JL says:

        @FebruaryPisces I know. But I can understand why Kate might not be willing to open that whole discussion, too. She is not going to be a “let’s chat about the importance of regular screenings for HPV” spokesperson, because her entire life is based on selling a fairytale to the public.

    • Sunday says:

      I agree, I still remember in November both Charles and Kate were outed as ‘the royal racists’ and now magically they’re both brave little soldiers allegedly fighting their own cancer battles.

      They were making moves against Kate all last year, dragging her mother through the mud publicly and unncessarily over, what, £3 million? If Kate were in good standing, there would’ve been a bag of cash with Carole’s name on it for the taking. That entire bankruptcy campaign was intended, prolonged embarrassment of Kate and the Middletons that successfully cut Kate off from her embiggening reporters via the sidelining of her mouthpiece Carole. And then they outed Kate as a racist. And then they blamed her for photo manipulation, which had potential to really air her out with international media until BP shut that down because the flame war they had been enjoying was now in danger of burning them. So yes, I fully believe that Will has been trying to get rid of Kate but that she’s using her keenery to hang on for dear life.

      If we really wanna stretch, I think some of that “we’ll never see Kate return to her role!” coverage is a cheeky way of reporters in the know to report on the fact that she’s completely in hiding, Will can’t smoke her out, and she’s going to stay put until Charles passes and it’s game over, she’s queen – because then she’d return in a completely different role, and Will would never be rid of her.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        “They were making moves against Kate all last year”


        Even Rose’s greater profile in the BM seems to have been set up by slow degrees to happen right about now. Everything looked to be coming down the pike ever since the back and forth in the press about:

        Adelaide’s just right/Adelaide’s too small/the Cambridge’s are chuffed with Adelaide/won’t someone think of the children? They should have a grander home than Adelaide, like their school friends…

        Not being allowed to go to Balmoral when QEII died, even the ‘tryout’ period of seeing if she could KopyKeen her role as POW devolved by the time she got to that red getup at the state visit.

        The only thing no one was prepared for was Kate having a health emergency. The press know something but is Kate hiding or hidden? Is she really ‘here’ at the moment? Is she incapacitated? No one can know if Kate is functional and making her own decisions unless we actually hear from her what’s going on. In think William (and Camilla) wanted all the H&M drama to be attributed to Kate alone. They were ALL ‘royal racists’ but CIII and Kate were the only two discussed by name directly in a letter the BM had been privy to. If Kate took all the blame William had already forged ‘proof’ that he hadn’t bullied H&M and Camilla could keep people on SM deluded that ‘Meghan and Giles Coren started the Rose rumours’ instead of her cabal of children, niece and her own BM contacts. The only problem now seems to be they can’t produce the POW to take the fall.

      • It was very telling that royal favor doer Piers Morgan is the one who named the royal racists

        And he wasn’t slapped with a lawsuit.

      • Agnes says:

        I hope all of you are correct and she’s not just plain old dead. Are her personal effects being distributed? Rose Cholmondeley wore her black hat recently, and now Natasha Archer is wearing her Balloon Bleu Cartier watch… or, they both own exact replicas of those items. It’s just all weird, all the time in the Kate Missington rabbit hole.

      • Becks1 says:

        No one gave Rose Hanbury Kate’s old hat 🙄🙄🙄 unless it was Kate herself because she no longer likes it. same with the cartier watch. For something like the watch, if Kate were dead, it would be given to Charlotte or to a Middleton, not to Natasha Archer to wear publicly before a death is announced. But again, she’s not dead.

      • Agnes says:

        Proof of life, please. 🤓🤓🤓

      • Becks1 says:

        There is literally no reason to hide her death. NONE. I know people are going crazy with that conspiracy theory but there is no way they could hide the death of the princess of wales for MONTHS. KP can’t release a letter without screwing it up. But we think they are capable of a massive cover up – again for MONTHS??

        Like I’ve said many times – if Kate had died in January and they are trying to delay the announcement and hide the cause of death – that means a forged death certificate. What is easier, to forge a death certificate in January or to hide the truth about her death for months and THEN forge the death certificate? One of those things is much easier than the other.

      • Christine says:

        This is so well said, Sunday, and you laid it out perfectly. It’s really damning, when combined with the fact that if she’s got cancer, she was handed a (admittedly, a really sh*tty) cause where she would endear herself to the vast majority of the people on the planet, and this is where she should be normalizing cancer. Someone mentioned the word ” beloved” in respect to this, and I think they were exactly right. Kate the Cancer Crusader would FINALLY give her something where her real world knowledge gives her a perfect chance to advocate. It’s nothing but winning, and she’s hiding.

        She has to either be terminal, or playing the biggest game of chicken ever with William. Both choices are sad.

        Becks, I agree with your last post 100%. Dead as of December 2023 is the only thing I have crossed off the list. It’s unsustainable, for exactly the reasons you give.

      • Dilettante says:

        I think the moves against Kate started in earnest when she was late for the coronation.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is an astrologer on Twitter who corrects predicts things including p diddy getting into some trouble. If she is to be believe kate will return to health by next Feb.

    • Eloise says:

      These treatments take months so it makes sense to not see her for weeks longer, especially bc she is not getting treated at just any hospital. She is traveling to get the best options available at the best hospital available in the entire world. This is not a rumor, and also not exciting to gossip about so it’s shrugged off. Look at the list of people (the famous, the rich, royals from all over the world) who have been treated there and no one knew until they outed themselves or donated millions to the institution.

      • Agnes says:

        Actually, Kate being treated at MD Anderson is the definition of a rumour. There’s no proof of it, whatsoever. A few anonymous posters claimed friends of friends swear they saw her in Houston. Sure. It would make sense for her to be treated there, if she needed it, but since no one actually knows what is actually going on, that’s a strange assertion on your part.

      • @Agnes right? Hey, I saw her on Mars and so did my neighbor. she was getting ice cream but can’t share a photo. it’s definitely not a rumor!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Agnes. Definition of a rumor. In a way it doesn’t make sense for her to be treated there. imo The Royal Marsden hospital in London is supposed to be a good place too. Chuckie has been a patron of the hospital since 2007. But, hey, it’s great that people want to minimize the UK’s ability to treat cancer patients. I don’t WTF is going on with Kate. Don’t believe she’s in or making trips to Houston.

        FYI, to those mentioning that Kate’s getting the best care in the world and that’s the reason why she would be at MD Anderson in Houston. Along with, Jason Knauf is from Texas and that = something. Uhmmm, Knauf was born in Texas but grew up in Virginia (which also has good advanced cancer hospitals). JK’s family moved to Virginia when he was 5. I’m suuuure, he has strong connections in Texas. /s

        A friend of a friend that went to college with a friend told me that Kate is actually at Froedtert in Milwaukee-Kate was totally seen swimming in Hoyt Park after dark-she can’t be seen in public-is totally swimming in the darker hours. My cousins total bestest friend’s 4th cousin a hundred times removed said it was so. /s

        FYI, people can go on and on about rankings. It’s not the first time I mentioned it, (don’t know if Dr. See is still there), my MIL fought a number of cancers for years. The last had to do with kidneys and other things. A Chicago specialist, back then (Dr. See), came to Froedtert and found the mother tumor. This was the early 2000’s. Dr. See was a lifesaver.

        Personally believe the MD Anderson story is bs. Kate’s someplace else whether healthy or not. Prince Charle’s, Duchy of Cornwall at the time, told Harry that they couldn’t afford supporting Meghan as Harry’s wife. Like the till was running low. Based on that, the Duchy of Cornwall’s monies are so good that Kate is either being treated at a very high end hospital in the States, occupying 2 floors by some speculators *cough*, or she is making BBC videos, fake farm videos, frankenphotos and whatever. It sounds like a lot of expense when years ago Chuckie claimed they didn’t have money to support Meghan. F*cking A$$holes.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      PEARL GREY, I think she was ill and had a hard recovery, but I am leaning towards her not wanting to come back to work. She may be negotiating what she wants. Bone Idle would actually for once be in the power position. How are they going to make her appear if she says no? It will be interesting this fall, because they can’t go through the Summer and not say something definitive. She may want a divorce at this point and not have to bother with any of them except as the mother of the heir.

    • Lily says:

      I had the feeling she is ok just not mentally. Imagine a women who never worked a real job in her whole life and she just likes to spend the money her husband has (smiling is not work) After Meghan came and showed them what work means the firm started to push her to do more, anything. Their PR team used her as the face of the royal family painted her as a hardworking women who cares for the poor people (in reality she does not give a fu..) She played this role for 5 years but that’s it she can’t fake it anymore the last drop was when Piss Morgan named her and Charles as the racist assholes who talked about Archies skintone

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      There is no way Charles would allow her to simply stop working and repping the family. No way at all.

      The fact that he is allegedly 100% supportive of her being away from work for an indefinite amount of time means something is really wrong with her and most likely that something was caused by the son who Charles is treating as persona non grata.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Shoot…I meant there is no way Charles would allow Kate to just up and quit working because she just didn’t want to or due to some divorce negotiation.

  4. Barbara says:

    The longer she’s missing the less I care if I ever see her again, even if it’s to poke fun at her horrible style.

    • Agnes says:

      It’s just the opposite for me. The longer she’s missing the more I care about someone I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about before. Too many women disappear in this world once they’re used up, and I object to that on principle. Where is Kate? I just don’t believe that a public institution reliant on the goodwill of the people can continue to withhold verifiable proof of life of one of its senior members — unless she’s dead and they are unable to. I believe that psychopath Bill had something to do with her disappearance, too, and that the whole establishment is covering for him.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Yeah, I never cared about her as a person but this situation is disturbing on so many levels. They are clearly covering up something and I don’t think they are just protecting her privacy after six months. They did that weird video back in March and it seemed to be her. Now I’m wondering about that. If she could appear on camera in March, why can’t she now? Too many mysteries wrapped in enigmas to just accept non-explanations from a palace which has lost all credibility.

      • Agnes says:

        Pretty darn sure the bench video was AI. It’s so off, and BBC wouldn’t release FOI on it, because it was filmed by their “studio” which is not affiliated with the news side. Someone on Twitter did a kitchen sink amateur AI video of Kate just to show how easy it was to produce, and it was more convincing than the bench video. They are up to no good. Where is Kate?

      • Interested Gawker says:

        Yeah, I never thought it would be me standing next to Waity brandishing a flaming sword but here I am. This whole business was shady and unnerving from jump; not being seen leaving London Clinic was creepy, let alone STILL being missing while KP arranged so many fake sightings all this time. The state of the media, world wide, has been disturbing. Such a high profile woman being disappeared, and the half assed way William’s excuses have been and still there’s no serious investigation of any of this cause WE’RE the conspiracy theorists?? And the two children not seen for nearly six months too?! GTFO!

        Proof of life for Princess Catherine.
        Proof of life for Charlotte and Louis.

      • Agnes says:

        @InterestedGawker Hahaha! 100%! The Flaming Sword of Truth.

      • Mila says:

        Im with Agnes. This is not about Kate, the princess. It is about a young mom who vanished after living in the spotlight for decades. It is disturbing. Is she alive? Sick? Was she abused? What the heck would make her disappear? It is cult like behavior from her husband and the rest.

      • Royal Downfall Watcher says:

        The British Royal Family has never really had a good track record with women has it? Lots of women have been slandered, killed, or disappeared in order to protect male heirs. (Of course now I’m thinking of hundreds of years ago- hello Henry vIII…but still….the track record isn’t great)

      • CatMum says:

        you don’t have to go back hundreds of years. Diana was bumped off in, what, 1997?

        I cosign what is being said in this thread. if they could produce her, they would have done so already. I truly believe she is incapacitated in some way.

        why they are also hiding the two younger children is unclear. perhaps they are afraid they might say something that the palaces don’t want people to hear.

        it is all super dodgy, and the longer it goes on, the dodgier it is.

        I have never been a Kate fan (and I’m still not) but I am genuinely concerned that something terrible has happened. and I think that William is the cause.

        I also believe that she’s been ill for a while, but was managing it, and now it’s gotten too big to manage. thanks, BRF, for making me have sympathy for an entirely unsympathetic person!

      • Dilettante says:

        @Agnes +1

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      @Barbara, I agree with you. While I don’t wish ill health on anyone, Kate’s contribution to the public is negligible and whether she’s seen in public or not, there’s nothing to miss. What I’m truly interested in is when ARO is going to drop and what next initiative Meghan and Harry have in the works.

      • Normal_Islander says:

        @InterestedGawker on top of everything you mentioned I’m just getting fed up of having my intelligence insulted by this lazy and useless family of mediocrities and their forelock-tugging defenders. Hey BRF stans, I’ll “respect Kate’s privacy” and leave her to a life of doing sweet FA in total luxury if I can opt out of paying for it and leave it all to you, deal?

    • Cee says:

      Her disappearance, whether willing or not, is only reminding people that she is, in fact, not needed at all.
      Which makes me think she is completely sidelined against her will or, even worse, she is choosing to do this as some sort of bargaining power that will eventually backfire.

      Anyway, I hope she is healthy but that is as far as I care about her.

      • Angied says:

        To all the people who care about her missing I personally don’t give a rat’s ass. If this was Meghan missing from public she would be rejoicing and out in public smiling and grinning and not giving a fu-k. The people in the palaces and the Rota would be blaming Meghan for herself being missing. These are the same people who stressed Meghan out so bad she lost a baby. These same people are still harassing her and Harry and now have moved on to their children. Who really cares if she is sidelined I don’t. She caused Meghan so much anguish because she is a mean girl jealous beotch and couldn’t handle Meghan being better than her. I hope personally she is taking time to reflect on her behavior but I seriously doubt it.

      • Jess says:

        well, but your logic, Meghan is rejoicing too, since she’s out in public smiling? There’s so much conjecture in your comment, it’s a little disturbing.

      • @Angied says:

        Actually the only comment from Meghan was to wish her healing and her and Harry seem to have gone on with their lives. From what I have read she has said nothing else about about her. However the nasty Windsor’s have continued to leak and say awful things about her and Harry to their pet Rota. Do I wish for her to heal yes but I don’t see any changes from the Windsor’s that would cause them to reflect and change how they are treating Harry and Meghan. Seems to me they are continuing on as before. You would think coming down with a serious illness would cause you to change and make amends for any wrongdoing but not those two.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        @Angied, If William ascends to the throne having successfully gotten away with manipulating not only the BM to parrot whatever he deems the narrative to be while faking sightings of a spouse that hasn’t been seen in public for nearly six months but getting international media to repeat and amplify it unquestioningly, that puts the Sussexes in peril. William will try turn it on them next. Kate does not have to have had some shocking demise to make that sort of power, being played out in full view of us all, dangerous. There needs to be accountability for the fake news KP has been BUSTED for about Kate and continues to use to hide the reality of what’s going on.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Jess, I might be wrong and that’s okay. You are misinterpreting @Angied comments. @Angied, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m thinking Angied was sharing the bullsh*t the BM/BMF spews out.

        Like, EVERYTHING IS MEGHAN’S fault! Which is so funny from a logical point of view. How can someone who is simply doing their own thing to earn a living while living in California be responsible for the f&cksh*ttery show of the BRFBM? I’m welcome to a logical explanation. I’m going to assign Capt. Sharon Raydor on the sitch stat. She would conclude: the assigned perp of everything isn’t guilty because, she’s not guilty, there is no evidence or wrong doing and, btw, she was in Nigeria being announced as their Princess, when the rest of you a$$holes made it it sound like something else.

    • It’s kind of tragic how many people feel this way. I hear this a lot from women. One of them said, “oh, I thought she was over.”

      She won’t have a lasting impact on the world, unless she’s missing for nefarious reasons. She should have done things a lot differently if she wanted the public to care. She never cared about anyone else, and now few truly care about her. That’s sad, but it’s the bed she made.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Barbara, I don’t care if I see her again. She has children, so I hope she’s fine, but if she wants to be a SAHM while separated/divorced, well, okay.

  5. Inge says:

    We always hear they always have Christmas off. And that school term. And the next. And then the summer.

    This woulnd’t be so bad if they actually turned up the rest of the time but they do F all then as well.

    As for K if she really going through an ilness just think what a great example it would be for other sufferers if she would appear sporadically. But they didn’t even let the Queen be seen in a wheelchair

  6. Eurydice says:

    Uh huh, so when Kate is at the kitchen table hunt and pecking her way through her laptop, what is Very Special Chief Executive Super Private Assistant doing?

    • ML says:

      Super privately assisting W elsewhere.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, staying silent and drawing a salary?

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’ve had a very busy last two days. Apparently, if you’re working for Kate, you get promoted when you have less work to do. D&mn, going into my possible retirement years, I want this job. /s

  7. ML says:

    Knowing that Tom Sykes has decent KP sources helps. The message is that yes, KP and W got feedback on their (cough “K’s”) letter with the spelling mistakes and its message that K wasn’t going to show up. In response, they’re telling us that it’s not that deep: K is recovering! Recovering is good! It will take a while so don’t worry or check in! And don’t analyze the writing! It definitely, definitely came from Kate and she’s sloppy. Bye.

    • Lucy says:

      On the nose. “No need to analyze it.” Please peasants, we set the narrative and you swallow it. That’s the way being Royal is supposed to work

    • William is the kind of leader who had peoples heads cut off for asking a question in the past.

      How very much dare anyone speak to, look at, or ask His Royal Self anything. Especially don’t ask about his wife, who is to blame for anything you have questions about.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    Since when is Kate writing her own letters? I seem to remember the KP staff being upset when Meghan did things for herself and complained that she wanted to be involved in everything even her own wedding.

    • Becks1 says:

      Since the letters and heavily edited pictures are coming under such scrutiny, lol. This is telling me that someone is aware of the big blunders over the last few months and they’re just completely going to blame W&K. It’s not the men in gray, its W&K making these decisions. And honestly, that might be the case, at least for William, because we know he thinks he’s this PR master.

      • Nic919 says:

        To be fair they are blaming Kate more than William. She took the hit for the Franken photo and we are now supposed to believe she typed out that grammatically incorrect letter.

        I do agree this is William thinking he is master PR guy to deflect from whatever is really going on.

      • The Hench says:

        So true – it’s a move when your bosses are a royal Prince and Princess and you still drop them in it from a great height. “Yeah – those letters and photos were all incompetent and amateurish because Will and Kate insisted on doing them themselves”.

        Just – wow. And lol.

  9. moderatelywealthy says:

    By the end of the year, they will just say that Kate´s cancer has profoundly changed her and her priorities.

    They will have her sign a note OR make a final video ( if she still with us/ they pay her millions she wants) stating she will be stepping down from her roles and live as a private citizen while also freeing William because he has ” a more important duty to Britain than to her.”

    The RF will continue to brief the tabloids and the only people doing the reporting will be outside of Britain. They will dismiss everything else as ” cruel rumours” and continue to blame the Sussexes.

    Maybe some real journalist in the USA will try and find out the truth, but frankly I think everybody will be too scared- Kate included

    • Eurydice says:

      If Kate steps away from the RF, I don’t think anyone will care why it happened. Maybe Uncle Gary would be tempted to cash in with some tea, but I imagine he and the Middletons would be festooned with NDAs before she left.

    • Louisa says:

      This is exactly what I predict. She will never return to public life and she will give her “blessing” for William to move on because of duty…. country ….. blah blah blah. I’m sure that is what is being negotiated now.

      • moderatelywealthy says:

        last year was a plethora of ” Kate likes the simple life”; ” The Sussexes had stressed Kate too much” and the soft launch of Single Dad Will…if you add Adelaide Cottage not large enough for Will, the Middletons downfall and the emergence of Rose in the court of Queen Camila…you can do the math.

    • AllyM says:

      Please think about what you wrote: “everybody will be too scared – Kate included”. Why is the institution of the the BRF allowed to have such power over its members and such control over what the media can report, and why is everyone so afraid to challenge that? I’ve always thought the RF a benign institution but I’m starting to revise my view.

  10. TigerMcQueen says:

    Of course they don’t want the letter “over analyzed,” people might realize Khate didn’t write it!

    They are so bad at this.

  11. ML says:

    CB had an article from Tom Sykes yesterday that essentially called CRex’s grandfatherly qualities into question due to him having evicted the Sussexes from Frogmore.
    Another article yesterday dealt with the rumor that K might be getting treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, which, honestly, I’m not sure about. However, I really do believe that she’s seriously ill and that’s why she’s been missing in action. KP’s been doing this weird gymnastics split where K is healthy and recovering, but all the signs seem to indicate the opposite. If she’s truly sick enough to need treatment in Houston though, that might be a reason for Tom Sykes to attack KC’s grandfather credentials towards Archie and Lili?

  12. Tessa says:

    I don’t believe a,word of it. And putting down the queen signing letters to try to bolster Kate is a joke. Someone else wrote and signed the letter.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      “It’s not like the old days of Queen Elizabeth II where the men in grey wrote something and the queen just signed it without any input.”

      After that missive saying Cam was to be Queen Consort with QEII’s blessing are they sure they want to admit that…?

      • Assuming this came from KP, maybe they do want that out there. The Queen wasn’t reading what she signed later in life. Camilla isn’t QC, let alone Queen.

        But too late, they already tricked everyone and hung the royal family’s reputation out to dry by associating it with Camilla at the coronation.

  13. HRH Miss Scarlett says:

    When it’s sloppy, KP throws Kate under the bus (picture and letter). When it’s well executed, William lets everyone know it was him. Poor Kate. She didn’t do the picture and didn’t write the letter, but now that there are errors, it is once again “Kate did it and she’s sick so don’t look too closely.”

    • A says:

      Yea, I would never go as far as poor Kate, b/c unless she really is in a coma she does have some agency here. However, I do think it’s rather odd that for the past two years we’ve been fed this narrative of “Kate the great”, we’ve been told she’s the peacemaker, she’s the architect of the “recollections may very “line that she personally insisted the queen must include in response to the Oprah interview , and the one who keeps her ranging husband in check. And, now all of a sudden she’s this idiot housewife who writes letters without using spell check, edits photos with clearly identified errors, and can’t successfully mange her cancer absence (a condition which rightly or wrongly is destined to gain her a huge amount sympathy around the world). There’s a bit of will the real Kate please stand up going on!

      • I noticed how they gaslit on the photo again, because Kate didn’t edit a photo taken by William. Someone took different photos from events unrelated and pasted them together to create something that did not happen.

        Those four people were not there together on that patio, and that is troubling given that we are at nearly 6 months with no verifiable sighting.

  14. Liz says:

    I’ve just seen Katie Nicholls rf bootlicker saying she’ll 💯 be back soon.

    To think they get paid for writing this tripe.

  15. Cerys says:

    Will anyone even notice if she disappears this summer? The Doolittle’s are absent every summer from the end of Wimbledon until September, regardless of any health issues.

  16. Jay says:

    It sounds to me like Sykes is lamenting that the Wales don’t have good staff or advisors to do things for them – his example of Catherine “sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop editing a picture William took” was not random. We remember very well that someone tried to pass that Frankenphoto off as a shot from “a few days ago” and it certainly wasn’t a professional photographer. Maybe if the Wales had competent staff that they listened to, that little snafu wouldn’t have happened, and maybe the British monarchy wouldn’t have been part of a media “kill order” and continued speculation about all of the photos they release.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      I can’t get over how often Sykes uses the word “honestly “ in this article. Multiple times just in the excerpts. This is a well-recognized sign of lying. My only question is does he know the truth and is knowingly lying or has no idea what’s going on and is just negligently parroting KP’s unreliable information?

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      That picture was deliberately manufactured to deceive the population. In the cancer interview she could have been made up to look ill in another attempt to deceive, but it could have been how she really looked at the time. Whatever, it was an admission that the first photo was fake.

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    I read this as how dare we expect her to return to work before she goes off on a nice long summer vacay.

    I’m still sticking to my theory that this is the beginning of the divorce rollout – they are either currently negotiating the terms or have now actually divorced and are waiting for several months to announce it so Pegs doesn’t look bad for divorcing his sick wife. If she’s well enough to do things with the kids then she is well enough to do things even remotely. She’s is being phased out and once we have forgotten about her they will drop the divorce announcement.

    I could be wrong but there is something seriously dodgy going on BtS. It also explains why the Mids are silent – they’ve been bought or have been muzzled by a super injunction (we do know Peggy loves them).

    • Becks1 says:

      I feel like my theories change daily lol but what you describe has been one of my most consistent thoughts on this for the last few months. It also makes sense why we’re getting the stories again about Kate being out and about – it benefits William and a divorce rollout to have a healthier Kate.

      my other thoughts are that she is a lot sicker than we’ve been told, and/or there is a mental health component here – but neither of those precludes a divorce negotiation behind the scenes.

      • ML says:

        Becks1, I’m in the “my other thoughts” camp. The initial reporting on K was an unusually long hospital stay for an abdominal operation, which (ignoring all the weirdness of W not visiting, etc) combined with pictures of her clutching her abdomen last year, leads me to believe that they didn’t make that up. I have no idea if he’s trying to get out of the marriage or not, but I do think he’s the type to try and hide bad news from his kids. I don’t know if there’s a mental health issue as well, but if the cancer being found isn’t a lie, then this long arduous recovery (or not?) process makes sense.

      • Becks1 says:

        @ML and its stupid because if they had said from the get go, that her condition is serious, she will have a long road to recovery, dont’ expect to see her for months, AND hadn’t released that frankenphoto and hadn’t released stories about Kate doing well and being out and about etc – I think this situation would have gotten a lot less scrutiny.

        Now I’ve said before that I can understand the lies somewhat if the condition is terminal and they want to prevent a deathwatch especially with the young children. but then stop telling us that she’s doing the school run and she’s going shopping etc.

    • Jais says:

      There is definitely something dodgy going on bts. I’d much rather believe it’s a lead up to a divorce than her being terminally ill. There’s no reason for KP to want it known via BE that she’s out and about if she’s actually so sick they’re not sure she’s gonna make it. That would be a high-level of lying to the public. Which sure, they’re capable of it, but why do that? It just stirs up conspiracies. They’re hiding something. Being very sick from cancer just doesn’t seem like something that needs to be hidden.

      • ML says:

        If, repeat if, she’s so sick she’s being treated abroad for cancer that might do it. Or if she’s being treated (abroad?) for mental illness and/or addiction. If their message to the kids isn’t the same as what they’re stating publicly.
        I don’t think they would hide her this completely if she weren’t ill and it wrre just a divorce. In that case, KC and QCC who have been at odds with W for a while would be gleefully all over that. They’re not attacking K though, and her being this level of lazy in that case would make her fair game.

      • Becks1 says:

        Charles and Camilla’s behavior has been kind of weird though. Camilla was definitely trolling William with her London Clinic visits. Was that because she thought William should have visited Kate more? Or was she more trolling the press to get them to ask ‘where is Kate” because she was never at the London Clinic? And I think some of the stories about Kate looking forward to return to public duties or whatever are coming from BP. Why would Charles want that out there if she was terminal?

        I will say that I think we spend a lot of time dissecting and discussing conspiracy theories on there and the reality may just be that KP is incompetent and completely bungled this from the get go and the truth is just that she had surgery and is now undergoing chemo like they said.

        ETA I don’t believe she is/was at MD Anderson because if she was in Houston, it would have been kept under the tightest wraps imaginable, no way would she have been out getting ice cream or whatever. But in general, the idea of her going to MD Anderson or another place like Mayo or Hopkins for experimental treatment (esp if something else is going on besides cancer) would mean that the condition is a LOT more serious than they are letting on, and that may be why KP pushed back so strongly against it.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Becks- they have to deny MDAnderson, true or not, because it sends a bad message that the BRF doesn’t trust British doctors.

        But I’ve long believed she is away getting treatment. It explains the rental car in that Carole pic, and why that pic was kept out of the British press.

      • ML says:

        Becks1, Last evening I googled MD Anderson (without attaching Cancer Center). Because I’m in Europe, the first information came up for MD Anderson in Madrid, Spain. I had no idea that Europe had an MD Anderson. As previously mentioned, I don’t know if she’s being treated there, but Concha is based in (Madrid?) Spain and she’s given 2 updates. So it might be nothing, but I just thought I’d share that. I do think that KC and QCC have been trolling W and he’s swiped back. I haven’t understood any of K returning as having originated with BP—what did you understand as coming from them connected to K’s return? I still think that if it isn’t something like K’s terminal, her absence has something to do with something they feel is shameful.

      • Jais says:

        Kate has publicly stated that she’s getting treatment for cancer, so at this point, it would look pretty bad for Charles and Camilla to be attacking her in the press. And like becks1 said, it did feel like they were trolling William and her at the beginning. And I’m not saying she doesn’t have heath issues. Could it be the only thing they’re hiding is how very sick she is? Maybe. Is it only cancer or is it combined with a mental health component? Maybe. I’d guess a lot of the weirdness though is bc she’s been sick with something along with the fact that William and Kate have been separated for a while and barely communicate. Hard to get on message when that’s the case. Honestly don’t know what’s going on but I do hope she’s not that sick that she will not recover. Like I said, a divorce or something less dire is the better option at this point. Last week, the comments were very much focused on this being a mental health issue and voila this week we have “sightings” at a cancer treatment center. Coincidence or conspiracy?

      • Harper says:

        If it’s a divorce, Kate is holding out until they can find the perfect country house as her booby prize. She wants her own picture perfect Ray Mill. Remember that they were hunting for one in Berkshire and had no luck and ended up having to settle for Adelaide. The stall can be that the right house in the right location has not come up on the market yet, and until Kate gets her paws on one that will make her teenaged Tatler landed gentry dreams come true, she is playing Gone Girl. I understand having to play hardball with the Firm and where real estate is concerned it’s better for her to have the keys in hand before relinquishing her leverage. A six month or more hunt for the perfect home doesn’t seem unreasonable.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        “I will say that I think we spend a lot of time dissecting and discussing conspiracy theories on there and the reality may just be that KP is incompetent and completely bungled this from the get go and the truth is just that she had surgery and is now undergoing chemo like they said.”

        But bungled to what purpose? If ‘the truth’ was surgery and chemo why bungle a health situation that CIII and Fergie didn’t bungle? They announced they had cancer too and the world kept turning. There is the issue over a tug of war about divorce over all of this -of that I’m certain, but there’s so much wrong with absolutely no sighting of Kate, Charlotte and Louis for coming on six months? No embiggening, not even after Nigeria went so splendidly well for H&M. MaMidds being out of commission this long is too peculiar to disregard. Skipping Easter as a family was not a big deal, even as KP imprinted ‘Easter’ as Kate’s return but skipping Trooping, should that occur, will be deeply weird. The children are older now, even Louis; there is nothing preventing William from presenting his children on the balcony without Kate. If they do appear I will be relieved to see all three children but there’s still the matter of ‘where is Kate?’

        The need to reinforce Kate’s capable of running errands but also insisting she can’t stand on a balcony or interact with her staff, insisting people have seen her in public isn’t bungling, it’s intentional strategy, it’s propaganda. They’re prioritizing and applying it too consistently to be a fluke.

      • Becks1 says:

        @InterestedGawker bungled because KP is just that incompetent. There are three things that I think we have underestimated here over the last few months and we really shouldn’t – how entitled William is, how lazy he is, and how incompetent KP as a whole is. Remember how that was one of the big takeaways from Scobie’s Endgame? That these people can’t crisis manage their way out of a paper bag?

        Do I think its that simple? Not really, I think there is something else going on. But I really don’t think we can overlook how incredibly incompetent KP is with these kinds of things. People are talking about this like KP is making all these moves and purposely trying to distract people and putting out false stories so they can cover up a dead body or whatever- and KP just isn’t that good at this.

        @ML If she is at MD Anderson, its not one in Madrid. These hospitals all have other locations but those aren’t the ones where the high rollers go when they need the best cutting edge treatment (for example Mayo Clinic has locations in Florida as does Cleveland Clinic. If we hear that any foreign royal is at Mayo Clinic, you’re not looking for them in Jacksonville. You’re looking for them in Rochester. Same with Hopkins, same with Cleveland, same with MD Anderson.)

      • Nic919 says:

        Camilla made the multiple visits at a time when Kate was only getting abdominal surgery and Becky English had made sure to say it definitely wasn’t cancer. So while Camilla was trolling she wasn’t doing it knowing Kate had cancer, especially because the KP timeline made it sound like cancer was discovered later on.

        Trolling or not, it still wasn’t a good look that the only time we saw William go to the hospital was when he drove in for about 30 minutes in his mid life crisis sports car. And then no other visits were seen but supposedly all “behind the scenes “.

    • The Hench says:

      I am going with what I like to call my ‘kitchen sink’ theory – as in ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. I can believe that aaalll the following are true at the same time:
      Kate and Will were separated before all this kicked off
      Kate did have major abdominal surgery
      Kate did have cancer found and was/is undergoing chemo
      Kate has been ‘out and about’ but not fit/signed off to appear in public due to MH issues – whether brought on by the trauma of her illness, the stress of the problems in her marriage, the pressure of being in the RF or all three.
      Kate is lazy. Nobody does less than her in the RF. Let us not forget that she was outworked in 2023 by a nonagenarian with bone cancer who expired in September, was dead therefore for a third of the year and STILL beat Kate’s numbers.
      Will is also trying to get rid of her – but that might not mean divorce. It could be a ‘for appearances’ only deal – hence the desire for Royal Lodge?

      The only thing I don’t believe is that she’s dead. That’s not in the KS theory. Well, not mine anyway.

      • Royal Downfall Watcher says:

        Interesting point! The work thing blows me away. I’ve done more things in the past 30 days than the RF does in a year. It’s insane that they have gaslit the world into thinking they are worth the tax dollars they get due to all the “service” they provide. Absolute clown show

      • blueberry says:

        @thehench I think you meant 2022 (unless it’s 2025 already and I’ve lost my mind!) But yes I totally agree with you about the kitchen sink. There’s in no one theory that makes everything make sense. Multiple things including poor health, cancer, and separation/divorce could be driving the secrecy and inconsistencies. *If* she’s at MDA or anywhere else abroad that doesn’t automatically mean it’s dire. People with limitless resources will use them. Why not have the best of the best? There are some rare cancers that, while treatable, aren’t widely known outside of the specialists who study them. If she had something like that, I can see why she would go. There are some treatments that have less side effects that could be more appealing. *But* it can’t be just that. If she’s been abroad for months, she wouldn’t have been seen in the UK in person, but a selfie would have shut this down weeks ago. There are other health issues that we can only speculate about. It’s possible that she’s getting treatment abroad for more than one thing. Also, as we have all speculated, their marriage isn’t great! He has no compunction about blaming her for anything that goes wrong so we can conclude the obvious from that. Also, yeah, she does’t have a track record of being a workaholic to put it mildly.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        No, I can’t believe she is dead, it doesn’t make sense, they would just say that the cancer had spread and they couldn’t control it. No point doing anything else.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      She won’t be forgotten, at least not in Britain, the tabloids are still running ‘news’ stories about Diana.

  18. Ace says:

    I don’t even know. They’re so all over the place that it’s hard to come up with a coherent theory of what’s going on with her. Simple laziness doesn’t cut it imo, because she would have showed up when Meghan was outside, she couldn’t have resisted that. So there’s something else.

    I go back and forth on how sick she is. Because if she was really sick, would they still push the “everything is fine just give her time”? Maybe just because they don’t know how to deal with it, but it’s been six months. They should have come up with something better.

    • Agnes says:

      The trooping balcony will be interesting to watch. If the kids aren’t there, Baldy did something heinous, and all of these sightings and misdirections are a classic confuse and confound coverup. What will come out after the election? The Powers That Be may be sitting on something big till then. Either they really are a bunch of Little England f-ups or so Machiavellian we can’t even see that we’re all being herded over a cliff.

  19. Hypocrisy says:

    Cancer treatments are 3-6 months if she’s still “receiving treatment” they are not being honest about her condition. She should be perfectly fine at this late date to throw on a wig and blush to wave from a balcony far removed from the general population for a few seconds. That letter was just sad, between the unprofessional typos and signature KP shows itself to be an unreliable source to the world once again.

  20. Mads says:

    Regarding the letter; Lee Thompson is the Comms at KP and American, so that explains the US spelling but the obvious typos mirror the general sloppy work within KP.
    As to Kate; I believe the move to Adelaide was a clear cover for separation and William was going to go for a divorce earlier this year but her health issues blew everything up. He was clearly shaken after the diagnosis which, combined with the knowledge his plans to coast for a decade or so as a single and finanically independent PoW was in doubt with his father’s unexpected cancer, left him reeling (no sympathy, just my observation).
    So, Kate knows a divorce announcement is imminent and fully aware of how ruthless the institution is towards an actual blood prince, her barganing position was pretty weak until the health crisis in January. Now she has leverage and, in her position, possibly said “f**k it” and not cooperate at all, basically go on strike until she gets a very substantial financial package, guaranteed housing and security etc. Why put herself through the additional stress of royal duties? Just step back, take care of her mental and physical health and wait for the settlement she wants?
    Obviously, the worst case scenario is her health is much worse than we think and KP is operating a masterclass in poor crisis management.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Excellent theory @ Mads!

      • Harper says:

        Jason Knauf is from Texas. According to a poster yesterday, he is from Huntsville which is only 70 miles from MD Anderson. So if anyone ever wonders where they got the idea to plant the MD Anderson rumor as part of their Obfuscation Eras Tour then one does not have to look far.

      • WHAT says:


        Can’t believe I’m even saying this but do you honestly believe that Kate would be so close to the 👑 and know that basically her leaving now would have Meghan being center stage

        She exits stage left as the divorcee but is glad to know in her mean girl mind that Meghan won

        Kate would let will do whatever he wants whenever as long as she stays in the spotlight to compete with Meghan

      • equality says:

        @What If she is seriously ill she might be rethinking her entire life and wondering if it was worth it.

    • Cee says:

      Guys, whatever is happening to Kate she has not chosen any of it. She has done way too much in life to bag and marry a prince and hold on to him and the status HE gives her. She is one step away from being crowned alongside her husband and be on top of the “social” ladder she willingly climbed, just to toss it away in exchange for no title and some shack in some estate and the money he is willing to give her? And run the risk of him marrying someone else?
      No. She will not step away from this marriage. William will end it, if he wants to.

  21. blueberry says:

    Soooo… Will wrote the letter?

  22. Mslove says:

    I still think Chuck benched Keen. Chuck isn’t looking well. He wants the spotlight. He doesn’t want people speculating about his health, doesn’t want a death watch.
    As for her health, maybe she had abnormal cells in her uterus, who knows. This family is so very strange & creepy.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I’ve had this thought, and considering what Harry said about her not being allowed to hold tennis rackets at tennis events, I think it’s part of what’s going on.

    • Jais says:

      I don’t know that I can see him just strait up benching her. But if she’s having health issues, I could see him saying, yes, just stay away for now. It gives him the spotlight and her time to take a rest and a breather while she recovers. Let’s say they know Charles has limited time and that Kate has been cracking under pressure and is about to become queen sooner than she thought. Could that explain it? But the whole absolutely no sighting of Kate is still weird. maybe it’s them just stubbornly digging their heels in and inciting conspiracy theories to keep themselves in the news. Or it’s just that she’s very very sick while they try and tell us she’s out buying chocolate. Honestly, if she’s that sick and they’re lying about her being shopping, that’s a really messed up thing to do to the public that pays for them.

      • Mslove says:

        No sightings from Kate is very strange. But we’re talking about Chuck. He has rage issues and mood swings. And very bad judgment.

      • Jais says:

        Or Kate’s eventual cancer diagnosis annoyed Charles. He did not want her to steal his cancer thunder. Which is ghoulish and gross but these are the Windsors and sadly they are in fact ghoulish and gross in how they treat each other.

    • Nic919 says:

      William benched her not Charles. William would never let Charles dictate what his wife can do.

      • Mslove says:

        Charles is the king. He can bench whoever he wants.

      • Nic919 says:

        William does what he wants and Charles can’t control him. We have seen more than enough evidence of that in the last few months. And if William did not want Kate benched, she wouldn’t be benched.

        These two showed up late to the coronation so if Charles really could control William that wouldn’t have happened.

      • Mslove says:

        Chuck doesn’t dictate, he’s the type that bribes. I bet Peg would go along with Chuck, if the price was right.

    • Dilettante says:

      Nah. Chuck benched Huevo.

  23. Bad Janet says:

    Am I seeing things, or does that say “Colonel Catherine?” How embarrassing.

    Also embarrassing – announcing (through the press) that you’re not coming back to work because what’s the point, you’re about to go on vacation, after being out for six months. These people are so out of touch.

    • Turnawry says:

      Gore Vidal said, “You know, I’ve been around the ruling class all my life, and I’ve been quite aware of their total contempt for the people of the country.” No finer example of “total contempt” than in the BRF’s handling of Schrödinger’s Princess.

  24. molly says:

    Assuming she’s genuinely sick, I wish they would have come out from the beginning and said, “Kate has stage __ cancer in her ___. She’s getting the best medical care, but the recovery is long, and she’s expected to return to public duty once it is complete.”

    Medical privacy, blah, blah, is THIS a better alternative? Having the press down your throat demanding a timeline and floating conspiracy theories that you’re dead??

    Most people know someone who’s fought real, deadly cancer. It’s gruesome, it’s painful, and it’s a change.

  25. BeanieBean says:

    That pretend tiara is just so awful–that huge space at the front, where you see the elastic? It’s just so cheap looking.

  26. Nerd says:

    The puzzling part about the letter was that it started with writing in pen, typing and then ended with a signature in pen. I personally have never seen a letter written where it was both typed and written in pen where it started with a pen. I’ve seen a letter typed and the only portion that is written in pen is the signature, so I assumed that the letter involved at least two or three people to justify the back and forth of the letter. This attempt to only give credit to Kate for the entire letter makes it even less likely that she had any involvement in the letter at all, because why would she start the letter in pen and then type the majority of it on her laptop, especially if writing letters and taking photos is supposedly something that she and William do instead of the 60 or more staff that they have? It’s also strange that this is the only letter of apology she has put out even though she misses events all of the time and she apologized for the Frankenphoto just a couple of months ago without issuing a letter.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is actually common in business correspondence where the typed portion is done by someone else and the hand written portions are added by the signatory to make it look like they didn’t just get staff to churn out a form letter.

      Kate sure as hell didn’t type out the letter. She may not even have done the handwritten portions.

  27. Beech says:

    What is up with the sideways pose? Is she looking upon the riffraff?

  28. Lady Digby says:

    UK father’s day is this Sunday: is Kate well enough to take a snap of Will and the kids then

  29. kelleybelle says:

    There is nothing behind those eyes, just nothing.

  30. JFerber says:

    Kate IS lazy, but she loves attention and the spotlight. We all know this. For her to be missing for 6 entire months without a very in-your-face look-at-me appearance is unheard of. And I don’t believe it. I’ve not joined in the speculation, but at this point I do believe she’s dead. They are just postponing the inevitable. They don’t want to deal with it, so yes, they are kicking the can down the road. This is truly horrible. It reminds me a bit of Ivana Trump’s suspicious death and her burial in a lead-lined box on one of Donald’s golf courses. Alone, with no frigging cemetery even. How effed up is that? And yet I fear we’ll get a lot of nonsense just like this when, if, the true story ever comes up. None of it will make sense and no one will ever know. But William will. And Harry will too because he knows this monstrosity that passes for a family.

    • HRH Miss Scarlett says:

      I agree that Kate is super lazy, and it’s shocking she hasn’t been seen all year.

      However, I don’t think she is dead. I do think she is incredibly sick, though and has been for at least a year.

      This wasn’t my idea, but someone on here mentioned a HIPEC surgery being what she may have had in January, and that really fits.

      I’m not expecting to see her the rest of the year at least.

  31. Ana says:

    This entire situation has been a fascinating study in incompetence to say the least, but two things are nagging me to no end.

    First, we have been told over and over what a great team these two are, how they lift each other up and some more crap to that effect. One source was quoted saying this cancer battle has made WandK reconnect and they are closer than ever. Why put that out there when you are announcing a divorce soon enough instead?! I just can’t with the conflicting messages.

    And second, no sightings of Charlotte and Louis for almost six months along with their mother. Most of us have expressed perhaps they are with Kate and William kept George with him, but in all seriousness could W be THAT stupid?? I mean, separating siblings who have an ailing mother and need each other more than ever?? George would be a ticking timebomb ready to go off at any moment and spill everything. W could avoid that right now but sooner or later that unhappy child would share what he knows and has gone through. Moreso, are Charlotte and Louis going to school? I get the school community trying to shield them but someone, a classmate or a parent, hell, even a teacher could start making some basic questions soon enough.

    • Granger says:

      I’m with you — there have been so many messages about W&K being so close and working as a team. It can’t be KP/BP putting those out there if William is gunning for a divorce. Which leaves the Middletons. Are they so confident that they’ll be able to bring William around that they’re pre-emptively lauding this amazing partnership? Or are we going to start seeing articles soon about how busy William has been, Kate tried so hard to use this time to reconnect, but she’s been so alone and it’s impacting her mental health, etc. — so that when the divorce is announced, William looks like a total douchebag? (Not that he wouldn’t look like one, anyway.)

  32. Vixxo says:

    I am still waiting to see what she will look like when she reappears in comparison to her AI video

  33. AC says:

    To be honest, I think a lot of people has just muted whatever comes out of KP and would rather trust their own theory.

  34. AllyM says:

    Unless Kate is totally incapacitated, i don’t see why she can’t speak up for herself, by simply picking up a phone or sending a letter or email. Are royal wives effectively prisoners with no voice and no agency over their own lives? The whole institution seems medieval.