Quinn: King Charles asked Prince Harry ‘directly’ to not speak about the Windsors

One of the biggest lies told by the Windsors and the British media is that Prince Harry would have gotten a different outcome if only he had kept quiet. People want to rewrite the real history of what happened TO the Sussexes from 2017-2019, when they played the Windsors’ game and did what they were told. Those were the years when Harry did handle family situations privately. That’s when he and Meghan were privately begging QEII, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House for help in mitigating the full-throated smear campaign which originated in royal circles. After two years of playing by the Windsors’ rules, that’s when the Sussexes escaped, but just barely. Harry has said that they wouldn’t have stopped until Meghan was dead or they were divorced. In the four-and-a-half years since, there’s been a gaslighting campaign to convince everyone that Harry and Meghan are horrible for simply setting the record straight and telling their stories. Speaking of, royal expert Tom Quinn claims that King Charles asked Harry directly to not speak about the Windsors anymore.

Royal author and expert Tom Quinn exclusively told the Mirror: “Harry has been asked directly by his father not to write or say publicly anything further about the family or his brother that might cause trouble. And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.”

He continued: “Over the years that Harry has complained about his treatment by his family he has had just one aim – to get an apology and to see his father and brother make amends. Harry just can’t see that complaining in private might work; complaining publicly just makes things worse and in Harry’s case that means more and more ties to his past being severed.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

“He has had just one aim – to get an apology and to see his father and brother make amends.” Nope. Harry has many aims – he wanted his story out there on the record, he wanted to create his own counter-narrative, and he wanted to create a historical record in his own words (which is what Spare is). He also wanted to let the world know: if something happens to me or my wife, the Windsors and the British media are to blame.

“Everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.” So I guess British peeps are cool with royal experts openly threatening Harry in the king’s name? Like, they’re just saying all of this with their whole chest: if Harry continues to speak or write, he will face “consequences” from the king. “Harry just can’t see that complaining in private might work.” Again, he tried dealing with so much of this privately, like a good little royal cult member. He knows his family is like the unseasoned and inbred cosa nostra. Dealing with it privately did not work (it actually made things way worse).

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  1. sevenblue says:

    lol. And how do you know that Quinn? Did God tell you that or did Harry’s father brief you about their private talk (if it is even real)? If someone talks about me, lies about me, you best believe I am gonna talk right back to correct the lies.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Hear, hear! At least Harry has the Kahunas to stand behind what he says; he’s not some yellow-bellied, so-called “King” who hides behind lapdogs like Quinn.

    • Jais says:

      That’s really it. If Charles and the unholy four can keep Harry and Meghan and their family’s names out of their leaking mouths, then fine. But he will not hesitate to set the lies straight if necessary.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      The bullying starts again. clown king tampon bully dogsht father/husband, it just doesnt stop

  2. Ohwell says:

    This Quinn loser is annoying.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Yeah, and in the meantime, Harry’s other aims are to have a happy and useful life with his loving wife and family, free from the oppressiveness and backstabbing of the royal institution.

    I don’t need to be royal expert to know that Charles demanded this. We’ve heard plenty about the RF’s demands and threats.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    The Windsors have always regarded Harry as just “the spare” and treated him as such. Diana saw it coming. The royalists are trying very hard to rewrite this history knowing that a lot of people don’t remember how badly Harry was treated for years. His whole life actually. Yeah, air your grievances in private is rule #1 in the abuser’s playbook.

    • sevenblue says:

      Someone on reddit commented that the BRF was such a drama-free, peaceful family before Meghan. Another person just said “b*tch did you forget that little unknown lady called Diana?” It is incredible what happened to Diana happened to H&M almost exactly the same way. Only Harry’s reaction was different. He didn’t look for allies inside british media to get the truth out there. He learned from his mother not to trust anyone there. They are still using Diana briefing the royal reporters off the record against her. They can talk all the sh*t about Harry, but at the end of the day, he got himself and his family out of there safe and sound and found powerful friends outside UK. I don’t think how anyone could do it better if they were raised in that cult.

  5. CatMum says:

    That top photo is absolutely classic.

    Harry is angry. Meghan is relieved that it’s almost over and done with.

    Everyone else looks bothered. Willie looks constipated as usual, Kate looks like she just sucked a lemon, Charles looks befuddled, and Camzilla looks like she just remembered that her favorite flask is still in the handbag she used yesterday!

    Speaking of Kate, where IS Kate?

    • JenCF says:

      I hope in this ‘dream’ conversation that Harry answered, “Then do not spread lies about me and my family that I need to address.”

      • BGB says:

        Exactly. ‘Don’t tell no lies about me, I won’t tell truths about you’ -Kendrick Lamar
        All they have to do is stfu and keep Harry and Meghan and their babies names out of their mouths.
        But they can’t because they’re obsessed with them.

    • kirk says:

      CatMum – Your comments about the classic photo reminded me of another article I saw when it was current, maybe in The Cut? Anyhow their comment on K was ‘imagine looking this sour while wearing a stupid little hat.’ Classic 🍋

  6. Hypocrisy says:

    They still think they can control the narrative while ignoring the massive number of viewing minutes the Harry and Meghan docuseries has accumulated along with the record breaking sale numbers of Spare the Royal propaganda rewrite falls short. They keep destroying the monarchy from within by turning it into a trashy reality tv like drama, they need to just move on and stop mentioning the Sussex’s altogether. They Sussex’s haven’t mentioned them in over a year.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      They really, really do need to move on. They need to realize that Harry has no more fcuks to give and isn’t going to let the abuse continue unchecked. They need to realize that THEY (the family AND the rota rats/British media) are the reason the Sussexes left and no matter what they say or how they say it, the Sussexes are never coming back. They gambled on a small, cruel king and his deranged heir and they lost. Get over it.

    • Kristin says:

      They also seem to forget that the general public who has been following this shitshow from the beginning did not suddenly come down with collective amnesia. I remember EXACTLY every nasty, horrible article and smear and lie ever written and spoken about Meghan, and it started BEFORE the wedding. These people think they can just whitewash history and pretend like the internet isn’t forever. You can scrub articles all you want, but half the universe took screenshots and saved those horrible articles long before you scrubbed them, so good luck trying to convince the world that all this turmoil only started because Harry finally opened up publicly and spoke on the record to defend his wife and child after they’d been publicly defamed for more than two years. Oh, and AFTER they’d pretty much orchestrated an evil plot to get Meghan to take her own life. WHILE PREGNANT. It doesn’t get much more evil than that.

  7. Seraphina says:

    “And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.” THAT statement is not only very unsettling but ominous as well. And the word chosen, OBEY, is also very telling. And adds further credence to the reasons why H&M left – because when Wills wears the crown this is what they will be expected to do – all of them.

    • Charles wrote his own book and gave his own interview, so he should talk to himself.

      Also, Harry is a grown man who hasn’t “ obeyed” even when his and his family’s loves were threatened. He won’t start now.

      The British tabloids are a paper tiger and Britain was revealed to be irrelevant on the world stage at the DDay honors.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      My thought was, okay, fine. What is the king going to do pray tell? Take away his British home? Not let him stand on the balcony? No security? I believe he’s taken everything away that he can yet Harry continues to thrive. Imagine that!

  8. Laura D says:

    My question is WHEN did KCIII give this instruction? Was it before or after Harry’s statement telling the world KCIII was busy and couldn’t see his son? Was it during his Zoom talks with Archie and Lili? This is clickbait nonsense, put out to take attention away from something (or someone) else.

  9. equality says:

    Had Charles not let all kinds of lies and slanders against H&M go by without correction, he wouldn’t be in the situation of Harry correcting the story. He also shouldn’t have protected Will against anything and everything at Harry’s expense. Too bad for him. Like this guy says, consequences. The royals just don’t like it when the consequences don’t go the monarchy’s way.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      And QEII did as well! This is why I have to laugh when people say how much the queen loved the Sussexes. Ummm, okay. Except she also let rumors and slander and threats against the Sussexes go unchecked. And, in fact, if she had spoken up from the start I find it hard to believe things would have gotten so out of hand when it came to Chuckles and Huevo. It was like a snowball rolling downhill and the old queen did nothing to stop it. She deserves a lot of the blame.

      • Lolo86lf says:

        I don’t live in England so I am not sure how the Queen would have been able to deal with all the slanderous claims by the BM against Harry and Meghan. In former times the first Queen Elizabeth would have sent all those disgusting liars to the Tower and they would have been summarily beheaded. But in our modern times freedom of speech guarantees peoples’ right to say anything.

      • equality says:

        QE had people who dealt with PR and made press releases and she certainly had lawyers.

      • Renstewart says:

        From afar, I have never believed the Queen made independent decisions. Her courtiers advised her and 90%+ of the time she accepted their advise without considering their personal agendas as puppet masters and “the powerful behind the thrown”. Besides, IMO, what she learned throughout her reign was from those she chose to listen to while living a bubble. I don’t get the impression from historians that, with the exception of Harry, the monarch and heirs in line care about anything other than making sure the institution survives. Yet, they nor their old guard courtiers know what needs to be done in a fast changing world.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        She deserved it from the moment she refused to sign the race relations act unless she was exempted.

      • GTWiecz says:

        I agree with you, and when I see how people idolize her I go hmmm…she was still lucid while this was happening. She was quiet when Meghsn was being incessantly bullied by the rags and Archie compared to a chimp. She was quiet when they moved to Vancouver Island and had no security. She must have listened to the men in grey and C & W that since Harry left, he deserved nothing. I believe that only in her final year she was probably very weak and with symptoms of age related dementia.

  10. PEARL GREY says:

    There is nothing “the king” can do to stop Harry from saying and doing whatever he wants and he knows it. The “punishments” and “consequences” the rota rats and their deranged followers keep waiting for isn’t coming. As long as Harry has his family, his health, wealth, safety and stability, there is nothing anyone can do, least of all “the king”, to threaten his peace. They can keep dreaming of “final nails” and “last straws” and “Harry will be dealt with”, and “just wait until William is king!” until they’re blue in the face.

    • Seraphina says:

      It baffles me how they think Harry can just stop talking about his family. they are a basic component of who he is – they can never take that away from him. It’s his birthright. And a family that is the Windsor family.
      And then I think of the saying: If you don’t want to be spoken badly of, behave accordingly. There must be a lot Harry has left out. And I am sure there are way bigger skeletons in the palace closets.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Why should they object about him talking about them, what are they ashamed of, we all talk about our families when we are away from them, it’s human nature.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I mean, yes and no Pearl Grey. I really believe there was more to that NY car chase than we know. So, in terms of withholding things like royal honors or balcony appearances, yes that ship has sailed and the Sussexes will never return for those scraps. And it’s hilarious that the rota rats still think the Sussexes care about those royal trappings! But there is something worrisome about that car chase and the continued refusal to give Harry/the Sussexes the appropriate security when he’s in the country.

      Seraphina, there definitely is a lot he left out. He said he had another 400 pages that he left out of Spare! I’m guessing he has instructions for EVERYTHING to be released in the event anything happens to him or his family. Or maybe just at a later date anyway. And yes, I agree he knows where all the skeletons are buried.

      • Seraphina says:

        Leaving your voice behind in case of anything happening to you is a good way to have another level of life insurance.

  11. Maxine Branch says:

    Harry broke the contract and for that he will always be punished. 1st he spoke his truth of how he and his wife were vilified by the various palace houses which sanctioned the vilification by the gutter press, he left taking his wife and child with him. As he mentioned in the documentary The Me You Cannot see, he should have left 4 years ago. To me he stayed far too long after his marriage and I agree with him, he should have left at the start of his marriage because during the engagement stage, the vilification was relentless. Proud of the courage he displays while living his best life with his wife and two children now.

  12. Tessa says:

    Charles complained about his parents and named Camilla as his mistress. He is in no position to dictate. Charles past seems to have been rewritten

  13. Agnes says:

    Waiting for Harry to raise an army and rescue England from itself.

  14. bisynaptic says:

    Wow, threatening, much?

    • Lady D says:

      Or Willie needs to self-soothe today. Maybe someone is getting sick of his bitching and wanted to distract the man-child to get the focus off them?

  15. Becks1 says:

    I think the Sussexes were always going to put their side of the story on the record, but I don’t think all three things were always planned – Oprah, the docuseries, and Spare. I wonder if just Spare was something Harry contemplated from the beginning. But either way I think as the royal machine continued to abuse them even after they left, they tried to get their story out to as many people as possible. and like Meghan said, how can the Firm expect her to remain silent when they continued to attack her in the press?

    I think the reason they’ve “stopped” talking about the Windsors at this point is they’ve told their story, both together and separately, and now they have a comms team that directly responds to rumors or to questions from the press (the statement about Harry not being able to see Charles during the Invictus week, etc.) so they don’t have the need to go back and explain the behind the scenes happenings because they’re addressing things in real time.

    also these RRs always assume that its the Windsors who are refusing to associate with H&M. I don’t get the vibe that either of them is banging on the door of Balmoral, asking for a playdate.

    • I don’t think they were planned, but it was obvious during the H and M doc that they had been recording what was going on, documenting it for history via video, for a while.

      This is the part the Windsors didn’t expect. Meghan has always kept receipts, and I suspect someone told her when this started to fall apart to document everything and keep everything.

      No one expects the Netflix documentary:-) (Princess bride riff)

      • Dee(2) says:

        Which is why they’re always sniping about Netflix cameras and hidden microphones. These men in gray still operate in a playbook from the past and couldn’t comprehend someone documenting or speaking out in their own defense with their own words and names attached. It’s also why stories like this are put out so people who only look at headlines can be convinced it’s a ongoing tennis match going back and forth when the Sussexes haven’t spoken in detail about the family or their time there in years. Harry and Meghan have moved on, the press can’t handle being on the outside and the family can’t handle not being interesting on their own.

    • sevenblue says:

      I might be misremembering it, someone please correct me if I am wrong. I think, Harry said that he decided to write Spare because when he went to UK for his grandfather’s funeral and met with Charles & Will, they acted like they don’t know what they did wrong and why H&M decided to go to Oprah to talk. They were also still acting like they didn’t leak anything to royal reporters. At that point, Harry decided to write what happened in detail through Spare, at least some part I think for his own peace of mind.

      • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

        @ sevenblue, you’re not misremembering , I recall this as well. Harry’s father and brother both played the “recollections may vary” card so Harry decided to put his truth, his recollections out there for all to see.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Harla, thanks. Yeah, the weird part is we got the leak from palace that K&W were insisting that recollection answer for Oprah interview and QEII & Charles’s team thought that might make H&M reveal more since they were basically gaslighting them with that statement. I think, if the both palaces backed off and didn’t act like H&M were lying and actually shut up, H&M wouldn’t see the need to do Netflix doc & Spare. Harry said on Oprah to call the dogs off. He warned them and they were too stupid and arrogant to listen.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Recollections may vary was supposed to be thought up by Kate and the words were put into the Late Queen’s mouth. She was, of course by then dying from bone cancer.

  16. Sam says:

    “And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.”

    Omg England, what is wrong with you?!?!?!!?
    Do you live in a democracy or in North Korea??

    • SussexWatcher says:

      They really do think they’re living in the 1500s! It’s bonkers. And they look like absolute lunatics to the rest of the world with these kinds of stories and threats. Everyone else is just looking at them saying, yes, Harry, we understand why you took your family and left and we support you!

    • Lacey says:

      “And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.”

      What more can they do to Harry and Meghan? Take away their UK home? Check. Take away their security? Check. Cut them off financially? Check. So just what consequences are they threatening them with? This sounds like a physical threat to me. Stay out of the UK or your and your family will be hurt.

      What a wonderful and loving father, grandfather, brother and uncle! The next generation of heir and spares are in for a really hard time.

  17. Mel says:

    What exactly does Chuckles think he’s going to do? You evicted them from their home, they are not financially dependent on you, they pay you no mind and go about their business. They are not talking about you, YOU and the Rota need to stop talking about them. After Spare and the netflix follow-up, Harry and Meghan said what they said and MOVED ON. They Windsors and the Rota cannot let go because if they did they would have nothing to talk about. Take your own advice Chuckles, shut up and move on.

  18. Ameerah M says:

    Quinn seems to forget that The British monarchy is NOT an absolute monarchy. No one has to take orders from Charles. No one even has to curtsy if they don’t want to. He should also be reminded of what happened to the last King who ruled under absolute power. It didn’t turn out well

  19. Jay says:

    This line of thinking is incredibly disturbing. It’s like blaming the victims of abuse for speaking out because it leads to the abuser facing negative social and financial consequences for the first time.

    “If you had just kept quiet, we would have dealt with it, but now that you have spoken out, you made trouble” is classic abuser logic.

  20. Islandgirl says:

    They seem to forget that Harry and Meghan did not speak at all for a year after they left.
    However, the family and the media would not leave them alone.
    Even if they always planned to tell story, I believe that Oprah specifically was the result of the continuous smearing that went on.

  21. martha says:

    Meghan sure had a lucky escape from those hideous royal ladies clothes.

  22. Xylo says:

    “And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.” Speaking as a Canadian with Chuck as head of state, I will say this: Oh, LOLOL. This puffed up, unelected, petulant, too-expensive martinet with little to no political power who makes his wishes and feelings known through the British gutter press, and has let his also-too-expensive concubine freely trash the names of his son and daughter-in-law for years? I cannot roll my eyes hard enough.

  23. Beverley says:

    What’s up with the threat? Is Charles reminding Harry that what happened to Diana can happen to him?

  24. Freddy says:

    Am I crazy and missed another interview Harry did in the past year or so in which he mentioned the Windsor-Mountbattens? I don’t think the name of any of those ghouls has been on his tongue since “Spare” was released. And what century does Quinn think we’re living in with the “And everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.” ? Is ol’ Chuckie going to have Harry summoned from Montecito, put up at The Tower, and beheaded in the AM? LOL!

  25. Lady Digby says:

    KC and his palace of fools have absolutely no control over what Harry says, thinks or does. He will put statements out to correct false narrative and more power to his elbow!

  26. MsIam says:

    Tom Quinn is as delusional as that Kinsey Schofield. She swears she knows what the Hollywood insiders think of the Sussexes but we know the truth is she knows as much as I do, which is nothing. Same thing with Tom.

  27. Nerd says:

    Not only were they silent to the abuse and lies from 2016-2019 but they continued being silent about the abuse and lies from the royals and media all of 2020. They remained silent to the abuse of power from Charles when he went against the one year agreement and took away their security and funds almost immediately after they left. They remained silent when Kate allowed the lie that Meghan made her cry to be used as a racist tool to abuse Meghan with for years including all of 2020. They were silent when William illegally forged Harry’s signature to lie and claim that William didn’t bully them out of their roles and the UK. They were silent when the royals and their staff tried to help the Fail in a case where they illegally copyrighted Meghan’s personal letter to her father. They remained silent when they were trying to get the names of Meghan’s friends to abuse them and it led to the loss of their child. They were silent and only spoke out in 2021 after years of abuse and lies to set the record straight and to tell the truth. You would have to be a horrible parent to be angry with your child for telling the truth to protect himself and his family from threats and lies. Charles should have been a decent parent and told the real villains in this situation to stop spreading lies and abusing his son, DIL and grandchildren.

  28. L4Frimaire says:

    Why is this even coming out now? In what context? Is it because Harry answered an interview question about briefly seeing Charles while in Canada or because he cock blocked the press during his visit for Invictus 10th anniversary and shut down their narratives about seeing Charles? They’re still bitter about that and the Nigeria trip. Harry, and definitely Meghan, haven’t spoken much about the Windsors since Spare and the docuseries, apart from the very neutral statement about Kaye’s cancer diagnosis. The thing is they leak about every reaction to anything Harry and Meghan do. What exactly is this supposed to do? Consequences like denying security and taking their UK home away, then complaining the Sussex family won’t come to the UK. This is all very confusing.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      The longer it looks like Prince Harry won’t settle out of court the more nervous people become. Cam was beside herself when she was told she couldn’t be present when H met with Charles briefly after the cancer diagnosis was announced. This may be CIII demanding H withdrawal from the lawsuit or even perjure himself or the media openly hoping he did. Taking Frogmore seemed to be a way to impede him coming to England for one of the early cases and H just popping up in person like a magician’s trick. None of them are not happy at the prospect of their dirty deeds being exposed.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    Whatever Tom Quinn. He knows that Harry tried to resolve things privately and his family promptly leaked it to the press. The Royal Family lost their chance to deal with things privately.

  30. MsIam says:

    Didn’t the media rats complain that Harry and Meghan didn’t mention Charles and Kate in Nigeria? Weren’t they mad that Harry didn’t give Charles a shout out at the NFL awards show? And when Harry said he was glad he got a chance to see Charles after the cancer announcement weren’t they mad that he mentioned his father? So what do these deranged people want? They want to be the center of Harry’s universe but he must not mention them but he is wrong if he doesn’t mention them. Well fcuk that, the Left-Behinds will get what they get from Harry.

  31. Charlotte says:

    “they wouldn’t have stopped until Meghan was dead or they were divorced” — so what have they done to Kate now that the scapegoats are gone?
    I don’t believe it’s cancer at all. Until proven otherwise, after the increasingly volatile energy between those 2 last year, I’m in the “he beat the shit out of her after Christmas” school of thought. Christmas is a well known DV trigger. Clearly he didn’t kill her, but there’s some long game going on with the divorce proceedings in the wake of it all … My other slightly whack theory is that it was the Michaels Tiaras at the coronation that forever lost her the King’s support.
    That family is determined to eat itself alive … and Kate seems to be the first casualty.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Charlotte, I’ve concluded that she had some type of surgery, but I also think there’s a mental health component. As much as I dislike her for what she’s done to Meghan, I can’t imagine what it would be like to live within the brf with a controlling husband. I keep thinking that she might be rethinking her marriage. I hope that whatever is going on that someone thinks about the kids. They deserve not to live with angry parents.

  32. Jean says:

    “Everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something there are going to be consequences if you do not obey.”

    Immediately wondered about Princess Diana.

  33. VilleRose says:

    As if Charles hasn’t criticized the BRF… oh wait there’s a whole book he helped put out where he admitted to an affair and criticized his upbringing and distant parents.

    Harry knows at this point he’s not going to get any apologies from his family and they aren’t going to change their behavior. He put out his side of the story so it would be on the historical record and so his family couldn’t try to twist it. They tried twisting William’s physical attack on Harry in Spare and they were unsuccessful. They tried saying the way Meghan was portrayed by British media wasn’t due to racism and were unsuccessful. They tried saying Meghan stole Harry away from his family and it was all her fault and she wanted the attention etc. Harry has said it was his idea to leave.

    Now they are trying to spin the narrative of Harry and Meghan setting up a “rival court” but H&M hardly ever go to the UK and ignore the British media. Also at this rate I think Harry is finished talking about the Windsors. He put his side of the story out there and he’s happily moved on. The BRF is still stewing and languishing, decaying away without even realizing it.

  34. Iolanthe says:

    Threats ? Intimidation ? It works both ways . Stop talking about the Sussexes or else karma will bite you in the behind. Don’t they realize at least now that we all are born with an expiry date and it’s shameful to waste life plotting , manipulating and generally trying to pull good people down .

  35. Allegra says:

    I’m sorry if I’m the umpteenth commenter to quote “the unseasoned and inbred costa nostra” but I’m at work and don’t have time to read through the comments. That’s the best thing I’ve read on the internet in a while! A literal laugh out loud. 👏👏👏👏