Princess Kate’s ‘friend’ thinks Meghan’s recent jam-basket is ‘absolutely pathetic’

One of the things I didn’t understand about the Duchess of Sussex’s April jam-baskets was whether she sent everything out all at once and people were just posting the baskets gradually, or whether there was an actual schedule of “this week, I’ll send jam-baskets to five people, and next week we’ll do these people.” Given how spread out the Instagram posts were, I suspect that the jam-baskets didn’t go out all at the same time. It extended the American Riviera Orchard buzz, and I sort of believe that most people posted their jam-baskets as they got them (as opposed to waiting a few days). That being said, I doubt Meghan gave instructions to people as to how they posted on social media. I bring up all of this stuff because, as we discussed, Meghan sent Nacho Figueras an ARO jar of raspberry jam and ARO-branded dog biscuits. Nacho posted on social media just hours before the Princess of Wales made her grand appearance at Trooping the Colour on Saturday. So now people are mad that Villainess Meghan purposefully stole Kate’s thunder. But I’m stuck on the logistics of it – Meghan had no way of knowing when Nacho would post, right? Still, I’m enjoying the hissy fit from the Keen Camp:

Meghan Markle’s new range of American Riviera Orchard dog biscuits and a new jam flavor—raspberry—were unveiled on Instagram Saturday, just hours before her sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, returned to the public eye. Meghan immediately faced criticism online and from Kate’s supporters that she was attempting to detract from Kate’s big appearance at Trooping the Colour, the king’s official birthday parade.

A friend of Kate’s described the Instagram post by a friend of Meghan and Harry’s as “absolutely pathetic.” While some social media users expressed excitement at the new products (even though they do not appear to be available for purchase), others were quick to criticize the timing of the post.

On Saturday it appeared that Meghan had renewed the viral social media campaign she launched earlier this year which saw a carefully curated club of friends post images of “limited edition” strawberry jam, branded American Riviera Orchard (ARO). Saturday’s image was posted by polo player Nacho Figueras, who shared images of ARO jam and dog biscuits on his Instagram Stories. His jam was apparently raspberry flavored and was at a new level of exclusivity compared to the previous round of jam-recipients, bedecked with a label saying it was jar “2 of 2.” The dog biscuits were shown in a large glass jar, along with his dog Nina Iggy.

Kate’s office did not respond to a request for comment but a friend of Kate’s told The Daily Beast: “Catherine has been absolutely amazing. Her statement was extraordinary and her appearance today was graceful and elegant and has filled people with hope. You just have to ask yourself, who would set out to ruin a cancer-sufferer’s day? It is absolutely pathetic.”

Meghan’s office have been contacted for comment on whether Figueras’ post was deliberately timed to coincide with Trooping the Colour. They have not responded.

[From The Daily Beast]

“You just have to ask yourself, who would set out to ruin a cancer-sufferer’s day? It is absolutely pathetic.” Presuming that Meghan “set out” to do anything other than send her friend Nacho some jam and dog biscuits, I guess. Nacho is the one who posted the stuff – Meghan and Harry haven’t said anything or been seen in public in more than a month. I was curious about where Meghan sent the new ARO gifts too – Nacho and Delfina have been in New York for the past four or five days, so did Meghan send the gifts to New York and it was more like a “happy accident” that they arrived when they did? It actually feels like Nacho, and not Meghan, was the one being purposefully shady with how HE timed the IG Stories.

Also: if Meghan sending a friend some dog biscuits “ruined” Kate’s day, then that is what is actually pathetic. You’re the one ruining your own day if you’re mad that the sister-in-law you tormented and smeared simply sent some jam to a friend. By the way, I get the feeling that the Sussexes have actually been trying to be quieter than they originally intended this year because of all of the shenanigans with Kate and King Charles.

Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast has a “source” telling him that “Meghan did not order up the post from Figueras, and in fact had no input over when or if he would post.” Sykes continued: “Of course, ceding exact control over context and timings is an inherent risk in a user-led social media campaign, especially when your cheerleaders are powerful celebrities in their own right who might not react well to having their posts micro-managed.” As I said, it was Nacho being shady, not Meghan.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Nacho’s IG.

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  1. sevenblue says:

    I don’t understand, getting full attention is gonna cure her cancer? Also, wasn’t it Charles’s day? Why is Kate stealing the day from the King?

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Oh yeah we can’t even talk about the fact that TOC was the King who has cancer’s birthday celebration, not Kate’s.

      This time it’s Kate’s “friend” raging about Meghan over a dog biscuit posted on Instagram by a friend of Meghan’s. all of this “Lesser Mortals Mean Meghan how dare anyone post to social media during Kate’s weekend” reads as so Middleton sanctioned/ordered.

      • DDDDC says:

        Kate’s return does give me hope – that it will end the monarchy! Seriously, what are these people smoking?

      • DK says:

        How self-centered does one need to be to think that, halfway around the world, a couple who apparently did not get invited to an event for your FIL, are going to be paying attention to 1) when the event is (and especially what time it is happening in a very different time zone) and 2) who else is going to the event?

        And even if you think they are paying attention to those details, how delusional do you have to be to think they’ve recruited friends to post about jam and dog biscuits specifically to ruin YOUR day – which is actually not your day but your FIL’s birthday celebration, which is actually not even his birthday or even within months of it?

        You really, really have to think you are the center of the universe to get worked up over this. I think these “friends” (I see you, Carole and Pippa!) think they are helping Kate but they just make her look like a pathetic pre-teen mean girl.

      • Bad Janet says:

        For real, the level of obsession here is unreal.

        I’m positive they knew about the Trooping, but that changes nothing. They are under absolutely no obligation to stop their lives so that the royal family can have all the attention on them. This is pointless, petty whinging, and they complain whenever the Sussexes do ANYTHING.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        Kate has no “friend”. They meant Carole

    • 1. Can’t has no friends. 2. Cancer suffer? I don’t believe she had/has cancer and they must stop using it for everything! 3.Nacho can put whatever he feels like putting out on his social media.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Susan Collins, they have to say “friends” because Harry explained to the people the articles referring to the “royal sources” are palace-sanctioned and done by the royal family. Since then, they started to using “friend(s)”.

    • Louise177 says:

      I have to laugh that the friend called it Kate’s day when it was Charles’ day. Also it really says something that a post not even from Meghan or Harry overshadowed such a big event. In trying to make Meghan look bad it made Charles and Kate look so much worse.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        I have noticed that a lot of these stories in the press trying to make Meghan look bad actually make the other royal look bad, Think about the crying, minor tiff, Kate brings flowers to say sorry. Incident over, well it should have been. But the media/KP decided to make something of it a few weeks later and as a result we are still talking about it.

      • bisynaptic says:

        Right? Which “cancer sufferer”?

    • ML says:

      Ugh, I didn’t respond yesterday and thought about not doing so today. However, Nacho is Harry’s ride or die. He’s friends with both, obviously, but Nacho posted this on CRex’s official birthday slash Father’s Day. K wasn’t supposed to be there. This grossness is leaving out Harry and his dad so the media can pit Meghan against K. Meghan doesn’t attack cancer patients, she’s called K a good person which was too generous, and H tried to keep the royal racists quiet. They don’t really go after K as much as they defend themselves against CRex, his Camzilla, and Huevo. Yesterday was all about CRex, and that is what should be reported. Not the M—K isht.

    • Lau says:

      Also they have to understand that if they hadn’t been playing at hiding Kate away for the past 6 months then her reappearance wouldn’t have been so eargerly awaited. Anything to continue to treat Meghan terribly I guess.

    • Pork Belly says:

      Exactly. I mean, ‘cancer sufferer’s day’? Isn’t Trooping about the monarch and not his dumb, lazy DIL? Also, she technically doesn’t have cancer if the chemo she’s undergoing is preventative.

    • Sarita says:

      I had stage 3 metastatic cancer and I can assure you, if somebody else going about their day ruins yours, then you have bigger issues than cancer.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        As others have said, if a friend’s Instagram post on the Friday before TOC, regarding jam & dog biscuits, overshadowed a big day…weeelllll, it wasn’t a big day. I’m still laughing that Nacho’s beautiful post about Meghan’s jam and his & Delfina’s dog ready for the catwalk dog with amazing posture, stole thunder from Trooping of Colour? I would love some of Meghan’s raspberry jam. More importantly, I need Nacho’s & Delfina’s dog to teach posture. Meghan has great posture……that dog though. jealous

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Exactly. How pathetic is Kate that she set out to ruin a cancer sufferers (Charles) day?

      Anyway, I thought Kate doesn’t “have” cancer, and her chemo is only preventative?

      And also, if jam can ruin your day, you had a pathetic life to begin with.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Did anyone even mention Charles at all? Seems like the Not My King protesters were the only ones focused on him.

    • MelodyM says:

      Raspberry jam and dog biscuits!? Hello, that’s the basket I want!!! 🙂 I say someone has sour grapes because they didn’t get a basket! lol! 🙂

    • Advisor2U says:

      Nacho’s Insta post was to a story on Friday, that expired long before the ‘grand resurrection of saint Kate’, on the King’s Official Birthday parade, which the same UK sycophantic press and commentators assured their audiences that ”she would not attended, because she would never want to take the attention away from Charles’ big day.”

      The SSquad saw Nacho’s post and started spreading it, and were celebrating Meghan’s probably new ARO products. Thát the Meghan hating royal minions, who are monitoring Meghan as well as her fans and everybody in her orbits’ lives and SM, didn’t like. So they dragged Meghan and Nacho into their nonsense, ones again accusing her of overshadowing this or that empty royal.

      So no, Nacho was not being shady. I bet he could care less what’s happening in the UK amongst the royals on any given day. He was just giving his friend a shout out, helping to regain attention for the upcoming ARO launch (we don’t even know if Meghna plans to sell jam). So guys, lets top blaming him for this tiring overshadowing BS, which the clickbite driven online rags are parroting straight from the UK Meghan hating royal press/outlets.

    • Monlette says:

      Charles must be feeling absolutely miserable. It was his birthday party, he is clearly sicker than Kate (like it terminal) it literally rained on his parade, and yet all the press can to talk about is what a trooper Kate is and how it was her special day. This was a man who couldn’t handle the fact that the teen he groomed for marriage drew larger crowds than he did and he may not live to see another. I would pity him if this wasn’t karma.

  2. North of Boston says:

    Kate has a friend?

    If so, that’s at least a step in the right direction, since it seems like she only had staff and family in the past.

    Though Kaiser may be right that it’s a “friend”

    • SarahCS says:

      Oh it’s definitely a ‘friend’. Sure she may be on friendly terms with some of her staff but at this point we know very well that she doesn’t have friends as most of us would use that term.

    • Carrot says:

      Dear my friends (I don’t think I have any “friends”?), since we’re friends, I know the jam you send me will be good (or sometimes not so good like the time you made it with artificial sweetener maybe don’t do that again) and I know you know that on my birthday/anniversary/special big girl award day — you can *also* breathe, dance, shine. In case it bears mention, when you’re over, you can have the seat that has the least dog hair (not the toilet seat)! We’re always going to be friends, love Carrot

      • Serenity says:

        Aw, Carrot! Can I be your friend too? I promise to randomly send you goodie boxes from NutsRUs, spend cozy evenings chatting over mani-pedis and wine, and I insist that my fridge is your fridge. You can even run over my flowers, ogle the neighbor (he is so cute), and swat my cat gently off your person whenever he annoys you which, let’s face it, is his prime directive. We will always be friends. Love, Serenity ❤️

  3. equality says:

    I hope Nacho was being shady. That would make me like him even more. And “who would set out to ruin a cancer-sufferer’s day”? Maybe Kate would by making Charles’ day all about her. It’s amazing how he gets ignored in all this when he is the one showing effects of treatment and it was HIS big BD celebration. Pathetic is being overshadowed by dog biscuits and jam.

    • Nóinín says:

      First of all, let it be said, I don’t ever think a gift to a friend is pathetic. What is pathetic is this ludicrous “news” article. I mean REALLY, no one cares about a dog biscuit gift basket to a friend other than the friend. Also, dog biscuits and jam? Nice combo, are they meant to be eaten together? Did the headline for this read, “Obscure wealthy polo player prefers raspberry jam over strawberry on his breakfast dog biscuits! “ More importantly, how is it that so many of you are so focused on these rarified jelly filled dog biscuits that you have somehow missed that truly awful dress on Lady Louise at the Trooping? She was sporting full on, middle of the Arizona desert, sister wife couture, I am pretty sure she had one of those puffy front hairdos under that hat too! It was WAY worse than Kate’s everyday super-duper, extra skinny, “jeggins” (yuck) or Meghan’s mega innovative, monochrome, hot pants Canadian tuxedo look (also yuck). Let’s all stop worrying about Meghan’s feelings (she’ll be fine, she’s rich and she’ll always have her jam) or Kate’s marital status (she’ll be fine, she’s really rich and she’ll always have Roger) and focus on what’s important, the unbelievably bad fashion choices of people who are crazy loaded and actually get designer stuff for free! Also, maybe this was some sort of radical college coed protest by Louise, if so, then power to the people Lady Lou!

      • Pinniped and Poodle says:

        Yeah, “She was sporting full on, middle of the Arizona desert, sister wife couture”

        I get the feeling her mother picks her clothing and allocates 1/100th of her clothing budget to her daughter.

        A true blooded Arizona desert sister wife would be signed up on govt welfare, but the money would not go to her, it would go to her oldest male relative

        Oh NOOOOO!

  4. TN Democrat says:

    Keen disappears for nearly 6 months, reappears looking re-freshed/not like someone who has been going through a major medical crisis and they still cannot take Meghan’s name out of their youth. The royals sell jam. Didn’t her double see it during the photo op/shopping trip a few months ago?

  5. Em says:

    Karma isn’t real because there’s no way these people would abuse Meghan, push her to want to commit self harm, launch decades of smear campaigns against her, use deaths and sicknesses as sticks to beat her with, sabotage her business ventures, invade her privacy and still it seems like they’ve all successfully gotten away with it.

    • Julia says:

      If you call turning an ancient institution into a soap opera and alienating a large group of young people with your strange and antiquated behaviour ‘’getting away with it”. I have to disagree though. These people are trapped in this weird institution having to play fake happy families for the media.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Honey Chile, there’s only one trooping the color per year. And even that was poorly attended. What was supposed to be Charles’ birthday celebration, is all about Kate. Moreover, no royal foreign tour have rivaled or bested Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip. The are thriving. The monarchy is grasping at straws. Harry and Meghan have won.

    • Sarita says:

      Karma isn’t real? Charles and Kate both have cancer, William’s Spencer genes have fled and he looks more like Edward by the day.

  6. Pinkosaurus says:

    DOG BISCUITS RUINED MY VERY SPECIAL DAY 😭😭😭😭😭 – purportedly cancer-stricken Kate.

    And who is supposedly pathetic in this situation ?

    I’m guessing the source is wiglet gopher who is quite pleased with the improving quality of the wigs over the past few months. Maybe the Waleses’ guinea pig helped dial the call to the reporter.

    • Jais says:

      Exactly. Who is supposedly pathetic in this situation? It ain’t Meghan. She’s the original peaceful under a tree, minding her business making yummy jams and dog treats.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      When dog biscuits steal your thunder you have a problem.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        And that’s the crux of it all. Dog biscuits by Meghan are greater than an appearance by the Princess of Wails after 6 months.

        The outlets sat on pics of Meghan hiking. She was hiking. I enjoyed seeing pics of Meghan out in the wild. The BM/BRF tentacles that made it a bigger deal are f*cking nuts.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      “the source is wiglet gopher”


  7. Jay says:

    “Who would set out to ruin a cancer-sufferer’s day?” Isn’t that what Kate just did? Charles has been set for weeks on being the centre of attention on his fake birthday, but then Kate made it all about herself.

  8. Blujfly says:

    What if no one was being petty and instead the timing of the vast majority of people’s days is not based in a fake 3 hour parade for the British king’s birthday that isn’t on his birthday?

    Whoever is the “friend” sounds utterly deranged.

    • Jay says:

      Not to mention, Kate only confirmed her attendance at the monarch’s fake birthday party a mere day before. All of the royal so-called experts were saying that she wouldn’t be seen. So unless Nacho is a mind reader, he could hardly have planned his post to shade Kate. Charles, maybe, but again – I hate to break it to them, but most people are not closely following the Windsors and their balcony shenanigans.

  9. Lala11_7 says:

    Kate has Cancer?😑

    #ISaidItAndIMeantWhatISaid 😐

    • Barbara says:

      ITA, Lala. I’ve known people with cancer, some who are in remission, some who passed. I know someone who right now is undergoing treatment for Stage 3 cancer. Kate does NOT look like anyone I’ve ever seen going through cancer treatment. Kate wanted a break (or maybe was trying to put pressure on Huevo when he asked fora divorce) and once she heard Chuck had cancer, she landed on a good excuse to disappear for months.

  10. YeahRight says:

    Willy is that you?

    We all know waity Katie doesn’t have friends.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Nah, W would never be this over the top about Khate. It has CarolE’s fingerprints all over it.

      This type of fawning coverage, or lack thereof, for the past six months is one reason I thought Khate was much sicker than they were letting on. It’s so weird to see it back all of a sudden. I wonder if it will continue.

    • Sarita says:

      Barbara I am no Kate fan but i had stage 3 metastatic cancer and was in treatment and I did not look sick and actually looked great with the exception of a few days a month around my infusions.
      She is likely having a newer treatment like I had, but she needs to throw in some intensive therapy to investigate why she’s fighting for her life yet is still consumed by the unrelated daily life of a woman who is no longer aware of her schedule much less trying to overshadow her. (With jam of all things!)

  11. Chantal1 says:

    Once again, these people act like the rest of the world revolves around the evil Windsors! No one even knew Special K would show up to the Kings £10 million Duping the Public birthday party. No mention of Meghan stealing C-Rex’ thunder? BM, you’re slipping. And people post things on SM whenever they feel like it and not according to the schedules of BRF. Stop blaming Meghan for everything your lackluster royals are not, BM. You broke it, you bought it, so deal with the consequences and dwindling bank accounts like normal people do. And seek professional help!

  12. Keke Swan says:

    Being shady would assume Nacho has an intimate familiarity with the British royalty’s calendar. Or that he’s reading Celebitchy as breathlessly as we do… I have trouble imagining either. More likely an accident of timing and he’s scratching his head over the pettiness.

    • Beth says:

      And he acually posted the day before TTC anyway.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        That’s what I thought, he posted it Friday.

        Kate’s “friend”/aka Kate needs to stop making a fool of herself whining over dog biscuits on social media while she rides in Disney carriages to upstage the cancer stricken king on his birthday parade.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        It wasn’t even the same day!?


    • Barb Mill says:

      And we don’t even know when Meghan sent them to him They could have been sitting on hs counter for a month before he decided to post them.
      The fact that they just automatically blame Meghan is predictable but so unfair. They are assuming she told him specifically when to post it. I do love that he did no matter what the attention. It just proves how petty, jealous and insecure they are.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Omg, this is like those bridezilla videos – “you ruined MY SPECIAL DAY!!!”

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      It’s giving “ Meghan made me cry over her wedding” lies.

    • Jay says:

      It’s even dumber! At least a bride (or a bridezilla) does have some reason for thinking that she should have a special day. It’s the monarch’s fake birthday, not Kate’s! This would be more akin to one of the bridal attendants crying and tearing out her hair that someone ruined THEIR special day. It’s delusional!

  14. Rapunzel says:

    Lesser mortals wouldn’t have their day ruined by an instagram post about jam. Too bad Kate isn’t one of those.

  15. slippers4life says:

    Well, looks like Kate’s back to her old self! And here I was thinking cancer would help her reprioritize what’s important to her in life, but nope! Still hatin on a Black American Woman and feeling butt hurt about jam and dog treats. JFC

  16. SIde Eye says:

    1) Kate doesn’t have a friend;

    2) projecting much? Who showed up looking completely done up/tanned/refreshed in her Colonel Sanders outfit causing a nationwide KFC crispy chicken crave-fest on another cancer patient’s big day?

    3) if you can be upstaged by dog biscuits, you’re probably pretty basic – maybe not bleach blonde butch body level but still basic;

    4) she has MUCH bigger problems than Meghan right now – focus on those issues and move on from your obsession with your SIL. She has clearly moved on, why can’t you?

  17. Beth says:

    Just want to flag up that Nacho posted on 14th June, the day before TTC. Before it became widely known Kate would be attending. What nonsense this all is.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      I loved the post, and timing. They would have searched for something to blame Meghan for if it wasn’t Nachos post, we all know they would have made up an outrage. The crowds and entire event was just dismal and looked sparse, the propaganda team is grabbing onto anything to not focus on the lack of interest. If this is the famed British pomp and ceremony that they love to rave about the shine has definitely been destroyed. They broke the illusion, and yesterdays lack of a crowd doesn’t look good for the future of the monarchy.

  18. SussexWatcher says:

    So, by their own admission, Kate ruined the day of cancer-stricken Chuckles by stealing his birthday thunder. Also by their own admission, a jar of dog biscuits is more noteworthy and exciting than the reappearance of the 6-months missing Kate.

    Do they not stop to think about what they’re saying (rhetorical question, because clearly, no)? These “friends” of Kate sound so insecure and stupid. Just go live your own life and leave Meghan’s name out of your mouths. Just like the Sussex Squad does with the #mutechallenge, don’t they realize the best way to make this go away is to NOT complain and explain about Meghan’s every movement (or that of her friends) to every tabloid on Salty Isle?

    Just go away, Kate’s “friends.”

  19. Hypocrisy says:

    🦴 should have the courage to own her toddler tantrums(there is no friend🙄), this is just sad. Her return from whatever break she was on didn’t go as planned,it isn’t anyones fault but her own. No one actually cared when she was missing and since her return I am wishing she had stayed home.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    Hi Carole – must really burn that Meghan’s barely launched lifestyle brand is more successful than your bankrupt and shady party tat business ever was. A business that NO ONE wanted to buy until it went into liquidation and for a bargain price as well. Sucks to be you.

    Jealousy is never a good colour on anyone!

    • Kittenmom says:

      Yes, this has Ma Middleclass’s fingerprints all over it. And she is Kate’s only friend.

  21. Melody says:

    Dog biscuits and a social media post did not ruin anyone’s day. Moving on, the ARO role out is definitely stuttering. Like we already did exclusive basket and special friend IG post. Let’s go already with something more focused and taking it up to the next level.

    • Chaine says:

      @Melody, agreed. The rollout has been underwhelming and while Nacho’s post clearly was coincidental in that it came the day before an appearance by Kate that the world media had already told us would not happen, my reaction is, more jam, so what. What are the goals of this brand, given we are seeing one jar of jam from a batch of only two? Do the ultra-wealthy care so much about fruit compotes made by the hand of the wife of a descendant of king George III that they will be tripping over themselves in a rush to be one of the literal handful to purchase said jam?

      And the dog biscuits remind me uncomfortably of James Middleton’s dog food empire—I’m surprised the Royal rota has not yet excoriated Meghan for overshadowing the dubious accomplishments of the fail son. Or maybe I’ve missed that. At any rate, again, luxury dog treats are a ho hum for me and it would make more sense for the brand IMO if the mascot was a dog of Meghan herself, not the dog of her friend.

      • chiclit says:

        I am still sticking to my theory that the jams and dog treats are related to the cooking show-and perhaps not specifically a product that is going to be available commercially.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Melody, Chaine, chiclit, I conclude that you each work in the field of brand building and product roll outs, so that you can discuss what is wrong. Please let us know how you would fix this. I’m interested.

    • Kingston says:

      LOL Just say youre gagging like the rest of the world to see what the ARO Universe is like.

  22. NikkiK says:

    I don’t think Nacho was being petty or shady at all. It’s an Instagram post. It’s insane that some people still act as if the world revolves around the Royal Family. Most people don’t give two shits about Trooping. I highly doubt Nacho has been keeping up on the Kate saga – he’s just living his life. The UK press is truly delusional and grasping at straws.

  23. Jais says:

    This is mortifying. Why would a cancer patients’s day be ruined by Meghan giving her friends jam? That’s all it takes to ruin her day? Wouldn’t a cancer patient have more important things to think about it? These friends and articles are doing Kate absolutely no favors. Having her friends call Meghan pathetic for making jam and cute dog biscuits is not a good look. Especially when there are presumably much more important things in life to worry about. Omg, this is so bad. Why do the people around Kate want her image to be like this?

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Probably because this is all coming from Kate.

      The woman who sent her uncle out to reality tv to bash Meghan while she was on her 6 months paid leave of absence for “preventive chemo.”

      The woman who had Tatler run “Kate the Great” as a FU to her rivals.

      The woman who lied to the media about Meghan making her cry over Meghan’s wedding and then sent lawyers to remove parts she didn’t like from Kate the Great, but left that lie in.

      The woman who briefed “Lesser Mortals” would have stayed home for another 6 months while Superior Kate allowed servants to dress her and stylists to do her hair and make up and sat in a carriage and then waved to people.

      It’s a theme.

      • Jais says:

        Lol, so I don’t think Kate briefed Pearson to write that specific line about lesser mortals. That was all Allison Pearson. That said, she has absolutely leaned into the perfect princess image at the expense of Meghan and others. The fake crying story is a good example. It has created a monster though bc now she gets embiggened to ridiculous levels. To the point that it becomes an eye roll reaction when you read about her. And that can’t be what image architects at KP want.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Oh, I absolutely do think Pearson was given talking points by a “friend” of Kate’s. It might not have had that line in it, but it was “Kate the great so superior for showing up when others wouldn’t.”

        I know she’s insane, but that’s exactly who I’d brief something like this to if I wanted it published.

        It has all of the hallmarks of a Middleton brief, especially putting others down to raise up Kate. And yeah, this has become so toxic and gross, it really shows why William and Kate are so perfect for each other. William always hates his brother and Kate always hates Meghan.

      • Jais says:

        For sure there was embiggening coordination. If Kate was going to step out, it was going to be praised. It’s more that Pearson overstepped with that line which has caused the usual tricks to blow up in their faces. They wanted and coordinated for the praise but the alliance with tabloid ghouls is toxic and can easily backfire. The whole Middleton game of putting down others to prop one’s self up is toxic. It’s just wild to watch how spectacularly they’ve blown something up. There is nothing triumphant about belittling cancer patients or even just people who love their good jam and good boy doggos.

  24. OriginalMich says:

    The idea that the entire world revolves around Salty Tears Island and its dysfunctional royals is hysterical to me. I doubt Nacho even knew about the dress-up parade happening thousands of miles away, much less cared.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      And yet there is a discussion about this on the Excess right now. And it is Meghan stole the limelight from Kate, shock horror probe, of course the fact that Kate stole the limelight from the King is not mentioned.

  25. Schrodinger's Kate says:

    After enduring months of strangeness here it does my heart good to see things going back to what I was used to. Maybe there’s hope someday my life will also return to some feeling of normalcy when I get used to my husband being gone. If I can ever truly get used to such a thing.

    Kate’s back to appearing in public in copycat fashions with weird accents and passive aggressive hats. No buttons this time, but some weird bow. Yessss!

    Made up friends complaining about Meghan overshadowing the monarchy. Yesss!

    Yep, the world is slowly righting itself.

    Meghan is meanwhile rolling out a new project. Yessss! Best wishes Meghan.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Schrodinger’s Kate, I think it’s the dog biscuits that really put it over the top. It’s not Meghan who overshadowed Bone Idle, it’s the dog biscuits. It can’t be the jam because it’s only Raspberry FLAVORED. Does Sikes not understand that when it’s made with raspberries then it’s just raspberry jam? Is he that clueless or is this more shade? Idiot.

      I’m sorry that your husband is gone. I remember that you posted that you were his caretaker, so you must feel pretty lost. Grief has to be felt. The only suggestion I have is to get out and walk and breathe in the fresh air. Remember to take care of yourself.

  26. Laura D says:

    I thought Kate’s “friends” all called her Catherine? The name police are all over posts/articles when she’s referred to as Kate Middleton. Her official title is HRH Catherine Princess of Wales. NOT Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. Me thinks someone’s made up this story for clicks! 😉

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      Actually according to the Royal web site the correct title is HRH The Princess of Wales. Diana was only knows as Diana Princess of Wales after her divorce, the Late Queen said it was incorrect but she would allow it because that was what Diana wanted and she felt sorry for her. Mind you I see nothing high about her or majestic about the King. Their titles are a farce.

  27. rosa mwemaid says:

    “Posted hours before the trooping.” Would have had to have posted it in the middle of the night, what about the time difference. Unless of course it was posted the day before.

  28. paintybox says:

    No one knew if Kate would appear at the Trooping. It didn’t get affirmed until what, a day or two before? I don’t say ‘confirmed’ because who was confident we’d really see her, after all the smokescreens they’ve put up? Fake/manipulated photos & videos, vague statements and generally being dodgy (af) for no good reason. They kicked out, de-funded and evicted H & M some years ago and yet every flap of a butterfly wing in Montecito CA produces paroxysms of rage and jealousy over there. They’ve ostracized them and give us daily updates on that (!), so now, I don’t know, learn how to ignore them? Sending a one-off jam and a jar of homemade dog biscuits to a friend doesn’t look like a media blitz – it’s incredibly silly and makes their overreaction look very concerning, like never mind thin skin, they apparently have no skin at all.

  29. Ameerah M says:

    It’s stories like this that make me want her to go back into hiding in Norfolk.

    • BlueToile says:

      It’s sad, but Kate really is more interesting when she is gone. Weird how that works.

  30. Shawna says:

    Kate bungled her big comeback all by herself. I do believe the theory that Charles pressured her because of all the bad press about the thinned-out, sad balcony. But man, they were sitting on a goldmine and blew it all up for a reused dress and empty pomp.

  31. B says:

    Until I started paying attention to Meghan I didn’t even know a trooping of the color existed and I doubt I’m the only one. Isn’t trooping supposed to be about the monarch? Since when does Chuckie share the limelight? Lol the way the UK press/BRF insist they be centered in the lives of people who don’t know them is hilarious.

    Nacho is Harry’s friend and he lives in Argentina. This past weekend he traveled to the east coast to play polo and fundraise in honor of father’s day. Lol which is more likely? He was tracking his friend’s sister in law’s schedule and timed a post? Or that he met up with his friend while he was in the states and got a new basket?

    Honestly the only thing more pathetic than demanding the friends of family members center the BRF is Kate’s team crying that a pic of doggy biscuits and jam released on someone’s personal IG page posted more than 24hrs before her “debut” COULD overshadow her. All that pic had was jam and doggy treats no Meghan, Harry, or even Nacho and that’s all it took? Lol so literally ANYTHING Sussex adjacent can overshadow those people?

    At this point its less embarrassing for them to just admit that interest in the BRF is VERY localized and keep it moving.

  32. bisynaptic says:

    Overshadowed by dog biscuits… 😂

    • lanne says:

      You can always count on the royals to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They are admitting to be overshadowed by a condiment and a doggie treat. That’s….not something to shout about. It would have gone unnoticed had the ratchets not screeched about it. They need to stop buying rakes at the garden store, throw them in the yard, and then get mad when they continually step on them.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      And a jar of jam! Now that’s really pathetic.

  33. Amy Bee says:

    Kate’s “friend” sounds like a royal reporter and is the one who’s pathetic to believe a post about jam and dog biscuits is going to ruin Kate’s day which was really not hers but Charles’ day.

  34. Eliora says:

    It’s so sad but this is why some are seriously questioning the truthfulness of Kate’s cancer diagnosis. Her so called friends and the British media are too quick to weaponize her cancer diagnosis against Meghan and any one who even remotely criticizes Kate. I can’t imagine that Kate is happy living like this. No human can live as a saint. I have a very bad feeling that Kate is in for an epic and humiliating fall from grace because this feels like being caught in a very bad storm.

  35. maisie says:

    Might be a good time to point out that this woman’s wedding day was overshadowed by her sister’s bum, so maybe a canister of dog biscuits is a step up.

  36. Elo says:

    This is so petty. It’s so presumptuous to think most people care about this event, especially in America. Most people really don’t care about jam and dog biscuits either. The Venn diagram of people who care about both is readers of this website.

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, over 65% of the households in the US have at least one dog and the jam/jelly/preserve market in the US is close to $5 billion. I don’t know how many people care about the RF, but enough to support royal reporting. So, I think the overlap in any Venn diagram is greater than you think.

    • Walking the Walk says:

      Agreed. I totally forgot it was even a thing until I saw some posts on social media.

      And honestly, I am good not buying jam or dog biscuits from CA and shipping them across the country. I hope Meghan succeeds at this, but I have zero intention of buying. It seems a little all over the place.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Walking the Walk, ‘all over the place’ how? We’re talking jam and dog biscuits, that’s it.

  37. Freddy says:

    This will shock folks–but I doubt that Nacho was sitting around thinking of posting in an attempt to “ruin Kate’s day”..LOL

  38. tamsin says:

    I’m wondering if Meghan’s roll out of ARO is affected by the shenanigans over the pond. Her podcast was interrupted by the Queen’s death. I feel she lost momentum for a bit after a spectacular debut. If the royals wanted to step on Harry and Meghan’s 2024 activities, they may have managed to do so.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It’s been two months and the actual launch hasn’t happened yet. The Royal Family has no power over Harry and Meghan anymore.

    • Walking the Walk says:

      Well I think they paused what they could since they knew about Kate and everyone here keeps forgetting that Harry and Meghan put out a message of support for Kate and told the press and so called fans of either side to grant them some privacy.

      I am a little shocked there wasn’t a “my bad” post from some commenters who ran around saying all kinds of things concerning Kate. I still say from at PR perspective they are clowns and should have been doing regular updates. But I think way too many jumped to some, she’s in a coma, she had a stroke, she can’t speak, he beat her, something happened to the kids.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I’ve been wondering if she’s refused to work. It may be the only time since she married that she has some power. I don’t know if she wanted to be there at this last spectacle, but I wonder if she wants out.

      • Walking the Walk says:

        Saucy I bet she did. I mean think of the timing. This happens after she’s outed as one of the royal racists? I think they took it as a gift and decided to make the public really hunger for her to come back. Doubtful the RR are going to be happy though. They want their pound of flesh.

  39. Mel says:

    If dog biscuits and a jar of jam can upstage you, maybe it’s time to realize that you aren’t all of that to begin with.

  40. Nerd says:

    It is unfair to accuse Meghan OR Nacho for trying to steal attention from a “cancer patient” that no one knew was going to be at a parade in a another country. The palace has been saying for quite some time that she was definitely NOT going to be there and it was only less than 24 hours before the parade that they informed the public that she would be there, and even then there was still uncertainty from the public if she was going to miss the parade due to it being a “bad day”. Meghan mailed the package to Nacho, which regardless of where it was mailed to, it would have taken several days for any package to be mailed and received by him. Regardless of what mailing service or address delivered to, it would definitely have been more than the timeframe that it was revealed that Kate was going to the parade. So how does Meghan plan to steal attention from someone who has been MIA for six months when the place has confirmed multiple times and ways that she wouldn’t be there? Also why would Nacho run his social media account based on what is happening in a country that he has never lived in and in a family that he isn’t part of? He is someone who is constantly traveling and working with things that aren’t linked to anything associated to that family so it’s not like he is following the royal family’s social media accounts planning his life or social media account based on what the royals are doing in the UK. And who would think that they should avoid posting about jam or dog treats because it might overshadow some who is supposedly so immortal and important as The Great Kate? It says something about her “friends”, staff and media friends that they think that she is so mediocre that jam and dog treats would overshadow her.

  41. Lisa says:

    Honestly just when I had on ounce of sympathy, I’m reminded why I had none to begin with. Can’t is a bully sick or not. No goodwill left for her or any sympathy, first thing she bashes Meghan. Seriously ridiculous

  42. MikeB says:

    What is pathetic are all the comments attacking Meghan for something simple like sending a friend some jam and dog biscuits. All indications were that Kate would not appear at the Trooping on Saturday, it was she who wanted the grand entrance. I am sure H&M were not forewarned that Kate was appearing and told to not do anything on Saturday. UK numbskulls have not yet woken up to the fact that H&M are not under the control of the RF and are not at their beck and call, they are free to chart their own path.

  43. CherBear says:

    I think Nacho knows exactly that Kate is not sick at all and all this drama in the past six months is something else entirely. Good on him.

  44. L4Frimaire says:

    It’s so tiring how they constantly try to vilify Meghan to prop up Kate. I think the Sussexes are way too courteous regarding doing their own work because of accusations of overshadowing. They should just release things as they’re ready. As for trooping, not sure about the actual reaction because that lesser mortals article was so offensive. Honestly, was used to Kate being gone so for her to show up at trooping looking like nothing happened is both a bit surreal and underwhelming. What was all that subterfuge about? Just over it and now that she’s obviously on the mend, all the missing princess conspiracies can go away. They did fake that photo and that farm video is probably fake too. Whatever mess their comms team did was so unnecessary.

  45. Kingston says:

    Now would be a good time to recall some of the things druncle gary said during his brief time on that little british reality show earlier this year.

    Didnt he hint that there was an announcement to come and he would not say anything but wd await their decision to make their announcement?

    As we surmised then, he was kinda “taking tales out of school” but as it turns out, seems that further negotiations took place and its either that the pending announcement has been temporarily shelved or a different arrangement has been devised altogether.

  46. JFerber says:

    She released jam, so that’s upstaging Kate? What is Kate, a kumquat? Only another fruit can upstage a fruit, not a whole-ass person. They are insane for suggesting this.

  47. Shoegirl77 says:

    Hey Nacho and Delfina! If you’re here, thanks so much for this. I aspire to this level of petty and I’ve been smiling to myself all weekend thinking about it!! Also, Waity has no friends so I call bullshit on the rest. Imagine going missing for six months with “cancer” and on your triumphant return, you manage to outshine your sad ass father in law for the second year running at his fake birthday but you still get outshone by a jar of jam and some dog biscuits.

    • Iolanthe says:

      Friends ? What faceless friends are these of Kates ? Meghan and Harry have had close friends from the get go . Even William seems to have old school buddies who actually like him . By the way I think she was upstaged by Nacho’ s beautiful dog not the dog biscuits . Is it a greyhound or a whippet? He or she is elegant, aristocratic and as fashionably thin as the POW. Has much nicer eyes too .

  48. Cel2495 says:

    So is it Waity Katie fake birthday parade or was it Charles ?
    Girl, if biscuits and jam can overshadow the much loved princess and the magnanimous king , they are in trouble 😂

  49. HeatherC says:

    Thunder was stolen because even this “Friend” (Hi Carole!) couldn’t resist talking about dog treats and raspberry jam.

    I need to become Meghan’s bestest friend SO FREAKING BAD so I’m on the list when she moves to orange marmalade and cat treats!

  50. Advisor2U says:

    The facts:

    Nacho’s Insta post was to a story on Friday, that expired long before the ‘grand resurrection of saint Kate’, on the King’s Official Birthday parade, of which the same UK sycophantic press and commentators had assured their audiences would not happened: ”she would not attended, because she would never want to take the attention away from Charles’ big day.”

    The SSquad saw Nacho’s post and started spreading it, and were celebrating Meghan’s probably new ARO products. Thát the Meghan hating royal minions, who are monitoring Meghan as well as her fans and everybody in her orbits’ lives and SM, didn’t like. So they dragged Meghan and Nacho into their nonsense, ones again accusing her of overshadowing this or that empty royal.

    So no, Nacho was not being shady. I bet he could care less what’s happening in the UK amongst the royals on any given day. He was just giving his friend a shout out, helping to regain attention for the upcoming ARO launch (we don’t even know if Megnan plans to sell jam). So guys, let’s stop blaming him for this tiring overshadowing BS, which the clickbite driven online rags are parroting straight out of the UK Meghan hating royal press/outlets.