Mail: King Charles needed the Wales kids at Trooping, that’s why Kate came out

In the days and weeks ahead of Trooping the Colour, there were so many conversations about whether the Princess of Wales would be seen on the day and whether the Wales kids would be seen as well. Kate and the three children had not been seen out in public since Christmas Day, and it did feel like they would have to be a package deal for Trooping, it wasn’t like Prince William could just turn up with Prince George and call it a day. One of the conversations was also: if Kate and the kids show up, will they overshadow King Charles at his big birthday parade? The answer was yes, they did overshadow Charles. But it looks like Charles was playing a much bigger game. He’s now using Kate and the Wales kids’ appearances for his own “grandpa embiggening” campaign. Buckingham Palace clearly ran straight to Becky English at the Mail with a full briefing which centered the Wales family’s reappearance solely on Grandpa Charles. There’s also a low-key admission that Charles needs to be seen with George, Charlotte and Louis publicly because the cat’s out of the bag that he’s a dogsh-t father and grandfather.

To his grandchildren, however, he is just known affectionately as ‘Grandpa Wales’. While much has been written — not all, it has to be said, complimentary — about the King’s role as a father over the years, it is his unbridled enthusiasm as a grandfather that has shown Charles in a softer new light. An enthusiasm that explains why, despite the family’s personal difficulties, the Prince and Princess of Wales were so keen that their children, George, ten, Charlotte, nine, and Louis, six, joined their ‘GW’ at Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

In order for the youngsters to be there and play a full role — riding in a carriage on The Mall, watching proceedings on Horse Guards and joining the family ‘balcony moment’ — Mummy needed to be there too to keep the ‘kiddies’ (as she calls her young brood) in check as Papa was on horseback. For Kate, there was also a determination to support the father-in-law she has become increasingly close to over the years and with whom she now shares the unenviable bond of a serious health battle.

In recent years the King has become a central part of William, Kate and their young family’s lives — a relationship emphasised by the lack of personal contact with Harry and Meghan’s two, Archie, five, and three-year-old Lilibet. He has only met his youngest granddaughter in person once since she was born, and Archie barely a handful of times.

Recently, it was suggested that the King was unhappy with the situation and ‘keener than ever’ to build a relationship with them that wasn’t just confined to video calls to California. The story was not universally welcomed as it put Buckingham Palace in an impossible position: those close to the King genuinely never speak about the Sussexes’ children to avoid inflaming transatlantic tensions, but to deny it would be to suggest that the King doesn’t want greater contact with them — which clearly isn’t true at all.

And the situation is particularly complicated because of Harry’s repeated attacks on his father and family, his dogged insistence in the UK courts that he isn’t safe bringing his family to the UK, plus Charles’s inability to travel to the U.S. because of his health issues and responsibilities. When I asked a well-placed source whether Harry could bring his children to see the King at Balmoral this summer as a compromise, the answer was a resounding snort. Read into that what you will. His relationship with his other three grandchildren is in a far better place.

The family’s relocation to Windsor, where they live in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Great Park, along with the King’s decision to spend more time at the castle, has given him the chance to see more of the little Waleses. One close friend says: ‘He cherishes being a grandfather and enjoys enormously the time he spends with them. He loves playing with them in the garden and reading to them.’

I’m told that the King has even named an area he has created at his Scottish home of Birkhall ‘Prince George’s Wood’.

‘While people don’t see often him with his grandchildren that much because most of those moments happen behind closed doors, I know he is very careful to ensure he makes time for them in his busy schedule,’ the close friend says. He is, another source tells me, ‘doting in his own way’.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve pointed out before that Charles is actually breaking a significant royal tradition, where royal kids are often mentored by their loving grandparents. Charles was mentored by his grandmother (the Queen Mum), Harry and William had a close bond with QEII, etc. Charles doesn’t give a sh-t about his grandkids. He evicted the Sussexes and refused to give them security for their visits. He barely spends time with the Wales kids, and he only uses them as props for “loving grandfather” PR. I came into this story surprised that Charles is basically making Kate’s reappearance sound tangential to the need for the KIDS to be there, then I was doubly surprised that there’s a section about the Sussexes. Someone in Buckingham Palace (not Charles) understands that he looks like a horrible father and grandfather because of his cruel actions against the Sussexes. He couldn’t have Kate and the kids missing in action too.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Too little and too late Chuckles because the world already sees you for what you are and that is a terrible father, grandfather, King and human being.

  2. Em says:

    She doesn’t have cancer, did she have surgery maybe but she doesn’t have cancer and from her behavior yesterday she didn’t know how to “act” and was very nervous, always stroking Charlotte’s hair, and for talk about how close Charles is to his grandkids they didn’t seem to interact with him a trooping. Everything thing is about optics with this family which is why I believe that the entire grifting family show up at the balcony Every trooping when William is king to present a “United” front and rub the Sussexes face in it

    • Julia says:

      Do we really think the world is going to care who stands on that Balcony in 10/20 years time?

    • Leigh_S says:

      Everything about her expressions in the photos is ‘hazy’ to me. Between the makeup, the hollows beneath her eyes and the inattention to Louis’ fidgeting? I think there were significant painkillers getting her through the event.

      Meanwhile, KC doesn’t have the luxury of makeup to hide his pallor. It would raise more notice than going bare-faced.

      • goofpuff says:

        I think that was always the case, honestly, even before the cancer announcement. She seems like someone who has been self-medicating for a years. And if you run with the aristos, there is plenty of easy access to drugs of any kind.

      • Babz says:

        That lack of the hovering attention she always displays around the kids caught my attention, too. She is nothing if not a helicopter mom. I assumed she was loaded up on pain meds, anyway, to get through the day. I had an ectopic pregnancy at 28, necessitating emergency surgery, and I was still doing pain meds for a few months afterwards if any event involved several hours to get through. If she did have abdominal surgery, and if the chemo situation is true (which I am now side-eyeing), she would need to be medicated to get through it. Many were saying she was vacant-eyed, but I didn’t notice that so much as the markedly different interactions with her kids.

    • Anna says:

      Yes and yes! Kate looked like nothing happened. She is fine. Kids have zero relationship with Chuck and very little with Kate. In a stressful situation like that, all the kids I know would try to kling to mum/dad or grandparent. Or at least try have some comforting contact, say sth etc. Wales kids acted like Kate wasn’t there and Chuck was a stranger. What always surprises me it that they seem to be more at ease with Wills, than Kate. I feel for them, despite immense luxuries they will
      never have normal life, especially relationships with people around them. I would never expose my child for the world like that, to judge her every little behavior, even those age-appropriate.

  3. TIFFANY says:

    Do none of Chuckles private plans know how to fly to California?

    • Elizabeth says:

      What were his excuses before he had cancer? He could have flown out to see them at any time last year.

      • Charlotte says:

        There’s the light comedy I want to see! Someone make a “Meet the Fokkers” type movie of Charles escaping Camilla, flying to Montecito, hiring an uber driver (buddy hijinks ensue), all on a quest to See The Grandkids in secret.

  4. Jais says:

    Sooo having the kids stand on the balcony in close proximity to Charles is some sort of evidence that he’s a cuddly grandfather? Ummm, there were zero interactions between Charles and those kids. They looked like strangers. So if that was the goal, then sorry, what an epic fail. The only time I’ve ever seen Charles look like a grandfather was that time Louis sat on his lap at the jubbly parade. And that was done more out of desperation to entertain a bored out of his mind Louis than anything.

  5. Em says:

    Can we talk about how pissed Camilla looked at the trooping? I’d love to be the Victorian ghost in their house

    • Underhill says:

      I saw that. She was dragging Chuck off the balcony, through those doors in a hurry.
      She wanted to be done with it. I suspect Camzilla didn’t want to stand on that balcony with all-eyes-on-kate. They are all such jealous babies.

    • Megan says:

      It was cold and rainy. Charles is an elderly man with cancer. I can see Camilla hustling him inside to avoid him catching his death. Without him, she’s nobody.

  6. TN Democrat says:

    KEENER. Lol. Lort. The rota really does regurgitate comments sections and troll the royals with such subtlety that they don’t comprehend the condescension. Will-not could have riden in a carriage with the kids and not riden a horse. He has used his kids as an excuse to barely work since George was a zygote and can’t be seen publically alone with all 3 kids together or the younger kids alone. Has he ever publically attended any events alone with C or L? What right wing nonsense dictates he cannot have “Dad time” outings with the heir but not the younger kids or can’t appear with all 3 without KEEN?

  7. Laura D says:

    He may have needed Kate and the children but, they still didn’t bring in the crowds he was expecting. The overhead shots shows how small the crowds were when compared to when QEII was last on the balcony. KCIII NEEDED the Sussexes. Not their children but, the Harry and Meghan. IMHO it looked odd to see William and Kate on one side of KCIII and Sophie and Lady Louise on the other side. It was glaringly obvious who was missing and confirms that KCIII and his advisors are blind to how his stubbornness towards his younger son is hurting his reign.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      You’re right I hadn’t even thought about that because they’re so doing their own thing now. The entire balcony looked weird and everyone got ignored but Kate and Charles, because they talked to each other the most and it was her first outing in 6 months.

      But neither of them are exciting enough to get crowds. H and M would have been rockstars for the royal family, but oh well.

    • ML says:

      No wonder those kids weren’t entirely happy looking. K’s announcement that she’d be there came late Friday—CB had to update an article, so it might well be due to last-minute negotiations that K and/or the kids were there at all.

      That KC is not a great grandpa article came out about a week ago…I totally believe that BP was desperate to have all of KP’s royals on the balcony. I wonder what the price was.

    • Cali says:

      Oh they needed the Sussex children all right. The Wales kids are growing up. They are tall so they look older than they actually are. Archie and especially Lili are still in that cute little kid age bracket and Lili in particular has that blue eyed fair skinned British look.
      Charles being surrounded by all of his grandchildren would have been a huge success. He would have been favorably compared with the late Queen with her obvious delight in her grandchildren.
      Too bad Charles. You would have had incredible press with the Sussex family being there.

  8. Hypocrisy says:

    No one is ever going to buy the “doting grandfather” from this guy. He just needs them to line up and smile like good little props.

  9. WithTheAmerican says:

    Oh, yes, BP, Camilla completely ignoring Kate and her kids is giving warm grandma and grandpa vibes.

    Charles and Camilla spend happy family moments together… with Camilla’s kids.

    • equality says:

      Now that her grandchildren are teenagers he might be willing to spend some time around them, especially if they are attractive.

  10. equality says:

    So if the children are so close to dear old granddad, why couldn’t they ride in the carriage with him? He wasn’t on horseback. Wonder if that is why Louise ended up coming. Maybe she was tagged as the babysitter if Kate didn’t come.

    • jenjamtx says:

      Or dear, supportive Aunt Sophie? I’ve always been able to manage my nieces and nephews and now would have no problem with the greats. I don’t see them every day, but enough that they know me and would be comfortable in my care. The stupid balcony just shows how NONE of these people know each other or spend any time as a family.

  11. Beth says:

    Spare came out at the beginning of last year. The Sussexes have not mentioned the RF since. Last time Harry talked about what had happened was in promotional interviews around that time. So ‘repeated attacks’ is nonsense. Plus he’s seen his father since then. And we all know Harry’s main beef is with our UK gutter press and that symbiotic relationship with the monarchy anyway. Why do so many seem to fall for the likes of RE’s mis and disinformation?

  12. TigerMcQueen says:

    If he named a piece of land at Birkhall “Prince George’s Wood,” it has nothing to do with being a good grandfather. It’s him naming something after the FFK, because he’s special and the other kids are just spares. That ‘family’ is toxic.

    • DK says:

      I laughed so hard at that – do they really think blatantly playing favorites among your five grandchildren is a thing good grandparents do?!?

      Hopeless a-holes, the lot of them.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Also, instead of just being “George’s Wood”, it’s gotta be “Prince George’s Wood”. Not very grandfatherly sounding, but this is The Firm after all.

  13. GoodWitchGlenda says:

    Do we think the British Monarchy will survive our lifetimes? I’m really starting to think this has been the beginning of the end.

    But then again, I’m shocked it’s still around now to begin with.

    • Julia says:

      I can see it becoming more like the European monarchies more low key. There is a lack of enthusiasm for the monarchy among the young which I don’t see changing. I don’t believe the current model will be sustainable in 20 years as many of the older members die off.

    • Lucy says:

      This whole thing where the Royal family “works” was started to make sure they didn’t end up like the Romanavs, m*rdered in their basement. I think we’re probably past the time when that’s how the royal family ends, so good on them for figuring out a survival strategy. Hopefully they get hit for reparations and are forced into liquidating assets to pay it off, and then slink off to ignomy.

  14. MaryContrary says:

    He’s been woe-is-me and self absorbed his entire life. He’s not going to change his personality at this point.

  15. Shelly Bean says:

    Charles has that exact same white, sickly pale look his mum had just before she bit the dust.

    • Sid says:

      Shelly, I had the same thought when I saw his pictures. It seemed they’d been using makeup to try and hide the pallor but if even that is not working anymore…

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      I was speaking of this to my friends when the photos came out as well. He looks wan and very obviously sickly. They’re not hiding it as successfully as they think they’re hiding it.

  16. Kittenmom says:

    His unbridled enthusiasm as a grandfather was on full display as he enthusiastically took away the UK home of his two youngest grandchildren! 🙄

    • Babz says:

      I still find it crazy that that action on his part isn’t seen for what it was – petty revenge on Harry for Spare (which, if he read it, he might see that he came off much better than he deserved to), the Netflix doc, and Oprah. There is nothing – NOTHING – preventing him from going to California (or at least there wasn’t before the cancer diagnosis/treatment) to see those grandbabies. He’s the f*****g King, he can what he likes, as long as it’s something he genuinely wants to do. He has no more interest in Harry’s kids than he does in the Wales kids, unless it’s using them as props. You don’t evict family you love, especially in light of their security risks, from the one secure home they have, and come out without suffering the consequences. He opened Archie and Lili up to attack, both verbal and possibly physical, when he did that, and anything is rarely said about it. He’s weak, and he’s a fraud, and Harry and Meghan are right to keep their babies out of the UK. Let him fire up one of his fancy private jets and make an effort if he’s sincere in wanting to be in their lives.

  17. Miranda says:

    More dictating what they want us to think, without putting any action behind it. “Charles as doting grandfather” is something that people would genuinely enjoy SEEING, and many people his age could probably relate. My dad is a few years older than Charles and freely admits that he was not there for my older brothers because he was too focused on work during their childhoods, but he has tried to make up for that with me (as I was born much later, when he was in his 50s) and my brothers’ kids. For many elderly people, health challenges also tend to remind them of the importance of family and motivate them to spend time with their grandchildren. When Charles was diagnosed with cancer, I’m sure many of us were hoping — though obviously not actually anticipating, because we know how small and petty he is — that it would compel him to rethink his priorities and make amends with his sons (William, as awful as he is, deserves an apology for what he had to endure as a child, too). Then, being more involved with ALL his grandchildren would come naturally. Instead, he uses W & K’s kids as props, and H & M’s kids are used to point out how “unfair” their parents are for not allowing them a relationship with dear old grandpa. It’s pathetic, and no one is buying their BS.

    • Tessa says:

      Something went wrong with William Charles could not have gotten away with as much if will has been nice to harry and meghan.

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    He has no responsibilities as king that he cannot take with him to California and the health challenges only began recently. Charles could visit his California grandchildren if he wanted. He doesn’t want.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Yes, he could have done that years ago before his cancer diagnosis. It was just one excuse after the other to avoid a visit.

  19. Mslove says:

    Grandpa Wales, hahaha! I bet he makes George & Charlotte bow & curtesy to him when they do occasionally visit.

  20. Tessa says:

    I don’t think he’s close to kate. I doubt Camilla cares much for kate.i doubt charles sees much if his grandchildren. He could have seen Archie and Lily but chose not to

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      When his time comes he’s going to leave this world very lonely, even if he is surrounded by some family and courtiers. He DGAF about any of them, and consequently, they DGAF truly about him either.

      Camilla will be out of there soon as it suits Huevo (and as soon as the check clears)

  21. Tessa says:

    The derangers do say horrible things about the sussexes. Charles Just let’s it happen. And I think the spin that Kate is the daughter he never had is just to spite meghan

    • Unblinkered says:

      @Tessa I get why you say that, but I felt it was to promote Charles as at least someone seen to have been supportive of KM if and when W&K separate officially. To protect his position.
      Didn’t something similar happen with Diana having warm words said about her by The Queen, when C&D’s official separation was announced? In reality, The Queen’s feelings were decidedly not warm.
      Whatever, it’s very sad as Meghan really would have been the – perfect – daughter he never had.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Well, Meghan would have been, if Cluck wasn’t such a raging narcissist.
        She protects herself against those after Papa Thomas revealed his true colors many years ago.

        Meghan is ‘reclaiming her time’…

  22. aquarius64 says:

    Everyone knows how Charles treats his Sussex grandchildren so Charles stills shares the title Bad Grandpa with Toxic Tom. Dragging the Wales kids on the balcony is Charles’ way to assure the monarchists the succession is in tact. Still don’t inderstand why Louise was on the balcony.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      My guess is Louise was invited before Kate confirmed she would be there. They wanted an attractive young woman (who wasn’t an offspring of the rapist Andrew or married to sexual assaulter Mike Tindall) to represent the next generation of royals and they didn’t know Kate would be there.

  23. Tessa says:

    Charles cast aside his grandchildren s grandmother he was a bad first husband too.

  24. ShazBot says:

    I could see William allowing them to spend more time with Charles just to spite Harry, but let’s not pretend that Charles knows what to do with kids. Talking to them about gardening and reading to them? Please. Narcissistic jerk. Imagine taking an interest in what the kids like and enjoy and not just telling them about your own interests.

    Hey, any palace weirdos lurking in the comments for ideas. Send Chuck to one of the kids sports games for a good look! And we know he doesn’t really have to go, you can just say he did.

  25. Berkeleyfarm says:

    Well I guess that answers my question of “Has Charles even MET Lili?”.

    But yeah. He’s dropping the ball on the generational “institutional knowledge transfer” thing, for sure.

  26. Maxine Branch says:

    Charles legacy will be he kicked his son and daughter-in-law including his grandkids out on a safe haven his mother bestowed them. All the othe noise is just nonsense for me.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    The only thing that’s believable in this story is that he has no interest in Harry and Meghan’s children. A proper journalist would interrogate this instead of being a stenographer for the Palace.

  28. Belinda says:

    Charles should know that you can’t fake interest in children, if you don’t care for them, then children instinctly know.

    Children also instinctly know which uncle/grandpa etc is a fun one, who genuinely enjoys being with them, and they adore them for it.

    Charles just doesn’t like children imo. They annoy, irritate and bore him imo.

    Harry loves children imo. He connects so well with them, and he delights in being a grown up who remembers how being a child is fun.

    You can’t fake that.

    I’m sure many of us had an uncle or grandparent that we adored. And other elderly relatives that we knew didn’t like children, and you became nervous when visiting them that a small crumb from a biscuit would irritate them, you had to sit in silence, not fiddle with a knife or fork, speak in a quiet voice, and just generally feel as if you were on tenterhooks.

    And with the grown up relatives that you adored, then a bunch of you (cousins, siblings etc) would be having a great time, whether playing cards or out in the garden, as they improvised a game where you could joyfully play, and you just knew they were having as much fun as you were.

    Charles would never have been the fun grandpa, no matter what imo. And he’s just using the grandchildren for PR.

  29. Feebee says:

    “Snort” to pretty much the whole article which reads more like bad fanfic.

    That man does not spend any one on one time with any of those kids. The continual treating of the public like they’re idiots with this PR crap is annoying. I don’t believe a word of this latest PR piece.

  30. Beverley says:

    KC3 apparently views his loyal “subjects” as gullible idiots. He’s a dogsh*t father and grandfather. The Wales kids are suitable PR for him. The Sussex children are mixed race and will never count as “acceptable” to Charles or the Firm. Everyone knows this.

    Chuckles should stop playing and lean into who he really is: a lousy husband/person/monarch who only truly loves himself. A Racist who worried about the optics of his own grandchildren being part of the royal family. It’s not a good look for the supposed head of a church.

    The Sussexes aren’t fooled. Can’t understand why the public believes this shite.

  31. Truthiness says:

    I wonder if this is Charles’ last Trooping. There was a point during the event where William directed his all decked out horse to move farther out, giving all the camera space to his dad. For a moment it looked like kindness, giving the entire stage to someone who wanted it so much, like an aging diva wanting their time in the sun.

    Maybe Will needed to go to Normandy for many reasons. To learn and to be there if Charles takes a turn for the worse.

    • Unblinkered says:

      A very thoughtful post.
      Here’s hoping Charles makes a full and speedy recovery, and takes the opportunity to get to know Archie and Lilli. A spell in the warmth of California would do him the power of good.

    • Tessa says:

      Willism needs make peace with and apologize to his brother and sister in law

  32. Andrea says:

    I thought Charles was looking good until the Trooping—yikes. He looks terribly unwell. Kate also.