Daniel Craig is not only a wuss – he’s fat!

New Bond Daniel Craig can’t play cards or drive a stick shift, and he doesn’t like guns or speedboats. He also demands baby lotion and nail files, and got a widdle rash while filming “Casino Royale” in the sun.

He’s going to redeem himself with full frontal nudity and a lot of hot sex scenes for the film, and at least he’s super-buff and has a great six-pack going for him – or maybe not. He loved the dumplings so much while filming in Prague that producers were forced to hire him a personal trainer:

Producers of the new JAMES BOND movie, CASINO ROYALE, were forced to hire a personal trainer for star DANIEL CRAIG after he became obsessed with dumplings while filming in the Czech Republic. Craig sported a muscular physique when he was photographed earlier this year (06) in a bathing suit on location in the Bahamas. But since the production moved to Prague, the actor has reportedly piled on the pounds after becoming enamoured with the local cuisine, particularly dumplings and borscht. Producer BARBARA BROCCOLI was so alarmed by the star’s weight gain she immediately hired a personal trainer. Film sources maintain the superspy is now back in peak condition.


OMG – he almost ruined his single qualification for playing Bond! He’s back in shape now, though, but the guy doesn’t have a clue. Maybe the movie will be hot, though, and we’ll see it just to get a glimpse.

Update: Pictures removed on request.

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  1. Angelika says:

    At the beginning I was shocked by the decision of Daniel Craig picking for playing James Bond, but the more scenes and trailers I see, the more I like him – he doesn’t fit that well into the dark-haired, charming Bond-type, but I actually think he looks pretty hot and mysterious..

  2. celebitchy says:

    He is an attractive guy. It’s just with all these stories about him coming out he doesn’t seem very tough or bond-like! The new Bond is a metrosexual I guess.

  3. Angelika says:

    Yeah exactly, like I said – I like him and think he looks great, but he doesn’t seem suitable for this role.. He once dated this German actress called Heike Makatsch, that’s why I’ve known him before..

  4. celebitchy says:

    I googled her, and I guess I know her from Love, Actually, since she looked familiar. He is hot but I wonder how tall he is since he looks short. I will have to look that up.

  5. Angelika says:

    Yeah, Heike Makatsch was in Love, Actually, too. I just know her from a lot of German movies, you know, and I always liked her. I recently saw her at a kind of film festival and they asked her what she thinks of her ex-boyfriend being James Bond now and she said “That’s a another stupid question” and left – I thought that was kinda odd, because they haven’t been dating in a long time, she shouldn’t be that easily offended by that! Although I could imagine that she’s kinda jealous because throughout their relationship, she’s always been the more successful actress and now he’s becoming JAMES BOND ^^