Taylor Momsen is “not so much thinking” about Haiti


Now, I think it’s pretty much established that 16-year-old Taylor Momsen is a little pantless brat that wears too much eye makeup and wants to be the next Lindsay Lohan. But did you know that she’s also so vapid and self-absorbed she can’t even feign interest in a major international crisis? Oh, yes. These are photos of Taylor promoting her new perfume “Love Rocks” at the Victoria’s Secret in New York, and when OK! Magazine asked her about the Haiti earthquake, Taylor’s response was: “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.” Ugh.

While the rest of the world is expressing their concern for the people of Haiti while they struggle to recover from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands and left many more without food, shelter or medical care, Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen tells OK! that, well… like, she’s just too busy right now to even pretend to care about the situation.

Last night, OK! caught up with the leggy teenager at the Victoria’s Secret store in NYC’s SoHo district, where she was promoting her new fragrance, Love Rocks. And when asked if she’s planning to follow the lead of stars like Wyclef Jean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are making high-profile donations and pleas for help, Taylor told OK!, “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.”

But before you think she’s both clueless and heartless, Taylor added, “But it’s awesome that everyone is ya know working towards a good cause.”

One topic Taylor could talk about more easily discuss was her new scent. “Well, I like that the scent is a little bit tougher than a lot of the other Victoria’s Secret scents that have been out,” she explained. “Ya know, it’s just a little bit more masculine which I like a lot. And the packaging looks really pretty on a vanity I think. And I like the little spray, what’s that called? An atomizer. I like the little atomizer.”

So she knows what an atomizer is, but can’t manage to act like she cares about one of the biggest catastrophes in recent history. Good to know she’s got her priorities straight!

[From OK! Magazine]

I suppose I could give her credit for not even pretending to care just because it’s fashionable or because people expect a modicum of interest in the devastation and deaths of millions of people. Taylor doesn’t roll like that, and maybe she should be applauded for not pretending or not saying something that would make it even worse, like “Oh, yeah, the Middle East is such a mess, y’all.” I get that Taylor is a privileged little girl who thinks that she’s the center of the universe – many 16-year-olds are like that. But there are plenty of 16-year-olds who watch CNN and can think beyond themselves too. I think what offended most was not the part about “not so much thinking about that” but that her first instinct in response to a question about Haiti was to give a little self-promotion to her album and her television show!

Besides that, who wants to smell like Taylor Momsen? What does “Love Rocks” smell like exactly? Vapidity and eyeliner?

Taylor Momsen promoting her perfume in New York on January 14, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. GatsbyGal says:

    Half the people talking about Haiti are only talking about it because they don’t want to look like heartless bastards. They don’t really care that much. So yeah, as dumb as she is, I kinda wanna give her props for this. I mean, I’m not really thinking about it either. And neither are most of y’all, unless it gets brought up on the tv or something.

  2. Carey says:

    “vapidity and eyeliner”

    LMAO. Perfection.

  3. bite me says:

    when will her 15 minutes be up

  4. QB says:

    How can’t she not think about it? Is in every tv across the world , ohh she does not watch the news or read newspaper ( can’t she even read?)

    My 9 year old nephew is aware of what is going on and how we should help the people who were affected by it , heck even in his school they are collecting stuff to send.

    She is just a stupid girl , that does not realize that a lof of life were lost and affected and how close is Haiti to the USA.

  5. joe says:

    she’s stupid.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    gross. eye make up like that NEVER looks good, on anybody.

    it makes you look like you slept in your make up.

  7. Dorothy says:

    Hopefully she will fade away after Gossip Girl gets canceled.

  8. smith says:

    Her eyes are dead.

    And she should get that mole checked …

  9. Toe says:

    She’s still young of course she does not care. At that age age you only think about make up, hair, boys, shopping, nothing else. What else did they expect.

  10. LolaBella says:

    That Raccoon Eye thing is soooo NOT attractive.

    She’s like a lot of 16 year olds, so self absorbed that something like a crisis so far removed from her sphere of things just doesn’t register.

    Now if this crisis were somehow written into an episode of Gossip Girl…

  11. padiddle says:

    Not all 16 year olds are vacuous, empty, and clothes obsessed.
    At her age, I was volunteering at my local hopital and thrift store. So were many of my peers. I realize that’s not the norm, but the fact that MANY teenages are a bit superficial does not excuse her insensitive and thoughtless remark.

  12. miranda says:

    Lay off the girl! I was as shocked as anyone watching on the news, but once I’d made a small donation to the Red Cross, what else can I do? I went back to MY problems – worrying about how I’m going to pay my mortgage, fighting the wrinkles around my eyes and wondering if we’re going to get snowed in again.

    In a couple of weeks time the press, the buying-a-stairway-to-heaven celebrities and the general populace won’t give Haiti a second thought. Taylor’s just getting there early…

  13. QB says:

    I don’t think they ask her if she was thinking about it or lossing sleep about it , I think they ask what she thought about it and she could have say is a tragedy or is a tragic situation, and that was it , she could have not sound more like a vapid bitch.

    I’m only two years older than her and I don’t act like this dumb chick.

  14. lucy2 says:

    If she were just clueless and admitted she didn’t really know that much about it yet, that I could give her credit for, but the way she answered by promoting her own stuff seems pretty cold.
    There are lots of 16 year old kids who are aware of and care about the world beyond their own. And as a celeb at a publicity event, she should have been coached to have a better response than that.

    Every time I see pics of this girl, she looks like she just woke in the gutter. And she always looks miserable. You’d think most girls would love to have her job, clothes, attention, etc.

  15. Ruby Red Lips says:

    She’s only 16 & just coz she’s on tv doesn’t mean she should have an opinion on every disaster that happens, & at least she’s honest.

    I think pretending to care as the writer states is more shallow and worse than saying what she said.

    She’s a celeb not a world peace keeper / humanitarian

    Read Lilo’s twitter, full of messages about Haiti, but we all know its just PR to clean up her image – she really doesn’t give a sh*t as it doesn’t dirsctly affect her

    Welcome to our increasingly shallow celeb driven culture

  16. Firestarter says:

    Well this confirms what many of us already knew- She is an idiot and cares only for herself, but that is the case with most celebrities these days.

    I cannot believe this moron has a fragrance out now too? When will this craze of celeb or pseudo- celeb fragrances go away? I can assure you, I am less likely to buy a perfume with a celeb name attached to it. I’d sooner buy a bag of garbage to wear, which, I guess when you think about it, is on the same level as a celeb fragrance!

  17. princess pea says:

    You know, it’s true that she doesn’t have to care about Haiti. Similarly, I don’t have to care about her show or her album or her perfume.

  18. ALEX says:

    when is this girl gonna get it through her head that lingerie and nighties are NOT clothing for the public, especially an UNDERAGE teenager! why do these teen girls want to be like 30 years old??? im 22 and still act like a kid most of the time! haha 🙂 i used to really like her first and even second season of gossip girl, but now she just wants to be like the “edgier” version of lindsay lohan and blake lively (aka never wearing pants)

  19. Karmella says:

    She’s 16, and she probably legitimately is busy with her job, which is her record and perfume. She probably isn’t watching a lot of TV. She doesn’t so much have an obligation to pretend to care either.

  20. Lee says:

    She is totally ripping off the Avril-vapid-Levine look. And she is definitely only a representative of the dim-witted of the world, which is not age-related. Intelligent, thoughtful teens would be insulted to be compared to this twit simply because she’s young.

  21. bros says:

    im fairly surprised VS is taking a risk promoting this poseur’s stupid fragrance. she is so desperate to appear tough, jaded, angsty. the least she could have done would have been to say that her heart went out to haitians and that she knows there is a lot of human suffering, and it puts things in perspective and I am so grateful to be here promoting my fragrance….something with a little heart. she is completely useless and I doubt her perfume will sell well because she isnt anyone people want to identify with. at least in my age group. i guess VS’s new demographic is self-centered teenage mall rats.

    oh, and i doubt she is any busier than angelina jolie or jlo or any of the other legitimate celebrities with real careers who have found the time to either donate or say words of sympathy for the human suffering going on there. She is SO busy right? she isnt any busier than any other celeb with a career, kids, vanity fragrance, etc.

  22. This girl needs lessons on PR. And a stylist. And a new makeup artist.

  23. MymaJane says:

    Guess what? It’s not my number one thought either. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’m just more concerned about the shit going on in my life and my loved ones lives.

  24. Cinderella says:

    Well she is not in school, where she might be learning a little more about the world around her.

    I wouldn’t expect anything more from her than being a shallow, Hollywood product. She will make a lot of money and burn through it because she is selfish and dumb.

  25. Moore says:

    I’m not really thinking about it either. I can’t even get my head around the death toll let alone watch coverage on the news. Beyond donations there’s not much more I can do about it. Their problems are obviously bigger than mine ever have been but me trying to solve their’s doesn’t solve mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t care just means I have my own mess to deal with right now. I’m pretty sure she might feel the same way even though her problems are different.

  26. Kiki says:

    She is a selfish girl with tooooooooooo much eyeliner. The only person who can pull that mess off is Marilyn Manson. Ha!

  27. GatsbyGal says:

    Kiki, you think Manson pulls off his look? Hahaha, yeah right.

  28. princess pea says:

    You know how some of us think she looks like a self-absorbed twat for out and out saying that she doesn’t care about millions of people dying and an entire country in ruins? And then how some of you are rushing in to assure us that you don’t care either?

    Yeah, I’m saying you look like self-absorbed twats.

  29. wow says:

    Ugh! I know this is going to come across all Kanye-heartless and what not but I agree with Gatsby up there. Only it’s not that I don’t care about trajedies its just that I don’t like thinking about them because it seriously saddens me and bums me out. 911, Hurricane Kat, that damn tsunami – even funerals and hospitals freak me out. I just don’t like being sad and seeing people suffer so I try to not focus on it even though I know it’s going down. It’s not like I don’t care, in a Taylor way, but it makes me all emotional and yucky.

    Maybe this is what she meant? Nah… Never mind.

  30. Ron says:

    She needs a good Press Rep. A good press rep would have told her to say
    “oh it’s so sad”
    “everyone’s praying for them”
    Listen to the canned answers you’ll hear on the Golden Globe red carpet.
    And she’s a self centered 16 year old as most are.

  31. Jazz says:

    I’m sure the people of Haiti are “not so much thinking” about her either, not even before the earthquake hit. I’m “not so much thinking” about her, her stupid show or her stupid perfume. And I bet she doesn’t do a lot of “not so much thinking”, or any kind of thinking for that matter, anyway.

  32. Alecto says:

    meh….that comment kinda make me like her a little

  33. TaylorB says:

    Ok, call me old fashioned, but I must confess I find it off putting that VS (which I frequent) is hiring a 16 year old kid to sponsor a perfume. Granted I feel uncomfortable when I am in a VS and see tweens and young teens checking out teddys. I know teens are sexually active, but at that age (if memory serves) the boys are so horney that what kind of underwear they find if they actually get into a girls pants is neither here nor there.

    Jeebus Lawd, just writing that made me feel old as dirt.

  34. Alecto says:

    btw. that comment got ya’ll talking about her didn’t it?

  35. Ally says:

    I would expect everyone would have a thought at the very least for an entire country being flattened, tens of thousands dead, and millions left with nothing overnight. Even a twit with a perfume and a TV show.

    @Jazz: ditto.

  36. Peach says:

    Why would a self obsessed, vapid, cultureless, twit care about an impoverished country experiencing a disaster far worse than anything the average American can dream of.

    God. Maybe if she got out more and visited other countries and cut out the angsty bullshit she might realize that there other people out there. And considering she has the means to make a difference, she ought to fucking use them.

    I scraped to donate. It fucking pisses me off that people who have the money don’t. Sometimes the world is bigger than your problems. Sometimes it’s important to recognize that through charitable actions. Maybe it’s not pleasant to look at, but be fucking thankful that’s all you have to do. To glance at a picture.

    Call me crazy, but if someone had said the same shit about Katrina their head would be on a pike. As it should be. I think when humanity is faced with a disaster of this proportion, those that are human do what they can. Anything less is just pathetic, self absorbed, and frankly, I would want nothing to do with those people and their life.

    That includes their skanky perfume.

  37. Annabelle says:

    It might be true that she’s not thinking about it, but she definitely shouldn’t have said that out loud, knowing it would be repeated

  38. Alarmjaguar says:

    As usual, Peach has said it all and so well!

  39. kermit says:

    Toe, that’s not true about being young and not caring. People, including teens, shouldn’t be all lumped together. Selena Gomez is about the same age as Taylor and has gone to Ghana to raise money for people there and awareness. There are so many teens not in the public eye doing charity work. Semi-famous Ali Lohan, same age as Momsen, has tweeted about supporting Haiti. Momsen gave a kinda in-the-moment answer and I don’t expect people to always say sensible things. I agree with posters that state I’m not thinking about it does not equal I don’t care. Where’s your outrage about Pat Robertson and his utterances? Because Taylor’s young and (dyed platinum) blond doesn’t mean she’s necessarily vapid. I don’t know, jury is out for me on Taylor Momsen.

  40. mila says:

    why was she even asked about it in the first place?why would anyone want to hear what Taylor Momsen had to say about Haiti?She’s a celebrity,not an authority. But it doesn’t change the fact that her answer was disgusting.
    btw, some comments on this topic are scary. I wholeheartedly agree with post #36. well said,Peach

  41. Codzilla says:

    But, Haiti, is like, another country, right? It’s not like it happened here. 🙄

    This useless bitch repulses me. Plenty of other commenters have already summed up this piece of trash perfectly, so I won’t repeat their sentiments. I will, however, say that I’m surprised there are seemingly intelligent people on this thread who try and justify their decision to ignore the catastrophe because they don’t want to be bummed out, of just flat out don’t care. Now THAT’S depressing.

  42. hatsumomo says:

    Mila has it right. She’s a vapid 16 year old on a network tween program. Do you really expect her to be well-versed in international affairs? And one so recent? Granted ,. at least she didn’t give a canned response like ‘they are in my prayers’ or ‘I’m sad about it’. She was honest. Things of this magnitude don’t compute in her world. That being said, she does need better handlers to coach her in proper PR responses.

  43. snapdragon says:

    of course she’s not thinking about haiti…looks like she doesn’t think about anything other than keeping the makeup industry in business.

  44. Kathie says:

    When I first clicked on this story I thought someone had blacked both of Taylor’s eyes for being insensitive and plastic but then I realized she must look like this all the time! Wow..looks like a harlequin mask to me. She is a stupid and insensitive person but who on earth asked her about anything with any real substance? Personally I am not waiting with breathless anticipation to hear what celebrities think of tragedys. I know what my response is and the response of my church and my country but other than that y’all do whatever. I don’t have to answer for you guys, just me. As for this situation please stop asking vapid plastic children for their opinions..it is a useless exersize and a waste of time.

  45. Fire says:

    GatsbyGal you couldn’t be more wrong! And some others of you – stop being so fucking egocentric! Yeah, I have my own problems too, but it’s not whether or not I have food, drinking water, shelter, an arm or leg, or a FAMILY or a COUNTRY anymore!! Jesus! Fucking grow up or shut up and go by that twat’s perfume. I’m sure it’s aimed at people like you anyway. I couldn’t be more disgusted by some of the comments on here. I would like to know why anyone would ask her that question in the first place, but the fact that she has no idea about it doesn’t blow my mind. But she is the one in interviews who is always trying to come across as older and edgy and all that shit, but she just typifies the stupid, selfish, bratty hollywood bunch with these comments AND the fact that she has a fucking perfume. Oh, she’s so different than all the others – RIGHT!

  46. Raven says:

    QB is right. Let’s get Momsen on YouTube with a globe and tell her to find Haiti.

  47. Peach says:

    Word. Fire.
    This issue eats at me so because while I’ve never been to Haiti I’ve visited Africa and SE Asia…and I’ve seen what starving children look like. Kids with open sores and distended bellies. The families of starving people who wanted to cook for me! I was there to help them and yet they invited me in and tried to give me what they had. This was common in almost all families from Algeria to Vietnam. It was humbling to say the very least.
    Add on top of that loosing the little you did have. Add loosing family. Add crushed legs and twisted bodies. It’s horrifying.

    People should care because they should have compassion. Average people and celebrities. If you can look at these pictures…and really not be affected, I think perhaps it’s time to do some introspection.

  48. Moore says:

    This girl doesn’t sound like she made much of an effort (who knows what she’s thinking) but there’s a couple of you who act like everyone in the world needs to stop and hop a plane to Haiti and start building it up. Really? Is that happening, are you there and is that an opportunity for everyone else? I’d like to know. You donate/do what you can when you can and until you can do more are you going to do? What are you doing?

    Maybe you’re not but I’m having go about my day and until there’s more that can be done then yes I will be avoiding the news and skipping out on the pics online. I’ve already seen a good bit and yes it is because I’m “bummed out” enough about it and my own mess and don’t feel the need to add to it. But maybe you do so have fun with that.

    You can watch it all you want, look at the pics constantly, watch it on the news and loathe people and this kid included who don’t do the same as you but I and I’m pretty sure other people care far more Haiti then for the opinions of people who don’t have the ability to judge the heart and/or fix the world as a whole.

    And grow up calling people self-absorbed twats because they don’t act as you do. Nobody has to care but its called kindness, charity, donations because there are people who do.

  49. Maritza says:

    Most teenagers her age are like that, self centered, they think the world revolves around them. So I don’t I don’t blame her for saying exactly what was in her mind.

  50. Fire says:

    I stand by calling her a self-absorbed twat, because all evidence points to the fact that she is – not caring about what is happening in the world, only thinking about her stupid album and a stupid t.v. show and stupid fragrance. She’s a fucking twat and I’m not going to apologize for thinking it. I’ve donated to the Red Cross and I will keep donating, what I can. And no, I haven’t hopped on a plane, because I have a family and a job and responsibilities here. And, the most important thing they need in Haiti, from every source I have seen, is money. So, yes, I am doing my part, doing what I can, I am bummed too, and I am not watching CNN 24/7 either. I don’t need to – I know what’s going on there. I also don’t loathe this kid – I don’t care enough about her. But just because I can’t “fix the world as a whole” (whatever the fuck you mean by that) doesn’t mean I can’t try to do a little something to try to help the current crisis (and other horrific events in the past, in addition to volunteering for local causes).

    And it doesn’t mean my opinion about this self-absorbed twat isn’t valid.

  51. Moore says:

    Fire, I’m not talking about calling her that nor am I talking about people’s opinion of her. You can think what you want about her. I’m talking about calling other people here that. I’ve seen comments about people having to deal with their own lives other than donating and not spending all their time thinking about Haiti. I find that less self absorbed then her album therefore the comment directed as others was wrong.
    And that’s exactly what I’m saying. You do what you can but after that then what? Those of use who are focused on our problems till there is more to be done don’t need other people chiming on how we’re handling the situation in relation to our lives. Unless these people know how to do more then there is no reason to act as if others aren’t doing enough or even care by not being fixated or wanting to see it daily.

  52. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    i can’t believe i am the only person that actually likes her makeup… i love that look…it looks good on her and a lot of other people for that matter. it’s actually a really hard look to pull off, you have to have the right kind of eyes and face and stuff. i think she looks great! i think it’s crazy that i’m the minority here, i thought gossip hounds were a little more fashion forward i guess.

    don’t get me wrong, i think the girl is a total idiot, but i think she looks incredible and cute in an edgy kind of way…especially for being such an idiot! 🙂

  53. Basketca says:

    I’m 16, just like her, and I f-cking think about it. Of course I care about my things, and I’m not spending all my time thinking about Haiti, but I don’t think that “Not so much thinking about it” is a correct answer.

    Okay, saying “Oh, yeah, it’s terrible. Poor people.” it’s an hypocresy, agree. But saying you aren’t thinking about it because you have to promote a perfume is not right.

    If you watch the news, see a woman crying over her husband and baby’s dead bodies, a 2 year old girl’s body being thrown to a pile of dead people, kids without arms and their face covered with blood, people saying they’re starving, that they haven’t drink clean water or eaten since the accident, YOU CAN’T F-CKING SAY YOU’RE NOT “SO MUCH THINKING ABOUT IT”. Even for some minutes a day, if you don’t care about it just a little bit, it’s because you’re a really, really cold bastard.

  54. Sigh. says:

    In defense of 16 year-olds; SELENA GOMEZ has asked for donations thru UNICEF (she is an ambassador), so I don’t buy the age factor.

    Not surprised that THIS 16 year-old could care less. Haiti is not a target audience for her substandard talent/smell, and she has never shown us to be particularily “deep” about anything but herself, so no big whoop.

  55. Fire says:

    Moore, reread my comments – I NEVER called anyone else on here a self-absorbed twat. I said “and some others of you – stop being so fucking egocentric” – which I will stand by too. I know people have their own issues, I am not saying ignore them, at all. I’m saying think outside of your world for a few minutes about things happening outside your little bubble and lend a hand, donate a $1, give others a minute and volunteer, whatever you can do. Then go back to your wrinkles, your aunt’s hernia, your neighbor’s missing cat or what happened on last night’s Bachelor.

  56. Zewt says:

    I don’t think the “about Haiti” part of the headline was necessary, really. The rest of it stood alone.

  57. Mairead says:

    About par for the course, surely?

    Personally, I’d much rather a post about Wyclef Jean. The man is a legend.

  58. Michelle says:

    Lots of young people her age DO care about the world.

    I think this is boycott-worthy. How about, I’m not buying your album, little brat, because I”m “not so much thinking” about you??

  59. loca says:

    that is some SCARY eye liner!

  60. CB Rawks says:

    I HATE that eye makeup.

  61. yae says:

    American youth’s icons get dumber……and dumber AND DUMBER. And the lower the IQ, the harder they are promoted.

    But hollywood isn’t trying to make Americans stupid or anything. That’s just a conspiracy. /facepalm

  62. gee_gee says:

    I blame the idiot who asked her this question in the first place. Were the Lohan and Cyrus girls unavailable? What did they expect when they approached this girl? Exactly what they got.

  63. GatsbyGal says:

    I think people here are confusing “not thinking about it” with “not giving a shit.”

  64. andrea says:

    wow, this moron needs some handlers. i thought these girls were given handlers to coach them in how to answer interview questions? she’s hawking perfume and doesn’t even know the word “atomizer”. i think it’s best for haiti that TM is not so much thinking about them – they’re in bad enough shape already.

  65. kimberly says:

    i doubt she has much money to even donate to be honest. She’s a CW actress and even with her fake ass high quality, but really drugstore crappy perfume is rich enough to donate the same amount as angelina or george.

    she’s just a little girl after all.

    what’s really sad is I know kids younger than her doing more for earthquake relief, and they don’t have the resources she does.

    hope they kill her off that retarded show!

    as for her album? Never planned on buying a copy.

  66. gg says:

    GatsbyGall, your first comment did not indicate that at all.

    This self-absorbed thing should be on her knees thanking God that she doesn’t live in Haiti.

    We as humans owe it to each other to care about every one in the world. If you don’t, you need to grow up and do some soul searching.

    I don’t wanna hear excuses like it makes you “bummed” to give a damn about people buried alive when it is all being beamed around the world as I type this. Bleeding children, wounded babies, people screaming and being pulled from being buried alive makes you feel nothing? Are you a vampire or just a total idiot?


    I truly hope one of her older relatives has verbally smacked her hard for saying such an ignorant thing.

  67. Peach says:

    @Fire. No, you didn’t. But I did. And I will happily stand by it.

    You do what you can. But paychecks keep rolling in and situations don’t go away overnight. It is important to keep caring. To donate more than once. It is not asking a lot to donate 20 dollars a month. Or 5 a month. Or 10 a month to one of the biggest humanitarian disasters the world has seen in the past 50 years.

    This situation will go on for some time. Just like Katrina. And America has Haiti to thank for a lot. (seriously, read the history of the Louisiana Purchase sometime). I’m not trying to browbeat charity out of people. But I am saying that this is not an area where one should be given leeway for being nonchalant and flippant.

    I believe being so casual and ‘meh’ about the destruction of an entire city and the deaths of thousands is…well…kinda twaty. And again, I stand by that 100%.

  68. Lita says:

    I like the eye makeup too, @sailor mouth, you are not alone! I always loved darryl hannah’s bladerunner eyemakeup too. You need a certain look to get it right, very pale and tight angular face. She nailed it.

  69. L says:

    I think part of is is that her answer is so flippant. I can just picture her twirling her hair, chomping on some gum, and rolling her eyes as she said it.

    Maybe if she had said something about yea it’s sad, but not my top priority-I could be more sympathetic. Personally it’s sad for me, I donated what I could, and then I have to go on with day to day life. Her response of ‘yea not really thinking about it’ really did come off as ‘I don’t give a shit about any of that stuff’ and that’s what I have a problem with.

    Honestly, no one expects it to be on her mind 24-7, but a little human empathy would have been more well…human.

  70. trisket whisket says:

    Wow! She’s even more stupid and insensitive than she looks!!!

    I am thinking about Haiti and have been making donations-and I am not a celebrity. However, I encourage others to please make a donation to help those in distress.

  71. Moore says:

    No, Fire, reread mine. I never said you called her that. I said “Fire, I’m not talking about calling her that nor am I talking about people’s opinion of her. You can think what you want about her.” Nowhere was it mentioned that the words came from you because they didn’t. Go back up and read the comment that it came from. I don’t care if P.Pea calls her that but to direct it to others without a valid reason seemed wrong. Your name is not in that. And like I said you can think what you want about her cause that has nothing much to do with it.

    I think people here are confusing “not thinking about it” with “not giving a shit.” – Bingo. It’s like people need lessons in comprehension or something.

  72. Lia says:

    She seemed so promising in “The Grinch…”. It’s sad to see that she’s turned out to be a classless twit.

  73. nnn says:

    I don’t buy the age factor, it’s just common sense and basic compasssion.

    If at the aftermath of the September 11th 2001, a teen would have said that, nobody will have brought the age factor.

    It’s just something of this magnitude happening to a human being, even if you don’t think about it, the minute you are asked about it, those few seconds should trigger the minimum of empathy, at least the basic compassion and thought of sadness.

    She didn’t reply as a human being to a question about a tragedy. It’s like you are asked about a child’s you don’t know terrible death (but with magnitude 1000) and all you answer is about your business..

    Now is it because of the lack of basic humanity or because she is totally clueless of basic human feelings ? A bit of both i guess

  74. nj says:

    Nicely done, Peach.
    Well said, 99.

    I’d just like to relay something to those who are bummed and trying to shut out the horror of the Haitian earthquake. We owe it to these fellow human beings to BEAR WITNESS to their pain, their grief, their suffering. We must do what we can to help, and while we realistically cannot all jump on planes and fly over there (they only have one runway) we can all donate, we can all contribute, we can all recognize the plight of the Haitians and keep it in our collective conscious. We can call on our major retailers to contribute. We can teach our children how to react with compassion to other nations.
    “I have my own problems”
    “Its a bummer”
    “I can’t save them”
    “No one really cares”
    “I have wrinkles” (Wtf?)

    These are all cop-outs. Everyone of us can do something.

  75. bella says:

    Taylor’s perfume probably smells like crotch (since she doesn’t believe in pants) and morning-after bar-hair. Not anything I’d like to smell like, thank you anyway.

  76. gg says:

    Is anybody else getting reeeeeally tired of kids being named “Taylor”?

  77. singerinwhite says:

    Yes, Taylor is a self-absorbed twit. Yes, she should give money – even if it’s a few thousand. She’s got it in her bank account, I’m sure. Quite honestly, she an every single celeb should be giving SO MUCH of their money right now instead of doing telethons to encourage OTHER people to do the same. That kind of thing makes me so angry. Here they are wearing Chanel and Louboutins encouraging people who are struggling to pay for college, or may have lost half of their retirement funds – or may not even have a JOB, and THEY expect US to give money when we have NO IDEA if THEY’RE doing the same thing?!

    It’s why I will act disgusted, annoyed, and jaded about any celeb who is in this telethon that I haven’t heard has donated a specific amount of money to Haiti. Rosie O’Donnell also mentioned this in a press conference about some HBO show, and she’s absolutely right. And Rosie has give money into the six figures to help for the cause; she may have given even more. Another group of Celebs that I know have given money and yet are going to be one of the people encouraging others to do the same: The Jonas Brothers. They may have crap music, but thank goodness they’re putting their money where their mouth is. I have respect for them now because of that.

    I want to donate money to Haiti- I really do. But I can’t easily hop into the car and drive to my local red cross to directly give money (I don’t have my driver’s license, it’s just not practical for me – my college is rather close to home), and I’m VERY hesitant to give money online, even if it’s to a reputable organization like the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

    I just got a notice in my e-mail asking me to sign a petition for the credit card companies to stop snatching 3 percent of people’s donations for their own profits. (Which they have been doing). I signed it, even though I’m sure the credit card companies won’t pay attention to the petition.

    Regardless, it’s one of the reasons why I’m very leery about giving any sort of money online in general. I want to make sure that every single penny I give is going to the right place. And these days you really never know.

    The only real option I have is possibly donating some of my gift certificate money (an Amazon gift certificate) to the organization they have a link for. But I want to make sure that every single penny is going towards resources to help the situation in Haiti.

  78. Moore says:

    Nj, please. If you want to sit through it day in and day out then fine but learn to read.
    We’ve seen it and I do actually get my updates on this situation and others but who does it help to constantly view dying people or hear about the lack of proper care?
    Its not helping me and its not helping them. If seeing that is what makes you do more then fine but I don’t need to see the anguish at all times in order to be moved to do something about it.
    Also cop outs are excuses to not do something so go back and read where we already mentioned what we’ve done to help so far.

  79. Essie says:

    Oh, Singer, honey, don’t worry your little head about Haiti. I mean, you have to spend so much of your time making up excuses as to why you “can’t” donate and why you “won’t” donate, so you really don’t have the time to actually donate, right?

    These telethons do one thing . . . get as many people as possible in the U.S. to donate money to this cause. Even if EVERY actor/actress in America who could donate a million actually did donate a million that would still not add up to as much as people will give to this telethon. That is why telethons are held. Not every actor/actress has a million to donate, especially not a young TV actress like Taylor.

    Now, go back to making up more excuses, dear. Other people will donate and help the people of Haiti as much as they can. We don’t need you or your excuses.

  80. Aspie says:

    @ Jazz – right on! Your comment was spot on! Who cares about this vapid little idiot who doesn’t obviously care about anything other than her stupid and vapid “music” and irritating T.V. show.

    At 16, she needs to be more self-aware of the world at large. I can’t believe some people on here are actually defending her on being so selfish and vapid. It amazes me how some people can be so heartless.

  81. NicoleAM says:

    You can pat her on the back for her honesty, and not “pretending” to care but, w/ a disaster like this, why would anyone have to pretend to care? I really don’t know what else to say here, when I was 16 I wasn’t that self-absorbed that a major tragedy elicited a response like that.

  82. Lita says:

    @singerinwhite – that was the longest, most insane comment I think I have ever read. Wow – so you did accomplish something today after all! I mean beyond finding new respect for the Jonas Brothers (whew – big day then huh!111!11!!!). Even if it wasn’t travelling an awkward distance without even driving (like, ZOMG) because you are somewhat unsure about internet security and 3% of what you possibly donate (I mean if you did) could maybe be taken by a bank and maybe the celebrities on the telethons are not donating as much as you (which is .. let me count .. nothing?) .. well, all told, I think you are just right. Good on you for calling someone a “self-absorbed twit” and for signing that very vital internet petition (wow, good one, you’re like an activist or something!). Anyhow I think you should think good and hard about that Amazon Gift Cert you have – I mean, you could find that 3% of whatever you donate is taken in administration, so maybe you should just buy a nice book. May I recommend the Twilight series? They are written for semi-formed, juvenile minds without linear nor rational thought processes.

  83. neil says:

    Wow, a LOT OF PEOPLE HERE don’t quite understand just how SERIOUS the sh*t happening in Haiti REALLY is. Some analysts have reported this is the WORST catastrophey ever to happen in the western hemisphere. Couple that with this being one of the poorest countries in the world with an infrastructure to match. So forget the sillyness here and start digging into your wallets….y’all

  84. gg says:

    @ singerinwhite: ! I am speechless. I hope you have thought better of that selfish sounding post.

    I have to agree with Lita – forget about yourself and give a small donation. If you’ve not set up your bank account online – do it, it’s safe especially if you have any normal bank. Good grief. You can also just write the damn Red Cross a check – ever thought about that? How bout ten bucks?

    And quit reading and signing those dippy viral “internet petitions”. It’s BS and probably gave your computer a trojan virus and a bunch of phishing ensued.

    Just be thankful your family does not live in Haiti. It is hell on earth right now.

  85. princess pea says:

    @ Fire – Sorry. I think you were taking heat for my comment that various people in here “look like self-absorbed twats.”

    Which, upon re-reading, I stand by 100%.

    If we’re going to get all argumentative about about semantics and reading comprehension(which we are, I see), please note that I said they LOOK like twats, not that they ARE twats.

  86. Moore says:

    Princess pea, that doesn’t change a thing. Glad you stand by your words. I stand by mine. I still find that you need to grow up.