Elisabetta Canalis is jealous of George Clooney’s female friends, exes


Can you feel it? This is what it feels like when the tide turns against one of George Clooney’s girlfriends. Not to be a broken record about this, but I don’t think Elisabetta Canalis is going to last much longer. And now the tabloid reporting is starting to reflect that! After seeming to be bored with each other at the Golden Globes, George didn’t even bring Canalis to the SAGs, and she’s been MIA for more than a week – I think she might have gone back to Italy? I seem to remember photos of her in Italy several days ago? Maybe I’m mistaken. But I don’t think I’m wrong about her not lasting too much longer.

While just a week ago, the tabloids were writing glowing reports about George and marriage and babies and Elisabetta being “the one,” this week’s Enquirer has the first negative report about Elisabetta. It’s a good one, too. Apparently, she’s “jealous” of Clooney’s friends. Namely, his female friends. And you know Clooney doesn’t roll like that.

George Clooney’s relationship with Elisabetta is doomed to fail, say pals – because she’s jealous of his friendships with other women.

“Elisabetta is crazy about George and she gets very possessive when George pays too much attention to another woman… When other women get too close to him she always slips her hand around his arm as if to say, ‘He’s mine!’”

Elisabetta fumed her way through the Golden Globes after George’s former costar Julianna Margulies stopped to hug him on her way to the stage.

“You could almost see the smoke coming out of Elisabetta’s ears… She was standing up and hugging her in front of everyone.”

The situation grew even more strained at the after-parties, as dozens of George’s friends and acquaintances – both men and women – vied for his attention.

“Elisabetta bristled at the parade of women who were very affectionate with kisses and some whispers and laughter – and the fact that George enjoyed the attention… If Elisabetta can’t understand that George is buddies with plenty of women, including his old girlfriends, their relationship is doomed.”

“Elisabetta doesn’t understand that his friends are just that and she has nothing to worry about… George is very comfortable with Elisabetta, but if she starts rocking his boat regarding his friendships with women, she’ll find herself walking the plank.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 8, 2010]

This is the sound of George’s butler packing Elisabetta’s bags. No, seriously – is this true? I can’t decide. I wasn’t paying attention to any of the Clooney-and-Canalis cutaways at the Globes, so I don’t know if Canalis looked pissy or not. I could conceivably buy it, I guess. Probably because I could totally see myself reacting the same way if the guy I’d been dating for several months was paying too much attention to a parade of gorgeous actresses. Of course, I would never get to that point, because I’m not into all of the kinky sh-t George is allegedly into. Anyway… George doesn’t like possessive. He doesn’t do controlling, ballsy, jealous, crazy women. If she is acting like this, she’s gone.

George and Elisabetta at the Globes, on January 17, 2010. Below, various photos of George being friendly with other women, like Julianna Margulies, Vera Farmiga, Julia Roberts, and Renee Zellweger. Credit: WENN.

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52 Responses to “Elisabetta Canalis is jealous of George Clooney’s female friends, exes”

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  1. meme says:

    good. george is too good for her.

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    * whispers *

    umm what kind of allegedly kinky shit is he into… details please. This is new info to me.

  3. Phowie says:

    Italian women don’t usually allow their jealousy to show and can seem downright indifferent to the displays of their men with other women. They have a very European take on the whole fidelity issue and it takes more than some minor league flirting to upset them. Its mostly American or British women who blow a gasket over this kind of behavior.

  4. MsTriste says:

    @ meme: Agreed. But who IS good enough for George? He obviously needs the perfect woman, inside and out.

  5. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Kaiser

    Wow wheeeee … 😉 This, I never knew. Hahahaaa. Thx for the link.

  6. sonola trip says:

    I believe this story. There were similar reports during the London Film Festival last fall. Canalis was pissy about attention Clooney was paying to his female friends at one of the after parties in London. Also one of her ex-boyfriends in Italy said one of the reasons he broke up with her was because of her jealousy and possessiveness.

  7. bite me says:

    f: probably christina aguilera

  8. meme says:

    MsTriste – MOI. MOI is good enough for Georgie.

  9. Linda says:

    Good luck to that girl if she is jealous. I would not want to be her.

  10. Sumodo says:


  11. Raven says:

    She’s been a celebrity in her own country. She should understand the PDA’s between stars. I think the Enquirer has puffed this up, like they have Brad Pitt reuniting with JA.

  12. Dorothy says:

    OMG! I just read that link! Oh Sweet George!

  13. Sigh. says:

    She might have been BORED more than pissed off. She’s famous in her own right in ITALY, but it’s a different game in The US – especially with the likes of King Clooney. She’s mostly known here as “Clooney’s Latest Rumored Future Wife.”

    I thought she was crowned “The One” because of her refreshing independence, so this might be professional jealousy more than personal, if true at all. Heck, why get to know ANY of Clooney’s dates anyway? It’s like attempting to become bff with your flight attendant.

  14. the truth says:

    that dude looks like a lady.. lol

  15. wow says:

    I doubt it’s true. One can not date a man like Clooney and then be jealous of of his women friends. I think she’s just enjoying his company (and villa) and seeing how far it will go.

  16. lizzieb says:

    For some reason when I see her I think of the phrase, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” I dunno. She just doesn’t strike me as the glamourus girl she so deserately tries to be.

  17. Cat says:

    Um Phowie. . .how about judging everyone as an individual and not stereotying entire countries?

  18. george's future girlfriend says:

    Elisabetta Canalis has a past in porn.
    Google it.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I guess. George seems to have a few kinks himself. But once he gets those all worked out with the porn star, he’ll want a real woman. 🙂

  19. Kitten says:

    Notice she was gone after the baby rummers ? I had an Italian step mother . She was cool out in public but when my dad got her home after flirting w/ other women …. She would beat the crap out of him . Notice she was no where in site during hope for Hati ? Notice she was no where in site at the golden globes ? George Clooney is a nice friendly guy who likes to have friends of all different types . It’s sad if she messed this up he seemed happy . He is a realy nice man . I hope he finds happiness .

  20. Elisabetta Canalis says:

    Oh yes, it’s true, George has dumped my sorry ass.

    I don’t care anyway. George doesn’t understand that dressing up like a slutty nun is a good career decision.

    Google me. I do it all the time. 😀

  21. Anonyma says:

    @ Sigh, # 14: She’s more like infamous in her own country, in Italy, for having dated lots and lots of soccer players, for posing for topless pics… She was fired from MTV prior to “meeting” George, they took her back for a short stint because of all the press she got as his “girlfriend” du jour.

    Right now she’s back in Italy, making sure the paparazzi are on standby, and she’s “acting” in a movie next, and making diva-ish demands on the set.

  22. Cinderella says:

    Phowie, what’s the European take on fidelity? My mother was German and she was jealous as hell. My dad was American and a flirt so he felt the wrath. All of my German aunts were jealous women, too. I have a touch of it myself!

    I think it’s in the bloodlines rather than the nationality.

  23. lightbulb says:

    Elisabetta is back in Italy filming a movie, yes, a real movie, so she can hardly be with Clooney while he is filming in another country. So no split yet.

    She will certainly last till after the Oscars in March but after that it will probably fizzle out, like all his female relationships do.

  24. Tru says:

    get real, she is jealous of his men friends–or his ex men friends he use to parade around Italy with..

  25. HateTribe says:

    I was watching some red carpet coverage when they were talking to Pooney and I sensed the same thing. The reporter asked who she was and Pooney said, “This is EEE-leees-a-betta. Eeee-leees-a-betta.” Like he had to repeat himself to make double-sure he looked like a total d-ckface. The camera moved to her and she was wearing a supreme look of annoyance.

  26. Photoshopper says:

    This article is dead on. She was sent home early, right after the Golden Globes. Reuters published a picture of Clooney’s place setting at the SAG Awards dinner table. There were two plates and two place setting cards. One said George Clooney and the other Elisabetta Canalis. She was originally supposed to be there.

  27. birdgherl says:

    If you are going to date George Clooney, you should get used to women throwing themselves at him. I imagine you would need some seriously thick skin.

  28. alp1226 says:

    Time to hire a new pretend girlfriend.

  29. Sigh. says:

    Anonyma —
    I have heard “rumblings” about her before, then all of the sudden everyone started calling her an “actress” and/or “presenter,” but never really any specifics. Then her actual job is “famewh$re.”

    So she’s another version of…Carmen Electra, maybe? Well-exposed, but no REAL talent, yet still making money, dated/-s “famous” men, kinda freaky, etc…

    If she starts making crazy demands/builds a (worse) reputation, Clooney is gonna be done with that 24 MINUTES after the last Oscar is presented. He doesn’t seem like a man who would let any ol’ harpy ruin his stellar reputation in the industry.

    Like “alp1226” said, he can buy, I mean find another one for half the price, I mean trouble, and twice the kinky, I mean beauty.

  30. haribo says:

    she’s jealous because she knows george is not hot for her.

  31. Andrew says:

    I’m no fan of George but it happens so that Elisabetta Canalis does work in Italy. Did you guys think she is so stupid to leave her life in Italy for him? Woman aren’t so stupid anymore to leave everything ofr a man. Please give us a break. National Enwuirer is a crappy source. They invent just like Ian Halperin.

  32. Fleur says:

    No need to worry for Italian hard working “Erotic Queen ” . She will offer and deliver her professional sevice in the sex department and Clooney wants to get laid, there’s always emergency . As a professional gold digger and being quite a veteran in the field she will beat all others up to the core . And a woman with a brain does not want an old perverted idiot who is telling lies all day long while spending his time with wh*res .

  33. Fleur says:

    Please, could somebody tell the idiot to stop sending me e-mails like a lovesick donkey .

  34. sharon hollar says:

    I think George looks wonderful with that beard. I also think that Elizabetta should not worry as long as he is going home with her. I really think that George is honest these days and if he intends to cheat on her he will just tell her its over, like he did Sara…..He’s not perfect, but he is a mature, intelligent man. Look at his humanitarian efforts, he really is trying to make a difference. We are always changing and evolving as human beings, give the man a break, he is tops in my book!

  35. rachel says:

    I think it’s over. She wasn’t at the Haiti telethon nor at the SAG nor in Sweden with him. I think he dumped her after the Golden Globes.

  36. Fleur says:

    To me it’s a little disgusting to imagine while I’m with my boyfriend he is writing love stuff ( “from the heart” – vomit ) to another woman WHO DOES NOT EVEN WANT HIM .
    Ridiculous .
    Also it is VERY disgusting to get this bullshit .
    It is beyond any taste .

  37. Fleur says:

    Today the Idiot wrote to me that he likes my lipstick and my nailpolish, oh Lord, please !
    The colour is PINK, a really gay pink, probably that’s why he likes it .

  38. Photoshopper says:

    Fleur have you been into Canalis’ stash? Are you on drugs?

  39. Fleur says:

    Yes, I’m on chocolate . And when I need to talk to you, I’ll let you know . Good Bye !

  40. Solveig says:

    Although she dated some soccer players and some other famous man she’s always been a quiet and reserved person and not a famew*ore at all as someone stated above. And her relationships were usually long lasting.
    You barely see her on gossip magazine, and it seems that usually she is the one who dumps the partners.
    I love Clooney as an actor and director, but I do think that he is a boring person.

  41. Lorenzo Bello says:

    Reserved persons usually don’t flash their tits to the world and the horseface is in every existing gossip magazine, isn’t she ?
    Also she was dumped by a married soccer player, because after having sex she was running after him pretending to be pregnant .Soccer players are very happy now Clooney took the used fast aging famewh*re, because we like them girls young, fresh and good looking .

  42. Solveig says:

    Reserved person about her relationships.
    And probably you know better than me that in Italy flashing boob is common use, as it’s common use in the rest of the world as well.
    The story about that married soccer player is bs.
    I don’t know what’s the reason why people need to invent lies about someone they don’t even know personally. I mean, people have the right to dislike whoever they want, but are lies necessary?
    There must be class in bashing people too, my dears.

  43. Public Opinion says:

    Someone is in a panic because they’ve lost control of public opinion about the delightful Ms. Canalis I see.

  44. Lorenzo Bello says:

    Hahaha, when I’m looking for some class I don’t do this here or somewhere near Clooney and his prostitutes .
    Yes, flashing tits is very common among cheap women without class all over the world, not so usual for reserved persons, no no .
    I am Italian and I do not lie, lol, I do not invent stories very much busy with soccer training and I have a well trained body, but not for groupie or horseface .

  45. Fleur says:

    Another day with love stuff from Mr. Idiot .
    As he forbid me to publish anything concerning him , I am pretty amused and put some of this bullshit right here :
    “Chocolate Honey Bear I need the honey that only you can give!”
    Maybe he is calling me names because as an idiot he can’t say my name correctly ?

  46. Solveig says:

    Lorenzo, I read italian and I’m in Italy, therefore I read magazines and I’m able to google in italian, that means that I know what we’re talking about. The only rumored Elisabetta’s pregnancy happened when she was dating Reginaldo and he was NOT married. We both know that flashing boobs is none of a problem for italian men, maybe it is umconfortable for you, but unfortunately that is the Berlusconiana italian “””culture”””. So what are you talking about? That you are a soccer player who doesn’t care about an ex-fiancée of some A-list soccers because you are better than those soccers who dated a famew*ore? Please! Here the misoginy again… A private (and I write it again PRIVATE) famous women dates different men: she’s a w*ore. A very famous man f***s different women letting the world know about it: he is a tombeur de femme.

  47. Lorenzo Bello says:

    ” A private famous women “, ahahaha .
    I like pretty boobs, but not the old saggy ones of Elisabruta and like I said above, flashing tits is not a job for a woman with class, it’s a job for cheap women without class . Who is this Solveig woman to tell me about ‘Berlusconiana italian “””culture”””’ a-list soccer and famous men dating crap ? The private lawyer of “private famous women”?
    Just had a good laugh to imagine private famous horseface will now run after Clooney pretending to be pregnant.

  48. Rapid Response says:

    A story came out of Italy today that Betty tried the pregnancy scare with Clooney already. About two weeks ago. Right about the time of the Golden Globes and the time she was last seen in his presence.

  49. Magnolia says:

    Kaiser – I read this link:


    The writing was horrible and I had a very difficult time getting through it, but wanted to comment on the quote about Clooney’s take on hookers.

    I wasn’t sure what the point was in quoting that, but I actually saw the interview where he said that.

    It was on the David Letterman show and he was poking fun at his naivety and stupidity when he first went to Hollywood. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    I’m not a Clooney fan in general – though his acting can sometimes be decent.

    I wouldn’t read too much into that. Just Sayin’ though.

  50. Fleur says:

    This Italian ” private famous women ” looks soooo evil in her Cavalli underwear.
    She must be Clooney’s soulmate .
    And her legs are horrible, how did she get jobs as a model with these legs, did she pay for it ?

  51. Ursula says:

    Poor Elisabetta!
    Believe me, she worked and works a lot in Italy.. She did movies for the families (not porn!). She did a beautiful calendar. She has roles in many sitcoms.
    Her debut was as “velina” – a showgirl in “Striscia la notizia”.
    It’s a very funny girl and she doesn’t talk bad about people. She always smiles and doesn’t give comments.
    More… she loves dogs.
    And now… Suddenly she is the “bad girl” because she’s dating George.
    That’s unfair.
    Envy is an ugly sin… isn’t it?