Matthew McConaughey shares photo of newborn baby daughter Vida

Matthew McConaughey has shared a photo of his newborn daughter, Vida, on his website. Little Vida was born to Matthew and his longterm girlfriend, Camila Alves, on January 3. The photo was taken in the hospital and Visa is sleeping while Matt and Camila look at each other lovingly. It’s one of the cutest and most intimate first baby photos I’ve seen, and all that’s missing is their older child Levi, one and a half. There’s something to be said for the fact that McConaughey has his own charity but they made the decision not to sell the photo, even for a good cause, and to release it free of charge. They premiered Levi in OK! Magazine and gave the proceeds to McConaughey’s JK Livin foundation.

Meet Matthew McConaughey’s new daughter Vida!

On his official website, the actor, 40, and girlfriend Camila Alves have released the first photo of their baby girl, who was born Jan. 3 in Los Angeles (she weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 oz.).

“Our latest family member, Vida Alves McConaughey,” McConaughey wrote under the baby’s photo.

Alves, who makes her debut as host of the Bravo hairstyling reality show Shear Genius on Feb. 3, tells the new Us Weekly (out now) that the baby “is doing great.”

“It’s easier with the second child, because, you know what she’ll be like,” said Alves, 27, who welcomed their first child, son Levi, in 2008.

She said their 19-month-old son is “at the fun stage where he’s talking. He loves saying Vida’s name!”

McConaughey couldn’t be a more doting dad, she added.

Said Alves, “To see a father with his child is beautiful.”

[From US Weekly]

Yesterday we heard that there may be a hint of trouble in McConaughey and Alves’ relationship and that Alves’ mother was pressuring her daughter to get a formal agreement out of McConaughey. The couple is not married and Alves’ mother is said to be concerned about her daughter’s future. It’s probably an issue that they’re not overly concerned about and will work out in time.

Vida is a lovely name and it means “life” in both Spanish and Alves’ first language, Portugese. Vida is sleeping in this picture and her face is all scrunched up, but you can see how adorable she is. I want to kiss her little head and cheeks. Will Matthew eventually share the story of his daughter’s arrival with a colorful description of the birth scene? We can only hope.

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  1. rzrlvr says:

    That’s an absolutely beautiful photograph. I love it. LOL Our son’s first photo? I’m a lot more sweaty. 🙂

  2. princess pea says:

    What i love most about this picture is how disheveled he looks. You can imagine that he was running his hands through his hair, cheering Camila on and bongo-drumming around the delivery room. It’s a really sweet photo, and he goes so gaga for his babies, it’s really endearing.

  3. ash says:

    the black and white makes it very old fashioned and sweet. How nice for their family, a new addition

  4. Lara says:

    Very cute photo. I have to say though that the timing is bang on. Mild controversy deflected head-on by baby pics, which apparently everyone loves.

  5. Icecat says:

    “The photo was taken in the hospital and Visa is sleeping while Matt and Camila look at each other lovingly.”

    Funny Typo!!

    I like these two. They seem to be in it for the long haul. I hope they make it!!

    That picture is absolutely adorable!!

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, that pic is all sorts of sweet.

    I love how he’s so disheveled…

    also, how freakin’ GORGEOUS is Camila? the woman just had a baby, hair is undone, no make up, and she still looks so pretty.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Lovely photo, beautiful baby.

  8. Sumodo says:

    I haven’t seen him wear a shirt in years. I guess he had one hidden somewhere.

  9. happymom says:

    I have to laugh too at how disheveled he looks and how perfect she is-it’s as though he’s the one who gave birth!

  10. snapdragon says:

    they are an insanely adorable family.

  11. Corina says:

    It totally looks like Matthew is the one who just sweated through labor while Camilla held his hand! Crazy as he is, I can’t help but love this guy. 🙂

  12. kelbear says:

    Such a sweet picture I might have gotten a cavity from it lol. They are sooooo happy.

  13. girl says:

    I wonder if she had a VBAC. I wouldn’t imagine so since it has been so soon (relatively speaking) after her first delivery.

    Either way she looks fabulous.

    Congratulations to them.

  14. Ana says:

    I didn’t understand this: “they made the decision not to sell the photo, even for a good cause, and to release it free of charge. They premiered Levi in OK! Magazine and gave the proceeds to McConaughey’s JK Livin foundation”

    So did OK magazine just donate the money that they make from selling it to the foundation?

    I am so happy for them! What a beautiful family! I am also insanely jealous. I was induced and had an iv. I was SO swollen and bloated in the first few hours after birth. Ugh. She looks amazing.

  15. wow says:

    How adorable is this picture of Matthew & Camila basically glowing over their little girl. Too cute.

  16. princess pea says:

    @ Ana – Levi was their first-born, and they sold a photospread to OK! and donated the money to Matthew’s charitable foundation. Vida’s pic was just posted on his website, for free. The first sentence you quoted was about Vida, not Levi… does that explain?

  17. JoGirl says:

    OMG, spot-on happymom! That’s exactly what it looks like!

  18. Ana says:

    Thank you princess pea!!! I just now noticed it said Levi. I even re-read it several times and I STILL missed it!! Geez…I need to go back to bed! Sometimes I can be really dense.

  19. psychochic says:

    What a beautiful family. You can see the love and happiness in their faces, gorgeous pic.

  20. asiont says:

    Camila looks amazing for a woman who has just given birth to a baby

  21. That is a gorgeous photograph. She looks amazing for someone who had just given birth. Lucky. Haha

  22. Anna says:

    I keep coming back just to look at this pic. It makes me happy. Congrats to them!

  23. Larissa says:

    @Anna: me too!!!!!!!!

  24. Sunflower says:

    Looks like Matthew gave birth instead of his wife… funny…. His wife is a natural beauty, and the children are gorgeous. Matthew, you are a hunk too. Best wishes for a fabulously happy life..