Is Camila Alves’ mom trying to get Matthew McConaughey to sign a financial pact?

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The National Enquirer has a story this week that suggests that all is not well in the mellow household of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. Camila and Matthew are allegedly at odds over financial issues after Camila’s mother urged her to get a more formal agreement out of her baby daddy. These two aren’t married and while easygoing Matt has promised Camila he’ll always take care of her and their two children, he’s not ready to sign off on a legal agreement that will make it official, whether that be by getting married or promising her a specific settlement. They do live in the 50-50 divorce state after all:

Camila’s mom Multo Abrigado is pushing her unmarried daughter – mother of Matthew’s two children – to work out a financial agreement with the big-screen hunk, sources say.

But the 40-year-old bachelor is balking, insiders say.

“Camila’s mother is very traditional, and she’s worried that since they are not married, Matthew could leave her daughter high and dry with two kids if he falls out of love with her,” a source divulged.

“She’s been telling Cam that she needs to force Matthew into a financial agreement, but when Cam brought it up, Matthew exploded. He said, ‘I’ll always take care of our babies – and you!’”

Brazilian-born Camila, 26, has basically shelved her modeling career since moving in with the movie hunk in 2007. Their son Levi is 18 months old, and she gave birth to daughter Vida on Jan. 3.

And after Matthew shut her down, Cam went crying to her mother, said the source.

“Now Multo is pressuring Cam to get Matthew to commit to a legal agreement,” the source revealed. “She said, ‘He wanted you to carry his babies – he ought to take real responsibility.’”

But the idea of signing a contract with Camila isn’t sitting well with Matthew, said the source, although the actor’s publicist denies the couple is having a disagreement.

The source revealed: “It’s caused a rift between them, and Matthew’s kind of scratching his head over it. He told me, ‘It seems kind of cold, doesn’t it?’

[From The National Enquirer]

I agree with Camila’s mother. If McConaughey can have babies with Camila he ought to give her some security for the future beyond just his word. You have to remember that before he got serious with Camila he was a multi-millionaire actor living in an Airstream trailer by the beach, though. McConaughey isn’t the type to get tied down and he might feel like he’s made plenty of concessions by moving into a house and settling down and having kids. Maybe it’s best if Camila doesn’t push him for now.

Camila has her own career to fall back on at least. She was a model when she met McConaughey and has her own handmade purse line. Kaiser just reminded me that Alves is due to host Shear Genius, the hair styling competition show on Bravo, starting this season. She is replacing Jaclyn Smith, with new episodes that begin airing on February 3.

The Los Angeles Premiere Of One Peace At A Time

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  1. Tess says:

    Looks like the grandma is the only adult showing realistic concern for the children’s longterm interests.

  2. DUH says:

    How about she get a job like the rest of us SINGLE MOTHERS IN THE WORLD?

    she isnt special, she is young and has the ability to make money. she is being lazy and SHOULD GET A DAMN JOB

  3. princess pea says:

    I just don’t believe that he “exploded”. He’s Mr Laid-Back, isn’t he? Also Mr Earthy-Drumbeats-And-Patchouli-Stink… it just doesn’t fit.

    Ultimately, it’s not likely he’d be a deadbeat dad if they did split. He’s got scads of money and the very public knowledge that he’s the babydaddy would pretty much ensure societal pressure to support them, no matter what.

  4. JulieNewmar says:

    LMAO @ Princess Pea “mr drumbeats and patchouli stink”. baaawhaaaww. :)

  5. kai says:

    that’s not the right spelling of his name, is it?

  6. RobN says:

    Mom’s right, even if he’s not the type to leave his family high and dry, things happen and people start to see things differently.

  7. Carrie Thompson says:

    He will take care of the kids, no question- and generously, I’m sure. There is no way he wouldn’t be paying a hefty child support payment should they ever split. The issue (if there is one) is probably around some sort of spousal support/payout should they split- you know, what she’d be legally entitled to if they married.
    I can see both sides of this- it’s responsible of her to want to get some real security, especially since she is a full-time mom now, and it’s probably hard for him to hear, especially if he is thinking that he will always provide for her, regardless.
    He’s a hippie, but there has never been any info that he is a jerk or would walk away from his kids and their baby momma leaving them high and dry.
    I think he’s a stand up guy about this.

  8. oxa says:

    Mama needs to stay out of it if this is true. He is a hands on dad and will take care of the kids regardless of what happens with Camilla.

  9. Maddie says:

    Sorry but if your going to have kids with out marriage, where you can get spousal along with the child support, then you should be doing your own thing, no one told her to quite her modeling career to pop out kids to a man who was a known player.

    Glad she is hosting Shear G and making her own money but she is not married to Matt and really shouldn’t be relying on his $$ to support her if the should break up.

    Like some one posted above get a gig to support yourself in the manner in which you have become accustomed too.

  10. Bart says:


  11. lucy2 says:

    They made the decision to have 2 kids without being married, so it is what it is. If they were to split, he’d legally have to pay big child support bucks. Financial support beyond that, oh well, such are the choices one makes in life.
    If this is true, I can understand Grandma being concerned, but should stay out of it.

    Besides it sounds like she has some career options of her own, and given that he can’t do lame rom coms forever, she may end up being the more successful of the two!

  12. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Number 1…Camilla knew exactly who he was when she decided to have his babies.

    Number 2…Mommy needs to stay out of their relationship. Even though she MIGHT have the kids and her daughters financial peace in mind.

    Number 3…Gosh they make cute babies!!

  13. Lem says:

    o m g please -
    that is not a father who is going to disappear or a man likely to put more stock in a piece of paper than a promise.
    I don’t even know him and I can tell you that, lord, have you ever heard him talk about his children?

    I have a hard time believing Camilla doesn’t know at least that about him. Sometimes however, we all fall prey to what our mother wants. They are hard to shut down.

  14. TG says:

    She doesn’t deserve anything only the kids do. Of course if he asked her to give up her career and stay home to care for his babies then that is another thing, but than again she should have protected herself in the beginning by getting married. I am a woman and I have no sympathy or support for women who look to men for financial security. I cetainly never have and never will. Why give someone else that power over you? I am not rich by any means, just middle-class (whatever that means) and if my husband left me today, I would be just fine, maybe even better than fine.

  15. mel says:

    That’s why it’s better to be a married mamma instead of a baby mamma.

  16. Leek says:

    I guess the price tag on hetero credibility just isn’t that high these days.

    Camila should be so lucky to have a career and business to fall back on. I’m also thinking that the child support from a major film star will be enough to get by.

    Message to all cows — start charging for the milk. There are lots of lesson to be learned from these Hollywood people and mostly they are “How not to…”

  17. Shanarabelle says:

    Last time I checked, Camila and Matthew didn’t have two sons but a son (Levi) and a daughter (Vida).

    He’s not going to leave her with nothing. He’s too much of a man now to do that.

  18. dk says:

    She should try to make her own money for her own security – she can use whatever fame and connections she has now to get a high-paying job. She should get some kind of legal commitment from Mathew because people can always change, how he feels now can change. He may meet someone else, completely fall in love with them and want nothing to do with camilla or the kids – they have to be protected.

  19. TG says:

    Leek you are so funny about “Cows”! But so true! Maybe she is as relaxed as he is and this is a false story. I mean he stayed with her long enough to make 2 babies so maybe he wants them and her to stick around. Can you imagine the standard of living child support though – he lives in an airstream trailer so all he would have to do is support her in a trailor park. LOL

  20. Sigh. says:

    I don’t picture him just packing and leaving in a fit of rage.

    But I can picture him going out to get some more “patchouli incense (wink wink)” and getting distracted by something shiny on the beach, oh, like a sunset, and wandering off by accident…

  21. Rose says:

    In the header photo he looks like one of the vampires from ‘I Legend.’ Bleaugh.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    Here’s a whacky thought: How about using birth control, and not having TWO babies with a man you’re not married to?

    Oh, and get a job. Like she had before she got fertilized by Bongo-Boy.

  23. Embee says:

    Agree with Schnauzers that mom needs to butt out. Her interference is nearly as absurd and antiquated as the notion that intimacy is superior when “purchased” through marriage (who’s getting sold here?) although admittedly the analogy between marriage and the purchase of dairy products has always confused me and tends, logically, to wind its way back to prostitution, a profession to which proponents of said analogy nearly always object . . .
    Yeah. Women as cows for purchase nearly always confuses the crap out of me.
    Butt out, Mom Alves.

  24. valerie says:

    this is why u should get married before u have kids people! so-called “love” is not enough, women learn from this dont matter what a guy says…u need to get married… i hope i dont sound judgemental..

  25. bros says:

    she should have thought about that before she got knocked up twice. i dont have any sympathy for her either and her meddlesome grandma should stay out of it. if she comes from such traditional stock, she could have put the babymaking on hold until it was official. otherwise, a contract? ick.

  26. What the.... says:

    I totally agree with Bros – she should have thought about that before she spread her legs.

  27. Victoria says:

    What happened to his face?

    She’s with him to finally get rid of those gay rumors.

    She knew the score going in.

  28. Giz says:

    And he should have thought about a condom!

  29. Tazina says:

    If they are living together they are classified as “common law” …..she would be entitled to spousal support without a marriage contract…..wait – that’s in Canada – don’t know about the U.S.

  30. Cinderella says:

    Multo is doing her daughter no favors by butting in. The more she invades their territory, the sooner that relationship will wear itself out.

    Matty doesn’t seem to be the type that enjoys dealing with lawyers and paperwork. At the same time, I agree with other posters who feel he would take care of his kids. He has a legal obligation to anyway. As far as Camila, she’s already had many doors open as a result of her relationship, so she’ll be fine.

  31. Gaby says:

    Ok, this is bull***
    After all it is the NE could it be true if they dont even know her real name???????????

    HER MOTHERS NAME IS Fatima Alves!!!

    Multo Abrigado is a mispelled Muito Obrigado, with it means thank you very much in portuguese.

    I dont believe it, but even if this were in case true, she is looking out for her daughter, regardless of how others may think…

  32. irishserra says:

    If you’re willing to have kids with the man, I don’t understand why all the fuss right now about a signed agreement? Why not work this stuff out beforehand?

    I doubt MC would ever leave her and the kids high and dry, and I don’t think it’s grandma’s place to butt her nose in there.

  33. Kim says:

    If he will always take care of them them sign a financial pact. What would he care about signing one if he plans on taking care of them for life anyhow? DONT BE A FOOL CAMILLA – Your mother is right. If not married protect yourself and your children. Its just smart and responsible thing to do for protection of your children. No REAL would balk at that.

  34. Kim says:

    I am single mom and i dont think she is being lazy. Quite the opposite. He is rich and she bore his 2 children. I think her children should be provided for and word of mouth (“he said he would take care of us forever”) holds no water in any court. If he was a REAL man he wouldnt be balking or upset she asked for this. He would glady put in writing his provisions for his childrens future.

  35. Sherry says:

    Well, keep having babies with a man you’re not married to! That’s sending the right message to him. Why buy the cow…?

  36. TG says:

    What do people mean by he should sign a contract to take care of his chilren? I thought child support was worked out in front of a judge if the parents couldn’t argree and that is only done during divorce or legal separation otherwise normal married/partnered people don’t have child support contracts drawn up that would be weird.

  37. It isn’t an unreasonable request. Their financial positions would be vastly different. She just wants to be secure that the family will be taken care of when or if they split. Not to be begging and fighting for support if they split. Dragging him to court is something she probably wants to avoid. She wants her financial position secure (personally I don’t believe in depending on a man for that but anyway).
    Or maybe it is part of the plan – get the money and security in place then demand marriage. If he says no, walk with the money and the kids.
    A precedent has been set – Jim Carrey generously set up a 20 million dollar trust for Jenny McCarthy and her child (who isn’t the father of her child) to ensure that she would always be taken care of if the relationship ended or something happened to him as she had no claim on his estate as they are not married.

  38. Leek says:

    Wow…Jim Carrey is AWESOME! He must be crazy about those two. Is that really true? It seriously just made my day. Thanks, “Bored at work.”

  39. mik says:

    She’s still living with him isn’t she? She’s raising his children while he works. He has not made an honest women of her so what is wrong with her mother looking after her daughter? I would do the same. If Matthew didn’t want to support her than he should be using condoms. She is his partner and the mother to his two children. She deserves to be taken care of.

    Guess some women on this board deal with loser men. My father took pride in taking care of his family while my mother took care of the home and kids. He would have died in shame to have my mother work. My husband lost his job two years ago and I was the only one working. His father told him “the earth should swallow you up for having your wife take care of your family while you stay home”. What happened to men taking care of their families? So sad we expect so little from men now days and settle for anything.

  40. Lem says:

    wt? is up with some of these comments? they are his children! Does she have to sign a contract saying she will support her children? I’m so confused.
    You don’t get to NOT support your children if you decide not to marry their mother. You don’t have to be married to be a supportive partner/ father/ mother.
    marriage is a guarantee of squat. Marriage fails. Marriage for the ‘sake of the children’ fails.
    All this talk of cows & contracts & put a ring on my finger & don’t have children out of wedlock… good grief y’all
    chickens or hens r more like it. your grandmothers would be ashamed

  41. CaramelKiss14 says:

    First of all, it’s so typical for a Mother-in-law-like (since they aren’t officially married) to come into the picture and start some shyt. They were happy before she came along and while, I’m sure she’s just looking out for the best interest of her daughter in grandchildren, Camila is by no means a broke down lazy ho with no job. She was a successful model prior to Matt and continues to work on a jewelry line.
    As far as this article goes, it’s filled with errors. First of all, Matt and Camila have one son (Levi) and one daugther (Vida).

  42. TG says:

    Lem I agree with you and Mik I understand you too. That is why I have posted 3 times you don’t sign contracts to care for the kids you don’t get a choice in that. My husband is supporting his two daughters and he didn’t marry their mother either and he doesn’t support her because she lives with another man and has 2 babies by this guy as well. She stopped working to have these kids so my husband’s responsibility for her ended when she took up with another man and had his kids (her responsibility should have been for her first two kids, but she conveniently forgets about that and we haven’t seen a dime in 2 years, not taht I would ever take her lame money) It’s not always the guy slacking off. Jim Carrey sounds like a stand up guy. And I don’t let my guy off easily I just don’t look to a man for any financial support I can and will do it on my own. If you are looking for that by having babies than you deserve what you get. If I do have a child with my husband then I would expect him to help support him/her if we separated and if he didn’t want to do that than I would be fine own. Anyway, I wouldn’t ever get with such a loser so I don’t have to worry about that.

  43. Tru says:

    her mom needs to stay out of it, she must be a money about the mom gets a job in a few yrs..Matt is not going anywhere–all he has to do is go do a film and come back 6 months later..

    She will get huge child support payments. So her mom wants HER to get money if they split–like a marriage??
    15 mil if I leave you in 5 yrs..NADA

  44. Logan says:

    When other people and family get involved in a couples relationship, thats when things start to sour. People should mind their own business, unless asked.

  45. Lioness says:

    This story sounds faaaaaaake. “Multo Abrigado”? Her mother’s name is Fatima Alves, not Multo Abrigado, which is a just a misspelling of “muito obrigado”, which just means “thank you very much” in Portuguese. The NE up to its antics again…

  46. Lulu says:

    I’m kinda shocked by the “Multo Abrigado” mistake. And it’s not a little one either. That’s a source translation atrocity. That alone made the whole story unreliable.

  47. potpie says:

    that is sum bull****…he should sign something, she gave him 2 beautiful kids. She put her career on the back burner for him.. Men are just plain a**H****

  48. gloria says:

    she spread her legs, she is partly at fault, he is a jerk for not wanting to sign , but thats how people are in this godforsaken world.. Jim carey is a doll and what a hart he has.

  49. hammer says:

    who gives a shit. people are stupid anyway.

  50. lene says:

    The name of Camila’s mother can not be “Muito Obrigado”, pq muito obrigado means Thank you very much. what a dumb people! The name of Camila Alves is Fatima, and no thank you very much, Stupid people!

  51. sarah says:

    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking

    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds. If all over a billion Asians where to show facial expressions all the time just as much as non Asians, integrate and associate with non Asians much more, and be much more friendly and talkative, then a lot of them might accidentally reveal that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

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    It still happens despite a large percentage of Asians having completely expressionless faces all the time, it would just happen a lot more if none of them had completely expressionless faces all the time, it’s still not uncommon!

    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    You have to spread the message!!!!!
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