Star says that Courteney Cox is pregnant

Courtney Cox, 45, gained a little bit of much-needed weight so now there are inevitable pregnancy rumors. In this case, Star Magazine claims to have a “source” who says Courtney is pregnant, but they lead the story with the fact that she’s not so skinny and was maybe holding her stomach at the SAG awards. I think that’s pretty much what they’re basing the story on, but there’s also the fact that the Cougar Town set was shut down briefly in November. Here’s Star’s account:

Curvier Courteney Cox raised eyebrows by holding her purse in front of her stomach while walking the Golden Globes red carpet in a black dress. And at the after parties for the Jan. 17 awards ceremony, the glowing actress stuck to drinking water with lime, leaving partygoers to wonder: Is she expecting?

Now a source tells Star that Courteney, 45, is thrilled after finding out she’s pregnant with her second child. “Courteney’s telling friends she’s almost three months along,” an insider tells Star. “She’s been trying to get pregnant again for so long. She feels really lucky.” Courteney, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Coco, with husband David Arquette, is due in late July, says the source.

The Cougar Town star confided to friends she had multiple IVF treatments to get pregnant. “The Cougar Town set was shut down in November because she was getting IVF. She was on bed rest to make sure the implant took,” says the source. “Courteney’s being very careful. She had several miscarriages in the past and doesn’t want to suffer that loss again.” And her best friend, Jennifer Aniston, is by her side, making sure she takes care of herself. “Jen is totally into helping Courteney with her baby,” says the source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, February 8, 2010]

Courteney suffers from antiphospholipid syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that causes blot clotting and pregnancy loss. Most women have no idea about it until they suffer a miscarriage. It’s worth looking into if you’ve had a miscarriage and is easily treated with blood thinners and/or low dose aspirin. Courtney suffered multiple miscarriages before she found out she had the disorder and was able to get treatment and become pregnant with Coco, now five and a half. Anyway she’s in a high risk category due to her condition and advanced maternal age.

Courteney has said in the past that she’d love to have another child and that if it didn’t happen naturally she’d adopt. I hope she is pregnant if that’s what she’s hoping for. It’s true that the Cougar Town set was shut down in November for Courteney to attend to a “family matter.” Was the family matter an IVF treatment? Fingers crossed for Courteney if this is true.

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  1. rzrlvr says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful, and if they are pregnant, congratulations!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, in those pics, that’s the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. she looks beautiful.

    though, I will say that the center part in her hair ages her. she needs something less severe.

  3. atticus says:

    Her breasts sure look like pregnancy breasts…otherwise she still looks slender and fit. I hope it’s true! My heart truly aches for people who try to have babies and can’t, or miscarry.

  4. Kaiser says:

    I noticed her boobs on the red carpet too, but I just thought she had gotten them “done”. I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think the “emergency” was whatever she’s doing to her face.

  5. Eme says:

    Congratulations, if this is true!

  6. Kathie says:

    This is a wonderful post if the source is accurate! I usually am pretty meh about celebrity pregnancies most of them behave as though they invented carrying a child but for Courtney/David I am happy and hopeful this is true. She and David are obviously loony about their daughter Coco. I’m a bit older than most of the posters on this site and remember the struggles Sophia Loren experienced on her way to motherhood. It was the first time I realized you couldn’t just have a baby if you wanted to. Infertility for any reason is heartbreaking for those who want children and I am so thrilled when couples succeed in overcoming this issue.

  7. princess pea says:

    Dear STAR magazine,

    It would be so wonderful for the Cox-Arquette family to be expecting, wouldn’t it? It’s something they apparently really want. I have just one small quibble with your story…

    When a woman has a history of miscarriages, it is a little awkward for YOU to publicize her new pregnancy before she does. Sure, some “source” told you the state of affairs, but typically in the normal world, people respect a family’s right to disclose that information when they are ready. A lot of people wait until the first trimester is over before telling people, you know.

    Just something to keep in mind, because I know that you folks at STAR are so classy.

    (please note: none of this is directed at Celebitchy. STAR is scum.)

  8. Aleisha says:

    Well if she really is pregnant, I say fantastic news for them both!!

    Yes, her boobs do look rather bigger than normal, so maybe she really is preggers…

    She looks beautiful in those photos…

  9. bella says:

    I sure hope she’s pregnant. She’s made no secret of wanting to have more children, and how wonderful is she actually has the chance!

  10. Roma says:

    Any CDAN readers? Have we decided that she’s Coke Mom? I remember Enty referring to CM getting work done on her face and Kaiser’s right, girl looks like she’s had a lot done.

  11. lucy2 says:

    If it’s true, congrats to them, but I agree with pea that it sucks when tabloids put this kind of stuff out there way before they should, especially when it’s someone who’s had pregnancy problems in the past.

    She is really beautiful but I do wish she wouldn’t do anything else to her face.

  12. Sarah says:

    She looks stunning in those pictures.

  13. Cheekemunkey says:

    Thank you Celebitchy for including the details about antiphospholipid antibodies. This is such important information for women and sadly not addressed enough in fertility assessments / treatments.

  14. Sumodo says:

    Any speculation could end in disappointment. I’m just thrilled that she and nuthead are working a lot.

  15. FAIL says:

    She looks bangin. Women that actually look like REAL WOMEN (having curves) >>>>>>>>>Typical hollywood “hyped” bags of bones. I will never understand white people’s(especially white males) desire in wanting their women to look like they haven’t reached puberty yet or eaten a sandwich in a long time. I don’t get it. Shit is gross.

  16. tommysgirl54 says:

    Roma: Please do not get caught up in CDAN. CDAN’s “blind Items” are just made up crap to diminish whomever he/she is hating at the time. They are usually complete BS and have no bases in anything other than his/her hate-on for that particular person.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    This is very good news if it is true. Considering the source of this story, however, I’ll believe it if/when I actually see her in maternity clothes. I’ve given up counting the number of times Star and the other slag rags have printed phony “baby bump” stories on different people.

  18. lin234 says:

    She is gorgeous. I hope the news is true. She’s always seemed so level-headed and smart. She’s been together with her husband for quite a while in Hollywood years and doesn’t sell out her child to the press for attention. I wish her all the best!

  19. JohnnieR says:

    Me thinks Courteney is definitely pregnant – she looks it; my girlfriend and I have an adorable, handsome four year old son together, and when my dear beloved lady was in the first stages of her pregnancy, her figure and especially her breasts REALLY filled out – I’m not trying to be vulgar here, ladies! Many people thought that she had breast implants, but it was her pregnancy. Courteney’s breasts tell the tale!

    Our little guy is the best thing that ever happened to us!

  20. JohnnieR says:

    Hmmm, or maybe not? I dunno…her figure and breasts look pretty pleasantly plump to me. Oh well.

  21. Dave says:

    What happened to the 3( 1 set of twins) babies Star claimed her friend Jennifer was preganant with in 2009. I”ll believe when she announces it Star has claimed Halle Berry, Penelope, Britney, Angelina , Nicole Kidman were all pregnant in 2009 .If an actress drinks water or gains 5 lbs she is pregnant.

  22. Stella says:

    SHE IS 45 YEARS OLD AND PREGNANT?!? Why is anyone congratulating her? Just because medical advances can trick your body into having a baby doesn’t mean you should have one! She’s gonna be using a damn walker by the time the kid’s graduating from high school…

  23. lizzieb says:

    Hope it’s true! They have a beautiful family and I know Courtney has expressed her strong desire for more children, if it’s possible. She is lovely.

  24. Camille says:

    I think she looks so stunning in the header pic, definitely the most gorgeous actor to come from the Friends cast. I only wish that her career had been the more successful one out of the bunch. I think shes a good actress and just so very, very pretty to look at, plus she seems nice and not fake either.

    If this gossip is true, Congratulations! and all the best 😀

  25. Jano says:

    advanced maternal age.

    enuf said

  26. princess pea says:

    “SHE IS 45 YEARS OLD AND PREGNANT?!? Why is anyone congratulating her?”

    Wow, you’re mean. People congratulate other people when nice things happen to them, by the way. Medical intervention or no, if she is STILL MENSTRUATING that means Nature says she can still get knocked up.

  27. Gigohead says:

    Good for her! I do admit, if she is, she may not be doing her show in a while, but I love her new show. Hoping she can get a few episodes in a the can before she goes on maternity leave.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Gossipcop already shot the story down.

  29. tess says:

    many congratulations if it is true.

    courteney cox has always been open about her fertility issues and infertility journey unlike other celebs who claim they have twins because “they are overachivers” or because twins run in the father’s family. it would be lovely to see CC & DA add to their family. they’ve been open in their desire for another.

  30. whatever says:

    She looks great–I love that dress. I was watching her show the other night, and I couldn’t believe how little her face moved. She needs to quit it with the botox before she starts looking plastic-y and fake. I’m sorry, sometimes aging naturally can be better than looking strange.

  31. Ana says:

    I still don’t see any weight gain. I’m jealous she can wear a dress so tight and not have a dreaded belly pooch.

    I think she looks sooooo gorgeous. Although live on the red carpet it looked like she had so much botox her forehead looked too heavy.
    She actually looks younger with age. Remember her in early friends episodes?

  32. Mc says:

    @ Stella – Thank you! I was thinking the same thing and feeling like maybe I shouldn’t because no one else commented. 45 is a bit old.

  33. lilred says:

    Hope this is true for them.Wish them all the best. She looks awesome.

  34. If this is true, it’s wonderful news. They seem like great parents. 🙂

  35. ~A says:

    To the people who say 45 is so old. I bet you aren’t 45.

  36. Migue says:

    check out her old lady saggy knee..

  37. Chery Kriz says:

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  38. ellie says:

    maybe now shes pregnant, they might start working on their marrige. i really hope they dont go through with the divorce