David Arquette says he & Courteney Cox are considering adoption


A couple of weeks ago, Star Magazine began pushing the rumor that Courteney Cox was pregnant. The proof seemed to be that Courteney was looking a little “filled out” on the Golden Globe red carpet, as opposed to her usual figure, which generally borders on the “very, very slender”. Personally, I thought Courteney had her boobs done, but in general she’s seemed to have put on some much-needed weight, so maybe she just gains weight in her boobs. CB didn’t really think a pregnancy was happening, but she did point out that Courteney has spoken before about her desire to her have another child – she and David are parents to daughter Coco, who is 5 years old. Now David Arquette has sort-of spilled the beans that he and Courteney are considering adoption:

Could Coco Arquette have a little bro or sis sometime soon?

David Arquette says he and wife Courteney Cox are considering expanding their family.

“I don’t know. I mean, it takes a lot for us to do it, so maybe adoption,” Arquette, 38, said on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Cox, 45, underwent in-vitro fertilization to have Coco at age 39.

Added Arquette, “Listen, I like practicing as much as possible! But it’s hard… I’m exhausted!”

Late last year, the National Enquirer reported the couple were in the process of adopting, which her rep called “a complete fabrication” at the time.

Meanwhile, daughter Coco is growing up to be just like her mom, Arquette beams.

“She’s a little messy so that’s sort of on my side, but she’s very strong-willed which is very Courteney-like,” he says.

“We got her a flute recently and she is just walking around [pretending to play],” he adds. “We’re jammin’ a lot, a little Jethro Tull.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think it would be great if Courteney and David adopted. To my way of thinking, Courteney already put her body through a lot when she carried Coco, and at the age of 45, it would only be harder if she and David tried to have another biological child. I think Courteney and David seem like very good parents, and they’re probably ideal candidates for adoption. I hope they seriously consider this!

Courteney & David at the Golden Globes on January 17, 2010. Credit: Fame Pictures. David & Courteney at a Save Darfur benefit on December 17, 2009. Credit: WENN


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  1. Dorothy says:

    Maybe they could take one of the Duggars? JK

    I really do hope they adopt. It is a wonderful thing to do. I am adopted and I LOVE my family and I am grateful to be part of it! I will probably adopt someday too!

  2. Constance says:

    (is selfishly waiting for the B-A / JA comments to roll in as she sips her coffee)

    Come on, Entertain Us!

  3. lucy2 says:

    That would be great, I hope that’s what they decide to do.

  4. lilred says:

    Hope they do, they seem to be great as a couple and also as parents.

  5. bella says:

    When a couple has as much love to give as they seem to have, adoption is a wonderful thing. Any child would be blessed to be adopted by loving parents who want nothing more than to add to their family. I hope it happens for them.

  6. cedar falls says:

    zOMG!!! They are, so, like copying Brangelina!!! Those two opened their hearts to the World’s children and now thanks to these two Jenhags the whole adoption deal is just being used a cynical promotional tool. How f***ing DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Obvious says:

    @cedar falls thank you!

    that being said I hope they adopt. They seem like a great family even if david is a bit kooky

  8. Victoria says:

    Why adopt? Why doesn’t David rent a womb so he can have more bio children?

    Why punish him because wife is too old to have another child?

    Isn’t that what Sarah Jessica Parker did?

    Demi – let your young husband have bio kids.

  9. princess pea says:

    Whoa Victoria. Adopting children is “punishment” for men? I have never gotten the impression that David Arquette is the kind of self-absorbed douche who just wants a woman to pump out mini-mes… and frankly, I think those men are imaginary. But I guess in your world it’s a wife’s duty provide children, right? There’s no possibility that any women adopting or using a surrogate wanted the babies themselves… it’s gotta be to make their men happy.

    Finally, may I just say that I hope you are never diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome. Because that sucks, and oh yeah, you’re kind of an ageist bitch.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Victoria – I really hope you were kidding… Do you really see adoption as punishment? That is a horrible thing to say. Maybe he just wants another child and does not care if it is biologically his. Regardless of DNA if they do adopt they will still be the parents.Why would you assume he would be obsessed with having more biological kids? If they adopted I’m sure he would never feel that child was inferior because they weren’t biologically his.

    Ashton has never mentioned wanting kids. He seems happy to be a part of Demi’s family with her kids. I don’t think she is “not letting” him. Hopefully they discussed this before they got married, he might have decided he did not want to have biological children, which is his choice.

    Yes, some people do use surrogates, like Sarah Jessica Parker, but it is their choice. It doesn’t make it better than adoption. They have the resources to do it if they chose to. But maybe they decided as a couple they would rather adopt.