In Touch: Kourtney Kardashian “betrayed” by cheater Scott Disick


Oh, I’m just so happy that In Touch Weekly put something other than the uncool Bermuda Triangle on this week’s cover! Hurray! And this one might even have a touch of truth to it! The cover story seem to be about Kourtney Kardashian being “BETRAYED!” by Scott Disick and his douchey wandering wang. Something about Kourtney discovering “secret” or “suspicious” text messages from another woman on Scott’s phone. Which could happen I guess, but is that going to be the go-to “cheating scandal” in a post-Tiger Woods gossip world? It already seems trite.

The Hollywood Gossip thinks there’s a good chance “the Kardashian PR team paid to have this cover story made, in order for Kourtney to deny it and garner sympathy/attention.” Which might be right on. But, knowing the Kardashian family, one of Kourtney’s sisters is just going to steal her thunder in 3…2…1…

Anyway, that doesn’t seem to be all! In Touch claims they have an interview with Scott about all of the baby-daddy drama that Star Magazine has been following very closely. Considering they don’t lead with that “interview”, my guess is that Scott simply said something like “I know I’m the dad” or “the rumors are bullsh-t.” Last we heard, Kourtney’s one night stand Michael Girgenti was demanding a paternity test, and the Kardashians suddenly became very quiet after that. I mean, sure, Scott’s a douche and he could have cheated on Kourtney (which is totally possible), but if there’s a possibility that baby Mason Dixon isn’t Scott’s, I think Kourtney is the real bad guy here.

In Touch Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAwards.


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  1. Tru says:

    I soooo agree, when I saw the title of the thread–I’m like didn’t she sleep w/that guy…they showed her boo-ed up w/a longtime family friend on the show w/Khloe.

    then Scott came back into the pic..they are cranking out stories to the tabs so fast, I think they can’t keep up BUT I CAN.

    something tells me they’ll buy his silence..we’ll never know the truth.

  2. Lem says:

    lol I must have felt you writing this. Or you heard my thoughts.

    I knew a Kardashian story/denial was due.

    I wish I got PAID for my drama … wait I have no drama, that’s why I come here 🙂

  3. Maritza says:

    That baby must be Scott’s he looks just like him! Anyway, I’m more interested in knowing whether Ashley’s nose grew back, is that possible?

  4. LolaBella says:

    LMAO@ the Ashlee Simpson headline: ‘Her Nose Grew Back’!!

    If that baby really isn’t Scott’s, Kourtney will officially be the winner of the Kardashian famewhore competition.

  5. RReedy says:

    Does anyone really know what time it is: Does anyone really care????

  6. Neelyo says:

    So much for that baby bringing them closer together.

  7. Icecat says:

    Come on! She found questionable text messages on his phone like 2 years ago on their show (yes I watch it sometimes)…He will never change and she needs to get rid of the creep!!

  8. e says:

    Why is she the “real bad guy”? When she got pregnant she didn’t have a bf. She and scott just had a post break up romp. I think it might be dumb that she was having sex with other guys at the same time because it makes things confusing when you end up pregnant but I don’t think she is a bad person because of it.

  9. paranel says:

    I think the headline cover should be the one on the corner cover: ” Ashlee’s nose grew back!!!!” . I thought that was hilarious.

  10. mollyb says:

    The quotes I have read from this guy are priceless. One time he remarked that he was glad their child would know Kourtney before she was all old and saggy. Another time, he said he wouldn’t propose to her until he could spend X amount of dollars on a ring. He then added, he totally could spend that much right now, he just didn’t “feel like it”. What a catch!

  11. e says:

    Yeah I agree mollyb. I think one of the most offensive things about Kourtney is her taste in men. That other dude who is claiming to be the dad…yuck.

    Oh my god Paranel…I did not see that. So hilarious.

  12. JulieNewmar says:

    This chick has a seriously ridiculous hairline.

  13. anna says:

    OMG, let’s totally get the scoop on Ashley’s Pinocchio nose growing back..

    that pic of the two of them with their hands over that baby sickens me. THey both should be arrested for that pic alone.

  14. Lady D says:

    Do you supposed this magazine would stoop to photo-shopping the baby’s picture too? Or am I just being naive?

  15. ogechi says:

    She is better than that guy-oops i mean boy.

  16. Andrea says:

    You are NOT the father!

  17. lucy2 says:

    I’m on board with the idea of the Kardassians paying to keep all these stories in the tabloids, because without they, they have NO reason to be famous. I wish they’d go away.

    Nose grows back?!?! LMAO!!!!!!!! That’ is the best tabloid headline EVER.

    Does anyone else thing Debbie Gibson looks sickly skinny? Her arms and shoulders and chest look a little scary.

  18. bella says:

    How is this news? Didn’t he cheat on her before? So is it only betrayal after they have a baby together, if it’s even his kid? I’m confused…but then again, I’ve been up since 2:30 this morning with a fussy baby.

  19. bubbles says:

    oh, the horror. unimaginable!
    the nose… the nose is baaaaaaack!

  20. lilred says:

    Ashley must have been telling lies again.

  21. oxa says:

    Kourtney is just plain stupid, she is going to be paying off one of these donors.

  22. snowball says:

    Okay, this is only marginally related, but I haven’t seen it talked about anywhere.

    Didn’t Kim say Reggie was going to propose to her if the Saints won?

    Ugh, Kourtney. Nice picture, In Touch. She looks very grouchy. I don’t watch this trainwreck of a show, but I’ve heard it mentioned that this Disick guy is a jerk in general.

  23. Laurie says:

    This family is just a bunch of famewhores. Keep the cash…just go away. Whatever already.

  24. remote says:

    Kourtney should never part her hair in the middle with her short forehead– so much for a hair stylist… or does she think it’s attractive? It’s not.

  25. Oohlala says:

    Is she related to Eddie Munster?? That hairline is a mess! Scott is a creep. But the guy claiming to be the baby’s daddy looks like Scott so the baby looks like both fathers. Call Maury!!

  26. Sumodo1 says:

    Ecccchhhhhh! Pewwwwwwww! Something stinks and it ain’t the baby’s diaper! Famewhores, go away!

  27. Nasty says:

    Motherhood DOES NOT agree with her. Kourt used to be cute looking but that cover photo is nasty. It looks like her hairline is crawling down to her eyebrows. Her face is becoming so ugly even her own hair wants to cover it up!

  28. sparkys nemesis says:

    The bubble-headed famewhore Mom, Kris, has done a most dreadful job of raising those girls who seem to have no scruples at all. Mom is an idiot but what can you expect from a former flight attendant. And people wanted her autograph at the Super Bowl? What’s wrong with this country??

  29. Cinderella says:

    Somebody needs to come clean on the paternity issue. Just do the test, already.

    I, too, am not buying that Scott’s the dad. It’s almost like he’s getting paid for his new role.

  30. capitanne says:

    Anyone catch Khloe on Fashion Police demanding to know why Snookie was at the Grammys? Ah, sweet irony! Is there actually a pecking order amongst deformed bright orange reality tv famewhores? I had no idea!

  31. Vajayjay says:

    OMG Capitanne that was the best thing I’ve heard all year! LOLOLOL!

  32. Lway says:

    @ Maritza: Good One!! “Anyway, I’m more interested in knowing whether Ashley’s nose grew back, is that possible?” (i Googled Ashley’s nose and couldn’t find much info on it – maybe it’s just bs)

    Who cares about Scott and kim anyway?

  33. kat says:

    who cares? this loser isn’t even famous.

  34. Alexa says:

    You Bitches – C’mon! I very much like her hair. She looks like an “Island Beauty.”

  35. rebecca says:

    If Scott is the baby daddy, it appears the baby didn’t inherit Scott’s ugly Rat Face, but it does look like it got his oddly deformed ears. All the Kardashian sisters have weird hairlines, I think Armenians are just very hairy people.

  36. guesty says:

    wasn’t that one of the earliest episodes of their show? anyhoo…really want to hear ’bout the paternity test…that’s the real drama.

  37. C-DUB says:

    They’re both a-holes! RUN MASON, RUN!!!
    (of course babies can’t run.)

    Just thought I would clear that up before some jerk leaves me a comment about babies and their motor skills.

  38. dee says:

    I hope Scott is not the Father! He treats her like crap and she will be better off with out him!

  39. jls says:

    Kourtney…ur what 32…and u dont know how to have sex while carrying a baby…either ur really stupid or you’re getting pd. alot of money to look stupid. AND Koloe trying to be sexy. Can’t be sexy when ur almost as big as a moose and have a mouth worst than a sailor. The only thing you three sisters rate #1 in whoresframe grabbers…u three had a great teacher…spelled MOM…how could a mother allow her daughters to act, look and be whores are national T.V. Mom is a big attention getter. You would think being married to B.J. be enough.
    And Robert is dumb as a bx of rocks.
    You Kardashians are PATHEDIC!!!!

  40. ME ME says:

    this is only to get people to watch the show…