Jennifer Aniston calls tabloids ‘a soap opera that you do not sign up for’

Jennifer Aniston was on both Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly today. She’s promoting The Bounty Hunter, which is out this Friday and looks incredibly predictable. Alice in Wonderland will probably be top at the box office again this weekend, but I bet Bounty Hunter will be second or third.

I try to give Aniston a chance, but her interviews are usually hit or miss. She’s best when she knows the talk show host and feels comfortable with them, like on Oprah or Ellen. It sometimes takes a while for her to warm up and she can give awkward, kind of halting interviews when she’s out of her element, like on Letterman. (She’s on Letterman tonight so we’ll see if she does any better this time.) Today on Regis and Kelly she was decent if a little reserved at first. She warmed up when she started talking about her co-star Gerard Butler. On GMA she was more open and comfortable with host George Stephanopoulos. On both shows she wore a short sleeved black dress that was hiked to about 3/4 of the way up her thigh when she sat down. Aniston has gorgeous gams but that look is getting a little tired for her. (You can watch the GMA interview online.)

On Regis, they showed the photos from inside her newly redone home that were in Architectural Digest, and also discussed her slit to there Golden Globes dress. “I wasn’t afraid [of the dress opening up]. We were bullet proof by that time.”

She didn’t say much of interest on the show until she talked about the Oscars and how she hung out at Courteney Cox’s house to watch the ceremony. “I thought [the dresses were] beautiful. I loved Sandy Bullock, Demi Moore, I thought they were gorgeous.” As for how the Academy Awards went, she said “it was interesting. A lot of dancing… didn’t you want a little more of [hosts Baldwin and Martin]?” She said she watched the ceremony at “Courteney’s house… We usually do a big old gathering. We usually have a night when where if we’re not going out [we get together]

On Gerard Butler cheating on his diet
When Gerard Butler’s name came up, Aniston lit up and started to talk. When they first mentioned him she she let out an enthusiastic “Ow!” in response to the audience cheering. She said “He’s masculine, and lovable and soft at the same time.” Kelly asked for dirt on Butler as he’s coming on the show on Thursday and Aniston said “ask him about how his training went throughout the Bounty Hunter… for his diet, or his commitment to his diet. I’ve never seen someone sneak and hide in corners more in my life. Tim, his trainer… even took bread out of his fridge and stuff. He likes sweets, he’s really kind of cute.” She then put on a faux Scottish brogue and said “cake and he just gets so excited! Literally he’s like ‘don’t tell [my trainer] Tim.’” Aniston said that she once put a note in a cupcake on set that said “are you sure you want to eat me?” She quipped “we never saw the cupcake again.”

On GMA she was more comfortable and chatty. When asked about Butler she said she had a “ball” with him on set and gushed “he’s just lovely, he’s just a down to earth, sweet, no pretension and just kind of easy, funny.” They showed the sexy photoshoot she did with Butler for W and she said that the cover photo was painful to shoot due to the position of her foot. “The pained expression on my face is kind of real.”

On “the tabloid chatter”
When asked about the tabloid chatter, Aniston asked “what chatter? I hear about it, I don’t read it. You have to get better over time. You have to… build up a tough skin…. We work really hard on our jobs… you don’t want to be known as sort of a ‘tabloid face.’ That sort of distracts from what you do and what you work really hard at. Which is our movies… It’s almost like another job that you have not chosen to be a part of. It’s a soap opera that you do not sign up for.”

They also showed the photos of her house from Architectural Digest, which she seems to be very proud of. She said that she was involved with the design of the home “from day one” and brought two binders full of material for the interior designer.

When asked if Aniston would make an appearance on her best friend Courteney Cox’s hit ABC show Cougar Town, she said “maybe, anything’s possible.”

Aniston has this way of blinking with super wide eyes that makes it look like she’s fighting off the Botox. I first noticed that when she was on Oprah, and it was also pretty evident in her interviews today. It probably keeps the wrinkles at bay, but it has this way of making her look like a deer in headlights. I like her but she’s got to work on being less sensitive to the interviewer and bringing her A-game from the start. She’s definitely at least close friends with that rogue Gerard Butler because she sure loves talking about him.

Jennifer Aniston is shown out in a white coat in NY yesterday. Kaiser informs me that the coat is Vivienne Westwood and that it’s buttoned incorrectly and would look gorgeous if it was properly draped. Credit: Other pictures are screenshots from her GMA interview


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  1. Kaiser says:

    *rolls eyes*

  2. happymom says:

    Oh please. She is known for having her publicist, Stephen Huvane, get her on the covers of all the rags. And somehow the papps always find her in “private” moments when she’s trying to push one of her crappy movies. I will say she always looks fabulous.

  3. bite me says:

    bitch please

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL That dress is really short. I bet George saw way to much this morning. People usually dress a little demurely on morning shows. Save it for Letterman Aniston, he likes the slutty intern look more.

    Anyway I will be hella glad when this film comes out and her promotion will be done…until her next rom-com. :D CB your probably right about the box office results, those poor Aniston fans wasting their hard earned trainer and hair styling money on that suck fest.

  5. Katalina76 says:

    I sincerely doubt she has Huvane putting her on the covers of mags like Star and the National Enquirer. Yes, her publicist pushes her image. That being said, I really don’t think either of them pushes for the tabloid coverage she actually gets, i.e the triangle stories, the poor lonely Jen stories. Why is it so hard for people to give her a break? It’s amazing to me how many people not only dislike her, but act as if she’s done something to them personally. Good gravy.

  6. meme says:

    the hiked up skirt/dress is getting very old. i like jen but she’s starting to make me not like her so much. trying way too hard to be sexy and making way too many crapola movies.

  7. Other Laura says:

    Drumroll Please!!!!

    I expect at least 60 comments when I get back from class. I can already hear Chey foaming at the mouth. A coat buttoned up “incorrectly” is 10 times as bad as shoes with no laces (slip ons) and pulling a strapless dress up.

    ::rolls eyes::

    Oh, and for good measure: I CAN’T GET OVER A MARRIAGE THAT HAS BEEN OVER FOR 5 YEARS!! I’M A JENNISTON HEN!! I’m DESPERATE. Just. Like. Jen. I am SECRETLY jealous of the Jolie Pitt clan!!!!


  8. Cheyenne says:

    @Katalina: Huvane could call off the dogs any time he wants to. He hasn’t because he knows damn well tabloid publicity is better than no publicity at all. If it weren’t for the tabs she would have faded into obscurity already.

    Anyway, I like the coat. There, I said something nice.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I agree – from what I’ve seen, when she comfortable with a show host, she’s a good interview, but when she’s not, she doesn’t come off well.

    Given the eye witness report on of the CB posters gave about their premiere vs. how the media and tabloids are reporting it, I think a lot of times she gets an unfair rap and people are too harsh on her. She’s fairly harmless as far as celebs go, I think. But I do agree that her publicist pushes her image too much and takes advantage of all the tabloid interest in her, which gets old.

  10. teri says:

    Nah jen wouldn’t possibly need the triangle bs still would she? I mean yes she’s still bringing up the JP in most her interviews and trying to drop them in when possible. Like the DigestA she did that resembled Brad’s taste, before it was to cold and hard now, whatchaknow she loves it?? The same photographer for W, whatchaknow yet again there’s always a link to her and the JP. Is there anything she can do standing alone at age 41? She’s not a child and I think it’s about time she’s called out for this. Some say we should put kid gloves on when dealing with her, I say she’s 41 and it’s time to get over that pity party.

  11. Trillion says:

    She can’t get attention for anything but gossip – and very boring gossip at that. Tabloids are all she’s got.

  12. Maritimer says:

    I really like her.
    She is smart, funny, and looks f%$#ing amazing for 40.
    Yeah, she may come across as smarmy – but I think we all would too if we were in this business as long as her. Never mind the years of intrusion in to her personal life, she is being carted around to show after show, and interview after interview promoting right now. Saying the same things 6-7 times a day.

    This is woman who can not leave her house without at least 3 cars following her everywhere…I would be a down right bitch by this point.

  13. teri says:

    Jen get’s an unfair rap? Oh please again with the be nice to this child, she’s 41 for crying out loud.
    Unfair is targeting the JP children who have nothing to do with this triangle bs. Innocent little babies and kids who have been attacked numerous times by jenhens out to seek revenge for thier queen witch child.

  14. Sandy says:

    If the Jolie-Pitt kids had better parents they would STAY in France and not be used to sell movies.
    Brad and Angelina use their kids to sell movies.

    As for Jen’s publicist I’m sure he wants her called awful names in the media, while the same media calls two cheaters saints

  15. Other Laura says:


    Not everyone who doesn’t like the JP is a Jen-Hen seeking revenge for their queen witch child.

    Honestly, I’ve never watched one episode of Friends and the last movie I saw with JA in it was Bruce Almighty.

    I have probably watched more movies that include AJ.

    I think people who care deeply (shudder) about the JPs use a love for Jen by her real fans to encompass anyone who would dare find anything but adoration in regards to the JPs.

    I think most people who respond on this site in defense of her are just unable to stomach the often times hypocrisy when it comes to this triangle, a la feverishly believing stories like JA drawing up a marriage contract on a first date ::blank stare:: but then refuse to even believe that BP and AJ had a minor fight and it’s all just “jellus h8ers” making up rumours.

    Just my 2 cents.

  16. Sandy says:

    No one is attacking the babies, everybody is saying that the parents need to put their kids ahead of their own need for fame, which neither Pitt, nor Jolie want to do.

  17. Melanie says:

    Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Venom much? She looked great on Regis and Kelly, she is a beautiful woman.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Teri, I very much agree that the way celeb’s kids, esp. the JPs, are treated is unfair, no question. But I also think that Jen, and others, aren’t always fairly portrayed in the media. It’s apples and oranges, but I think both still happen.
    I rarely hear her bring up the JPs unless asked about it, but when asked, I do wish she’d just say no comment, move on.
    I’d hardly call a magazine using the same photographer for two different covers some sort of vast conspiracy for her to always be associated with them. I think that’s reaching a bit.
    No one needs to treat Jen with kid gloves, as you said, she’s an adult. I just think it would be nice for the tabloids to move on from this scorned/desperate/jealous brush they’ve painted her with for so long, especially since it seems everyone has moved on and is happy with their lives. But I suppose those looking to nitpick will always find something.

  19. Sandy says:

    Lucy Brad has mentioned Jen in interviews.

    She was his wife, she like Demi Moore has a right to speak about him, if she chooses.

    i don’t see anybody banning Demi from answering questions about Bruce, which she still does.

    Brad and Angelina are hardly private people either, so lets not pretend anybody is invading their privacy

  20. snapdragon says:

    jenhens vs. brangeloonies! “two go in, one come out!”

  21. Melanie says:

    Sandy, don’t you know that just by being a Aniston fan that you are a jellyhater/baby attacker? Teehee, weird.

  22. Melanie says:

    Snapdragon, state your position~!

  23. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Sandy, Demi and Bruce are on very good terms. They don’t have any issues with one another where its not the case with Brad and Jen. Brad rarely mentions her, RARELY. I can only think of early interviews where he did so. I think when Jen behaved like an adolescent and called Angie uncool, he said something about that I think, IDK. He doesn’t talk about her anymore and you know what…no one cares to ask him about her because one she isn’t doing anything and two his family is what people are interested in, oh and also he actually does some amazing films so people actually wanna know about his movies.

  24. TaylorB says:

    I actually like that coat as well, esp that funky collar.

  25. Kim says:

    Keeping their kids with them is putting their kids first imo. As a parent I would rather have my family with me than be in one country working and have my kids in another country.Now if you are referring to them still making movies w/ young kids than that should apply to every actor such as Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Reese, Julia Roberts , Jlo, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Halle …etc. None of them need to work they have plenty of money.

  26. Bob says:

    snapdragon/melanie: :lol:

  27. cee says:

    Can not stand her!!!!!! She is such a liar.

  28. Sandy says:

    Yes because Kate ande the rest of them all have SIX kids under the age of 8.

    Also come to think of it, I don’t know the names of Kate Winslet’s children, Julias, Cate Blanchettes, Reeses.

    Somehow those kids aren’t in the media everyday.

    So its obvious there is a way of making that happen, if only Jolie and Pitt would stop tipping the paps off.

  29. ogechi says:

    Some pple are just obsessed with Jen. Its a pity that what you can only do is talk, fight yourselves and achieve nothing. Get over yourselves and know that the hater suffers more than the hated.

  30. Sandy says:

    Brad and Angelina behaved callously, and Jen responded to Angelina, saying she in love with Brad while he was still married, was she supposed to hold a party for him.

    Thats like saying Jon Voight shouldn’t have said Angie had mental issues after she kissed her brother

  31. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: The tabloids print whatever sells, so as long as the “scorned/desperate/jealous brush” works for them, that’s what they will continue to paint her with. I agree it gets tiresome after a while. Also, it would be very nice if the magazine stores stopped showcasing the tabloids in their windows so I wouldn’t have that crap in my face every damn morning when I step off the bus.

    @Sandy: of course she wasn’t expected to hold a party for him. But she could have taken a cue from Nicole Kidman, whose ex-husband also behaved callously, and kept her mouth shut.

  32. Sandy says:

    Sorry did Nicole’s ex husband cheat on her with his costar who he swore he wasn’t having an affair with?

    She could have taken a cue from Elin Woods or Eddie Cibrians wife, and Brad would still have that marks of the golf club on his head or slashed tyres.

  33. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Sandy what are you talking about? Angie never said she was in love with Brad while he was married. Jen was asked a question about what she thought of Angelina saying she couldn’t wait to work every day on the set of MAMS, BTW Aniston says the same thing about working with Owen Wilson on that dog movie, and Jen answered the question in the most childish way possible for a woman her age. It was uncalled for.

    Also as I have stated before Brad and Angelina are big stars. Big!!!! People are gonna be interested in their family. People know who Reeses kids are and they are photographed routinely, well sometimes, with Reese and Ryan.
    Julia Roberts married a cameraman and has his spawn, people only mildly care about, she is the famous one he isn’t, so people don’t care that much. Kate Winslet is a great actress but she isn’t a mega star and pics of her and her director husbands kids…whats so interesting about that.

    Brad and Angelina’s family is quite unique. Angelina starting out the family way before Brad by adopting Maddox and then watching them grow with Zee, shi…all the kids. It generates interest…pure and simple. Simply because the parents are so famous, talented, attractive, good people, and rich.

  34. ,,,, says:

    @ LOVE ANGELINA – I don’t care for Jen or Angelina. However, with that being said, a part of what you posted is incorrect.

    Jen never called Angelina “uncool.” She said that Brad lacked a “sensitivity chip” and called the photo shoot he did with Angelina in W Magazine in which they posed as a married couple “uncool.” And the reason she said that was because it was done shortly after their separation and therefore I think that comment is kind of understandable.

    And to assume that the reason people don’t ask Brad Pitt about her is because they don’t want to is naive. Celebrities with his status often have a lot of control over what questions are asked in an interview.

    Lastly, just because Bruce and Demi get along doesn’t make it the norm. My parents got divorced 20 years ago and they still don’t care for each other. Different people, different situations.

  35. nnn says:

    I think people who still bring Brad and Angie in this and vice versa are the ones who actually behave callously and weirdly.

    Brad Pitt is just Jennifer EX HUSBAND, John Mayer is her actual EX.

    How come all those more contomprary exes post Brad Pitt are never mentioned ?

    Stop with this obsession over a deceased golden couple that ends by the time Bush was reelected massively on the idea of the WMD’s and the Irak war. Noone is bringing that today and you still cant get over the obsession of a hollywood divorce that went kapt around the same time ?

    You sound conradictory and infantile bringing and insulting Pitt as you actually give him MUCH MORE importance than the actual exes.

    Let it go already. I am sure Jennifer, Brad, Angie and all the exes in between have.

    On another note i like her coat here and though it’s till too short the dress actually looks like a dress and not a peice of lingerie.

  36. princess pea says:

    It’s funny, but I’ve never seen a comment end with God Bless Jennifer Aniston. But I’m SURE her fans are WAY crazier than anybody else’s.

    If the Loonies are right, then Jennifer Aniston is the most accomplished, subtle and successful manipulator of all media outlets of all time. Because she’s behind every headline about herself, or about Brad and Angie, or about anyone anywhere. If only she would use her powers for good…

  37. meme says:

    if i remember correctly, angelina also said she didn’t need brad when rumours of their on set affair were flaring up and she did indeed cheat with a married man so whatever she says should be taken with a grain of salt. obviously she distorts the truth to suit her.

  38. princess pea says:

    Whoa. You can’t use Nicole “Ex-wife of a high-profile member of a notoriously violent and dangerous to any naysayer cult” Kidman as an example of post-divorce behaviour! Every other Hollywood example is fair game, but not that one. Come on people, you’re losing perspective.

  39. lucy2 says:

    Love Angelina, Sandy was correct:
    “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love,” the 33-year-old actress told the newspaper about looking forward to the day her children can watch the flick.

    This as told to the New York Times, not some silly tabloid.

    Not that I want to continue the 5 years ago debate, but that was what she said.

  40. bite me says:

    actually, aniston called Jolie uncool in her vogue interview when she was promoting marley and me…. and infact the tag line for that vogue cover was what angelina did was uncoool” and by the way Brad pitt also said he fell in love in his Rolling stone magazine when he was pormoting CCOBB…the best thing that could of happen to Aniston career is that fraking divorce from Pitt… the woman-chiold has never been more famous

  41. Melanie says:

    Thanks Lucy2, I forgot about that precious comment. That really is “uncool” to put it nicely.

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    This is some funny sh*t. People trying to tell LOVE ANGELINA what the fu*k she knows. I can’t tell you how much of my young adult life. I devoted to this…so I know what I am talking about.

    Go and read the Vogue interview…Anitson brings up the fact that Angie says that she couldn’t wait to get to work everyday for MAMS and she says its uncool. Now like I said Angelina never said she was in love with Brad WHILE he was married. We all know they meet on MAMS and thats where they developed feelings for one another. Is that a huge secret to anyone…I mean it is where they met. Brad has said the same thing, never heard her ass say that was uncool. I think people took Angie’s comment like the second day they were on set they fell in love. She only referenced the the film because its where they met and Aniston knows this.

  43. LolaBella says:

    Sure…. :roll:

  44. ,,,, says:

    I stand corrected then. I got my OLD interviews messed up.

    Probably because I haven’t devoted any of my young life to this. I am just too busy living it…

  45. alex says:

    darn the angie’s haters are out in full bloom today lol. Methink they are more obsessed with AJ than the fans are. This is a Aniston thread and the anistonloonies can’t stop talking about AJ. It is plain to see who own their a**ses

  46. alex says:

    @,,,,: yeah living it on a blogsite lol

  47. ,,,, says:

    @ Alex – I wasn’t aware that you knew anything about me or my situation.

    I believe there is a huge difference between perusing a blog site you enjoy while at work with nothing to do and saying that you’ve devoted your life to knowing everything about a celebrity.

    There is amusement and then there is obsession. They are not the same thing.

  48. lucy2 says:

    Love Angelina, seriously?

    Jolie said what she said. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

    LOL at myself for even bothering!

  49. Cinderella says:

    Jennifer still has better hair and a nicer coat, so ha ha.

  50. N.D. says:

    “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love,” the 33-year-old actress told the newspaper about looking forward to the day her children can watch the flick.

    Guys, have none of you ever thought that she may not have meant their real life affair but have been talking about movie storyline? I mean their characters did fall in love and got married there. And it would be both weird and romantic for their kids to watch it for that reason only.

    Kind of similar to the recent pseudo-scandal with JA when she were asked about getting back with ex and everyone assumed it’s about Brad while it’s actually about the movie she’s promoting (part of the plot is about getting back with ex).

  51. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well Lucy when Angelina said it, Jen and Brad had been divorced for years, he has kids with Angelina. What the heck does Jen still care if Angelina mentions something that duh we all know and then saying it was uncool, like it had anything to with her. Angelina was saying it was going to be awesome for HER kids WITH BRAD to see how and where mommy and daddy met and fell in love. Newsflash Brad and Jen OFFICIALLY separated in early 2005, I am sure they were way done before that. It couldn’t have been easy for Jen, no, but she is acting like she didn’t know her relationship was fried like chicken before their separation was announced. She knew they were over…now she wants to play the fool and play the blame game instead of moving on with her life. Eff her.

  52. Kim says:

    So Brad,Angie and Jen all have said they didn’t have an affair while filming MMS. Angie said she wasn’t involved w/ BP and that she had other lovers when she was filming MMS.Both Brad and Angie said they fell in love while filming MMs. They did not say they started an affair or romantic relationship while filming.Brad and Jen broke up in Jan 2005 Jen filed for divorce in March after that Brad and Angie were first spotted together in Kenya. They both started dating other people before the divorce was final Brad and Angie in March and Jen and Vince in July.

  53. Kim says:

    meme Explain to me how you know Brad and Angie had an affair before he separated from JEN in Jan 2005. I fell in love with my husband at work 18 months before we started a relationship because he was married.After he divorced we reconnected and at that time he acknowledged that he was also in love with me. We never discussed his marriage. We were platonic friends/coworkers before my relocation.

  54. snowball says:

    Some of you are just nuts. Love Angelina, I’m giving you the side-eye.

    Go to IMDB. Look at the projects JA has lined up. For anyone who says if it weren’t for the JPs, she’d never be seen anymore – hahahahaha. She works for any number of reasons. How about we start picking on Drew Barrymore who hasn’t had a hit movie since The Wedding Singer?

    Where did it come from that a 40 year old woman has to act in any way like some of you think? She does what she wants. So?

    So, her dress is too short and inappropriate for a daytime talk show. Again, she’s 40. I’m pretty sure at that age, she can dress the way she wants.

    We need an Angelina falling in love with Johnny Depp story to see the other nutters come out.

  55. nnn says:

    Let it go already.

    Even if they had feelings during MAMS, MAMS did end AFTER the official break up. The filming was still on after the official break up where both future ex spouses moved to different homes.

    You do know that, don’t you ? So when was the time when they fell in love, before or after ? what date, hours, minutes was it for those who claim that know it all ? See how profoundly stupid it is ?

    This obsession about other people sexual dateline is kinda obscene and makes you the pathetic obsessive one.

    Clearly who does that ? Not even parents or friends have the nerves to debate, speculate for years about how and when their own child/friend has bedded or has felt attracted to a certain person.

    And you have the nerves to call all those three people insane, pathetic, desperate or other sweet names ?

    Look at you, 5 years later and still speculating about someone else’s first time with a certain person like you would have loved to check them in their own bed to tell the world : See i told you so, they did it on that day.

    PATHETIC with a capital P. Geez !

  56. Guest says:

    I can’t believe that this is still being discussed – five years later. But for the record – falling in love with someone else while being married is having an affair – an emotional affair. I am assuming that what everyone is talking about here is a physical affair. But falling in love with someone while committed to someone else will destroy a relationship. I understand why the Brad/Angie fans insit on the whole no affair happened thing – because they really don’t like people who have affairs – so in order for Brad/Angie to be the perfect people they insist the are – no affair can have taken place. I say you are a fan – great – but they did have an affair (whether emotional or physical) and just accept it and get on with it. You can still be fans and love them. Nothing wrong with having an affair is there? They do great things so just admit they had an affair because they fell in love and could not help themselves and move on.

    I do think that it was interesting to state that “this is the movie we fell in love on”. Angie knew exactly what she was doing. Angie knows that every word she says is quoted over and over again. She knows the triangle in the tabloids and she knew that it would be big news. Jen as well knew that responding to Angie would be big news. Both of these women are the same. Everything is calculated for PR. Please let’s not pretend that one is better then the other. They both try to keep their names in the news. Both of them could have stopped making movies five years ago moved abroad and never been talked about again. But both of these women want fame and to make movies. I respect both of them.

    Brad on the other hand. Really can’t stand him. Gruby, dirty, never takes blame for anything. Don’t know what these two women saw in him. I’m thinking that they both regret there time with him. Angie just can’t get out so easily now that they have children.

    The whole thing Jen/Angie is crazy. Middle age women feed off it and tabloids make millions on it. I really do not understand the whole obsession with the Angie/Jen fans – it really is getting weird.

  57. Melanie says:

    Number 10 started it.

  58. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea ok, Guest some of what you said had a smidgen of common sense, but uh, on no planet will Jen and Angelina EVER will be same.

    Jen wishes she could be on the same level as Angelina. WISHES!!!!

    If Jen disappears for 5 years…no one cares (well of course someone will..her fans). On the other hand Angelina is infamous. People will always talk about her, she will always been famous.

    Angelina also doesn’t care about fame. You’ll never hear say its important to her.

    I am way tired of this triangle BS. I would be happy never to discuss again.

  59. alex says:

    @,,,,: Did I hit a nerve? lol

  60. alex says:

    Melanie: What are you? Ten. Some of you people need to grow up.

  61. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Shaking my head at this thread. For the love of God people it’s been FIVE BLOODY YEARS!!!! And SIX KIDS!!! Why oh why is this debate still raging? Why does it matter if there was an affair or not? Why does it matter who said what in what interview? It’s crazy, the way some people have taken this to heart and

    Craziness aside, I like her jacket. She has a pretty chic but relatable sense of style which works for her. That said, I really wish she would do something with her hair. It’s the same old same old and it’s so boring.

    As for her comments on the tabloids, shut up Jen! I hate when celebrities pretend they don’t revel in the publicity they get. Aniston in particular, who invites video cameras down to her ‘private’ holiday. Does she think we are fools?

  62. blondee says:

    I don’t like the double standard that haters apply to Ms. Jolie. Never was Joanne Woodward so demonized when she fell in love with Paul Newman while he was married, WITH children. Nor does anyone mention that Julia Roberts fell in love with Danny Moder while he was married. As to who has perpetuated this hate-fest against AJ, Ms. Aniston has certainly contributed to the vitriole with her oh-so-savy manipulative quips regarding Jolie.
    Aniston needs the fame. She needs the connection to BP to stay relevant and employed, because it sure isn’t her talent.

  63. Maritimer says:

    I have been laughing all afternoon at this thread. Craziness.

    I can not even believe I am about to throw my hat in to this fire, but here goes…

    Love Angelina – you said “Angelina also doesn’t care about fame. You’ll never hear say its important to her.”
    You have got to be kidding me? This is the same person who shared a full on kiss with her own brother in front of tens of millions of people. This is also the same person who proudly wore her husbands blood around her neck to events…not looking for attention? Please.

  64. cara says:

    funny how the camera is always there when she is bent over wearing a bikini.I used to so-so like her but not anymore.She talks sh*t.She’s a loser and i think she is desperate to get a husband..and none of them men want her,She allows herself to be used.

  65. flourpot says:

    I can’t remember a word of the actual article. What was it about again?

    scroll, scroll, scroll

  66. Avtoport says:

    what she is terrible!

  67. Camille says:

    I like the outfits she is wearing in the pics, but the lighting in that interview is not her friend. At all.

  68. Crash2GO2 says:

    Aww, I think she looks pretty. LOL @ flourpot!

  69. ,,,, says:

    @ alex – Hardly. I simply felt that what you said was uniformed and presumptuous. And since I had the time, I clarified my statement.

    It’s the internet, I try not to take it too seriously. I’ll be sleeping just fine tonight and I hope you do too.

  70. J says:

    You people here are truly crazy.

  71. Katija says:

    The Angelina debacle was the greatest thing to ever happen to Aniston. Angelina is the Kanye to Aniston’s Taylor Swift. If it weren’t for the tabloids, Aniston would probably be in Courtney Cox-Lisa Kudrow territory, doing crappy television shows.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz: Why does it matter if there was an affair or not? Why does it matter who said what in what interview?

    Finally, some common sense.

    Maybe they had an affair prior to his divorce, maybe they didn’t. Bottom line is, five years afterwards, who gives a damn?

    Move alone, folks, move along. Nothing to be seen here any more.

  73. Rosalee says:

    *sigh* I like her coat and her comments about Kaiser’s secret hubby are adorable. As for the rest of you, take a deep breath and let it out slowly..and focus, you don’t know this woman or have intimate knowledge of her life or her ex-husband and his current partner so give it a rest..

  74. lisa says:

    For the record.. why was Jennifer surprised by Angie talking about enjoying working with Brad. By her own admission she bought and read the interview. According to her “I wanted to see what all the fuss was about”. So then 2+ years later she came up with Uncool.. really one would expect that with a new interview.. but one you had already read.. And Angie can talk about Brad all she wants. They have a life together. Besides the quote was about the characters in the movie. Just like (and not a fan of Jennifer) but the quote about getting back with an ex was about the characters in her film. She may need to look back and see how words can be misinterpreted and twisted. It happened to Angelina and now her. And regarding the comment that Angie knows her words will be quoted. Then the same applies to Jennifer. Really if it hurts her to hear Angelina talk about the man in her life and the father of her children.. then Jen needs to get some help. Brad was 5+ years ago.. There were men after him. Yet people act as if Jennifer has been a virgin and a nun after they broke up. They completely over look Vince and John.. men more recent in her life the Brad. and if the memory of him still lingers. Then that make her and the fans still trashing Brad/Angie pathetic. Really. The man moved on. When people break up one person moves on first. I have always wondered what would have happened if Aniston had gotten into a relationship that lasted. would the hate against Brad/Angie still be going on. I think this whole mess continues because she has not had a long term relationship. People were celebrating (her fans) when she got with Mayer.. I remember the comment. John is the best lover she ever had. Jen gets a man younger then Brad. Jen/John hotter then Brad/Angie.. yep that was it. Then they ended.. Twice… then the hope of Bradley Cooper.. remember Brad 2.0.. I remember. Brad and Jen revisited. The Bradley said No. Now it is Butler.. Butler is the Great White Hope. The man to pair with Jen to compete. That is just sick. Really. Brad Pitt has a family. and the people calling him names because he does are just children. This is a 46 year old man. Not a child. He has and is living the life he wants with the woman he wants. If he was not happy I am sure he and she would walk away. And I notice the attacks have shifted to Brad now because her fans have finally accepted the fact that they are not getting back together. And please don’t do the .. Jen does not want Brad back..well first you have to be asked. And Brad is a family man. and I don’t think he is going to ask.

    I actually think Jen may be happy. But I also think the constant connections to Brad gives her a foot into a world that she would not normally get to play in.

    So I will now take my own advice. Leave Brad and Angie out of this woman life. They don’t talk about her.. AT ALL.

  75. Solveig says:

    Some comments are so extreme that I can’t find them funny anymore.
    Obsession is creepy.

  76. Blythe says:

    All’s well that ends well.

    Jen’s now happy. Brad & Angie aren’t.

    Karma Served.

    The End.

  77. Cheyenne says:

    @Blythe: Attagirl. Keep chanting that mantra long enough and you might actually begin to believe it.

  78. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Maritimer you can’t possibly judge a 20 year’s old actions with that of a now super successful woman of 35. Its not even possible. This past weekend I woke up in my friend’s sundress after a few drinks, Girls night, no idea how it happened…but I am in my 20s I can do sh*t like that…I hope. Anyway Not fair.

    Blythe I think you got your whose happy, whose not thing mixed up.

    Hopefully…and I am serious all parties can be happy.

  79. ogechi says:

    Indeed @Blythe
    ”All’s well that ends well.

    Jen’s now happy. Brad & Angie aren’t.

    Karma Served.

    The End. ”

    Bless u.

  80. Alexa says:

    Gorgeous lady! Beautiful person! Terrific Actress! Love her.

  81. crash2GO2 says:

    Love Angela: You are in your 20′s. It’s time to put the party girl sundress away and get serious about YOUR life. Not some actress’s.

  82. vocality says:

    Wow, I hope one day people will look back and realise how batshit insane they sounded in these comments.

    I love her coat!

  83. kim says:

    ogechi, Karma= highest paid actress in Hollywood 20 million for Salt and Tourist, loving partner who is with her as always when she is filming, 6 beautiful kids,, spent Christmas w/ her father Jon Voight, partner and kids as opposed to JA -earns 8 million a film ,spent Christmas, her bday and every other holiday with her friends rather than her brothers or parents because “her friends are her family”, living alone in her spa. oops I mean house. Praised for her body rather than her acting talents yeah Karma is a bitch

  84. Majosha says:

    Solveig: My thoughts exactly. Damn.

  85. kara says:

    I rarely see Sandra Bullock in the tabloids. I rarely see Julia Roberts in the tabloids. I rarely see Kate Winslet in the tabloids. That’s because A-list actors who truly don’t want the paps attention don’t go out cavorting with skanky men like Mayer and Butler. This dumb bitch INVITES the press to her house, her birthday party, and I bet, she tells the paps where she will be. She adores the attention and then whines so she can continue to solicit pity from sad women all over the world. She sucks.

  86. Jon B. says:

    @Blythe, LOL! Karma always seems to show its face when you’re attentive to it. I love Jen though so I’m glad she comes out a winner.

  87. gume says:

    It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.