Lindsay Lohan to appear on George Lopez’s show after crack Tweeting

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I have to give celeb wastoid Lindsay Lohan credit for managing to parlay a stupid Twitter war and her inability to take a joke into a possible TV appearance. After TV host George Lopez made fun of Lindsay for appearing in public with baby power puffing out of her shoes, the former actress dissed him via Twitter. Lopez, never one to back down, Twittered right back to Lohan, explaining that it was just a joke and invited her to come onto his late night talk show. Since it is probably the first decent TV offer she’s had since “Ugly Betty,” Lohan would have been a fool to turn it down. Lopez is now saying that the queen of crack Tweets will be appearing on his show next week.

Mark your calendars! After an epic Twitter battle less than 48 hours ago, George Lopez confirmed last night that Lindsay Lohan will appear on his show next Tuesday.

Lopez told his audience, “Lindsay’s a great sport… She’ll be on the show next week. It’s all good!” and he added on Twitter, “Here’s the latest @lindsaylohan is scheduled to appear on Lopez Tonight next tuesday .. Chill !”

After Lopez made a crack about the white powder that erupted from Lohan’s shoes over the weekend, she angrily tweeted back at him, demanding that he get his story straight. Lopez responded by saying, “Come on the show … I’ve met you before and don’t have anything against you. you want me to stop talking about you I will … Come and tell me … To my face … I’ll stop !! Respectfully.”

Think Lindsay will be chill though?

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I think “epic Twitter battle” is pushing it, don’t you? However, this could be a chance for Lindsay to show that she is “working and healthy” as she has been claiming, and not near death’s door as was recently reported. What do you think? Will people watch? Will Lindsay show up all wasted and belligerent? What will she plug? Does anyone even care? And how bad does George Lopez need the ratings? All these answers could be revealed next Tuesday!


Star Magazine Celebrates Young Hollywood

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15 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan to appear on George Lopez’s show after crack Tweeting”

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  1. Sarah says:

    That might actually be kind of interesting. lmao.

  2. Lisa says:

    I am intrigued. I may have to set the DVR for that one. What station is he on anyway?

  3. Paul E. Stanley says:

    I hope he doesn’t wuss out and sugar coat the interview. He needs to put her on the spot and be accountable for her actions. Maybe ask her “So, how’s you’re alcohol abuse classes going?”. “When do you have time to attend?”

  4. ViktoryGin says:

    Aaah, he throws her a bone.

    Honestly, I think he’s the clever one. It’ll probably boost his ratings, as people love to watch trainwrecks in action.

  5. canadianchick says:

    I love George Lopez-he can really chop it up with his humour. Lilo is in for it. I wonder what George thinks of Jesse James right now-I can just imagine. I’m sure he’s got producer Sandy’s back.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    dollars to donuts she doesn’t show.

  7. Popcorny says:

    Lopez is such a whore. I used to kinda like him until yesterday when I saw he was brown-nosing this tired skank, trying to get her on his show.
    Makes me wonder if it wasn’t all set up in the first place (to get interest in her appearance on his show).

  8. krissy_kitty says:

    Please do not waste any more time on this pathetic excuse for a human being. I think every one should boycott her like they did “those that will remain nameless”, it worked!

    Until she has something to offer that is intelligent, coherent, and news worthy I really do not want to hear about or see her until that time.

    Her actions are selfish, dangerous and self destructive. When was the last time she had a movie to promote? Or, when was the last time that anyone has written about her that did not involve drugs, alcohol, or the police? She is a junkie and a waste of air. She has been on this same path for a VERY long time. She is not gonna stop until ppl stop writing about her of worse, she kills someone.

    I have had enough! I am done with her. And I wish everyone would say the same. This is not entertainment. This is a disaster and pathetic, just like she is.

  9. Rianna says:

    We dont get the George Lopez show in Australia but I am familiar with him. I think it would interesting to watch though, it would be interesting if he calls her out on all her distructive behaviours but alas, all I see is another pansy interview where she gets to portray herself as clean, sober and working and the host is gentle and gracious and treats her like a 13 year old child.

  10. Jazz says:

    He should of just ignored her crack tweets. Stop giving her attention! I hope he does grill her and ask the hard questions on the show. No more of this “I’m fine and working B.S” No one is buying that anymore.

  11. audrey says:

    Parasite.. i guess i am referring to lindsay.

  12. mollination says:

    She’s starting to look like courtney-goddamn-love!! For Pete’s sakes lindsay. Put down the straw (or whatever you’re using to toot coke and percocet), drop that hat off (in the dump), pick out some of your nicer, clean clothes, and wash your damn face girl.

  13. skeptical says:

    wow.. just wow… between the crack tweets and falling into cacti and all the while claiming she is “working” (doing what?)
    yea this is why i think sam was holding this girl together….

    also… looong ago, i remember when she was with that morton guy, she’d wear rings on her left hand, the ring finger, and it looked very much like an engagement ring.
    and then there was that quote from her grandmother after lindsay and morton broke up.. that lindsay needs to be in a relationship in order to function.. but it looks like the other person in the relationship just gets drained!

  14. Paul E. Stanley says:

    How cool would it be if Lopez is going to stage an intervention and get her the help that she needs? Can’t wait for Tuesday night.

  15. Madisyn says:

    I love it when Celebitchy refers to her as FORMER actress. How true, how true.