Gaby Sidibe confirmed as host for Saturday Night Live

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I’m sure this will be yet another piece of news that will incite random people to climb up Gaby Sidibe’s ass, but I think it’s good news! E News reported on Wednesday evening that Gaby has been confirmed as a host for Saturday Night Live, on a date to be announced. Here’s more:

Dear Howard Stern, Gabourey Sidibe is doing just fine, thank you very much!

Despite the shock jock’s controversial remarks that the Precious Oscar-nominee will have trouble getting more work in Hollywood because of her size, a source exclusively tells me that…

Ms. Sidibe is going to be hosting an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live! “It literally just happened,” my source said of the deal.

No word on an exact date yet. Jennifer Lopez hosts this Saturday, followed by Tina Fey and Ryan Phillippe. And as most of us already know, Betty White gets the honors on May 8.

SNL is not—we repeat, not—the only gig Sidibe has scored since her feature film debut. She has a recurring role on Showtime’s upcoming The Big C, about a teacher (Laura Linney) living with cancer. Sidibe plays one of her sassy students. The series, which is set to premiere in August, also costars Oliver Platt.

Sidibe also made a hilarious post-Oscar appearance on E!’s very own, The Soup.

[From E! News]

Now, to anyone who does not believe that Gaby is capable of making people laugh, I give you Gaby’s “I’d hit that” moment with Gerard Butler on the Oscar red carpet, and her subsequent appearance on The Soup (Gabby‘s part starts about half-way through the video):

See? She’s a cool girl. And she’s really funny too! I think hosting SNL will be great for her, although she never seems to be lacking in the confidence department. Which is probably why so many people beat up on her, as I’ve said before. People just can’t get over the fact that she’s not insecure, that she’s not an emotional mess, that she she loves herself. LaineyGossip theorized that Gaby might use her SNL hosting duties to answer her critics, like Stern and others: “Gabby doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘nice‘. And so Gabby can afford to be a little renegade which hopefully means the writing will be strong… Over the last several weeks, Gabby’s weight has become the subject of a huge debate. Howard Stern said that she was too “fat” to be successful. Many blogs criticised that she’s a bad example. Gabby so far has *mostly* declined to answer the hate. Perhaps she’ll be game to tackle the issue on the show.” I kind of hope that she doesn’t address the haters though, you know? I hope she continues to ignore that sh-t, like she’s been doing to well.

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  1. Stephy2485 says:

    YAY for two reasons,
    First, I’ve never been the first to post on ANYTHING before (hooRA)
    Second, I love this girl “Maybe we should get a bottle of champagne and see where the night takes us?”
    BA-hahahaha, lol

  2. Paul E. Stanley says:

    Wow. SNL can’t get any real stars anymore?

  3. canadianchick says:

    Love her sassy side eye shot, she’s going to kill it on SNL. Stern, you dried up loser-she’s going to get her revenge.

  4. ViktoryGin says:

    Opening sentence is an open door for cheap jokes, Kaiser. Just saying.

    I do wonder what material they will write for her, and if they will take the opportunity to take stabs at all the hoopla about her weight without making her appearance solely about that.

  5. Tess says:

    I know I’m going to sound like a horrible human being, but I fear that she’s being setup for a pretty big letdown.

    Let’s face it, in Hollywood, that cruelest of towns, looks are everything.

    I think she’s riding the wave that her role in Precious created. Folks like those at SNL get to posture and bask in the approval of the audience who wants to believe in the storyline that talent wins the day and looks don’t really matter.

    We’ll see. To be continued.

  6. irishserra says:

    SNL has gone down the toilet as far as I’m concerned; however, Gaby’s appearance has no bearing on this. I’m happy for her if she’s happy. She seems like a lovely bright young woman with a hell of a sense of humor.

  7. ogechi says:

    I wish her the best. She is a raw talent. I am for encouragement!

  8. lastwordlinda says:

    I’m sure she is very funny blah blah blah, but she is grossly overweight and even though people can climb up Howard Stern’s ass and anyone else that says anything about it, anyone that supports this kind of eating disorder is an enabler. If you have people in your life that are as overweight as this poor girl is, tell them you love them, because they aren’t going to live very long. If you don’t know any obese people that have died due to complications related to their obesity here are some names you may have heard of: Nell Carter (54), Fatty Arbuckle (46) John Candy (43), Cass Eliot (32), Divine (42), Billy Powell (56). If Gaby Sidibe is a good actress, her career will survive whether she is fat or not. Not would be better. If you are a fan, you aren’t doing her any favours by defending her eating disorder.

  9. Katyalia says:

    I’m with Paul Stanley on this one…

  10. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I am going with Paul Stanley on this one too.

  11. Rianna says:

    I loved her on The Soup. So great 🙂
    I did cringe a bit when they wrote that she was playing a “sassy student”. Ugh. Please don’t make her into another black, sassy, supporting actress.

  12. Twez says:

    A lot of people are just plain grossed out by Gaby Sidibe being fat, but it’s always couched in terms of *concern* for her *health*. Yet I don’t ever see posts about celebrities known to be smokers (i.e., Jennifer Aniston) filled with the same disgust, I mean, concern. Something to consider.

  13. Feebee says:

    First thought – awesome. On further thought, more along the lines of Paul E Stanley. There are probably a number of hosts they couldn’t get and an equal number of actors with years of roles under their belts scratching their heads wondering why they haven’t been given a shot.

  14. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, she’s been losing weight! She’s so pretty, I love her smile.

    Also @Twez – Totally agree with you. I think a lot of people are secretly disgusted with and hateful of fat people, and they try to validate their hatred by spouting off that tired “it’s unhealthy” rhetoric.

  15. meme says:

    i have to agree with tess and lastwordlinda. gabby is talented but she really needs to lose weight if she wants a career in movies. i can’t think of another actress this big who had a sucessful career.

  16. Wresa says:

    So there are no roles for large women in Hollywood? What about Della Reese or Catherine Manheim or Sara Rue? She might not get the “love interest” role, but then, she seems a little too talented for that type of “acting” anyway.

    I really don’t get why everyone is so down on this girl. She is funny, talented and real. I think we will hear a lot from her in the years to come, despite the undue negativity about her appearance. Can we talk about an actress’ acting instead of her weight for a change?

  17. lastwordlinda says:

    I have commented on smokers in the past and have also written articles on the affects of smoking on some of the websites for which I write. Celebs hide that particular bad habit rather well, but if Celebitchy wants to post pics and comments about smokers, I will be commenting, much as I did for Jon Pigface Gosselin. And anyone who thinks that people concerned about the obesity epidemic are actually just repulsed by fat people. Wrong. I am actually repulsed that my tax dollars and health resources will be spent on taking care of people that won’t take care of themselves. Why should I pay for that? I work at staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. If I get sick it won’t be through any fault of my own. Can you say that?

  18. lucy2 says:

    That should be great, she is very entertaining and funny in interviews, I could see her doing a great job on SNL (if there’s good writing, that would help too).
    I will be surprised if she feels the need to address her critics, as she hasn’t yet, she’s just living her life and enjoying it, as she should. Her weight and health are her business, no one else’s.

  19. canadianchick says:

    @lastwordlinda, I’m a fan of her as a person, why are you obsessed with her body? Diagnosing her from your arm chair a la Dr Drew?

  20. lastwordlinda says:

    @canadianchic: No fellow Canuck. I just thought I would get a jump on the inevitable comments. I usually don’t get to weigh in so quickly. And actually, I think that Gabe has the sweetest smile and disposition. I haven’t seen her movie yet as I prefer watching DVDs to going to the theatre, and am looking forward to it. And if you are a fan of hers, wouldn’t you like to see her around for a few years? I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard that John Candy had died. The world lost a wonderful actor and really nice person that day. I was very sad about his death as it was preventable. I used to see and talk to him in a store near my high school where he worked before he hit the big time. He was a very sweet, gentle guy but kind of f*cked up.

  21. danielle says:

    Yay! I’ll be watching that one. And I hope she doesn’t address her weight on the show, I’d just like to see her showcase her talent.

  22. Spooge says:

    Well… that’s one SNL I definitely won’t be watching.
    too fat too fat too fat….

  23. canadianchick says:

    Awww lastwordlinda I miss John Candy too *sniff*. I want her to live long, but I just think SNL maybe thought an oscar nominated actress who wants to hit it with Gerry B mightly actually be entertaining. We are all more than our bodies *okay hallmark moment over*

  24. Tia C says:

    @ Wresa: THANK YOU!! I don’t understand why the haters come out in droves about this woman. I love her! So what if she’s large? Why is that so threatening and/or offensive to people? You’re not the one carrying around all that extra weight. It’s her choice if she wants to lose it or not, and it affects no one but her.

    I haven’t watched SNL in years because – well, it just plain sucks. But I will be watching when she is on. She is a positive person, charming and fun! There is clearly not enough of that in the world.

  25. Big Mama says:

    Amen Tia C. Amen!

  26. princess pea says:

    @ Tia C – “So what if she’s large? Why is that so threatening and/or offensive to people?”
    EXACTLY my thoughts.

    You know, there’s been some big names on SNL this past year who have totally flopped. Un-funny, too concerned with their public image, and just plain dull. I have faith that Gabby will not be boring, at the very least.

  27. Anna says:

    Yeah! That’s one SNL I will be watching. Well, and the Betty White one, too. Go Gabby!

  28. Sincerity says:

    You go, Gaby! At least she’s able to line up some work which is more than many very tiny actresses have now. As long as Gaby keeps working and can establish that she’s in fact a “bankable” commodity, she’ll do just fine. For those of you who are overly preoccupied with her weight — GET OVER IT!!! It’s Gaby’s body — NOT YOURS!!!

  29. Diva says:

    Love her!

    And if an Oscar nominated actress isn’t a star, who is? Would Paris Hilton hosting make you happier with the “star power” SNL is pulling?


  30. Peach says:

    While I want Gabby around for a long time, I also believe that it’s her body and her choice. I’m not going to proclaim my opinion about her size because it’s not my place. I’m not her doctor, I’m not her mother, I’m not her friend (oh how I wish!) and my comment about her size isn’t going to change a thing.

    Also Hollywood is an unhealthy place in general. The amount of drugs, anorexia, coercive sex, and closeted homos in that town are ridiculous. Certainly if we’re shaming the unhealthy, there won’t be a single person left in that town that stands up to the barometer.

    I don’t even stand up to the barometer myself. I smoke and occasionally drink. I’m 120lbs but I bet you Gabby is healthier than I.

    (psst. You wont have to pay Gabby’s health bills. Trust that girl can afford her some insurance.)

    @all who think she’s not a star and Gross, ew, gross:
    I love Gabby! And she is a star. An Oscar nominated star. Sorry if you can’t deal with that. Sorry if your own insecurities need to manifest in other people in order to build up your own shambling self esteem. But that bitch is fierce. Get used to it.

  31. GrrrrlGrace says:

    I think we all know that being overweight AND underweight is unhealthy.My guess is that Gaby realizes that she’s overweight (gasp). If she’s going to do something about it, she will. If she’s not, she’s not. Period.

    Shall we also wag our fingers at celebrities who live in smoggy cities, drink water from plastic bottles, color their hair with chemicals, and eat meat? Shall we wag our fingers at celebrities who are neurotic and care too much what we, the public, think? My point: there’s all sorts of situations we’re in and choices we make, and we can comment on the negative side for ANY of them. Finally, for those who are obsessing about her weight, move on. None of us want harm to come to this talent, but whining about her weight 24/7 IS NOT going to inspire her to get healthy. The desire will come from inside of her, not from someone lecturing her. That’s my hunch.

  32. jover says:

    Everyone knows this is one of SNL’s worst seasons as their topical hosts – Megan Fox, January Jones, Blake Lively, etc. – have all flopped due to atrocious writing and no comedic talent. I’m afraid the show with Gaby will be either unexpectedly good or, more likely, awful and unwatchable

  33. Twez says:

    Just for the record, John Candy had been a smoker his entire life. He only quit in the year prior to his death. None of us are doctors or psychics who can tell what will kill someone or what contributed to a specific person’s cause of death. But it’s a lot easier to say that you are concerned with the health effects of a celebrity’s weight than to just admit that you think they are a big fat fatty.

  34. Lilias says:

    “Why is that so threatening and/or offensive to people?”

    Because it says to the general public that it is ok to be that obese when it’s NOT. It is not healthy to be that fat. I’m not her doctor and I don’t pay her medical bills (of which I’m sure she’s had plenty) but I think that showing someone as big as she is as “normal” or “she can be a star like this so you can be like this too!” is setting a bad example.

    Just like glamorizing smoking and drinking. Notice no one openly smokes anymore? Most actors hide it like they’ve got herps (which they also hide very well). No one likes a smoker. Smoking is a filthy habit and I do not condone the glamorization of smoking.

    What this young girl has done is glamorize obesity.

    And it’s sad. I wish that she will lose weight for her own personal health. Her life doesn’t affect mine. But I can’t help but feel that it sucks for her that she’s carrying around all that extra weight. Just like I feel that it sucks for smokers that they smell like s**t all the time.

  35. lastwordlinda says:

    Peach, you’re hilarious.

  36. Alexa says:

    Umm . . . to everyone saying that Gaby needs to lose weight and we need to not enable people with this type of eating disorder — just, WOW! Please tell me where you became informed of Gaby’s medical history. I mean – you seem to know all about her health issues and what she needs to do to treat them (but she’s just NOT gonna do ’em cuz she don’t wanna). Oh! You must be her doctors. But I thought you guys were bound by confidentiality laws!?!

    Has it occurred to anybody that Ms. Sidibe just might have some type of health issue that makes maintaining a healthier weight extremely difficult (if not impossible)! I can’t believe how many obnoxiously ignorant folks are posting advice that Gaby needs to lose weight!?! (ehh, Duh?! Do you think so?!) Gawd I just wanna slap somebody!

    Put yourself in her shoes for a minute: would your comments be helpful? (I suppose by how stupid some of you sound that those comments actually might help you – but they’re not helpful to anyone with at least half a brain!)

  37. The amount of drugs, anorexia, coercive sex, and closeted homos in that town are ridiculous.