What made Karl Lagerfeld smile?

Ricky Lauren, wife of US fashion designer Ralph Lauren, dances with German fashion designer Lagerfeld during a ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris

What is making Karl Lagerfeld and Ricky Lauren (wife of Ralph) laugh like this?

1. Fat people.
2. Mothers.
3. This photo.
4. Sadness.
5. Thinking about how Heidi Klum was never in Paris.
6. High-class escorts.

I could go on. But I won’t. Apparently, these photos are from last week and I’m only seeing them now. I think for some reason Karl might actually love Ricky Lauren. I think she might have told a joke, probably something off-hand, maybe about fatties or Heidi Klum, and he gave his one horrible, cruel, devastating smile a year. Or, in HuffPo’s words, “We’re guessing someone spiked his drink, but in any case, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a Karl Lagerfeld grin.” Shudder.

German fashion designer Lagerfeld dances with Ricky Lauren at the Elysee Palace in Paris

Ricky Lauren, wife of US fashion designer Ralph Lauren, dances with German fashion designer Lagerfeld during a ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris

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35 Responses to “What made Karl Lagerfeld smile?”

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  1. That first picture CHILLED ME TO MY CORE.

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    Unkle Karl scares the shyte right outta me…

  3. Lori says:

    I’m guessing he passed gas or he ate a puppy.

  4. Aviatrix says:

    Poor, fat, sad Cheeto lovin’ mothers.

  5. annaloo says:

    I don’t know what made him smile, but he needs to stop!!!

    And I love this man!

  6. cara says:

    he’s a super-freak but his garments are beautiful,,not that I can afford to buy one.
    Now you want to hit on a story-line try the twin brother designers from Toronto,Dean and Dan.I am most positive they are lovers as well as brothers.

  7. hottathanholywatta says:

    hell is slowly freezing over must be global warming

  8. gg says:

    She told him he looks better than Marilyn Manson.

  9. V says:

    I don’t like a smiling Lagerfeld. Not one bit.

  10. Feebee says:

    His smile looks manic/creepy/evil. I think he’s just been told models over size 2 are banned or one of his models has just collapsed from malnutrition.

  11. bondbabe says:

    Is his hair made from spun polyester pillow stuffing?

  12. Susan says:

    Is Ralph shrinking?

  13. canadianchick says:

    It’s great to see him happy though it does frighten me a wee bit *shivers*

  14. hoodiegirl says:

    Why is the Crypt Keeper so happy?

  15. Mairead says:

    Two other options:

    (1) rigor mortis

    (2) It’s not a grin, but a grimace as his stomach staples/gastric band have finally had enough of his bloodless ass and are revolting against him.

  16. suz says:


  17. Squirrel says:

    The dry-ice on his hair is scary, his yellow teeth are scary, his end-of-world laugh is scary. But even though all of that is apparent in the second picture, my attention goes to the orange bobble-head in the too-tight tie and ill-fitting large blazer. Is that truly Ralph Lauren? Is the fashion world truly taking cues from these guys? Massive case of ‘do as I say and not as I do’!

  18. GatsbyGal says:

    That second picture scares the shit out of me…that is one WIDE smile. Why is this happening?? I’m so frightened…

  19. Sarah says:

    so let me get this straight, fat=bad, yellow, crooked horrible teeth+disgusting hair= good. What color is the sky in your world Karl?

  20. Jayden says:

    He probably just got done drinking the blood of an anorexic virgin.

  21. Ron says:

    Scary Clown!

  22. Miranda Ann says:

    Well, I have no idea why Uncle Karl is laughing but for sure it’s not because Ricky Lauren said anything nasty. Ricky is a true lady and she doesn’t talk bad about others. Ralph, on the other hand . . .

  23. Alexis says:

    @suz: I laughed…out loud…I loled.

  24. Mistral says:

    Love him, even though he probably wouldn’t love me: xo Karl!! :)

  25. yae says:

    He reminds me of my neighbor’s poodle. It’s like 17 years old and has to wear a diaper.

  26. Shay says:

    What teeth!
    Now with all that money one would think that he’d fix his choppers. He’d look less like a zombie if he did.
    But I do have to say, he is creative to hide his aged arthritic hands with the gloves.

  27. llb says:

    You people are hilarious!

    Orange bobble-head….LOL!

  28. KarlLagerfeld says:

    I am smiling because I have more money than your or your filthy fat grandchildren will ever have in any of your miserable lifetimes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  29. KarlLagerfeld says:


  30. texasmom says:

    Gatsby gal — the second shot scares me the most, too. It looks like he’s about to devour her head!!

  31. Jillian says:

    LOL. Why is everyone saying he looks creepy? I don’t see it. I just see an old man with sunglasses and a really huge grin.

    He’s really cool. He reminds me of my ex boyfriend, who I still hang out with. I love misanthropes.

  32. gg says:


  33. Luci says:

    OMG!! Now I know the face of Death :S

    I wonder where the party took place, the palace looks fairytale-type with all those chandeliers, Id love to go there!

  34. princess pea says:

    Happy Karl is like an awesome, crazy Muppet. Love it.

  35. Trillion says:

    I love you Kaiser. Keep ‘em coming, fillette.