Cheryl Cole adheres to the blood type diet


I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really care about British singer/personality Cheryl Cole. I tend to view her as Britain’s Paula Abdul, but apparently she is quite popular and beloved, and she’s riding a wave of sympathy ever since she left her husband Ashley Cole. Even though I don’t care, I did have two Cheryl stories I wanted to share – first of all, these are photos from Cheryl’s appearance on the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. Pretty! I really do like them. Also, Cheryl just sat down for an interview in Hello Magazine where she claims that she keeps in shape because she adheres to the “Eat Right 4 Your Type” diet. Meaning you should diet according to your blood type. Here’s more:

Since her split from husband Ashley, Cheryl Cole’s slender figure has led to much debate. But it seems her tiny frame isn’t simply down to a broken heart. The 26-year-old has revealed she sticks to Eat Right 4 Your Type diet, in which she eats and avoids specific foods based entirely on her blood type.

In an interview with Hello! today she admitted to watching what she eats.

‘I watch what I eat, not to stay slim but to feel good,’ she said. ‘Recently my mother told me about Eat Right 4 Your Type, in which you’re told what to eat and what to avoid depending on your blood type. It has made such a difference – not so much to my shape, but to how I feel and my energy levels. Before I was like ‘energy schmenergy’ and didn’t believe it. But now I believe it 100 per cent.’

Stars including Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, Martine McCutcheon and Sir Cliff Richard have previously admitted to following the plan. And while her fans may be hitting the gym to try and emulate Cheryl’s figure, it seems she doesn’t have to.

‘I have a really hectic schedule but it does have some health benefits – I get to work out without working out,’ she said. ‘It’s literally full-on performances back to back, and all the choreography, training and rehearsals that go into them, that’s a real workout.’

And Cheryl, currently taking a break from her band Girls Aloud, says she doesn’t deny herself her favourite treats – especially cupcakes.

‘My only trouble is that I can’t do without sugar,’ she said. ‘I think I might have some sort of sugar imbalance. Sometimes I feel like I just need a chocolate bar. To be honest you can’t put yourself under that much pressure, so I don’t deny myself anything.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Can I make fun of her for this? I really don’t know what to think. My first reaction was “how stupid” but I’m sure there are people out there who swear by the blood type diet, and maybe there’s even some anecdotal evidence to back it up? But of all the crazy diets that we hear about, I still think the blood type diet seems ridiculous. Also, wasn’t this something that was popular back in the 1970s? Weird.



Harper’s Bazaar UK cover and photos courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    A lady at my gym told me she swears by the blood type diet. She was a really nice person and super fit so I just acted interested to be nice and didn’t tell her I thought it was ridiculous.

  2. Kaiser says:

    Right? It just sounds too random to be effective.

    Cheryl does have a nice figure though, so what do I know?

  3. Kaye says:

    I think it probably works because you cut the junk out of your diet, no matter what blood type you have. I think that’s the key to all weight loss.

  4. Patrice says:

    Ummm, can I just say “WHO CARES”? This girl is supposedly a big celebrity in England, but she’s done nothing here (at least yet). Looks like her publicist is doing their job well getting her name out now (supposedly she’ll be on Simon Cowell’s US version of X Factor).

  5. Pont Neuf says:

    I totally mean to be a massive bitch when I say that the grubby racist chav that is “our dear” Chuh-reel probably doesn’t know to read and write properly. Thus, take evuh-reethung sha suh-ees in that uneentah-llegibuhl Gewdee uh-ccent with uh groin ov sult.

    By the way: beware, America! That other waste of space Simon Cowell is unleashing her on you pretty soon… I hope there aren’t any African Americans working with her. Chuh-reel doesn’t like non-Caucasians… Even if she married one to whitewash (pun intended) her image after perpetrating a racially motivated assault on a poor bathroom attendant.

    By the way, is “jigaboo” a common word in the US? Because Chuh-reel LOVES to shout it at black people.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    In this book “Eat to Live” they debunk a lot of fad diets using research, including The Zone, South Beach Diet, and The Blood Type Diet. The Blood Type diet sounds particularly based on pseudo science. Eat to Live is mostly a plant-based diet but isn’t necessarily a cleanse or deprivation diet. It was too extreme for me so I just try to use some of it, like eating more fruits and vegetables overall. I think whenever you eat more fruits and vegetables and cut out the junk it works.

  7. junipergreen says:

    I’m a nutritionist and I can say with 100% certainty that this diet is a complete sham with absolutely no scientific validity. There is so connection at all between blood type and ideal foods. It’s silly, but a way to sell books ($$$$$) to people who are desperate and/or willing to try anything to lose weight. It’s sad that people are allowed to advocate such ridiculous things.

  8. Tess says:

    Oh well. Here we go.

    I’ve read about the blood type diet and think it may have some validity for the following reasons.

    O type blood is the oldest blood type. This is the blood type of hunter gatherers and predates the period when man settled down and planted crops.

    People today with O type blood are the universal donors. According to the theory, thay do best with a high protein, low grain diet, the kind hunter gatherers would find.

    According to the theory, newer blood types arose when new types of food became available.

    The point is, that differences in body chemistry are real. And it makes sense to me that people may be able to digest better the foods that were available when and where their blood type arose.

  9. krissy_kitty says:

    I read the book a while back and I have actually made small changes to my diet accordingly… but when I read that the best meats for my type are the gamier meats I drew the line… I refuse to eat Bambi or Thumper… Not.Gonna.Do.It!!! lol.

  10. Jessica says:

    You can’t really believe a word this chick says. She’s had a hell of alot of work done yet is of the Demi Moore school of “I’d neeeever have plastic surgery”. Yeah right. Here’s proof:


  11. Luci says:

    Cheryl cole is so pretty
    but, I think she’s not a good role model, first, because she stuck to her cheating husband the first time (and decided to finally leave him the second round of cheating)
    2. she’s obviously anorexic/ has an eating disorder
    a girl who has a size 0 or 00 really needs to “diet”??
    she had a much prettier body before her first cheating scandal (ie, thin but not scary)

  12. Kayleigh says:

    It’s funny cause in Japan this would probably fly. In their culture for some reason your blood type says a lot about you, kinda like your zodiac sign. So I guess it would make sense. But personally I’d swear more by my metabolism over my blood type…

  13. Vi says:

    if it give her that body who am i to argue with it!

  14. Huma says:

    She’s gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, but by most personal accounts, quite a racist and just a horrible person.

    (And no, her being formerly married to a black man does NOT preclude her from being racist. Maybe against black people, but there *are* other races. Just to nip that dumb-ass argument in the bud preemptively. :-P)

  15. Obvious says:

    in that header pic i stared for like 5 minutes swearing it was Rachel McAdams. Am i the only one? i didn’t even bother with the article lol.

  16. gloaming says:

    Pont Neuf’s absolutely right.

    Cheryl Cole’s a racist thug, simple as that, also……….

    Weak. Limp. Lifeless.

  17. stinabelle says:

    I’m a fan of Girls Aloud, but not Cheryl herself. I’ve heard, along with a lot of other commenters, that she’s racist and unpleasant. I do feel for her because her husband cheated on her, but it doesn’t change who she is.

    My boyfriend and I actually own the Blood Type Diet book, though neither of us ascribe to it. It’s interesting, if unscientific.

  18. Blaster says:


    She has a great figure because she doesn’t eat. Look at her figure from when she first auditioned for Girls Aloud and look at her figure when her husband’s first scandal came out.

    She dealt with it my not eating and continues to do so now.

    @Pont Neuf

    You are hilarious!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Cheryl sure does look a lot like Rachel McAdams.

  20. Abby says:

    I really thought that was Rachel McAdams on the cover. Wow. she looks a lot like her.

  21. Wif says:

    Honestly, I think the blood-type diet sounds like bunk, BUT my girlfriend has used it for years to combat her Chrohn’s disease, and it has worked far better for her than anything else. For that reason, I’m thankful for it.

  22. nancypants says:

    I don’t know…I’m not a Nutritionist but I think there could be some validity to it.

    I mean to say that blood type IS a big deal.
    I was an RH Baby. My Uncle stood-by when I was born to give me a transfusion if need be.

    We can’t live without the right blood type and most of them don’t mix.

    BTW, you Universal Donors are a gift from God. 🙂

  23. Missfit says:

    I’m not saying this girl has had surgery, but I’m sure most artist/celebs have. I just think it’s funny as to when they want to preach about diets and “working out” when most likely they just lipo it out and claim they did all that “hard work” to stay slim. I’ve heard most people do the colonoscopy to stay slim as well. Who knows if this diet is real, but ya, like people said, the bottom line is to eat right and be healthy. Even if you don’t have time to work out, atleast be active and still eat right, even if you’re “fat” atleast you know you’re fat and healthy. I even read Lady Gaga doesn’t eat adult food to stay slim, who knows if that’s true. I think it’s also best to stay away from stuff you’re allergic too, obviously,lol. I cut out cokes and lots of salt out of my diet, I’m not skinny, but I do feel better and lots of water is important. It’s just sad what it is to be THIN now to be famous.

  24. Umi says:

    I get so annoyed when people say ‘I’m a nutritionist’…so I must know.

    A nutritionist is not the same thing as a registered dietician. My sister went through 140 plus hours to get her bachelors in human sciences.

    I think any old uneducated Joe could conjure a guess that the validity of this diet method is questionable.

  25. Ruffian says:

    Wow…so many uninformed comments and opinions by folks whom haven’t even read the books (3). So I suppose you already know all about blood antigens, antibodies; foods and diseases that mimic blood antigens and their causation of arthritis, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., etc.? I didn’t think so.