Obamas ‘unfazed’ by infidelity rumors

Barack Obama celebrating Women's History Month

A few days ago, The National Enquirer printed a rumor that President Obama had an affair back in 2004 with a staffer on his Senate campaign. At first the Enquirer claimed to have hotel surveillance video that proved that a woman named Vera Baker visited Obama at his hotel. Then they retracted that part and have only the testimony of a limo driver who allegedly drove Baker to the hotel where Obama was staying, as if that claim is even strong enough to suggest an affair. To add more suspicion to this story, there’s a $1 million offer on the table by an anonymous benefactor to anyone who can prove that Obama had an affair. I’m so sure there’s no political agenda there. It’s also kind of a shame that the Enquirer is squandering the good will they earned from uncovering the Edwards affair with poorly sourced stories like this one.

The Obamas are reportedly ok with these rumors, as annoying as they are, because they know that they’re inevitable when you’re a high profile political figure. Compare their alleged response to Hilary Clinton talking about the “vast right wing conspiracy” against her husband. There may have been a conspiracy, but that doesn’t mean her husband wasn’t cheating.

White House insiders tell me Barack and Michelle Obama are less upset by the National Enquirer rehash of an old story about an alleged infidelity by the president than are some of their aides.

”The president and first lady know it’s all bulls—. They know they have a good marriage and fully understand that unfortunately these false stories go with the territory when you live in the White House.”

The Enquirer revisited the long-denied tale about a rumored romance in 2004 between Obama and campaign worker Vera Baker during the president’s run for the U.S. Senate.

[From The Chicago Sun Times]

Given all we’ve heard about cheating men lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama had an affair or multiple affairs. That’s purely based on the bad behavior of other men (and Presidents), though, and not Obama specifically. As it is this is not enough evidence to suggest that this woman even visited the President in his room – even for work purposes. You think that if there’s some dirt on Obama someone would have dug it up by now to use against him.

It looks like Barack and Michelle have a very loving, committed relationship and I don’t think that the President would jeopardize that. You never know, however, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from near constant gossiping it’s that appearances can be deceiving. So can rumors, though, especially when you consider the motivations of the people who start them.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wait for their food at the 12 Bones Smokehouse restaurant in Asheville

Barack Obama celebrating Women's History Month

U.S. President Obama attends the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

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  1. p3rp3tu4 says:

    They look so lovey, I don’t believe it! They are a team!

  2. of course he did! says:

    can’t wait for this story to really take off
    gonna be fun!

  3. Constance says:

    Who cares if he did? Next…

  4. canadianchick says:

    I hope he didn’t, but even if he did, their body language suggests they worked through it and are solid now.

  5. Whatever says:

    This whole thing smells of a “vast right wing conspiracy”. I remember laughing at Hillary when she said that but although he was cheating, she was righ about the conspiracy part.

  6. Rachel says:

    I don’t buy this for one second.

  7. Jag says:

    I believe it because he’s a politician. It does seem that they’ve worked through it though.

  8. mel says:

    Offering $1 million dollars only means you’re that desperate to get something that probably never happened. How would you trust the source. Okay, yeah I’ll take a million to make up something about the Prez. Geez get a life.

  9. YT says:

    The rumor sounds like BS. The National Enquirer is living down to its standards.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I don’t buy it either. I think their marriage is for real, and I don’t think she’d put up with that for a second.

    This has to be the flimsiest “evidence” I’ve ever heard, and it’s even more suspect that someone is ponying up big cash to try to prove it. Who wants to guess who the bank account routes back to – Limbaugh or Beck? :D
    If it were true, I think it would have come out during the 08 campaign because you know there were people digging hard for dirt.

  11. Me says:

    Yeah, there’s just no way in hell he had an affair, and he’s not going to, either. He’s far too smart for that.

  12. Wiley says:

    Duh? Cheating is the norm for Dem presidents. I think Johnson got through his term with no major affairs but he certainly was trying. Dems don’t care what their presidents do anyways as long as the pres is taking from the “rich” and giving it to them. They just want a “daddy” to support them so they don’t have to put out any effort for themselves. Hard work built this country and greed and envy is going to bring it down.

  13. Leticia says:

    The National Enquirer posts a bogus story about Obama cheating on his wife. The NY Times posted a bogus story about McCain cheating with a lobbyist.

    These publications should be more careful about cheating stories, because the other side always runs with it.

  14. krissy_kitty says:

    I can’t believe that some people are willing to go to these lengths to embarrass the President!!! Just so they can get a laugh, it is disgusting politics. This is the President of The United States people! You embarrass him you embarrass this country on a GLOBAL scale! Ugh… this is too much. Politics as usual… SMDH.

  15. Oenix says:

    He is unfazed by infidelity rumours because:
    1. He knows what’s the real reason behind spreading vicious rumours.
    2. He knows that his wife knows the real reason too.
    3. He has a clear conscience.
    4. He knows that it is a distraction to keep him off track.
    5. Those two look like (and have said as much) that they’ve already spent a lot of time and energy working out marital challenges. So that by the time Obama ran for president, Michelle knew exactly what she was in for and what to expect – like those vicious rumours meant to create more harm than good.
    6. Theirs doesn’t seem like a marriage of convenience but of deep and true genuine love between two individuals.

    So he’s not worried. At least, not yet!

  16. Tess says:

    @ lucy2

    You’re right about the digging in ’08. And I bet Hillary was right in there, shovel ready!!!

    But I don’t think many marriages survive political careers in tact.

    I think most professional politicians are superb actors and the best that can happen is that two very politically ambitious people get married, share political goals, and stay together to promote their agendas.

    What they really LOVE LOVE LOVE is power and the game.

  17. RobN says:

    Of course he fooled around. They all fool around. Huge ego, huge sense of entitlement, many trips away from the family, lots of opportunity. Obama is no different than the rest; he’s just got a better pick-up line.

  18. texasmom says:

    “Unfazed” is the correct adjective for the Obamas 100% of the time. They are the calmest public figures around.

  19. bros says:

    he’s just never had the reputation of a philanderer. not in college, not ever. there were never any rumblings of this ever, and it would have come up during the campaign. I may be naive, but I just dont see this in obama. just doesnt seem like his character-he is too aware (clinton was/is an ego maniac, which you sort of have to be if you are a politician) but obama seems hyper-self aware-not the type to need an affair to feed his ego.

  20. Oenix says:

    #19 – I agree with you. Obama doesn’t seem like the type who needs a cheap thrill. This man seems FOCUSED. As if from the moment he could walk, he knew what he wanted and marched steadfastly toward the target. He doesn’t come across like he’ll do anything as stupid as that and mess up his goal. Naaaah, I don’t buy it. He is not unfaillable, the tabloids just need to do more digging and come up with something other than this old cliche.

  21. Missmilly says:

    Its so political…if this was a republican prez—media would be all over it. I SO BUY that he cheated…are you kidding me? Seriously people, he is good looking as far as president’s go…he looks young, fit, and he has a sense of humor…he SO banged some babes!!! What’s going on w/guyz lately? Sheesh!

  22. a says:

    regardless… they seem ok now. IF it did happen, he wasn’t president at the time and it seems like she has forgiven him.

  23. Des says:

    Four reasons I call bullshit on this:

    1. Both the dem primary and the presidency campaign were brutal. The man was scrutinized within an inch of his life for two whole years. If he’d so much as thought about cheating, somebody would have found out and used it.

    2. The Obamas talk about their marriage and how difficult coping with his career has been for them a lot. If he’d cheated in the past then he’d have the brains to use it as an example. Remember how he used the Rev. Wright issue to his advantage? The man is smart and he understands the state of modern politics.

    3. Michelle would have cut his balls off. And he lives with her mother and her brother is a frequent guest. His entire political background in Chicago is based on his marriage to Michelle.

    4. The Obamas have a fairly well known, ahem, attraction for each other. In the campaign accounts published in Newsweek shortly after the election, they were the only couple about whom the entire press corps would snicker because every time Obama met up with Michelle, it was apparently pretty obvious that he got lucky and when he was missing it.

  24. notgaga says:

    Who knows if it is true, but when they are campaigning, candidates live and work in hotels. A fundraiser or any other political person visiting a candidate in a hotel means nothing in itself.

  25. Leek says:

    I’m no fan of Obama so it would be fun to think he did cheat, but seeing the way he looks at his wife, he looks like a man in love. They seem to have a pretty solid thing going on.

    Who knows, though. Usually when there is smoke there is fire.

    I wish there was a rumor he was working on employment.

  26. anjasmomma says:

    This story is such trash. I was going to elaborate but….it’s pointless.

  27. judyjudy says:

    Men cheat. That’s all there is to it. Even men with the strongest marriage, the most beautiful families, the most loving and strong wives. Now, I’m not saying this story about Obama is true, I have no idea and really don’t care, but I think it is silly to sit around and say “I don’t think he did it because he’s too xyz…” He is man. Men like to have sex with women. Period.

  28. TG says:

    I think Michelle would kick his a** if he did something like that. I also think our Prez knows he has a good thing and would never jeapordize his family for some skanky whore.

  29. UrbanRube says:

    I read the books “Game Change,” by a couple of journalists who covered every angle of the 2008 campaign and every one of the candidates, and also read “Renegade,” by a guy who traveled a lot with Obama and some of the other candidates during the campaign. Both books make it clear that Obama, while still a healthy, red-blooded man, reveres his wife, and wouldn’t agree to run for president until Michelle had given her OK. He was raised by two very strong women (his mother and grandmother), after all. It’s not at all surprising to me that the kind of people who run for president and other high political positions have a tendency to need constant admiration (which a marriage will NOT provide 24/7/365/lifetime) and a ton of stress people like us can’t imagine. But I think Obama is nothing if not smart, and he would have had his bases covered if he WERE going to do something this stupid. I also think Michelle would have had spies everywhere. :)

  30. TaylorB says:

    I get the sense that if he had cheated there would be pics of him with two black eyes and a broken nose, no way would FLOTUS take that lying down… Look at the guns on that woman she could take down a prize fighter. There are certain former FLOTUS’ that would turn the other cheek, either for politcal reasons (Hillary) or forgiving personality (Laura), but some like Nancy Reagan, Babs Bush, Rosalynn Carter or LadyBird Johnson, and the current FLOTUS strike me as the types that would have nipped that sh*t in the bud post haste.

    Oh and to the person who said ‘all Dem presidents’ do that, please knock that garbage off. Do you actually think that only Dems cheat? People cheat, doesn’t matter what party they affiliate with. Don’t make those kinds of comments, it does a disservice to your party. There are two kinds of people, those who cheat and those who don’t, there isn’t a ‘R’ or ‘D’ involved with that what so ever.

    Cheese and Rice, people are so partisan that all they can do is make those kinds of comments and accusations. If you don’t like a persons policies, then get out there and protest make your voice heard, write letters, and vote against them, But do so honestly and with acutal facts and well thought out opinions to back you up… slinging mud and spreading salacious BS rumors just makes you look bad. People did the same to Bush, pissed me off because it took away from the very serious actual issues at hand, and now they are doing the same to the current POTUS. Pathetic and stupid, and bound to backfire if people aren’t more judicious in the battles they pick.

  31. ashleigh says:

    Not all men cheat. Some do. I’d even say that maybe many do. But saying that all men do? Is ridiculous. It’s kind of offensive actually because it implies that they somehow cannot control themselves. Men can and do make choices (just like women). They can choose to be faithful or not.

  32. Popcorny says:

    I have more admiration for these two, collectively and individually, than for anyone else alive (except, of course, Kaiser, Celebitchy and MSat for giving my petty side a daily outlet).

  33. ogechi says:

    Another imbecilic story.

  34. Whatever says:

    I agree with TaylorB, cheating has nothing to do with political affiliation. The list of republican cheaters is really long, including a special house for Christian members of congress to get laid in DC. Cheating is the one issue where they seem to cross party lines!

  35. Oenix says:

    Your comments are hilarious “…pics of him with two black eyes and a broken nose…” LMAO. Should we be on the alert for Obama wearing sunglasses?

    I agree with you EXCEPT, Bush Sr had a long term mistress…. it was also rumoured that Nancy had a “friend” – same goes for Lady Bird.

  36. judyjudy says:

    I didn’t mean to offend, and I certainly know that not all men cheat. There are a lot of really loyal husbands, fathers, and partners out there.

    The point I was trying to make is that the truth is a lot of men DO cheat and a lot of time it is to the shock and surprise of those around them. And the state of a marriage/partnership and the success/beauty/strength of the woman being cheated on is in no way an indicator of if a man will cheat or not.

  37. Oenix says:

    Women cheat too – they’re just a lot smarter at covering their tracks! When the guy “finds otu”, it is usually because guilt has driven her to CONFESS. In other words, women not only cheat, most get away with it too!

  38. Spring says:

    I don’t give this an ounce of credibility.
    It’s the kind of rumor that has dirty Republican fingerprints all over it…

  39. oieoay says:

    What a nasty story. I bet it’s been created only to damage the Obamas good image and loathe them.

  40. girl says:

    Glad they aren’t letting it bother them. Their marriage should come before how other people feel about it. I hope whatever happened, it works out for them.

    And I say that as someone who strongly opposes Obama’s agenda.

  41. TaylorB says:


    LadyBird had a gal pal how very Eleanor of her? Dang. Well I guess whats good for the goose is good for the gander. ;-)

    Oh and no offense, but Bush Sr? Jr, sure, at least he was handsom, but Sr? God I would almost rather sleep with Nixon.

  42. Oenix says:

    Bush Sr’s mistress wasn’t a “looker” either so they matched well in the beauty department!

  43. voiceover says:

    Can we at least have a conversation about whether this is true or not without blaming an opposite party? What, is the National Enquirer completely overrun with republicans? I think we can safely say that the mags will dig/come up with dirt on whoever is in the public eye, without resorting to finger pointing at political parties or envisioning mass conspiracies.
    I think Obama really loves his wife. It’s evident by the way they look and act together. True, you can’t judge by looks alone, but they’ve always seemed genuine to me.

  44. Dingles says:

    Enquirer, write a real story and I’ll leave a real comment.

  45. Mistral says:

    She looks great in these pictures, and he looks like a man in love.

  46. Slymm27 says:

    He is a man!!! He did it. Believe me.

  47. MingMing says:

    Lots of presidents have had mistresses, so what?

    Something I read said Barrack and Michele might have an ‘arrangement’ where they each understand if the other one needs to discretely take a lover on the side for awhile.

    But that’s nobody’s business except thiers-if that’s true!

  48. Bob says:

    She’s way too good for this clown. Bet she leaves him as soon as he’s out of office in 2012.

  49. tree says:

    i believe it.

    remember the dude who made a website because he wanted everyone to know that he gave obama a blow job while he was smoking a crack pipe? lmao comedy gold.

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