Lindsay Lohan issued a bench warrant, bail set at $100,000 (update)

63rd Cannes Film Festival - Chopard 150th Anniversary Party - Day 6

I know, I know, twenty million things happened with our resident crackhead while I was eating lunch. I was watching CNN and I was all “Damn, I should be writing about this.” And then I continued to eat my ruffled potato chips. Well, we covered a lot of what was happening before Lindsay’s scheduled court date today – to review, might I suggest “Lindsay Lohan is like the Roman Polanski of crackhead fugitives”. Now, for the current information:

A judge just issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest, after she failed to show up in court this morning … and the judge says she has reason to believe Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem.

Judge Marsha Revel was tough as nails this morning, scoffing at the notion that Lindsay’s “someone-stole-my-passport” excuse was a justification for missing court. Judge Revel set bail at $100,000 and said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next court hearing, IF she does the following:

- drink no alcohol
- wear a SCRAM bracelet
- submit to random drug testing at least once a week

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge the story TMZ broke — that Lindsay claimed her passport was stolen and she tried getting on a flight to make it on time but was turned away. At one point Holley said, “I don’t know what else to tell you.”

But the judge didn’t buy Lindsay’s argument, saying “Actions speak louder than words.” The judge felt Lindsay could have gotten a replacement passport and made it back on time. And, the judge said Lindsay had “a history of not keeping scheduled appointments.”

Holley said there was no reason to require drug testing, but the judge noted that Lindsay was charged in 2007 with being under the influence of cocaine.

Judge Revel said Lindsay knew she was going to jail if she violated probation and knew she needed to get court approval before missing her alcohol ed classes. After the hearing Holley acknowledged what TMZ first told you … that Lindsay has only completed 10 of the required 13 classes.

The judge said there is probable cause to believe Lindsay has violated her probation. If the judge determines Lindsay did indeed violate probation she could be jailed for 180 days.

[From TMZ]

Yes, apparently no one is buying this “lost passport” story. The prosecutor is even asking for Lindsay to provide proof of a plane ticket – HA. Meanwhile, Lindsay was out parting again last night in Cannes, and Dina Lohan says Lindsay now has a temp passport. I wonder if she got it from the French embassy? Let’s see if Lindsay remains in Cannes, partying her crackface off. Oh, and Michael Lohan was there too, and his lawyer gave a press conference about Lindsay shouldn’t go to jail, she should go to rehab. Personally, I think jail would be an excellent rehab.

UPDATE: TMZ’s sources say that U.S. Customs and Border Protection will detain Lindsay as soon as she steps onto American soil. Either the LA Airport polic or the LAPD will be taking Lindsay into custody, if and when she flies back.

ALSO: Just in case anyone around here was keeping track of Lindsay’s crackhead lies, the French police say that she never reported the theft of her passport. Oh, and Lindsay gave an interview to Us Weekly saying that her dad arranged for someone to steal her passport. She wrote in an email to Us Weekly: “I always said my father had someone do it.” Because when you’re a crackhead, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Photo by: KGC16/ 2010 5/17/10 Lindsay Lohan at the Chopard 150th Anniversar

Lindsay Lohan causes mass hysteria as she leaves her hotel in NYC with her younger sister Ali to head to a photoshoot in Downtown

63rd Cannes Film Festival - Chopard 150th Anniversary Party - Day 6

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  1. Tia C says:

    Hmmm… this is interesting. And now they’re reporting that, due to the bench warrant, she will be detained at Customs and handed off to the proper authorities. I’ll still believe it when I see it. *fingers crossed*

  2. Blaster says:

    Damn, ish just got real.

  3. Lem says:

    i read this judge goes on vacation next week and if LL comes back then she will get another judge for sentencing/bail.
    I hope not, she seems to be doing a great job of really peeving THIS judge. So much so, something might actually get accomplished

  4. Lady Nightshade says:

    I think she will probably stay in France for a while then, all the while pretending the “French Embassy” won’t let her have a new passport or something that makes no sense like that

  5. Lisa says:

    Send the bitch to jail cuz I’m sick of her trouble making ass getting away with everything…if it were a non celeb we’d be locked away with the key thrown out a long time ago!!!!!

  6. La Profesora says:

    If this was any Dick or Harry – there wouldn’t even be a discussion – it would be “Go Straight to Jail”. I hate that she has been given so many chances, considering that WE ALL see pictures of her leaving clubs night after night.

    Lainey said it perfectly – Britney was sad to watch spiral out of control, because she is really ill and has mental health issues, nothing funny about that, and its the reason people have backed off of her, and any gossip there may be.

    This is not the case with Lindsay, she is a brat, she is selfish and all these problems that she’s had, as Celebitchy is great at keeping tabs on, have all been her own doing. All the stealing, and drugs and drama are all her fault.

    I dont even blame the parents, as awful as they are – because many people out here have bad family situations, and at some point can become adults and make good decisions. She has never tried to become and adult and blames everyone except herself.

  7. GatsbyGal says:

    Oh my god, best news of the WHOLE YEAR. Can we please set up a Judge Revel fanclub? It’s soooooooo refreshing to see authority figures not put up with or fall for Blowhan’s bullshit.

  8. Lisa says:

    Her AND her parents should be in jail. I would say that I am surprised that CNN is reporting on LL news, but then again, I remember CNN showing full coverage on Paris Hilton’s jail stay. That “French Embassy” quote keeps cracking me up.

  9. AC says:

    JAIL! when people blatantly break the law because they think they’re above it … SEND THEM TO JAIL (and moniter any bad withdrawl they might be having) JAIL JAIL JAIL JAIL!

  10. lin234 says:

    Dang, she’s really losing her hair! She needs to do something about her roots because the contrast between the red and black is making her look even more bald when she lets down her hair.

    Please let her go to jail! Her lawyer sounds like he knows how ridiculous he sounds. “I don’t know what else to tell you.” Sounds like he’s given up too. Because lawyers are paid to think and churn up words so that the people they are defending sound reasonably innocent no matter who they are defending.

    Hope she stays an extra week and gets the same judge when she comes back! Really rooting for her to go to jail.

    @ La Profesora- Agreed. I tend to believe the stories about Lilo stealing and starting fights with people because even when Britney was at the height of her craziness, her actions were usually harmful to herself and not others. I believe Britney was taken advantage of by several people in the state that she was in while Lilo is taking advantage of everyone or anything she can get her grubby hands on. Every time you read about drama going on with Lindsey, it usually starts and ends with Lindsey throwing drinks at people and yelling at them because SHE’S the one that’s been wronged. Always.

  11. e-non says:

    and if you thought the paris hilton going to jail meltdown couldn’t be topped…. but, then, considering the state of california’s bankruptcy, she’s unlikely to spend too much time in lockup.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Totally agree there’s a big difference between her and Britney.
    I feel no sympathy for Lohan anymore. Her parents are the worst kind of scum, but at some point, her actions are on her alone. She seems to think she can do WHATEVER she wants and nothing matters – time to grow up and learn about consequences.

  13. oxa says:

    I was so happy to see a judge issue the arrest warrant. I want her ass in jail and for the full 180 days like any other person, she has gotten away with so much for far too long.

  14. d says:

    I’m betting that Lindsey will walk off the plane with that stupid grin of hers (she loves the cameras and attention) and she will be delusional right up until the bars slam shut behind her (if they do, I won’t believe it until it actually happens).

  15. Attagirl says:

    She’s probably suffering from borderline personality disorder: “A person with BPD may experience intense bouts of anger, depression, and anxiety that may last hours, or at days at a time. These may be associated with episodes of impulsive aggression, self-injury, and drug or alcohol abuse. Distortions in cognition and sense of self can lead to frequent changes in long-term goals, career plans, jobs, friendships, gender identity, and values. Sometimes people with BPD view themselves as fundamentally bad, or unworthy. They may feel unfairly misunderstood or mistreated, bored, empty, and have little idea who they are. Such symptoms are most acute when people with BPD feel isolated and lacking in social support, and may result in frantic efforts to avoid being alone.

    People with BPD often have highly unstable patterns of social relationships. While they can develop intense but stormy attachments, their attitudes towards family, friends, and loved ones may suddenly shift from idealization (great admiration and love) to devaluation (intense anger and dislike). Thus, they may form an immediate attachment and idealize the other person, but when a slight separation or conflict occurs, they switch unexpectedly to the other extreme and angrily accuse the other person of not caring for them at all. Even with family members, individuals with BPD are highly sensitive to rejection, reacting with anger and distress to such mild separations as a vacation, a business trip, or a sudden change in plans. These fears of abandonment seem to be related to difficulties feeling emotionally connected to important persons when they are physically absent, leaving the individual with BPD feeling lost and perhaps worthless. Suicide threats and attempts may occur along with anger at perceived abandonment and disappointments.

    People with BPD exhibit other impulsive behaviors, such as excessive spending, binge eating and risky sex. BPD often occurs together with other psychiatric problems, particularly bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and other personality disorders.

  16. Snarf says:

    Swee-eeet. And about f*cking time.

  17. Ron says:

    She should go to jail just for her fashion choices alone. Oh yeah and the crack thing.

  18. meme says:

    hohan either makes a feeble suicide attempt or has a faux breakdown and commits herself to a hospital for a couple of days. let the countdown begin

  19. Jeri says:

    The judge is finally getting wise to LiLo. Bout time.

    Attagirl, she makes enough excuses for herself, don’t add to her denial.

  20. La Profesora says:

    Attagirl – I can see a similarity to BPD, but I really dont see that being the case.

    I honestly believe she was brought up being told she was special, and to crave attention, and when she got it, abused it to hell, and treated everyone around her badly.

    This on top of drug use, lead to her becoming a monster, who is not able to take responsibilites for her actions, because her mother enables her and tells her that she is always a victim.

    Being a brat is not the same as BPD. You can give mood stabilizers for BPD, but you cant cure being self centered and being immature.

  21. seVen says:

    I hope she goes to jail but we all know she wont stay there…like paris hilton and various celebs before her, they will say … over crowding or medical conditions.. something to get her out after serving like 3 days. But then again i might be wrong and we can only hope she will go to jail for the full 180 :)

  22. Ethel says:

    Jail. In her case it will probably be some cushy Executive type country club jail. I know she will be able to get mind altering substances there so what good is that going to do? She needs to hit a harder bottom than this to straighten up and I’m sorry to say I doubt she will. Her bottom will probably be death.

  23. There’s so much hate directed against this girl, I feel bad for her. She has crazy famewhoring parents and didn’t have a normal childhood she has issues.
    I do think they should jail her though, It’ll be the shock she needs to get herself in order and stop throwing her life and tallent away :P

  24. Jackie says:

    I read somewhere that her brother Michael is supposed to be graduating from college this weekend.

    Now I really feel for this guy – they only functioning memeber of this family, and it will be completely ruined by her, again. I bet all those kids, execpt her 55 year old sister, have to deal with alot of crap.

    My heart goes out to them.

  25. caitlinsmommy says:

    Best news I’ve heard all week. I wonder- after hearing that she’s practically bankrupt, if she’ll be able to post bail and avoid jail until the next hearing?

  26. Annicka says:

    You know, I keep hearing about how broke she is, how broke she is, how broke she is, how no one will hire her and she’s got all these debts… How can she afford to just randomly sprint off to Cannes, then? Not to mention shopping every single day. This girl needs a hobby besides drinking, partying and doing drugs. Someone give her some knitting needles or something.

  27. meme says:

    it occurs to me that hohan is probably enjoying all this attention and probably will get another pass.

  28. zen says:

    I have no sympathy for this one what-so-ever. I hope she does go to jail but at the same time I would fear the overwhelming amount of media coverage she would get if she does. Its bad enough we have to see her in the news every other day just for her stupidity, just think how much more we’ll have to see of her and her poor excuse for parents if she does.
    Both her parents would probably love it since it would give them another 15 minutes of fame to talk about their ‘child’/cash cow while she’s in the ‘slammer’.

  29. Kitten says:


  30. krissy_kitty says:

    Girl just pissed her last chance away… I hope it was worth it, she can remember ALL the fun she had in Cannes while her ass sits in a cell.

    No sympathy from me. Linds had one too many opportunities to straighten herself out. Mama Blowhan should sit down with her daughter and have a nice chat with her… Stop blaming everyone else for your daughters screw-ups… Nobody did this to Linds. Instead of telling her daughter that it was the Judge’s fault or her lawyer’s fault make the crackhead own up to what she did!

    Someone needs to stop this girl before she seriously hurts someone, at this point I could care less about what happens to this idiot. What I am concerned about are the people that she could end up hurting in a drug and alcohol induced haze..

    Bye bye bitch, and welcome to the real world where every day people have consequences for THEIR actions… :)

  31. bellaluna says:

    As I’ve said before: send her to jail; when she’s released from jail, send her directly to a lock-down rehab facility for at least six months.

    My sister was arrested not too long ago after being pulled over. She had all three of my nephews in the car, had just smoked crystal, and had another pipe ready to go. She miraculously escaped jail time; lost custody of her boys; and refused to get help. I guess she saw the light, because our parents are paying (A LOT!) for her to be in a very restrictive nine-month-long live-in rehab programme.

    @ FUTURE – Again, it is not “hatred” being directed at Lindsay – it is disgust. She’s gotten away with too much for too long, and we’re all sick of it. She’s ungrateful, obnoxious, deluded, and her sense of entitlement is mind boggling.

  32. sdcs says:

    I disagree. I think LL has serious mental health issues. BPD as described above, or bi polar, or whatever you call it. She’s also mildly socio pathic, IMO, which accounts for her lack of boundaries and perspective regarding the effects of her actions on others.

    Brittney, true, has issues that affect mainly her, and do not harm others. While she may illicit m ore sympathy b/c of that, I do think LL is mentally ill, as well.

    Of course, there are countless inmates with mental health issues.

    And, long term substance abuse can actually create mental illness, since the body’s chemistry gets so screwed up.

  33. Mackenzie says:

    Does anyone in her life even have the $100k to bail her out? This bish is broke.

  34. jen says:

    She’s probably suffering from borderline personality disorder

    The only thing this twat suffers from is an intense case of entitlement and selfishness. That’s it. There is NOTHING mentally wrong with her that a MAJOR dose of reality and laying off the drugs and sauce couldn’t cure. That will never happen, though. The entitlement and lack of responsibility is strong in this one, too strong to “cure”. I know she won’t, but OH how I wish she’d rot in jail.

  35. LindyLou says:

    Riiinnggg riinngggg. Hello Lindsay? It’s Karma calling. You’re busted!


  36. Majosha says:


    I still can’t get over terrible she looks. Just absolutely off-the-charts horrendous.

  37. foobie says:

    Until a professional diagnosis is given, I think we should refrain from speculating on her mental condition.

    Psychiatric instability, drug abuse as well as despicable character are all indicated by destructive, anti-social behaviour. So let’s give Lindsay some credit/dignity here and assume that she largely brought this upon herself.

  38. gg says:

    Um, that shite — I mean white dress? Cut off, from the 80s. Look at the damn hem.

    Second, there is no such thing as a French Embassy in France. You go to an American Embassy when you have passport issues.

  39. katyalia says:

    I don’t even believe that she will necessarily sober up in jail – she’ll find a way to lay her hands on some drugs.
    But the SCRAM bracelet & random drug tests will be her undoing. If the next court hearing is more than 3 days away she will definitely fail on this.
    This marks the first time Lohan is shown real consequences for her total disregard for any laws/rules/social conduct. No more ‘I’m a celebrity, I can get away with anything’!

  40. Billy Baloney says:

    What she’s “suffering from” is hardcore cocaine abuse. Her very detailed, very plausible lies are the calling card of the coke-head. Cocaine is basically lying fuel. A coke-head lie will always be very plausible and very detailed and will ALWAYS absolve the coke-head of all blame for whatever the situation may be. The problem for the coke-head liar is trying to keep the many detailed, believable lies organized and coherent lest they all start contradicting each other, which is where her enabler (and likely a huge coke-head too) mother comes in, popping up to verify the veracity of Lindsay’s lies (and to get in on the free blow circus as well).

    She’ll “miraculously” find that passport as soon as the free ride is over. She’ll fly home assuming her lies will be enough to squirm away from trouble and when that fails she’ll (with help from mommy) scream about how unfairly she’s being treated for something totally out of her control.

  41. ChinaCat says:

    DO NOT pass go! DO NOT collect $200!
    GET your skanky ass the f*ck in there!

  42. TaylorB says:

    BPD does not usually involve the puffy face and glassy eyes. Not only that, only her doctor can and should make that diagnosis. We don’t know her mental health, on the other hand her physical state that is splashed all over the place, falling down, passing out, drinking like a sailor on shore leave, etc. is pretty obvious.

  43. GatsbyGal says:

    Borderline Personality Disorder? Haha, no. I think her case, BPD stands for Bitch Pretty Desperate. Desperate for fame and attention, and desperate for anything that will keep her in the public eye.

  44. piedlourde says:

    Oh my sweet Jeebus, is this really finally happening?! SQUEEEE!

  45. meme says:

    where’s Dina bleating “Lindsay’s fine, everything’s great” now?

  46. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Billy Baloney, ITA. She screwed herself by letting out her “volcanic ash ate my homework” idea. If the ash was so bad, how did she get to France in the first place? #1 problem with the bad shit: it makes you think too damn much. Lindsay’s issues, at their most simple, are the same as any other alcoholic (myself included): selfish, self-centered, & ruled by fear. Says so right in the Big Book. Hope she does get jail time so she gets to a few meetings.

  47. flourpot says:

    @AC/11: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you be more specific?

    So 100k.. does that mean she has to come up with 10%? Or the whole 100k? Whatever it is, I hope they don’t take checks/credit cards.

  48. sharylmj says:

    the SCRAM bracelet is the best bet for Lindsay. She has no one around her for accountability, just a bunch of enablers. She will have to quit or go to jail..
    I agree with you Bellaluna.(#33).. exactly what she needs

  49. lin234 says:

    Maybe she will steal the money to pay for her bail! lol Is that idea outrageous when it comes to Lindsey?

  50. Miss Bitch says:

    I think Dina and Michael should go to jail for being the worst parents on earth.

  51. toob says:

    180 days in jail? How about 180 days in detox.

  52. Madisyn says:

    Her father had someone do it? Seriously? Really? How did Michael Blohard AFFORD to send someone to Cannes? Where was her passport? On her person? The thief would have no access. Locked in a safe? Would not have access. In her room? Again, no access, unless he broke in, which I doubt. Come on Blohan, you can do better than yet. EVERYONE’S FAULT, BUT MINE!

  53. WTF?!? says:

    She won’t be arrested upon returning to the US.
    Her lawyers already put up the $10k bond, the warrant has been recalled, and Lindsay will (allegedly) be in court on Monday.

  54. Camille says:

    This is good news! The girl needs a kick in the bum.

  55. julie says:

    and…she’s already posted bail and the warrant has been recalled. seriously, what will it take for this idiot to be put behind bars where she belongs??

  56. Lindsay says:

    Flourpot – the court will take $100,000 in cash and let her go, if she doesn’t show then the will keep the money and issue a new bench warrant. If she makes it through the trails without missing an appearance she gets the money back.

    Or she could go to a bail bonds place and they ask 10-12% up front and collateral such as property (not like new designer clothes). If she doesn’t show then they send a bounty hunter out after her. They would keep the original 10-12% that was paid initially even if she does show up. If they are smart they will know she will be a PitA and completely unreliable and not issue a bond. But they don’t work with the best members of society.

    If it wasn’t illegal I be the state of California would be able to raise a substantial amount of money to fund her stay.

    At least France won’t harbor her like they did Polanski. She is not a citizen and owns no property there.

    @gg- that was a joke, Dina Lohan gave interview complaining about how the French Embassy wouldn’t help her poor little Lindsay with the passport.

  57. Lil says:

    Sad, her teeth are geting deformed by the drugs…

  58. ming says:

    Ok, let’s all start a petition and send it to the judge: “No more special privileges for Hollywood” when ordinary folks never get a break!

  59. Tia says:

    She’s been dressing like a hillbilly lately. Look at the bottom of that white dress. I swear she cut the bottom off herself during crack high. Look at the dangling threads. It’s just like her life.

    I want to sign the petition against Hollywood priviledge! Stars shouldnt be treated any differently when they break the law.

  60. Cindy Kennedy says:

    She looks like a hard-core street skank.

  61. ViktoryGin says:

    Something tells me that absolutely nothing will happen to this girl as regards the authorities. I don’t earnestly think they are going to handcuff her as soon as she flies into LA.

    They waste NO time throwing the book at these rappers like T.I. and Lil’ Wayne for weapons possession charges while this twat, with her DUIs and cocaine charges, continues to break the law and get away with it. I REALLY hate to play the race card, but I believe that it’s apropos in this case. If she were a black man (even a rich one), no way would this girl have gotten away with as much as she has.

  62. Lem says:

    shizzle. bail posted, no arrest

  63. lway says:

    I’d LOVE to see this trash bag go to jail. Just because she thinks she’s untouchable.

  64. serena says:

    Does she think she’s cool? She should understand by now that the whole wordl is making fun of her.

  65. westcoaster says:

    What I would like to know is Lindsay hardly works and is in major debt, Michael and Dina do not seem to work either. Where do these people get the money to afford their lifestyle?
    This woman will not go to jail,there will be some last minute deal or bail paid to avoid her going

  66. jen says:

    May 20th, 2010 at 11:53 pm
    I REALLY hate to play the race card, but I believe that it’s apropos in this case. If she were a black man (even a rich one), no way would this girl have gotten away with as much as she has.

    Agree 100%.

  67. MissyA says:

    You do realize that true personality disorders only occur in a very, very small percentage of people in the world, right?

    They just seem more prevalent because they’re “sexy” and make for good movies. Or as a defense in many high profile criminal cases. (Like Dan White in the Harvey Milk/George Moscone murders.)

    Sometimes a bitch is just a bitch.
    Just sayin’.

  68. S Womack says:

    I she has a capias which is what a bench warrant is she will certainly be detained.