Seal calls paparazzi “scum” and says they “ruin people’s lives”

Seal was sure pissed off when he left Maestro’s restaurant with his wife Heidi Klum last night. He went off at the photographers trying to talk to them outside, refusing to shake a guy’s hand and calling him “scum” and a “cockroach.” As Seal is signing autographs the guy is talking to him and Seal gets more pissed off, saying the paps ruin peoples lives and that he wouldn’t want their job. Heidi seems uncomfortable and looks away while her husband is going off.

It seems to me that Seal knows this guy and has a grudge against him due to some kind of history they have together. I would bet he’s trailed Seal and Heidi before and that he has a good reason for being pissed off at this specific guy.

It’s got to suck to not be able to go out and live a normal life for some of these celebrities, and Seal gets it bad because his wife is so famous. They get photographed wherever they go and are usually very gracious and smiling for the paps. I would bet that the guy Seal is hating on has stepped over the line with him before and that he’s trying to provoke him. The photographer ended up getting footage that’s worth something because Seal got annoyed and mouthed off.

Late last year George Clooney talked about how the paparazzi were no longer content just to film celebrities and that they’re trying to create situations to get reactions. He called them “bounty hunters” and said:

“These people are being paid so much that they are willing to commit crimes, to break into your house, to cut you off in traffic, to run lights, to slam on the brakes in front of you, to get the money shot. It’s creating bounty hunters.”

He know that no one wants to hear a wealthy actor saying how rough his life is. “I am one and I don’t want to hear it. But these people are blowing through lights, driving like maniacs and they’re putting people’s lives in jeopardy, including innocent bystanders who are not participating but become part of the game.”

[From LA Times blog The Dish Rag]

Seal probably isn’t just reacting to this guy yelling stupid shit to him outside a restaurant, he’s pissed because of the way that the paparazzi overstep their boundaries constantly. I hope that’s the case and that there’s nothing wrong with his relationship with Heidi. It’s also possible that he may have a different reason to be upset and is just taking it out on the photographer.

Here’s the video, thanks to

And here are some photos of Heidi and Seal last night during the incident, thanks to Splash News. Heidi looks great without makeup.

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  1. headache says:

    Guys like Seal and Clooney don’t seem to realize that the people who have the most trouble with the paps are the ones who play passive aggressive with them. Courting them one day to show of their pregnant belly or slimmed down body and the next they are spitting on them and standing around admiring their manicure while their bodyguard beats the piss out of them.

    I understand Seal and Clooney’s frustration but for them to paint the entire industry with a broad brush like that is irresponsible. They would be disgusted if someone where to lump all actors and singers together, wouldn’t they?

  2. Herman B says:

    seal. what if their were a man who was immune to countless diseases and even the sometimes deadly box jelly fish, but that man is not white.

    and a man like that would confuse the religious teachings. of course the paparazzi would lie . . . they get paid to make the stories that control the wheels of publicity.

  3. Syko says:

    I too can understand the frustration, but it’s part of making ungodly amounts of money and being famous.

    Some celebs don’t seem bothered by it. I have noticed in particular that Gwen Stefani always has a pleasant look or a smile on her face when out and about, and they seem to just snap a few pictures and go on. I think the paps are probably human and respond well to kindness and understanding, just as we all do.

  4. dancingfan says:

    I can’t stand the paparrazi – they are idiots and there should be laws against them – they’re stalkers, etc.

    Heidi is SO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bex says:

    There definitely need to be limitations on what paps are and are not allowed to do. Is there a place for media? Yes. Is that place cutting ppl off in traffic and forcing ppl to hide just bc they’re in a public place? No.


  6. dancingfan says:

    I just watched the video – the paps ARE jerks. So stupid. They act like they know him. It’s ridiculous what it’s become. They have no respect for celebrities.

  7. Aurora says:

    The paps have become too brazen and it’s no wonder they’re becoming more despised. They especially don’t belong lurking around schools where celebs pick up their kids. Creepy. So is following Nicole Kidman from the gym…hunting a pregnant woman…yucky. They press their cameras up against car windows and snap away at the “cornered animal” celebrity inside. They do have their place but it’s way out of whack.

  8. Cindy Kennedy says:

    The papparazi are scumbags, its true.

  9. Sasha says:

    You killed a paparazzi? No sir, it’s 5 dollar fine, just mail it in.

  10. sally says:

    well that what he gets for beinf famous

  11. countrybabe says:

    I really don’t understand why paps would want to take pictures of Seal and Heidi together(both ugly). I don’t think their marriage will last under this kind of pressure.

  12. jos martens says:

    Heidi looks very uncomfertably by the words of her man.
    I think she disagreed his behavour.
    He called them scums and what is heself to react like this ?

  13. roger says:

    Steal is right, no doubt about it.

    So much media coverage / inconvenience for nothing.. It is disgusting! The poor guy is trying to have dinner with his wife. Nothing exceptional, really.. What are those scumbags / press midgets doing outside anyway? Paparazzi need a job. I mean, a real one..

  14. herc says:

    with a face as ugly as seals i’m suprised he has the balls to say anything to anyone!

    he’s fucking useless!