Katie Joel, 27, says her husband Billy Joel, 58, is immature

Billy Joel, 58, and his young wife Katie, 27, were on Oprah yesterday to promote Katie’s new cookbook, The Comfort Table. Katie was just 23 when they were married in 2004. When they were on stage together Katie definitely dominated the conversation and Billy only spoke occasionally like he was used to it.

On how they met
Katie said she didn’t really know much about Billy Joel before she met him and thought he just had two hit songs, “Uptown Girl” and “Piano Man.” She said she was at the bar at the Pennisula Hotel with a friend and she almost bumped into him and that’s how they met. He then took her out to dinner and to his “Moving Up Out” show on Broadway. Billy performed the last two songs on stage and Katie didn’t realize that he was doing it just to impress her and that he didn’t normally perform in that show.

Here are Billy and Katie’s comments on their unconventional relationship.

Oprah: “Did you ever think you would marry an older man?”
Katie: “I never really thought about it, but it works for us. He has this job that’s allowed him to be really immature for a long time – rock star, and I happen to be more mature for my age so we meet somewhere in the middle.”

“So it never comes up?”
Katie: “Well, sometimes I don’t know a song or I don’t know a movie that he does.”

“You should get Billy Joel’s greatest hits!”

“Billy was it an issue for you?”
Billy: “No, no it worked. I’ve said this before, I would have married her if she was 30 years older. When it works, when it clicks, you don’t fight it, you go with it.”

“So what’s your relationship like with their daughter?”
Katie: “Alexa [22] is really a special person to me. She was my maid of honor in my wedding actually, and I’m always impressed by her. She has so much talent and grace. She’s just really special.”

“So you guys bonded over food? You cook for him?”
Yes, he loves it when I’m in the kitchen. I always say he’s my guinea pig when I’m writing recipes and he tries everything and is really honest.

[Transcribed from The Oprah Winfrey show, March 24, 2008]

While Katie answered the question about Billy’s daughter gracefully you can tell she doesn’t get along with her. She talked more in general terms and didn’t say they hung out and went shopping together or anything.

Katie seems like she wears the pants in the relationship despite the large age difference. She comes off as annoying and a type A personality, but mildly endearing at the same time. She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon’s overachieving character in Election, like she’s determined and is trying too hard to please.

Oprah’s designer Nate Burke decorated Katie and Joel’s New York home, and Katie gave a tour. She said she saw Burke on the Oprah show and contacted him to do their place. When she said she was surprised he did “average peoples” homes the audience laughed.

Billy Joel got a chance to talk to Oprah before his chatty wife came on. He briefly mentioned his battle with alcoholism but glossed over it. He’s sober now and said his life is good. He said that rehab is like jail and that it’s like being in the drunk tank.

When Oprah brought up his record of car accidents he blew it off and said they were due to bad driving, not being drunk.

This woman’s cookbook is going to take off like Jessica Seinfeld’s did after her Oprah appearance and that hardly seems fair. In this case it seems like she at least worked hard on it and actually was interested in cooking before hooking up with Joel. Katie has a food column in Hamptons magazine and has worked as a commentator on The Food Network. She said her fondest memories from childhood are around the dining room table in West Virginia where she grew up.

Billy Joel and Katie Joel on Oprah:

Billy Joel talks about his relationship with Kristie Brinkley, his daughter, and his problems with alcohol and cars:

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Katie and Billy Joel are shown at Madonna’s Raising Kabbalah benefit on 2/7/08, thanks to Splash News.


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34 Responses to “Katie Joel, 27, says her husband Billy Joel, 58, is immature”

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  1. heehee says:

    I dont think their age difference is ‘wrong’ because she is a well grown adult. Were he dating or married to a 14 yr old and he was 31 yrs older, thats more ‘wrong’ because someopne at that age hasnt developed certain traits or capacities that might otherwise prevent the relationship from forming or advancing. 27- heck thats plenty “old”. And these kids 13 and 12 ‘dating’ already (and more)– dont get me started….

  2. Anonymous says:

    She is 27 and He is 58, they have 31 years difference. That is just plain WRONG, no matter how you look at it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I soooo dislike women like her (as well as those men) that marry old, disgusting, ugly men like him just because they are rich enough. She and others like her give women a bad image.

  4. Anonymous says:

    isn’t she an actual chef, as oppose to jessica sienfield who isn’t?

  5. mollination says:

    why is it unfair if her book takes off after this appearance?

  6. Bex says:

    Hey, when it works, it works. Who am I to judge that?

  7. Kate says:

    Not really a surprise. She’s right about the profession–and the person who marries someone 30+ years younger probably is immature! Billy Joel has seemed like a sad person to me for a long time, so hopefully this relationship makes them happy, regardless of age difference.

  8. monica says:

    i know. why would it be sad if her book did well? doesn’t she actually have something real to do with food? and in terms of this being an age difference…please. if it works it works. what is the big, bitter deal? they seem “normal” (for famous people) and in a loving relationship. and the fact that she seems to wear some type of pants in the relationship makes her seem even better.

  9. headache says:

    Molli and Monica, because the sad truth is, homegirl would not have gotten anywhere near Oprah’s couch were she not sleeping with Billy Joel.

  10. bob says:

    Most people accept interracial or gay or lesbian relationships, so why is it that a May/December relationship still brings out such judgemental B.S.? Maybe she’s actually in love with him? But even if she’s just in it for the money, it’s absolutely none of anyone else’s business as long as they’re both happy. I wish them all the best, just as I would any other couple that’s lucky enough to have found each other.

  11. mollination says:

    We all have some preconcieved notion of the “ideal relationship” and because we’re under the impression that she is with him for his money since she is younger we’re going to villify them? The fact is, they are both happy (whether or not it’s for the right reasons or not), and I know plenty of couples that are the same age that are together and miserable.

    If it works for BOTH of them, why should it bother us? Billy Joel’s not a fool, I’m sure the idea that she’s a gold-digger has crossed his mind. Perhaps in his older age he has different priorities and not being alone is probably at the top. She gives him what he needs, and he provides her with what she needs. Who cares?

    I understand that her pseudo-celebrity is going to help sell her books, but I don’t know why that’s sad? If anything it’s happy for her that she finally got her big break. It sounds like this has been her dream for a while, unlike ms.seinfeld.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Looking at the picture of those two with her looking so beautiful and young and him looking like a over baked, repulsive old pig, it just seems so wrong and very gross. She should be with someone her own age and yes like headache said previously, if she was not married to him she would not have this good opportunity to succeed, which makes it all the more sad.

    I guess if any of you ladies want to succeed in this world then you better find yourself a dirty old rich man fit to be your father or, in some cases, your grandfather.

    As for love, he sees a young attractive women that can keep him young and she sees an older rich man who has promised her the world in return.

  13. Rio says:

    I don’t get the absolute hate that comes with May-December relationships either. If you like each other, what’s the problem? My own mother says I’ll probably end up marrying an older guy because I have more ‘mature’ interests and outlooks on things. Sure, I might like to look at guys “my own age” (22), but I’d rather have a great stimulating conversation with someone I mentally click with. Gross generalization alert: 22-year-old guys (mmmm, geeks. Talk nerdy to me, baby) aren’t exactly known for their emotional or mental maturity.

  14. monica says:

    hey now….billy is not an old,dirty, over baked fart…if that’s what you are implying. :P
    i think he’s a cutie. and as for her, i don’t even think that she is that beautiful. great skin but come on now, she’s no chrstine brinkly. but she is loved, and that can make anyone look better.
    again, what is the big deal. Anonymous…you sound bitter. sorry, it’s true. why do you care so much. just let it be.
    who’s to say she would be famous for something or the other anyway. good for her.

  15. Anastasia says:

    He looked so damn miserable through that whole interview. Did he ever get to say more than three words? And more than that, he just sort of looked downcast most of the time.

    After I listened to her for about four minutes, she started totally getting on my last nerve. Had to turn it off.

  16. slacker chic says:

    i completely believe her. but she should shut her mouth and be happy to be married to the richie rich drunkard.

  17. OXA says:


  18. OXA says:


  19. monica says:

    thanx mollination…i think we see eye to eye.

  20. Stretch says:

    I agree with Anastasia. He looked really miserable throughout the whole interview. It also drives me crazy that she kept referring to him as “my husband” as opposed to Billy or Bill.

  21. Granger says:

    I think it’s sad that so many people here think attraction is based on looks alone. Sure, Billy is older and not exactly “hot,” but he’s a brilliant musician and songwriter, and — from what I’ve heard in other interviews — very intelligent. Don’t you think it’s possible Katie fell in love with those qualities, and didn’t care that he wasn’t Ashton Kutcher — i.e., young, good looking, but completely ditzy?

    As for her cookbook, I don’t feel the same contempt for her’s that I do for Jessica Seinfeld’s. I don’t think Katie is a chef, but from what I understand, she’s worked in the food industry, has a food column in a newspaper, and learned a lot of traditional Southern cooking from her grandmother. Seinfeld, on the other hand, simply had three kids and suddenly decided she was an expert on feeding the children of the world.

    Still, I understand why people get annoyed when someone like Katie makes it “big.” Life isn’t fair, right? If she hadn’t married Billy Joel, she certainly wouldn’t be on Oprah promoting a book filled with insignificant little down-home cookin’ recipes! Her fame and money beget even more fame and money… And that’s frustrating. Makes the adage, The rich get richer, all the more true.

  22. MSat says:

    Oh, this marriage is based on looks all right– hers! How come nobody is calling Billy out on this and bashing the 22-year-old instead? It must have been really easy for him to impress her, what with having his own frickin’ Broadway show and millions of bucks to dazzle her with. He’s using her just as much as she’s using him!I hope he enjoys the hot sex while it lasts, because it won’t. She’ll dump him in a few years and probably pull a Heather Mills on his ass.

  23. MaiGirl says:

    If relationships like this were any sort of exception, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But I’m straight up tired of worn-out old men like this hooking up with twentysomethings. It’s such a cliche! I simply don’t believe that these men are as open to women their own age. They are looking for an ego boost, and then just happen to find love sometimes. And the women aren’t off the hook either. If the man wouldn’t even turn your head if he weren’t rich and powerful Mr. X, then leave him be! I highly doubt that if he were a poor nobody with the same level of talent, she’d give him a second glance.

  24. MRod says:

    Yep, I was about to say that… gold digger and Heather Mills

  25. Jesse says:

    It is pretty disgusting how superficial people get when it comes to age. Appearance doesn’t matter until people see a mismatched relationship based on looks. Grow up, kids. Ageism, like racism and sexism, is wrong.

  26. anonymous says:

    In the middle of the night,
    Joel goes walking in his sleep,
    He is getting so old that his bladder is weak,
    He is looking for something,
    Something that he needs,
    Is it his car keys or a piece of cheese?
    He goes walking in the, in the middle of the, (repeat, repeat,repeat)

    In the middle of the night,
    He awakes to find,
    He is a senior citizen,
    Who is losing his mind,
    He keeps looking for young wives,
    Wives he can’t keep,
    He can’t see that for his money, they all leap,
    In the middle of the night!

  27. la mexicana says:

    Wasn’t she on the first season of Top Chef before Padma came along?

  28. Carrie says:

    I’d say Billy Joel got really lucky hooking up with Katie. She’s a beautiful, vibrant young woman. Why should he have settled for less?

  29. Nicole says:

    I bought the book and really enjoyed her recipes. For credibility purposes, I would think that you would at least skim over a copy before ripping it to shreds. And so what if they aren’t the “ideal” couple and pawing each other on Oprah? I wish them the best!

  30. Celeste says:

    I wonder if she would have given the overweight/with a drinking problem Bill a second chance if he didn’t have money?

  31. Kelli says:

    No Bob, most people do not accept gay or lesbian relationships. Also, dingbat is not in love with him. If he didn’t have lots of money, Katie wouldn’t take a second look at him. In my opinion, he is a has-been and a drunk…

  32. shelby says:

    first of all, the assumption is that they actually sleep together. i doubt it. she talks a lot about hanging out with her friends. i think that is probably what she does most of the time. i suspect this is a marriage of platonic convenience for whatever reason a 27 year old woman would do that.

  33. Steve says:

    Carrie wrote: Billy Joel got really lucky hooking up with Katie. She’s a beautiful, vibrant young woman. Why should he have settled for less?

    He shouldn’t settle for less than “beautiful and vibrant”…. but he should have settled for MORE than a gold digger who will leave him in 3-10 years with as many of his millions as she can get. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

    I would think he already knows this and has probably gone into the marriage thinking a few years of ‘fun’ with a young attractie girl is worth what it will inevitably cost him. I just hope he has a REAL good pre-nup.