Is Ryan Phillippe’s girlfriend Abbie Cornish pregnant?

The Huffington Post points to a throwaway mention in the Fox411 Entertainment column, in which Roger Friedman gives Stop Loss a glowing review and mentions as an aside that Ryan Phillippe’s presumed girlfriend, Abbie Cornish, is pregnant:

Phillippe is not the only good actor working in “Stop Loss.” Peirce has stocked the film with talent: Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are his army buddies, Abbie Cornish (whom Phillippe met on the set and apparently is having a child with) and Timothy Olyphant also are featured to great effect.

[From Fox411 via Huffington Post]

This made me scour the photo agencies for recent photos of Cornish and she didn’t show up at the premiere of Stop Loss on March 18th. The last event photos I could find of her were at the Sydney premiere of Elizabeth: The Golden Age in November. The most recent paparazzi photos I could find are from December and she was seen kissing Ryan and hanging out with his kids. Cornish was wearing a loose top but she didn’t look pregnant or anything from those faraway photos.

Fox news could be right, and it seems curious that Cornish didn’t show up at the premiere, but maybe she just wants to keep a low profile after all the rumors.

Phillippe has gone a long way toward repairing his image recently with candid and funny interviews on the talk show circuit. He held his own with Howard Stern last week, and came across as both open and gracious about his divorce and his ex wife’s new boyfriend. He didn’t directly answer a question about whether an affair with Cornish broke up his relationship with Reese, and answered “That’s what they say. It’s funny to me. A story gets told and then it becomes truth to everyone else. And unless you hold some kind of bizarre press conference where you refute everything … they take on a life of their own.” Ryan also said “no comment” when asked about Abbie by a USA Today journalist.

We’ll have to see if Cornish resurfaces and if she looks pregnant. When Stern asked Phillippe if he would consider getting married again, he said “I would imagine someday, yeah.”

Ryan repeated that sentiment to USA Today, adding that he would like to have more children too:

“I can see doing it again, yeah. And I can certainly see possibly having children again. I’m pretty young, and there are many beautiful things about that idea of marriage and family. It just doesn’t always work out perfect for everybody. But I’ve done all I’m going to do in terms of talking about that part. It’s fair to her [Reese] and fair to myself to move on.”

Abbie Cornish is shown below on 11/4/07 at the premiere of Elizabeth: The Golden Age in Sydney, thanks to Splash News. These photos are not to show that she looks pregnant here at all, they are just the last event pictures I could find. She is seen in the header on 10/1 at the Elizabeth premiere in LA. Still of Ryan Phillippe is from USA Today.

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  1. Kevin says:

    How can people say that Jessica Alba is a dog then go over board about how hot this doughy faced Justin Timberlake wannabe is. Hate to say it but this dude is lucky if he’s on the Rene (squinty) Zelleweger level of hotness. That is all, thank you

  2. Syko says:

    Obviously heterosexual males cannot judge other heterosexual males’ hotness. And how is Ryan a Justin Timberlake wannabe? They don’t look alike, Ryan doesn’t sing. Odd comparison.

    Nope, he’s way above the Rene Zellweger level. Almost up there with Johnny Depp, in my eyes.

  3. Syko says:

    P.S. I think the Jessica Alba dogginess is due to her personality and not her appearance.

  4. lulu says:

    ha ha, kevin! what do u know? you are a guy. jt = not hot. ryan phillippe = extremely hot!

  5. headache says:

    Not to mention, Ryan came before Timberlake.

  6. Syko says:

    Does that mean JT is a Ryan wannabe?

  7. Bodhi says:

    I wonder how JT would take that comparison…

  8. JaeMae says:

    I dont see the comparison either, besides that they each have blonde curly hair, they are nothing alike??

    Anyway, JT is a fox, and so is Ryan.

  9. MSat says:

    I think he would spontaneously combust if he actually cracked a friggin’ smile. Lighten up, Ryan! You’re young, good looking and have a decent career. Jeez!

  10. iulia says:

    i like this woman, really loved her in Candy (2006), she is beautiful and talented which is more then I can say for Reese (yes i know she s got an Oscar, but that s my opinion

  11. Syko says:

    I’m with you there, iulia – never have seen what the big deal is about Reese. I’ve only seen her in one movie – the one that got her the Oscar – but was not that impressed, and I’ve never thought she was pretty. Mouth too high up on her face, makes her look like she’s sniffing at a small but offensive turd being held under her nose.

  12. journey says:

    wasn’t a fan of reese till i saw her in freeway with keifer sutherland.

  13. Jules says:

    Please, this twit doesn’t hold a candle to Reese! (Freeway was an awesome movie!)
    Phillipe is not overly attractive, I would say average at best.
    Now Jake G, that’s a hot guy!!!!
    JT is also one of those that you just go, huh?!? Maybe 13 yr olds think he’s all that, grown women don’t see the hype! Again…extremely average looks and talent!

  14. UrbanRube says:

    I never thought Phillippe was attractive until I saw him in “Breach.” His intelligence is what makes that pretty-boy face come alive. As for Justin Timberlake, I’m with Jules. I’m a grown woman and I do NOT get it. He looks like a mama’s boy who was kicked around on the playground and got lucky on the Mouseketeers.

    Back to Ryan: I think he and Reese have done an admirable job of classing up their press after a few months of understandable post-split rockiness. It’s good for their kids that they do that. So good for them.

  15. Tia C says:

    I think Ryan Philippe is the most boring actor ever. But wow, the boy certainly has a “type” doesn’t he? Blondes with XL chins! LOL!

  16. I choose me says:

    MSAT look at the clips of him on Leno. He smiles pretty there and shows off a decent sense of humour too imho.

  17. the pounce says:

    ewww. on howard stern he said he hasn’t even dated any celebs, only regular people since the divorce. we all know that’s a lie.

  18. Ruby says:

    I think JT and Ryan Philippe Look similar. I think Ryan is slightly better looking, but Justin Timberlake is probably more talented. I think Jessica Alba is hot and has a nice body but she does have a kind of longish shaped face.-( houndog like.)She’s not perfect, but overall she’s pretty hot.

  19. anonymous says:

    Ryan is way hotter than Justin. I hope that he and Abbie are happy together. He deserves some happiness.

  20. You know what most of ya’ll could do besides critisize? GO GET LAID OR SUCK A D#@%! And for whoever said that Ryan has a type for women with XL chins. Ho you can’t tell people what they like, just like noone could tell the person you dated about your ugly a$$!
    And Abbie Cornish is not all that cute she looks like a f#$%ing man for crying out loud and without makeup she looks like a dry a$$ pancake. Reese isn’t all that either but I know one thing for damn sure she looks WAY better than that deflated MAN! And I pray to GAWD for Ryan’s sake she is not prego with his ego or hes doomed for LIFE!!unless it takes up after him/ hell he looks more feminine than her A$$!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jealous much sweetheart? Abbie Cornish is a beautiful woman and an absolutely amazing actress. I’m so happy Ryan dumped Reese for a down to earth and sweet person like Abbie. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  22. what?! says:

    Jealous b*Tch? i think not! I said she was ugly as f*#k and i meant that sh*T- so stop trying to get other people to see it because it’s just not working!

    By the way- the b*tch can’t act. She practically has seizures on set.And wish your mother all the happiness in the world she’s going to need it with her in her casket!

  23. Brooke says:

    I don’t think Abbie is all that attractive, but that’s just my opinion. She’s just average looking, nothing that makes her stand out. I liked Reese better because it just seemed she had a better attitude, plus I loved her in Fear, Cruel Intentions, and Walk the Line. As for Ryan, well I think he is gorgeous and I’m a grown woman. Besides similar hair I don’t think he looks a lot like Justin Timberlake and even if he did, he came before Timberlake so I guess JT would be copying his look. I remember when Ryan, SMG, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Jennifer Love Hewitt were like the in crowd of teen movies. It’s kind of sad that Ryan and Reese got married and Ryan put his career on hold for awhile if he hadn’t there is no telling where he’d be now. Same goes for Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze Jr. , they got married and now their careers are about non existent. Anyway, I really hope that Abbie isn’t pregnant with Ryan’s baby, I just do not like them together. I also am not a big Jake and Reese fan either. I don’t think Jake is all that good looking, maybe it’s his eyebrows IDK.

  24. Shannon says:

    I like both Abbie and Reese… I think both are super cute in different ways. Candy was amazing, anyone that doesnt think Abbie can act should see it. Plus, I love Ryan w/ Abbie and Reese w/ Jake. Just sucks that it came about the way it did.