Steve O pictured snorting coke off chick’s leg, says he wasn’t flirting


Update: Photos removed at the request of the National Enquirer. You can see them in their latest issue with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s feud on the cover. We are sorry to the Enquirer and thank them for being nice about asking us to remove them.

“Jackass” star Steve O is in rehab after he was put into the hospital on a mental health observation for supposedly threatening to kill himself. It also came out that he has bipolar disorder, something that he admits on his myspace blog. Steve O also freely owes up to doing drugs, and there are photos out of him in this week’s Enquirer snorting coke off a woman’s leg. The accompanying story about how he was supposedly “hitting on random girls and asking to snort coke of their breasts” isn’t true though, he asserts, and he says the false claims are particularly damaging because he was engaged at the time:

The stories that are circulating right now about me being at some party hitting on random girls and asking to snort drugs from their breasts are not true at all. I will be the first to admit that I’ve snorted all kinds of drugs, in all sorts of situations, but I take offense to claims that I was running around hitting on random women at a time when I was under the impression that I was engaged to be married. I know many of you who are in receipt of this message from me work in the media, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would squash this dishonest journalism. These stories are so untrue, they place me at a party hitting on women when I was locked up in the looney bin. I’m a tough guy, with very thick skin, but that doesn’t mean I take kindly to being lied about, especially when it comes to behavior that took place after I asked someone to marry me and before I was informed, by the girl I asked to marry me, that she had completely changed her mind about getting married. Feel free to write whatever you want about me being rejected by my fiance, because that is true, but, please, don’t lie about me. I like to consider myself to be exciting
enough that dishonesty is not required to get a story out of me. Thanks, I love you all,

[From Steve O's myspace]

This is the guy who stapled his balls to his legs, peed on the red carpet, smoked a bowl on the red carpet, ate roadkill, and generally comes off as an idiot of the highest order, but somehow I believe him and am rooting for him. At first I thought that Steve O’s girlfriend broke up with him after reading that National Enquirer article, but he blogged on March 20 that “she later expressed that she completely changed her mind about getting married. Now I am in recovery and do not have a significant other,” so it sounds like he’s just upset that the Enquirer made it seem like he was hitting on women when he was engaged at the time.

Steve O has been getting into all sorts of weird new age stuff (that seems to be a theme for today) and has been blogging about how he’s searching for more information about his higher power. He’s talked about The Age of Aquarius and told people to look up more information about the “Pleiadians,” which are said to be extraterrestrial beings which have visited earth. As long as he’s not sinking money into a cult, if it helps him to get sober that’s all that matters.

Steve O comes across as someone who is really trying to conquer his demons and figure out his place in the world. Maybe he’ll come up with a slightly less self-destructive way to make money once he’s out of rehab.

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  1. lulu says:

    what a stupid new trend — taking pics and video of yourself doing drugs. anything to get attention!!

  2. Bodhi says:

    I hope he gets his shit straight. He seems like an ok guy behind all the bullshit

  3. ridwah says:

    I’m sure there are about 80,000 “Steve-O doing drugs” pics out there floating around.

  4. Daisy says:

    who wants to call death pool time?

  5. Simon Scowl says:

    If he lives to see 40, maybe he can write a book. He seems like a pretty good writer when he’s not defiling himself.

  6. anon69 says:

    I will admit when he was stapling his scrotum to his leg and taking leaks on the red carpet and such, i really had no use for him. He seems pretty intelligent and articulate when sober–who knew?!
    He seems sincere in wanting to get and stay clean and I wish him the best in his attempt at sobriety-

  7. Lola says:

    More people should be like him.

  8. Rianna says:

    his blog is actually well written, for a person who has spent half of his life on drugs. i do hope he gets better. it is sad about his fiancee though.

  9. jessica says:

    “we are sorry to the national enquirer.”

    nice command of the english language, there.

  10. anonymous says:

    Who actually watched this guy and *Didn’t* know he was on drugs?

  11. Cali says:

    “what a stupid new trend — taking pics and video of yourself doing drugs. anything to get attention!!”

    i agree

  12. kayla says:

    steve-O is not a bad guy he is my idol
    so people need to quit hating on him cuz
    he did do drugs but he is getting help so
    yeah i love you steve-O your my buddy!