Lady Gaga: “Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up & walk the walk today”


Yesterday we previewed Lady Gaga’s new, ass-tastic Rolling Stone cover. Today RS has put up some excerpts from their profile, and let’s just that my question yesterday – “Is she trying too hard?” – still stands. But as I mentioned yesterday, I like Gaga. And I appreciate that she gives a good interview, and anyone who thinks that she’s just another air-head pop star is wrong. She is actually thinking about the crazy sh-t she does and says (and wears). And she’s about to bring some politics up in this bitch:

Lady Gaga bares her heart — and much more — on the cover of Rolling Stone’s new issue, on sale at newsstands Wednesday, June 23rd. In the most extensive interview the pop star has ever given about the breakup that inspired her transformation from Germanotta to Gaga, her complex relationship with her beloved father and the music on her next album, Lady Gaga tells contributing editor Neil Strauss art is life and not being fierce isn’t an option: “When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl,” she says. “Then I say, ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.’ ”

In a backstage interview before and after one of her mammoth Monster Ball shows in England, Gaga admits she wouldn’t have been as successful if she hadn’t had her heart broken by her East Village boyfriend five years ago, and that “sex is certainly not, like, a priority at the moment.”

Her priority is, and has been, the relationship she’s built with her fans. “If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I’d come out as Gaga,” she says, adding that she models her celebrity on Michael Jackson. “Michael got burned, and he lifted that glittered glove so damn high so his fans could see him, because he was in the art of show business. That’s what we do. I don’t even drink water onstage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music.”

Gaga also reveals some deeply personal details for the first time, including her recurring nightmare involving a phantom and a blond girl who’s tied up with ropes. “She’s got my shoes on from the Grammys,” Gaga says. “Go figure — psycho.” When presented with the idea that her behavior indicates she’s a survivor of a traumatic experience, Gaga says there are limits to what she’ll discuss in public. “You have to be careful about how much you reveal to people that look up to you so much.”

Despite a health scare (she currently doesn’t have Lupus, but the disease runs in her family) and nonstop touring, Gaga hasn’t lost her creative inspiration — she’s currently finishing up her new record and designing the stage production for her next tour. Gaga plans to announce the title of her new album — due out early next year — at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

“I think I’m gonna get the album title tattooed on me and put out the photo,” she says. “I’ve been working on it for months now, and I feel very strongly that it’s finished right now. It came so quickly. Some artists take years; I don’t. I write music every day.”

As for the subject matter of the music, Gaga says she’s moved on with writing songs about her quest for fame to crafting tunes with an angry, perhaps political bent.

“Why are we still talking about ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’?” she says. “It’s like, what f-cking year is it? It makes me crazy! And I have been for three years baking cakes — and now I’m going to bake a cake that has a bitter jelly. The message of the new music is now more bitter than it was before. Because the sweeter the cake, the more bitter the jelly can be.”

[From Rolling Stone]

My least favorite part is the stuff about Michael Jackson. Yes, I get it, Gaga uses Michael as a cautionary-tale/comparison-iconography, and Michael himself liked Gaga enough to ask her to open for him on his never-started tour, but I still think she’s full of sh-t for speaking about him in this way when she’s only been doing her act for three years. They’ve been three good years, three years where she’s been so influential that even the people she’s paid homage to are now considered “Gaga-esque”. But Michael lived for decades with the crushing fame and the spotlight of the world. So, give it a decade, Gaga.

Two other Gaga-related points – did anyone else know that Bill O’Reilly is a Gaga fan? Apparently he’s been begging her to come on his show. Weird/funny. Also – did everyone enjoy that crazy/hilarious Vogue article about Oprah and Gaga at the Met Gala? It’s not online yet, but I read in the July issue. I might have to transcribe the best parts at some point, it’s so worth it.


Photos courtesy of Rolling Stone.

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  1. denise says:

    OMG @ those things on her feet!

  2. ashley says:

    I’m kind of over her already, really. Like yeah, I get it, please be quiet now and hide for a bit.

  3. meme says:

    she certainly is full of herself, isn’t she? i’m over her. she’s a one trick pony.

  4. margo says:

    “you have to be careful about what you reveal to people that look up to you so much”

    REALLY? Self important much? I like GaGa, I really do, but bitch please your a pop singer not finding a cure for cancer!


  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Miley Cyrus Post. That Bitch is trying to hard. Lady Gaga is pure fabulous!!!!!! <33333 Love her. I love her strength and I love that she is all about making good music and performing amazing shows. I had no idea Micheal had asked her to be an opening act for his tour. Wow. I think LG is right about his dedication to his fans and the way he wanted things perfect because he truly wanted to make good music for his fans. I just saw This Is it on Starz. Its an eye opening film. I just love her. I would really love to know exactly what she is trying hard to do? Any bitch who can walk through an airport wearing Nina Ricci heelless platforms is not trying to do anything. They are fabulous.

  6. kelbear says:

    Yeah I am over her already. I liked her when Just Dance and Poker Face came out but after that I just thought she was too weird for my liking.

  7. Sarah says:

    @Love Angelina, she’s trying to hard to “shock” people. She’s trying to hard to be the center of attention and be controversial and it looks to me like she’s trying to hard to be the character she created in her head to forget about the past (possibly). Now that I’ve answered that for you, can you tell me how she is soooo talented and unique?

  8. standards says:

    Whoa, she takes herself and her “character” too seriously. She has this warped view that people don’t know she’s a human being. Like she’s fooling everyone. Gaga, we know you require water to live just like everyone else. She needs to let herself be normal and stop psyching herself out every morning when she wakes up to get into this weird, self induced role she traps herself in. It’s really unhealthy and nothing good is going to come from her constant role playing.

  9. Beck says:

    I totally agree with Standards. It’s ridiculous.

    I’ve been over her. I wish she would go away for a while.

  10. Persistent Cat says:

    I don’t think she’s trying to hard, I think it’s just who she is. So she doesn’t drink wate on stage. She knows she putting on a show. You don’t see broadway performer doing that, it would take you out of the moment.

    I love the Michael Jackson reference. He was all about his image, as is she. Britney and Christina always marketed an image. LG just is who she is. I can’t hate her because she more up front than most out there now.

  11. Vajayjay says:

    Please dont tell me shares comparing herself to Michael.. ugh..

  12. original kate says:

    the difference between lady gaga & michael jackson is that michael had a huge talent; she really has no talent, other than self-promotion.

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Sarah I don’t think she is trying to shock people, if you feel that you were supposed to be shock well…I am not sure what to tell you. I think Lady Gaga is so taleneted because one she can sing just outta this world. I have never been disapointed by any of her live performances. Her music is pop and fun but sometimes deep and passionate, sometimes at the same time like Bad Romance. Her album was amazing. Two at lot of people think this persona is an act (the crazy clothes and shoes) and so what if it, its interesting its fun, its fresh. Third I think at her core LG is a passionate strong woman and I love that quality in any woman.

  14. Caro says:

    I still like her musik. It is just great. But after watching her in the tv while being interviewed I noticed that her character was kind of not good. I think that she is really selfish. But okay. Her music is still good.

  15. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Apparently she thinks people have forgotten about Bowie living his Aladdin Sane character. Almost killed him. Again: she’s. doing. nothing. new.

  16. ering says:

    Her music is catchy, and that’s all I get from it. I’m so tired of her act that it’s really making me sour on her music. It’s OK to be a real person, STEFANI.

  17. lrm says:

    OMG-she is so NOT 24 yrs old! B*tch, please…Anyone? Bueller?
    How old is this overrated copycat, anyone?

    I swear, when my son wants to listen to her songs on the radio….I have to do a double take b/c i think they are madonna.
    And, that’s just for starters as far as who she has copied. And if you wsay she pays homage to them, why doesn’t she actually say that? No….she has to act as though she owns these creations, that she invented them. uugh.

    I find her repulsive, to be quite honest. I cannot listen to her music, b/c she personally annoys me so much.

  18. Jazz says:

    Her face kinda looks like Bruno there.

  19. MissyA says:

    The thing that I like about Gaga, is she understands the essence of pop music.

    Her music isn’t terribly unique or interesting (though I do give her props for writing her own) – but her performances. . . Her performances are so contrived and bigger than life – and she’s the ring leader.

    I’m not a pop music fan by any stretch of the imagination. I was in high school when we were bombarded with Britney!, Jessica, N*Sync, ect – and I’m so lucky I graduated without sprained eyeballs. It was all a bunch of mindless fluff – devoid of any real talent and marketed to brain dead masses. And when Gaga first hit the scene, I rolled my eyes and didn’t give her the time of day. Another manufactured pop star.

    But Gaga is a new breed. She’s an intelligent, self made woman who understands the art of show. There’s something about Gaga that’s so tongue-in-cheek, so “wink wink”, that she’s made me a believer. It took me awhile, but I appreciate her humor and I want to be in on the joke. Or else I’ve become brain dead in my old age.

  20. Sarah says:

    @Love Angelina, so do you think that if she wasn’t Gaga, she’d go to a baseball game in her undies? She didn’t do that for shock value? I think she did but that’s my opinion. I just really don’t see how she is so talented. Your explanation didn’t help. She’s got a good singing voice, well ok lots of people do. And I just read the lyrics to Bad Romance and I really don’t see what was so amazing about it. It’s written like a love sick teenager would write a cheesy poem. As for being “fresh” with the way she dresses, I don’t see that either. I’m not trying to be a b*tch about it, I’m really trying to understand what you see.

  21. BlahBlah says:

    Horrible Photoshop job on her butt, I mean come on, she was prancing around NYC all weekend in her underwear with her flabby, pasty cheeks hanging out all over the place. Give me a break. She’s about as “edgy” as kindergarten scissors.

  22. Roma says:

    I have to admit, I saw Gaga at Lollapalooza a few years ago when she was still brunette and chick can SING. I think a Madonna reference would be more appropriate than Michael… though I guess that’s the question. Will she be able to reinvent herself after all this gets boring or will she be still holding on to the sequined glove?

  23. Ellen says:

    Love her music but these recent interviews–and I am not including the Barbara Walters, btw, which was, to my mind, impressive–remind us how young she is. I’m in the “less is more” camp. I think something’s up with her this summer (cf Mets/Yankees games, etc etc). Christina Agueliera fans will appreciate her nod to Gaga at the end of the new Xtina CD–final line of the last cut: “let us not forget who owns the throne”. Obviously there’s some rivalry here.

  24. a says:

    at least she’s making an effort, working hard and trying to do things right… vs plenty of other poppy ladies out there.

  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Sarah To me Gaga isn’t just some run of the mill celeb, who does and says things for PR. I believe what she says comes from her and its what she believes. I love the confidence she excludes and the strength. Watching her perform music is even better, you can tell its what she loves and she has real honest to God need and desire to make good music. I don’t think that in todays music that there are a lot of good singers and Gaga can sing and she makes music I actually like. I am excited about her. I think her lyrics are pure poetry, Bad Romance is hands my favorite song ever. I doubt you will see what’s so special about LG based on any information that I supply you but those are my reasons and I am sure alot of other people love what I mentioned about her.

  26. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I’m meh on Gaga, but I LOVE the quote in the header. I’m going to start using that to get out of bed & to the gym in the mornings since “vacation–Miami–must have hot ass for vacation in Miami” won’t work after I go on my trip next week. ;)

  27. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    She bores me. I think SOME of her music is catchy. Will I buy her music- NO.

    As for her, she is nothing new or special, she is like Madonna, and markets herself well, or at lest her people do.

  28. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Persistent Cat: Sure, Broadway performers don’t drink water in the middle of an act/scene, but neither do they have the habit of collapsing! Many musicians drink between songs—it keeps them hydrated and I would think any fans in the audience would much rather allow the drink than witness them fainting.

  29. Sarah says:

    @ Love Angelina, I respect that answer. I still don’t see it but at least you were able to put some reasoning in your answer. :)

  30. masonwasp says:

    I like how she has created a persona and her commitment to sticking with it. It must be exhausting at times. She doesn’t seem pretentious to me -just an intelligent girl who is drawing from many sources to become a pop idol. I prefer her to the many vapid, talentless reality show whores. At least she can sing, writes her own music, and can play the piano.

  31. RHONYC says:

    @ Jazz:

    Her face kinda looks like Bruno there.


    it kinda does. very bad b%tch model-pose. hahahaha!



  32. Persistent Cat says:

    @Solitary Angel, I get that. But she talks about putting on a show and not letting the fans “see” her drink. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t.

    @MissyA, my thoughts exactly. I’m obviously older, New Kids were out when I was graduating. I hated that sh*t and I know I’d hate Miley, Jonas Bros, Justin Bieber, etc.

    LG puts it there and just does what she does. Everyone else seems so contrived. She’s ridiculous but damn if she doesn’t 100% commit to it.

  33. jane16 says:

    Yuck. Another marginally talented “singer” who is obsessed with itself and became famous and rich for looking and acting like a freak. Why our culture celebrates these people and gives them an entitled status they haven’t earned is incredible. Our society and culture is going to hell in a handbasket.

  34. city says:

    @blah blah…..i thought the same thing about the over photoshopped butt right away!

  35. Trillion says:

    She is a very talented songwriter who got her start writing for others when she was a teenager, attended art/music school, is an excellent pianist, has a pretty amazing voice, IMO, and is living her art. She is head and shoulders above her “peers” and is articulate and kind.

  36. benven says:

    Okay then. Loved the way she “articulated” her “kindness” on the people at the ballgame the last couple weeks. btw, I know a lot of excellent pianists, many quite young, but they don’t act like a spoiled little beast, what you so charitably refer to as ” living her art”. If I had coughed up a grand to take my family to go sit in those expensive seats and had my small children having to look at that, I would be seriously pissed. That’s the point Jane is making. The bad effect these celeb kids have on society in general. I don’t listen to pop music and don’t care what she does in her own weird realm, but act like you were raised with a modicum of class and manners when you’re in a family setting for christsakes.

  37. DD says:

    Her music can be catchy at times, but I think I’d like her more if her persona didn’t involve a constant array of bikini bottoms to go along with her outlandish costumes. Couldn’t she find something more creative to cover up her cootch.

  38. Sally says:

    @MissyA: Agreed.

    Personally, I also get the feeling she isn’t trying, that’s how she just is in her GaGa personality – albeit on the overexposed side. Hell, I’d go to a ballgame in my undies if I could, and wear all those crazy outfits she does when she’s out and about.

  39. dovesgate says:

    “you have to be careful about what you reveal to people that look up to you so much”

    I quite agree.

  40. mO says:

    a decade? no jokes.

    In my opinion, three years has been enought for one conclusion: she is the Briney that our time has asked for – a bitchy, but very “exotic” and “stylish”.

    This native talent has just one little problem: i can’t remember just one song that I can listen completely with my ears.

    Go to hell good music, right?

  41. Miss Bitch says:

    Trying too hard. She was rude to her sister when she showed up in a costume and stole the day. She wore underwear to two baseball games, where families with small children are trying to enjoy themselves, and at one she got drunk, screamed, flipped people off and spit at them.

    So disrespectful.

    Her shows may be good, but she takes it too far. And she’s not a good enough singer for me to want her CD.

  42. Liana says:

    ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.’

    I wake up every morning, feeling like the same tired 31 year old, then I say ‘bitch, you’re Liana, you hit that snooze button and get another 5 minutes of sleep’

  43. jackie says:

    Here is the thing: if her “talent” and “art” are so amazing and important, let it speak for itself!

    I hate that she not only makes the dinner, but then feeds it to you as well.

    She needs to let it go and not make it a point to prove her art, promote her talent and put on a huge show about her importance. If she is all these things, it would happen regardless – this is why I think she’s fake and insecure.

    She needs to get over herself.

  44. Moocowhead says:

    I can’t believe she’s only 24, she looks older than me and i’m 26. She’s not doing bad at all for a 24 year old anyway, i’m envious of her drive!

  45. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Liana ~

    You need a new alarm clock. My morning dialogue starts the same, but ends with “9 minutes of sleep.”

    That 4 minutes is big in my world (which is small).

    Bill Hicks ~ you are correct, sir. Seems besides Bowie, most have forgotten Gabriel, Bozzio, Ant, Cooper, Osbourne, KISS, etc…

    Her “Art” is nothing more than her Ego — or some kind of justification for a lack thereof. I look at her and I don’t see an artist. I see, “I have issues. Pay attention to me.”

    Big Whoop.

  46. Istanem says:

    “It came so quickly. Some artists take years; I don’t. I write music every day.”

    Well duh – it not exactly mind blowing stuff. I have two kids and I can churn out a few made-up nursery rhymes everyday. Does that make me brilliant ??

  47. Cori says:

    Whoa haters (no, I know…I lurk here, but sheesh!). She’s the most interesting thing to come along in this Rhianna-Mylie-BeYAWNce world. @Bill Hicks- So what she’s not doing anything “new”…neither was Mae West…so? I love her, and I’m a metal fan. She can create havoc and beauty all she wants, wherever she wants. She does have talent, clearly. Save your vitrol for “Speidi” or whoever those assclowns are.

  48. bagladey says:

    Gaga’s starting to appear contrived. She seems to want to ensure in the interview that she says enough eccentric artsy rubbish to ensure some later quotes like that cake baking, bitter jelly BS and the magazine cover is uninspiriing as it almost seems like I’ve seen the same thing somewhere else before.

  49. skeptical says:

    definitly getting concerned that Gaga’s gonna burn herself out.

    She burns her candle at both ends, she will not last the night. But ah, her foes, and oh, her friends, she gives a lovely light.

    (adapted from a little poem I memorized as a child)

  50. Marry, Bang, Kill: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Gaga – vote!

  51. OWen :) says:

    What are you guys on about? Lady Gaga is an amazing superstar who songs inspire millions to be themselves! She’s Mother Monster!

  52. Julie says:

    I feel bad that she couldn’t make it on her own and she had to use so many gimmiks to get recognition because she is talented. Her voice is not the best in the world but it’s good and when it’s just her and the piano she’s great. I think when her star fades she’ll actually make an album worth listening to.