Lindsay Lohan rage-tweets about Bravo, “false representation, set-up”


Okay, this is kind of a complicated story. A few weeks ago, a photographer named Indrani claimed that she was having a lesbian affair with Lindsay Lohan. She got too detailed, and I theorized that her claims were all part of some early promotion for her new Bravo show, Double Exposure, which follows her and her photography partner Markus Klinko. What we did know was that Indrani and Klinko had photographed Lindsay at one point, so they had definitely met.

Now – Double Exposure is about to premiere, and in the first episode, Lindsay is the featured celebrity guest who they will photograph. Only the whole episode seems to be about waiting around for Lindsay’s dumb ass to appear so they can photograph her. It’s called “Is Lindsay here yet?” So of course, because she literally has nothing better to do, Lindsay began crack/rage tweeting about it:




[From Lindsay’s Twitter]

In case you couldn’t tell, Lindsay claims she kept the photographers waiting 11 hours because she was “given the wrong call time” and because “it was a set-up.” Thus, Bravo “falsely represented” her as being a lazy crackhead. Bravo released this statement to TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan is declaring war on a reality TV show — claiming she’s being unfairly portrayed as an irresponsible slacker who almost sabotaged a photo shoot for her own line of leggings … problem is, it’s all true.

It’s all over tonight’s episode of the Bravo reality show “Double Exposure” — which is centered around Lindsay being several hours late to a NY photo shoot that went down back in September. The episode is titled, “Is Lindsay Here Yet?”

Lindsay — obviously pissed about the way the episode is being promoted — went to her Twitter page a few hours ago and claimed everything on the show is, “UNTRUE” — adding, “Sucks when ‘friends’ use you(in this case for ratings) even if they’re lyin.”

But sources close to the production tell us Lindsay really was 11 hours late for the shoot — which was scheduled for 10 AM. We’re told Lindsay’s excuse was that “she woke up late.”

However — when Lindsay did eventually show up, one source tells us, “she was fantastic to work with … it’s the ‘getting there’ that’s another story.”

[From TMZ]

So, basically, Bravo is sticking their story that Lindsay is a lazy crackhead who overslept 11 hours, while Lindsay is sticking to her story that it was all a set-up and she’s just a poor milkaholic who is always being conspired against. What’s weird is that I do think Indrani in particular is using Lindsay’s name for publicity, to promote the show and her career. But I still think Lindsay is a dumb crackhead, so it’s all a wash.


Photos courtesy of TMZ.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Hmm, who to believe? Dozens of people who’s livelihood depend on them being prompt and professional, or crack ho Lindsay? Let me think….?

  2. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Another set-up? Oh Nooooooes! She’s like the Lee Harvey Oswald of crackheads. This article made me think of the Beastie Boys video for “Sabotage”. I can totally picture 70′s dudes with pornstaches running amok in LA causing hijinks & shenanigans to make Lindsay look bad.

  3. maya says:

    US Magazine had a two-page spread in last weeks issue about Lindsay tweeting different celebs and the celebs not responding to her tweets. It was really sad, some of the celebs Lindsay tweeted 2 or more times and they did not respond to her tweets.

  4. bellaluna says:

    Kaiser, please post a warning about that first photo – YIKES! I would love to have a picture of my face when I clicked on this story.

  5. Penguen says:

    Ahh. See what happens when you lose all credibility? Even if Lindsay was set up (which I highly doubt), no one would believe her anyway.

  6. Melanie says:

    Gross! She even has freckles on her thighs!

  7. busybee says:

    it wasn’t the premier episode. Eve was in last week’s.

  8. geez says:

    Strangely I believe her with her past antics she is an easy target get better Linsay.

  9. gabs says:

    Of course. Its never her fault you guys! Dont you know its just part of a massive conspiracy to portray her as a lazy crackhead? shes not actually one, I mean she tweets the truth right? pshhhh

  10. lilred says:

    Umm Melanie sorry but she can’t really control where she has freckles…they have nothing to do with her crack/drinking habits or her career/lack of it.

  11. meme says:

    always the victim. nothing is ever hohan’s fault.

  12. Jazz says:

    Man, this is just getting sad now.

  13. Kitten says:

    I honestly think Twitter is more damaging to Lindsey’s rep than her crack shenanigans. Where are her PR people? They should close down her Twitter account or do something to keep her from tweeting. Although, we would miss the entertainment……

  14. mln says:

    I actually think she was set up this time BUT she deserves it for being such a crackhead

  15. Bee says:

    I liked the premier of the show, but I can’t stand Marcus Klinko. He sounds like Arnold Schwarzengger on helium. Oh, and Lindsay and that Indrani woman totally had sex,which Lindsay denies, just like the oversleeping accusation. But Lindsay can’t remember because she’s too busy acting/modeling aka. snorting cocaine to notice.

  16. Melanie says:

    lilred, I know that! That is what the photoshop is for…

  17. lucy2 says:

    Perpetual victim.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason they hired her was knowing she’d mess up somehow and it’d give them drama for the show, but that’s still her own fault for being such a screw-up.
    Real rehab NOW.

  18. bubbs says:

    I’ve never heard her take responsibility for anything it’s always someone else’s fault. she is so pathetic.

  19. Victoria says:

    @Melanie and Lilred:I like her freckles and I dont want them photoshopped off of her.

    So the only thing Linds can do is scowl and model underwear? Well she can get Tweet on Twitter but that’s about it.

  20. mollination says:

    If you showed a foreigner the top header picture and said, “Guess which one was paid to be IN the photographs, was considered a sex symbol, and is in an international industry based largely on good looks” — do you think they’d pick lindsay?

    lol. Indrani is really striking is my point. And lindsay looks like a dirty crackhead.

    As for the story I think it’s a little from column A and LOT from column crackhead.

  21. original kate says:

    WTF is she wearing on her face? looks like the table stirrups from my gynecologist’s office.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    Excuses, excuses Hohan. As usual, it’s never HER fault.

  23. Madisyn says:

    Post 2 Dread Pirate Cuervo, thank you, thank you. You made me laugh out loud. “Another set-up? Oh Nooooooes! She’s like the Lee Harvey Oswald of crackheads”. Hey Dread, we need to get the Warren Commission in on this to investigate, yes?

  24. ElizabethM says:

    I have to say I’m *shocked* at the attitude of all of you. It’s like you want Lindsay to fail. Well, here’s the real story:

    Lindsay had a flat tire. While fixing it a couple of dudes stopped on the pretext of helping her. However, things took an ugly turn when they forced her to drive her car (still with the flat, I might add) to her house to go take *an 11 hour nap*.

    So, clearly IT’S NOT HER FAULT!!!

    How would YOU like it if someone forced you to party all the time and then take 11 hour naps? You probably wouldn’t want….shit, I lost my train of thought. The idea of playing/napping all the time instead of getting up and going to a job every day sure sounds good.

    Nevermind, I’m back to hating her, too.

  25. Q says:

    I am not willing to believe Bravo gave her the wrong call time; however, I would entertain a theory that the dumb crackhead saw “10:00 AM” and assumed they must mean PM. Because she probably would have said no if she knew she had to get up that early.

    So Linds, try this story instead – in my version you were actually an hour *early*.


  26. Karen says:

    @ElizabethM – You’re right…I’m ashamed of myself and will tweet an apology to Lindsay myself. Just as soon as I break free of these handcuffs which are forcing me to read Celebitchy instead of doing my work :)

  27. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ElizabethM: HAHHAHAHHAHAHA!! :D :D
    Best. Post. EVER!!

  28. juiceinla says:

    I am almost never inclined to believe a Milkaholic, but looking at that last photo, Lolo looks incredibly wasted, and that photographer looks super sinister, almost like the cat that ate the canary, out.

    Doesn’t change my opinion of Lolo’s delusions and messed up life, just makes me think “Hells bells, of course creepy leechy people will use you beooytch- stop doing the crack-a-lac and maybe you can avoid being sucked dry.”

  29. Joe says:

    This all a perfect example of Celebrity Hollywood NYC glamour pretense bullshit. Indrani is a typical ass kissing “creative” who feeds Lindsay enough crap to enable her and disable her. Why wouldn’t Lindsay play these soft as butter fawners for all their worth. These folks are so stereotypical of the entertainment-ad business that they are stereotypes of stereotypes. Sickening.

  30. archiepelago says:

    Look, according to Lindsay, “the truth can be stated”, so that closes the book on this. Twitter has solved the mystery and Lindsay has once again been set up. She’s not paranoid or anything – Twitter is all the proof we need that none of this happened.

  31. Kim says:

    If this was the biggest star they could get to photograph they dont have valid photography careers.

  32. logan says:

    It was somebody elses fault, it was somebody elses fault, it was somebody elses fault. bla bla bla
    Put it to music honey cause it is all you sing.
    Not me, not me, not me. bla bla bla
    I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it, bla bla bla
    It was a set up, it was a set up, it was a set up. bla bla bla

  33. Patrice says:

    Good GOD. When is anyone in this family going to start taking responsibility for ANY OF THIER ACTIONS???? I’m so sick of hearing Lindsay and Dina squak on about how the whole world (including Carvel Ice Cream for God’s sakes!) is all “out to get them” and none of them has ever done a single thing wrong their entire miserable lives!!!!
    You know why Linsay is like this? Because she has a mother (if you can even call her that) who has devoted a lifetime to sponging off of her children. Dina Lohan is the EPITOME of an enabler who will do anything to ensure that her little cash cows are still bankable even if it means lying to and abusing authiorities and buying her 14 yaer old F*CKING DAUGTER breast implants! Dispicible doesn’t even scratch the surface here. Once I saw these pictures, I was done:

    Child abuse, pure and simple.

  34. lrm says:

    what the he*l is wrong w/freckles on your, oh no!, thighs?!?

    Nice to know people think us folks with freckles are gross looking!

    And, same w/red heads-why are people always saying ‘he/she is good looking for a red head?’ I’ve known just as many hot red heads as other colored hairs…lol. Sure, some are not good looking, but I don’t think the ratio is any higher than for the ‘general population’.

    I don’t have red hair, just freckles…but i’ve been known to turn a few heads regardless (due to being considered attractive, not a freak show). geez. The comment made here, sounds as though it’s like you have a disease or something w/freckles.

    Um, when i’ve been in other countries-china, kenya, yes, people have stared and wondered what the heck. But to have someone on this blog saying gross…that’s a bit of a shocker and surreal. To each his own, but i don’t think it’s related to the post as far as LL being late.

  35. Tia C says:

    @ logan: great song!

    It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault with this chick. She can never be accountable for even just her part in things, nevermind when it’s entirely her fault.

    Her freckles are about the only thing I still like about her. They are the only honest thing about her!

  36. Melanie says:

    @ Logan, That song has been done by Cheech and Chong. It is called “I was framed.” Sorry about the freckle comment. I was drunk this morning.
    Edited to say: It was not my fault.

  37. mai tai says:

    “The dog ate my photo shoot”

  38. Lem says:

    I don’t even need the stories anymore. The comments are endlessly more enjoyable. Plus, the readers go above and beyond to be original and witty.
    We covered the 11 hrs late when in happened months ago, but it was fun to do it again.
    Might I suggest for tomorrow’s
    crack-a-tweaker-lacto-wha story

    Just writing:
    Lohan Family: ready… go…

  39. ctkat says:

    I watched the episode last night and it was incredible (and not the first episode- that was last Tuesday and featured Eve as the celebrity subject). I knew that Lindsay was going to be crack tweeting about it, but I was too sleepy to stay awake and wait.

    The episode was pretty great- Lindsay’s two design partners showed up at 10:00am for the photo shoot, spewing all sorts of bullshit about how creative Lindsay is and how it is a dream come true to work with her (and the two design partners were both suburban looking women in their 40s…). And then everyone, including the two design partners, waited and waited. The episode ended at 7:00 pm, after 9 hours of waiting.

    The two design partners kept saying “She’s on her way, we just got a text, she’s coming” for NINE HOURS. She was on her way, in Manhattan (a very small island, mind you) for NINE HOURS.


  40. NicoleAM says:

    I believe she did keep them waiting for 11 hours. I also believe the show capitalized on it for ratings. If you’ve ever read an interview w/ LL, it’s almost always mentions that she’s late. I remember not too long ago she was on the cover of a high profile mag (maybe UK Elle?) and the editor, while saying nice things about her, said it almost didn’t happen because she was late/didn’t show/rescheduled etc.

  41. Kazoo81 says:

    ” Thus, Bravo “falsely represented” her as being a lazy crackhead.”


  42. Boo says:

    Not to defend Lindsay here, but 11 hours? Who pays for that? How does no one, at say the five hour mark, say “well, crap, I guess we’ll reschedule”? It just seems a little odd to wait for an entire day and no one thinks to send an intern to her house to fetch her or reschedule the shoot.

  43. abby says:

    Okay, the photo shoot was for her leggings… how come I don’t see any leggings in the pictures? That doesn’t make any sense, but considering it’s Linds, it kinda does.