Jennifer Aniston adopts a cockapoo rescue puppy (or maybe not?)

33463, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday August 21 2009. Actress Jennifer Aniston filming The Bounty in downtown Manhattan, New York where she is about to jump from the roof of a building and is stopped by a telephone call. Aniston stars in the film with Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Photograph: ©

One of my favorite things about Jennifer Aniston is that she’s an unapologetic animal lover. She loves her puppies, and you can tell she totally spoils her dogs, and probably even prefers animals to people. I can relate to that – I prefer my dog to most people too, at least I do when he’s not being a B-A-D D-O-G. Why do I even spell it out? I call him “Bad Dog” so often, he thinks it’s his name, and he always comes to me right away, wagging his tail, when I ask him “Why are you such a bad dog?

Anyhoodle, Us Weekly’s big headline for this story was “Jennifer Aniston Adopts – Another Puppy”. The unspoken: “Not a Baby”. Eh. They go on to say that Jennifer rescued a cokapoo from a pet rescue “boutique”. Only in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston has just become a mommy again — to a puppy!

A source tells that Aniston, 41, recently adopted a cockapoo rescue puppy from Saving Spot!, a Dog Rescue non-profit based out of Los Angeles pet boutique Spot!

The single actress decided to open her home to the pooch “because she fell in love with her acting coach’s dog” adopted from a West Hollywood rescue, the source explains. A rep for Aniston could not be reached for comment by

The cockapoo cutie won’t be the first canine in the Marley and Me star’s life: Aniston is also mother to Norman, a 15-year-old corgi-terrier mix, and Dolly, a 4-year-old white shepherd.

[From Us Weekly]

Her white German shepherd (Dolly) is the bomb, that dog is so f-cking cute. Cockapoos are very trendy, right? Or they were a few years ago? They’re the designer dogs who were bred for dog lovers with allergies. They’re not a purebred, though, they’re a mix of Cocker Spaniel (Oprah’s favorite) and Poodle breeds. Oh, Jessica Simpson’s dog (the one eaten by coyotes) was a Cockapoo. Aw, puppies! Here are some random photos I found of Cockapoos, courtesy of Google Images (more images here!):



UPDATE: Apparently, Jen’s rep denied this story to Just Jared, but everyone else is still running it. I have no idea.

Here are some photos of Jennifer with her own dog Norman, plus some stunt puppies she’s worked with in films:

Jennifer Aniston looks a little cold on the morning of July 29, 2009 as she walked from her trailer to the set of The Bounty in New York City, New York along with her dog. Fame Pictures, Inc

33463, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday August 21 2009. Actress Jennifer Aniston filming The Bounty in downtown Manhattan, New York where she is about to jump from the roof of a building and is stopped by a telephone call. Aniston stars in the film with Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Photograph: ©

**Exclusive** Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Marley & Me in Miami, 4/29/08 ©SND4/ 310-728-0680 Blog: USA SALES ONLY Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

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  1. lisa says:

    Stupid NONE story…

    Her rep (Huvane) has already said this is not a true story.. Why it was reported anyway is beyond reason.

    I am going to buy a new pair of sandals for the summer.. wonder if that will make the news..

    Seriously.. Is this woman’s life so boring that her rep has to deny a adopt a puppy story.

  2. Strawberry says:

    Jeez, why do I even care.. slow day at the office I guess.

  3. Dorothy says:

    oohhh I have a cockapoo named Frank. He is the bestest doggie EVER!!!!

  4. mln says:

    I love how she denies EVERYTHING except the Brad stories. I remember the babyfood B.S. (that I don’t think anyone believed) she denied the story immediately and then 3 weeks later when everyone had stopped talking about it she denied it AGAIN.

  5. manda says:

    I thought Jessica Simpson had a maltipoo? Not that it matters. My mom has a cockapoo. He is such a sweetie, and also such a wuss. I have a maltipoo, and she is one tough little dog. Won’t put up with anything. I love my dog!!!!

  6. a says:

    if it turns out to be a non-story…
    the puppy photos were worth it!

  7. Kitten says:

    Not a huge fan of lap dogs but I guess they need love too….

  8. Crash2GO2 says:

    Wow, it only took 5 posts for Brad to get dragged into this story.

  9. Marjalane says:

    Cockapoo’s have been around forever; They were the original “Benji” dog.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    @ crash2GO2…not to mention that I’ve debunked mln’s claim with links to Aniston’s and her rep’s denials EVERY TIME the “she denies everything except the Brad stories” claim comes up.

    mln, just google “Aniston rep denies meeting with Pitt” and see what you get.

    oh, well, I guess “haters gonna hate”, as our resident medical expert likes to say.

  11. GreenGinger says:

    @min, you said “I love how she denies EVERYTHING except the Brad stories.”

    I think Jen’s doing the right thing by ignoring the Brad stories. If she were to “deny” them, she would be accused of obsessing over him.

    I’m by no means a JA fan, but I find it weird how some people will use any excuse to hate on her.

  12. meme says:

    i prefer my dogs over people too. most people suck.

  13. mln says:

    @ GreenGinger I wasn’t trying to be as hateful as it came across maybe you are right about why she doesn’t adress the rumors about you-know-who. I was commenting more on the fact that her P.R. team is so relentless on the silly rumors like Jen adopts a puppy. Does it really hurt anything if Jen has or hasn’t adopted a puppy why an immediate denial? Alot of times I am not aware of a JA rumour(I don’t read or believe the tabs) unless I see her denials. Yes she is a target along with some other people that sell tabs, in her case I think her movie career isn’t going well so she gets alot of mileage on the press therefore its win-win.

  14. Guest says:


    Maybe it isn’t that her rep issues a denial so much as the rep is asked to comment/confirm these various rumors, and when it was asked of them in this case the answer was no…which is then relayed in further articles as a denial.

    I’m certain her rep isn’t sitting bythe computer waiting to call up various media to deny things as insignificant as whether or not she adopted a new dog. In fact the intial report of this “news” stated that the rep couldn’t be reached for comment, before later being confirmed that the rep said it was not true.

  15. mln says:

    @guest Most big name reps make a blanket statement that they won’t address tabloid rumours ,that’s definitly not the case with Jen her team addresses EVERY RUMOUR just take a look at Gossip Cop. BTW have you heard of Google Alert? I am sure that whoever she hires has a person in the office who reads over everything that is written about her why else pay someone a percentage of her salary??? And just so you know on that point I am not singling out Jen I think any star has the same kind of deal these reps make millions off of these people.

  16. OC lady says:

    Did she adopt both of her dogs? I thought she did. If so, good for her for adopting rather than buying. It’s so sad how many designer dogs overpopulate the shelters these days. I read a story about this; it was really shocking. If I could afford it, I would adopt one more.

  17. jayjay says:

    If you Google Jennifer you will see a mast of Blogs (most never read by anyone) that repeat every story of Jennifer ever written. Sometimes these will pop up weeks after the original story. Many well known Blogs or Tabs say in every story that they have contacted Jennifer’s rep for a comment. If the story is not real, why shouldn’t they just say so?

  18. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Praise: Thanks for the giggle. I needed it! :D

  19. LolaBella says:

    This just in! LolaBella’s cute little kitteh Moxie Crimefighter just sneezed!

    Video and eyewitness reaction on your local 5 o’clock news! :roll:

    Seriously, this is a complete non-story.

    Those puppies are adorable.

  20. Beth says:

    Is Celebitchy and other blogs so desperate for news that adopting a dog deserves a headline? I do laugh that Jennifer always denies little stories but not major ones. Most celebrities ignore minor rumors since they are so insigificant.

  21. Mia says:

    Jen’s hair cut and color and her rockin’ body really are amazing. I can’t stop staring at what the stylist did to her ends in the first photo. She looks better now than she did in her 20′s.

    The dogs are cute too, but Jen’s mastery of time is supernatural.

  22. Bobby the K says:

    Is she dating this puppy?

    Can you not find a photo of some dog sniffing her ass?