Pete Doherty loses home after spraying blood over walls


Pete Doherty sure is going to have one heck of a messy life to clean up when he gets out of jail in a few weeks. The Mirror is reporting that Pete is thousands of dollars in debt to all sorts of people, including his dealers and his landlord. Both have (not surprisingly) gotten fed up with Pete. The landlord stopped by to check on the nine bedroom country estate, only to find that it had been trashed. Pete had sprayed human blood all over the place, had scrawled on the walls, and had abandoned his nine cats there.

Popping over to check on the place the landlord was horrified to find that his beautiful country pad had become a stinking hovel. The walls, floor and even some of the windows have been daubed with human blood. And we’re told the stench from his abandoned nine cats is so strong it would turn the strongest stomach. After taking one look at the carnage, the landlord canceled Doherty’s tenancy.

A close source says: “Pete is homeless, broke and owes thousands to dealers. He destroyed the place by scribbling on the walls, the floor, anywhere he felt like it. The beautiful heavy curtains were ripped down and the cats are just running around abandoned. It’s a really pathetic state of affairs. No one in their right mind is going to rent him a property after what he did.” The junkie has been receiving threats from out-of-pocket dealers while he’s been inside Wormwood Scrubs [prison], and things aren’t going to get any better for him when he’s released next month.

[From the Mirror]

Pete’s old friends and dealers have also been stopping by the country estate and taking his things to sell in an attempt to collect some of the money he owes them. The Mirror tries to make it sound like they’re taking advantage of Pete, but considering they also state they’re just doing it to make back some of the money they’re owed, it doesn’t sound that out of line.

The friends and dealers probably aren’t going about it in a legal manner, but considering the other things dealers are known to do to get their money, Pete’s probably pretty damn lucky. Something tells me that all of this isn’t going to make it any easier for Pete Doherty to get back on his feet. But let’s be honest, it’s not like there’s any reason to believe he was going to pull it all together at this point.

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  1. headache says:

    He’s been wallowing in scum for the longest time so why should we feel sorry for him now that he’s caught up with the consequences?

  2. Sam says:

    I dont get how anyone can abandon their pets. Its so irresponsible and cruel.

  3. Hugh Janus says:

    What a consummate twat.

    Given all the privilege that fame affords, he squanders it in mind numbing delinquent speed. He is the master of his own demise and for that, I owe him no pity.

    Of all the myriad scintillating people that the news should focus upon, this worthless, pointless little man, is surely the least worthy.

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    I hope the cats are taken by the British equivalent of the SPCA or someone who’ll care for and love them.

  5. Novice says:

    You see, I’m confused about this as there was a report prior to him getting with Kate Moss that he’d trashed his flat & sprayed the walls with blood, etc.

    I keep seeing this all over the place and wonder if it’s new or just the tabloids regurgitating something for lack of sensational news about him.

    (Persistent Cat UK version is the RSPCA, and I agree with you!)

  6. gg says:

    Ah yes, the blood spraying. He seems to have a penchant for that. Pure class. :roll:

  7. geronimo says:

    novice and gg – correct. He decorated his London squat in a similar manner which is why it sounds regurgitated.

  8. Anna says:

    I really have no pity for him. The cats, however, are probably over the moon he abandoned them: at least this way they’re not getting fed cocaine. I hope they find a new, loving home before he does. Which is more than likely at this point, isn’t it?

  9. paris herpes says:

    Him and Amy Winehouse should buy a home and spray blood all over the walls. Doesn’t cat shit and blood cause toxioplasmosis!?! Damn, he would have died if he had lived there for much longer…

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  11. Lway says:

    pete is a rotten, disgusting f*ing pig!!

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