Is Joe Simpson ruining Jessica’s relationship with Tony Romo?


Joe Simpson has long been accused of controlling his daughters’ lives – especially eldest daughter Jessica. As she’s grown and (theoretically) matured, he’s downgraded his controlling to just interfering – but according to OK magazine, Joe’s presence is still having a massively detrimental effect on Jessica’s life. OK says that while everything is going comparatively well for younger sister Ashlee, Jessica’s life is essentially stalled – and it’s mostly because of Joe’s negative influence.

Although Jessica and Tony are very much still together (she threw him a 28th birthday party in Dallas on April 19), OK! has learned that Tony and, in particular, his family, may not be loving the fact that Joe Simpson is constantly popping into the picture.

“His [Tony] family’s view seems to be that Jess and her dad, Joe Simpson, are bringing Tony down,” a source tells OK!. “I think they are ruining his image, as well as trying to capitalize on his fame, in order to boost hers.”

The source also shared a revelation about the Mexico trip that Jessica and Tony took with his teammates in January, before the NFL playoffs. “Everybody agreed to tell no one about the trip,” says the source. “On the day they were flying out, who shows up? Joe Simpson. Tony and the other guys thought it was weird.”

[From OK!]

The magazine goes on to say that whatever hopes Tony Romo had of his relationship with Jessica turning into something real pretty much ended with Joe’s stunt. According to his friends, they’re pretty much just friends with benefits. Something tells me that wasn’t exactly what Joe Simpson was aiming for.

This might be naiveté on my part, but it seems to me that if everything Joe Simpson touches turns to crap, maybe he should stop touching things. Like his daughters. He’s long been rumored as the reason behind Jessica and Nick Lachey’s divorce – and really, who could blame Nick for not wanting to spend the rest of his life around that whackjob? Jessica is such a sheep; there’s no chance in hell she’ll ever stand up to her dad. She probably doesn’t even realize what a problem he is. The two of them will still be puzzling over it in fifty years when no one remembers Jessica Simpson as anything but that lady down the street that has a lot of birds.

Here’s Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo at the Waverly Inn on March 4th. Image thanks to Splash.

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  1. Mairead says:

    I notice that his spokesgossips haven’t copped onto the fact that this has actually made his name known outside of America and if he had any cop-on at all he could start to capitalise on Jessica’s greater notoriety around the globe? :roll:

    I know America is the centre of the universe and all, but would it KILL them to think on a grander scale occassionally? Scrap that, the mental exertion probably drive them to drugs or Xenu. :|

  2. california angel says:

    “I know America is the centre of the universe and all, but would it KILL them to think on a grander scale occassionally? Scrap that, the mental exertion probably drive them to drugs or Xenu. ”

    This might surprise you, but making sweeping generalizations about an entire country tends to decrease the level of credibility in your claims. Just a thought.

    P.S. Who cares about Jessica Simpson that much anyways?

  3. Bodhi says:

    I thought that was pretty ridiculous too, Mariead. J. Simp. is alot better known than Tony. Sounds like his family are getting big heads to me…

    And yeah, her dad is a creepy dude & she’d be alot better off if she booted him

  4. Sasha says:

    Pervy Papa Joe could ruin a wet dream.

  5. Mairead says:

    California Angel, I thought it was obvious I was being facetious and mocking of the tunnel vision of the gossipmonger rather than an overt political point about Americans in general. Sure Scott F would have torn a strip off me by now if I had :wink:

    To be fair when I’m making a serious point I am generally careful to present an informed view, and avoid sweeping statements.

    But I really can’t get worked up about minding my Ps and Qs in a topic about some random sports person who nobody outside of America would know from a hole in the wall other than he’s going out with someone more famous.

  6. ADD says:

    Mairead– You were mistaken about the intent of your post being obvious. Your comment was an out-of-the-blue non-sequitor, odd and not at all clever. And your second reply only reiterated your true opinion.

    Even your Irish actors clamor to get to the US to find fame, and if hurling and your “football” were big here, we’d take your athletes, too.

  7. Jean says:

    As if Jessica is allowed to choose her parents??

    IF this story is true, Tony Romo needs to fish or cut bait like the gentleman he claims to be.

  8. Scott F. says:

    More people might know who Jessica Simpson is, but more people LIKE Tony Romo. Considering the rest of the world (except Canada) thinks football is played exclusively with your feet, American pros probably don’t give two shits how their image is perceived overseas.

    He plays in Texas, and no one was saying anything but positive things before he hooked up with her – now they dog him for being lazy, distracted by the ditzy blond, ect. In that respect his parents are actually dead on – her presence only stands to hurt him.

    Your average football fan isn’t a fan of Jessica Simpson, and that’s the problem Tony has to deal with.

  9. Sam says:

    I now actually feel sorry for her.

  10. Mairead says:

    Fair enough, I wasn’t clear.

    I actually wasn’t America bashing. Nor do I think I was being hypocritical because of the fact that many Irish entertainers, athletes and professionals clamour to go to America, as it’s accepted that cracking America leads to global success.

    I actually DO admire the fact that a willingness to work and develop in America is rewarded. It’s something lacking in Ireland.

    Back on topic – I understand Romo’s main problem is that Jessica is not liked. But I feel that since his name is now known outside America he can capitalise on it, especially a playing career is relatively short.

    I still think that instead of bashing Jessica, his family and managers should learn a lesson from David Beckham; many people don’t like his wife, but he doesn’t let that stop him from marketing himself well.

  11. Shoegal says:

    First time around, I thought Papa Joe was just a busy-body. Now, I think he’s got sicko sexual fixation with his own daughter! Go home to your wife, Joe!