‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger calls off her engagement

Mar 10, 2010 - New York, New York, USA - Reality personality PATTI STANGER from 'Millionaire Matchmaker' attends Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party held at Skylight Studios. © Red Carpet Pictures

Most of the time, I can easily avoid most of Bravo’s cheesy programming – the only Real Housewives series that is “Must See TV” for me was the Atlanta one, the rest I pretty much avoid like the plague. I don’t watch those house-flipping shows (the one with the anal retentive guy), and I also avoid the Top Chefs, just because I know I could easily fall for that show and I don’t want to get addicted – I’ve already got too much programming to keep up with. But my one exception to Bravo’s cheese-tastic Millionaire Matchmaker. My favorite day of the weekend is any Saturday when Bravo runs a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker. I could sit and watch these foolish, ridiculous (older) men and their desire for young, nubile, dumb girlfriends all day long.

Every now and then, a rare gem of a man comes along and wants a genuine partner, or wants Matchmaker Patti Stanger to find him someone nice and age-appropriate. But most of the time it’s Patti talking to some a–hole in his 40s about how he wants someone “in their early 20s, no older.” Patti usually comes out and tells them that they need to go for someone older, and she usually tells them that they’re an a–hole. She’s honest, and I have a strange affection for her. But I’m not always so sure she knows what she’s doing. And personally, I’ve always wondered why some people aren’t like, “Hey, Patti, you don’t have your love life together, why should you be the one setting me up?”

All of this to say that Patti and her fiancé have split up. Patti tells Life & Style Mag that it was all about babies, and her wanting some and him not so much:

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has called it quits with her fiancé and boyfriend of six and a half years, Andy Friedman.

“I want a kid now and Andy doesn’t,” Patti tells Life & Style about why she and her longtime beau have decided to go their separate ways. “My dealbreaker has always been kids.”

Patti and Andy, who got engaged on her birthday last year, May 31, 2009, initially set a 2010 wedding date, but continued to push back their plans when Patti couldn’t get Andy to commit to raising a family.

“Ever since our first date, he knew I wanted kids, and then something along the way changed,” says the candid cupid.

“Andy’s a great guy and we’ll always remain friends, but he wants me to be something that I can’t be. We’re better friends than lovers.”

The third generation matchmaker is confident that her real soulmate is just around the corner. “A good guy is out there for me, I know it,” says Patti, who still hopes to be a stepmom or adopt. “A life without kids has no meaning to me. I think the most important job in the world is being a parent or stepparent!”

[From Life & Style]

Matchmakers: just as f-cked up in love as the rest of us! No, I like how honest Patti is and how she was willing to cash out of the wedding fantasy because he wouldn’t agree to be a father. Hey, she could have just gotten pregnant and been like, “You’ll agree to now, won’t you?” Sigh… hopefully Patti will find herself a nice guy.

Mar 10, 2010 - New York, New York, USA - Reality personality PATTI STANGER from 'Millionaire Matchmaker' attends Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party held at Skylight Studios. © Red Carpet Pictures

Mar. 10, 2010 - New York, New York, United States - PATTI STANGER from ''The Millionaire Matchmaker'' arriving at Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party at Skylight Studios in New York City on 03-10-2010. 2010. .K64457HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

Patti Stanger arriving at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party at MyHouse Club in .Los Angeles, California on April 22, Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo.... . Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

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  1. jammama says:

    Who would want to marry this over-bearing, bossy, bitchy, know-it-all, unattractive, thinks-she-knows-what’s-best-for-every-single-person dinosaur??? Like seriously!

    She has no business giving ANYONE relationship advice, better yet, setting people up. I watch her show for pure entertainment purposes but to take her matching skills seriously is a farce.

    I’m not surprised her wedding is off. She probably pulled out of it cause she had a feeling HE was gonna cancel the wedding first. I’m sure that’s what happened. She’s living in a fantasy world and clearly her own advice doesn’t work on herself.

  2. jammama says:

    Oh…one more thing. It’s an insult and it undermines a man’s intelligence and integrity when you make a rule up that for every year that you don’t propose that the karat of the engagement ring has to be bigger. Talk about twisting your arm and pressuring a man. Ridiculous…I wouldn’t want to marry a dingbat like that.

  3. annie says:

    Agreed, she has no matchmaking skills whatsoever!

  4. Ashdien says:

    She has the same lips as Melanie Griffith

  5. Lila says:

    I like Patti, too. I have a friend that has an eye for hooking up couples yet remains single. She’s says everyone can’t be the one and doesn’t feel pressured to settle. I agree. I wouldn’t hold her relationship status against her.

  6. Kiska says:

    Suprise, surprise! She’s a Gemini, like myself and we are shitty in the romance department. I’m good at setting up people but I’m horrible at dating and like the concept more than the actually “doing it.”

    I like watching the Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti has good instincts about people. Yes, she is abrasive and doesn’t sugar coat things but I admire her for not sucking up to some of those rich, bloated jerks.

    Her reasons for breaking up are valid. Wanting to have children is something both people need to be on board for. I stayed with a man for 5+ years thinking he’d change his mind. In retrospect, I should have respected his decision and moved on.
    Now, I am 40, with no family and no romantic prospects. :-(

  7. Kazoo81 says:

    oh snap! i just watched the episode where the psychic told her the engagement would be called off. weirddd.

    i’m always surprised about the things couples don’t discuss prior to deciding to get married. kids, finances, other life expectations…those things are big and need to be talked about before getting engaged.

    and yes, i like patti too! i love how blunt she is.

  8. TeeTee says:

    PLEASE, Patti will find a man, there are powerful men that love a bossy aggressive chick that can call the shots, because he does it all day.

    I like her for being truthful and moving on and NOT hanging on like MOST women would just to have a man.

  9. Rosanna says:

    I love this woman… I just hope she isn’t letting Andy go over the belief that kids are “the most awesome thing”. Besides I don’t think she could handle kids.

  10. harumeni says:


    Someone please back me up – she’s a brunette, younger suzanne sommers AFTER the 70′s? NO? Voice too!

  11. Ron says:

    Wow this is so shocking. Did my eyes just roll in an enormous fashion?

  12. coup de grazia says:

    she is a complete asshole

  13. EMV says:

    I like her, she tells it like it is.

  14. jammama says:

    Um, you would think that one of the topics of discussion before getting engaged is ‘do you want children and a family?’ Common sense tells you that if you really love someone and know them well that you would have had that discussion early on in the relationship. She is a complete moron and is lying.

  15. Zelda says:

    I feel like I should hate her, but I just can’t. I find something really likeable about her—she’s abrasive, but I also get the impression that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  16. oduroyal says:

    I liked Patti too but, come on, she should have seen this coming…she had been waiting for 4 or 5 years for him to propose to her so that right there should have been the first red flag. I agree with the poster who said she probably broke it off because she knew he was about to do it. Good luck to her in the future though.

  17. Lydia says:

    Good for her for breaking it off when it didn’t feel right. I hope she finds the right man for her.

  18. trashaddict says:

    Kiska don’t give up, my favorite thing about love is that sometimes it blindsides you when you’re not looking. You just have to keep an open mind when it walks in the door. I thought I was going to be a “spinster” (in the olden days when single was not a lifestyle option). Now it’s almost 25 years of marriage and 3 wonderful kids later. And I do know couples that found each other in their 30s and 40s.

  19. Lisa says:

    I agree with Lydia. I’m glad to see a woman being honest with herself and the man she’s with and then being realistic about where they both are and what they both want. Not enough of this goes on. She saved herself and him pain in the long run.

  20. benny says:

    “Hey, she could have just gotten pregnant and been like, “You’ll agree to now, won’t you”

    Uh . . . no. She’s, what? 50? To have kids she’d either have to go through the whole IVF with donor eggs, or adopt. There’s nothing wrong with doing either (I especially approve of adoption), but neither one is something you can easily do behind your fiance’s back.

    I stopped watching after she told some girl that her stiletto shoes weren’t high enough, and that’s why she was still single. What a dingbat. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and her “clients” seem like they appear on her show to get publicity for their businesses (or, in the case of girls, for their acting careers). This “reality” show is a lot less real than most others. And did I mention she’s a dingbat idiot?

  21. julie says:

    i hate, hate, hate how she’s always telling her clients to tan or get botox or they won’t attract people. everytime i’ve watched this show someone has to change their appearance or she gets pissed. sure they seem like minor things but, i don’t know, it just angers me.

  22. fizXgirl314 says:

    She’s a moron… Fun to watch though.

    It does mention that she was clear about wanting kids from the beginning. It’s really sad how men waste women’s time knowing that they have a limited time window to get pregnant etc. It’s also harder for older women to find relationships. Kind of just pisses me off how many men string a woman along for so many years.

  23. McMe says:

    I wish she would cut her bangs again. She looks so much better with bangs.

  24. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @jammamama: Do you ever have anything nice (or intelligent) to say on celebitchy? Every one of your posts that I’ve seen has been so unnecessarily nasty. I’m quite sure that in over 6 years together they discussed children and family. Someone in the dating business would probably do that one date #1! But, people change their minds. My exhusband came to me after almost 3 years of marriage and told me he’d decided he didn’t want kids after all. That was something we had discussed extensively before getting engaged (let alone getting married) and was a complete deal-breaker for me. We separated less than a month later. So, you can be engaged for ages, have the important talks over and over, and sometimes people simply change their minds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  25. LindaR says:

    One of the most annoying women on TV. She would fit in at The View.

  26. Whatever says:

    I’ve never seen her show or even heard of her before today. (I HATE reality TV) But I have to respect her for doing what is best for her and not compromising on what she wants out of life. It is sad when women do that and even worse when they get knocked up knowing the guy doesn’t want kids. Good for her for leaving a relationship that isn’t working. More women should do that and there would probably be fewer divorces.

  27. Chris says:

    She has quite a thick neck.

  28. Team Bethenny says:

    If she wants kids, she better get on the stick. (No pun intended.)

  29. simplicity says:

    Please, take my advice I’m not using it.

  30. ligeia says:

    so this is what katy perry will look like in 10 years

  31. Juice in LA says:

    I was with you 1 bazillion % on your MM assessment, except for the idea that she is messed up because her relationship fell apart. I think she’s an excellent relationship role model for begin strong enough to cut the line – especially after this point.

    Its completely healthy and strong and smart that after 6.5 years she said, ok, if you were going to marry me, you’d have done it by now, and kids are important to me, and the clock is ticking.

    BRAVO Patty, Bravo! I know this will suck, but I promise you will come out the other side stronger and just fine. I promise!!!

  32. Cinderella says:

    Sounds like Patti was dating the non-committal kind. She could have found someone else, but her career probably consumes all of her time. Her situation is not uncommon, even outside of show business.

    I like Patti. She’s a somewhat of a yenta, but she’s brutally honest, and that’s what I’d want if I were a client.

  33. lol says:

    she doesn’t follow her own advice so how can she be taken seriously?

  34. it takes her 6 years to find out that her boyfriend doens’t want to have kids. She is not such a special prize to comment on young womans nose or body. In addition her two side partners look like they haven’t taken a bath for months. Please Andy Cohn ..you are not that desperate to have a bimbo like her….you usually have better judgement…..To lie on television about not having botox . . please…

  35. Lolo says:

    Patti – you are a heartless bitch. It sickens me to hear the way you speak to people – telling them they need to fix themselves to find love. Isn’t that what loves about – finding someone who likes YOU for YOU? Maybe you need to fix yourself, before you go ahead & start telling other people what to fix. I can’t stand to hear your hurtful words any longer – you’ve lost a viewer.

  36. humper says:

    Patty, I love your show, and if having kids is that important to you, then I volunteer to pork you as many times as you want. Tell me when and where, so I can get blind drunk so I don’t have to look at you naked. Then I will hump you and fill you up with my instant baby batter.

  37. cheryl says:

    So, she wasted 6.5 years with a guy who didn’t want kids. What an idiot. All talk as usual. And now she has her show and it is all bullshit. She can give out all the advice but she sure can’t take any of her own. Sad.

  38. MzMeadows says:

    Well, Im re-watching episodes with the ‘overly fabulous Robin’ and ‘gorgeous John ‘ Pattis 2 millionaires. Patty made a mistake. She shoulda let the homeless actor come to mixer. Robin woulda picked him, and took care of him. But nooooo! Patty lets the(so he says) plumber in and he takes Robin out and deliberately hurts her at every turn. Yes, he warned Robin. Ok, now John. I am SO perfect for that man. shrugs..
    PS: Patti comments on a clients weight? who the F**K does she think she is? I have come to LOVE the alternative couple in her office. That man could prolly run the show. Patti should leave.

  39. Queenie says:

    Patti!! Shame on you!!! Its YOUR name out there girl! You saw Robin headed down wrong path, with Luke the plumber, yet YOU allowed it to happen! Your not interested in your clients as you profess to be. Every season rolls by, and I take away nothing. I have no respect for you. You should be waatchin over your clients like a mother hen! Let the mohawk dude and his wife run ur show, they’d prolly do it right.

  40. Bubba says:

    First, there are already too many babies in the world – especially the ones waiting for adoption. Start there before having your own and adding to the overpopulation.

    Second, Patti dear, you’re too old. Mean that in the best way possible, but physiology is working against you. You’re 50 this year, and the likelihood of health problems for you and a baby are way way higher now.

    Looking at this with the fresh eye of honesty, a baby probably wasn’t as much of a deal breaker as portrayed. More likely, they put off the question of marriage for so long (5+ years!) because they didn’t really want to be married to each other. Nothing wrong with that. I know it flies against the advice she doles out on her show, but the whole dating for years thing doesn’t pass the smell test.

  41. Julz says:

    First, Patti is adopted
    Second, She didn’t leave him for the reason she is now claiming she left him due to $ issues
    Third, I agree w/ Julie she is a matchmaker not a person to tell one how to look. Constructive criticism in private(like consider getting teeth done or no pantyhose) is one thing but to tell someone to straighten their hair is so stupid to me. I actually get more compliments w/ my baby curls than when I straighten my hair because I look sad & like a crack addict because it doesn’t fit my eyes & face structure.

  42. matchmaking says:

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