Pamela Anderson sells her used underwear at garage sale

Apparently even celebrities get the urge for a good Spring cleaning now and then, and Pamela Anderson is no exception. Instead of going the traditional, celebrity-loved eBay route, Pammy decided to have a garage sale. Obviously it wasn’t your regular, run-of-the-mill yard sale with too many baby supplies and plastic dishes. For Anderson’s sale, she rented a house and had prospective buyers wait at a local high school, where they were then shuttled via to the home.

But because she’s still Pamela Anderson, she had to sell some tacky ass shit, including her used undergarments, “book” collection (because I really don’t think her own trashy novels count as books) and autographed paraphernalia from her Baywatch days. Oh, and some fairly ugly furniture.

Proceeds of the sale went to the Canadian actress’ favourite charity People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). Among her extensive fashion collection on offer was a chain-mail bra, numerous satin negligees, seven-inch high ‘stripper-style’ heels and feather boas. Baywatch fans hoping for a historical reminder of the international hit TV show could buy a signed red float famously carried by Pamela’s character C.J. Parker as she bounced along the beach.

Fans hoping for an insight into Pamela would be interested to see her book collection, including political pundit William J. Bennett’s moral story book ‘The Book Of Virtues’, Eddie Muller and Daniel Faris’s ‘Grindhouse: The Forbidden World of “Adults Only” Cinema’ and the pictorial ‘Kiss Kiss’ by Patrick McMullan.

Numerous copies of her own novels, Star and follow-up Starstruck were also up for sale. Pamela’s predominantly-white furniture for sale included garden loungers and benches, a bath and shower head, a ‘Butt Blaster’ fitness machine, and blue children’s bed, which previously belonged to one of her sons Dylan or Brandon. Among her kitchen items included a toaster, blender, saucepans, a fridge and a chocolate fondue set.

[From the Daily Mail]

Leave it to Pamela Anderson to keep it classy with a chain-mail bra and stripper heels. Which I’m pretty sure are all part of the same outfit. But at least she’s selling some good basics. Because who doesn’t need to stock up on some feather boas and a toaster? I’m sure most of the items will still be appearing on eBay in the near future, due to the enterprising nature of garage sale buyers. So keep your eye out for that bra, as I challenge all of you to a bidding war.

The Daily Mail has pictures of Pam’s crap, if you’re interested. Here’s Pamela at the Bloomberg after party for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at the Costa Rican Embassy on April 26th. Her gentleman friend’s name isn’t given anywhere, though he does seem to be the same guy that appeared in several images with her at a PETA rally in D.C. a few days prior. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Annicka says:

    I’m only interested if she’s selling some of Tommy Lee’s stuff. If she is, then I’m hitch-hiking to California to buy everything that was his.

  2. Kevin says:

    I need a boat cover maybe I will buy one her old bras.

  3. Syko says:

    Eww, that’s just nasty. Who on earth would wear someone else’s cast-off underwear?

  4. Livstabud says:

    An obsessed person probably would, but still, that is a little freakish

  5. Trillion says:

    I understand worn panties are a big selling item in Japan. People are weird. Those who know how to exploit their weirdness tend to do well with minimal effort.

  6. Other Karen says:

    Well, her old undies are probably the superfancy $100/pair ones. I’d certainly snap up La Perla lingerie if the price was right.

  7. fee says:

    eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww i hope her knickers are being sold in biohazard containers…… those things would walk away by themselves………

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Why would anybody want anything of her’s? She’s trash !

    And this photo proves it.

    Yuck !

  9. Kat says:

    I’m sure every pervert from the planet, will show up for that sale. Especially the one’s that like to sniff underwear.

  10. geronimo says:

    She is trashy but at least she’s not pretending to be anything else. At least you know where you are with her. Bet her stuff will sell though. Big market for Pammie and her cast-offs.

    The guy in the pic, his coat’s all stained? Maybe he’s modelling some of the stuff she’s selling? :evil:

  11. abbizmal says:

    I didn’t think she wore panties, but that is still HOrrible.

  12. journey says:

    do you really think pammy wears la perla? somehow i pictured her more as the fredericks of hollywood type.

  13. Steve O says:

    Pamela panties yummy I’d say they are priceless. :lol:

  14. Sanj says:

    Who the fuk would wear hepatitis underwear? Sick!

  15. Good on her – supporting a charity like PETA. I am sure she made a load of money for them. There are plenty of fetishes worse than buying worn underwear :roll:

  16. Jason flooker says:

    very nice I would like eat that shit up and even like sniff them thongs of hers.

  17. Эх…, а я тут всю жизнь прожил, как-то привык к этому, даже внимания на это не обращаю :) Вы тоже привыкнете :)

  18. Milo says:

    Her underwear would be nasty the woman has hepatitis from sex and shooting up. They would be a health hazzard, I would think!

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