Angelina Jolie makes a UNHCR trip to flood-ravaged Pakistan


Pakistan is in the midst of one of the greatest humanitarian crises the country has ever faced, and that’s saying something, because Pakistan has a horrible history with humanitarian crises. The latest crisis began with the devastating flooding that left large, populated areas on Pakistan uninhabitable, and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. So far, 1,700 people have lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis have been displaced. Angelina Jolie addressed the Pakistani flooding several weeks ago, when she was on the European promotional tour for Salt, and the UNHCR announced that she had donated $100,000, directed to the UNHCR mission in Pakistan. Jolie also made a PSA last week to encourage others to donate to the UNHCR mission. Yesterday, Angelina flew to Pakistan via Heathrow, and now she’s on the ground trying to bring attention to the refugee camps and the lack of funding:

JALOZAI, Pakistan — American movie star Angelina Jolie met flood victims in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday and appealed to the international community to provide aid needed to help the country recover from its worst natural disaster.

The flow of aid money has stalled in recent days, and officials expressed hope the two-day visit by Jolie – who serves as a “goodwill ambassador” for the U.N.’s refugee agency – will convince foreign countries and individuals to open their wallets.

The 35-year-old actress said she met with many people whose lives have been devastated by the floods, including mothers who lost their children and an elderly Pakistani couple who feared they would never be able to rebuild the home they lost.

“I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan,” Jolie told reporters after visiting a refugee camp in the Jalozai area.

She toured the area wearing a long black robe and a black headscarf adorned with a thin red stripe – the kind of conservative clothing worn by many Muslim women in Pakistan.

The floods began in the northwest at the end of July after extremely heavy monsoon rains and slowly surged south along the Indus River, swallowing up hundreds of villages and towns and killing more than 1,700 people. Another 17 million have been affected by the floods, and many will need emergency assistance to survive.

The United Nations issued an appeal for $460 million in emergency funds on Aug. 11, but only $294 million, or 64 percent, has been received so far, and donations have more or less dried up in recent days.

Ajay Chhibber, a U.N. assistant secretary general, said he hopes Jolie’s visit will have “a very big impact” on the inflow of aid money and will keep people focused on the crisis.

“We need more … well-known figures who can keep the spotlight and focus because people tend to forget internationally,” said Chhibber, who is also the U.N. development agency’s regional director for Asia. He spoke to reporters during a visit to Islamabad.

[From The Huffington Post]

Just pulling from my own memory, I think this is Angelina’s fourth UNHCR trip to Pakistan through her decade of service to the UNHCR. When she first went, the refugee crisis was about the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees who had fled their country to avoid Russian, and then Taliban rule. Then it was the devastating earthquake in 2005. And now the flooding. These poor people.

Here’s the UNHCR donation page – this is for general donations, but if you want to direcct your money specifically to the UNHCR’s mission in Pakistan, go here.

A flood victim child eats her meal while taking refuge with her family in a makeshift relief camp for flood victims in Sukkur in Pakistan's Sindh province on September 7, 2010. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro (PAKISTAN - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT HEALTH)

A flood victim washes clothes in flooded area around her village in Pakistan's Muzaffargarh district of Punjab province September 6, 2010. Some 20 millions of Pakistani people are affected by floods that has destroyed cropland and livestock , causing damage the government has estimated at $43 billion, or almost one quarter of the South Asian nation's 2009 GDP. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj (PAKISTAN - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT)

Two-year-old Saghar, who is a flood victim, has water poured on him during a bath while taking refuge with his family in a relief camp for flood victims in Sukkur, in Pakistan's Sindh province on September 7, 2010. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro (PAKISTAN - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT HEALTH IMAGES OF THE DAY)

A Pakistani flood victim looks on while standing in front of a tent at a relief camp in Charsadda, Pakistan's northwest Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province September 6, 2010. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl (PAKISTAN - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT)

Header: Angelina Jolie in Pakistan on Sept. 7, 2010. Photo courtesy of the UNHCR.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Goodness how on earth has the relief money stalled thats terrible. Thats money that is greatly needed by those people and money is being caught up in some BS litigation. My heart just breaks for all those families and I wouldn’t know the first thing to do if I lived in situations like theirs. As always Angie just warms my heart and her spirit is so inspiring. I hope the people receive some relief soon.

  2. aenflex says:

    Awesome. I’m going to set aside my loathing for her, once again, because dammit this part of her soul is so good and pure.

  3. mslewis says:

    So much tragedy and the people are already poorer than poor. I really hope Angelina’s trip draws attention and, most of all, money to Pakistan to help these people.

    I do think that people are overwhelmed with all the tragedy that is going on in the world these days. It seems like one thing after another. It’s so hard to see and hear about it all.

    Thanks for the links. I’ve donated what little I can.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Kudos to Angie for focusing a spotlight on this tragedy. People who opened their pocketbooks and checkbooks to help Haiti and closed them shut when it comes to helping Pakistan. There is an ugly component of Islamophobia at work.

  5. K-MAC says:

    this woman could wear a paper bag and look stunning…..she is in the midst of a country in crisis and manages to look stunning. She has a big heart, a tremendous soul and deep pockets… is incredible how much she helps people in need.

  6. Sandi says:

    If anyone wonders why Brad left Jen. This is one of the reasons.

  7. Moreaces says:

    This makes me realize how blessed and lucky I am to be here in America, and having all that I have.

  8. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    Thanks for the link Kaiser, it literally takes just a few seconds to donate.

    Just imagine if everyone on CB donated just a few bucks, we could really make a big difference to these people.

  9. Brittney says:

    I was wondering when we’d hear about a trip to Pakistan; she never fails to respond to humanitarian crises. No wonder I’ve loved her for ten years. She can be thanked for reminding me to donate to UN relief.

  10. lisa says:

    I made a donation. every little bit help. Maybe this will make the money that is needed start to flow.. putting a light on the fact that it has been stalled.. just so sad..

    I just admire her so much..Yes lots of other celebs do a great deal too. but the fact that she is there is being reported on all kinds of sites.. It does make a difference.

    This is her fourth trip.. thanks so much for including the information for donations..

    bravo..Ms. Jolie.

  11. played says:

    As a man how can you not love and cherish a woman who tirelessly makes it a point to help and lend her support for causes that everyone who has a voice should stand behind. When it comes to Jolie, there’s no higher mountain, who can Brad go with after her…no one, nada…she is the mother of his 6 kids, a committed and loving partner, talented actress, UNHCR Ambassador, soon to be director, screenwriter. Most men should be so lucky to have such a package. For a woman of her stature she sure is very humble and level-headed. You can tell that she is not superficial and how refreshing!

  12. truthSF says:

    I wish I had the power to teleport? all the necessities to these people without having to worry about using planes, boats, automobiles or going through prolonged customs so that they can have what they need as soon as they need them.

    I know, wishful thinking. But it would be nice to be able to do just that.

  13. Tess says:

    Yes, kudos to AJ and serious respect for the fact that she plainly cares about the fate of unfortunate, powerless people around the globe.

    But please don’t show UN imagery as an icon for helping the world’s neediest victims. The UN is a corrupt, fraudulent, thieving institution that props up and lends credibility to scam artists and dictators around the world.

  14. bellebeesting says:

    @ Sandi – Look into it without bias and you will find that JA was, and continues to be, a quiet supporter of many charities on a pretty grand scale.

    Could be she still mostly stays under the radar about it because she has never needed a major PR “scrubbing” like Jolie (and the brand-gelina brand in general) need when say, new drug-den photos are released. Or maybe it’s because Aniston sincerely believes the kindest acts are those that go unannounced and unrewarded by even so much as the passing good opinion of others. Can’t say.

    Either way, just keeping it fair and going on the record: still not buying what Jolie is selling. Never have, never will.

  15. bellebeesting says:

    And before anybody uses that lame rebuttal–yes, I do still support many of the charities that Jolie uses for her own PR purposes. Just not through links connected to her.

    Hat tip to Jolie’s photo stylist and make-up artist for this shoot, though. Very nice remix of Lady Madonna and Mother Teresa.

  16. Kelly says:

    I agree with what’s been said above – media focuses so much on her being a homewrecker, her “wild” past… She’s on the ground, drawing attention to crises that the general public is not aware of. And regardless of how you feel about the U.N., I believe that the spotlight that she shines on these areas also spurs giving to other NGOs, INGOs, and relief organizations.

    I don’t believe that she is doing any of what she’s doing as a “publicity stunt” or to scrub her image – it’s just too grueling to travel to these places and to really be among people who are suffering. So many other celebs just show up at a “charity event” and get their picture taken.

    AND, she puts her money where her mouth is. I believe that also encourages people to give.

    I can’t believe I just made a soapbox speech, but I think she’s the real deal. The Audrey Hepburn of our time.

  17. Kim says:

    Yeah JA gets her “PR” from fauxmances w/ co stars like Gerard Butler in dangerous locales like Los Cabos. Where she helps the economy by celebrating her bday at a resort hotel.Gosh the sacrificies she makes to help the less fortunate is awe inspiring. Based on her fan websites LIli Claire and St Jude are the main charities she supports consistently AJ has being visiting dangerous refugee camps since 2001.She and Brad have donated tens of millions of dollars to Doctors w/o Borders( $5 million),Human Rights Watch St Jude Hospital in Mo. in honor of Jane Pitt, 2 million for AIDS/HIV clinic,1 million to Darfur, $1.2 million to Pakistan Refugees…. Google for list of celebrity givers. Brad and Angie donated over $13 million in 2008.Keep up the good work ANGIE.

  18. Tinks says:

    I think she goes on these trips to get away from her 87 kids. I’m not buying what she’s selling, either.

    She needs these trips for her PR more than Pakistan needs her.

  19. Sandi says:

    Just saying this could be one of the reasons.

  20. Maritza says:

    Her devotion and charity work to the poor and hungry is very admirable. Not only is she beautiful and talented but kind and caring to those in need.

  21. scotchy says:

    i agree with the fact that today we are being overwhelmed with crisis, the world is imploding and many people don’t have much money these so i can understand how the donations have stalled, but every little bit helps. I appreciate that this woman brings awareness to these causes, PR stunt or not. it helps.

  22. celeducat'em says:

    to fly in a private jet, be put up at a 5 star hotel and have a driver pick you up in a fancy SUV to go out for a few photo ops is not service. she spent more time travelling this year to market ‘salt’ than her ‘charity’that serves the same purpose. having spent years in these countries i have learned what humanitarians are about and it’s a gruellung, uncomfortable lifestyle. THEY deserve our praise.

    as with others, i’m not buying and urge those that fall for this to consider her 95% highly excessive lifestyle using natural resources in a way that ultimately leads to all of these wars and environmental disasters!

  23. whatever says:

    cant get myself to drink her koolaide

  24. denise says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she resembles Darth Maul in that header pic?

  25. Kim says:

    According to the UN as well as most Goodwill Ambassadors like Salma, Clooney , Nicole K. Lucy Lui pay for their own travel arrangements and BTW AJ flew commercial to Pakistan. Angie always praises to people in the trenches like the doctors nurses etc and AID workers that’s why she has giving millions to Doctors w’o Borders.This is a celebrity site if you are interested in AID workers than visit those sites In 2010 AJ has visited Haiti twice, Dominican Republic, Bosnia twice, Ecuador and Pakistan as part of her volunteer work with the UN which is comparable in number of countries to her work related trips promoting Salt under contract with the studio

  26. RHONYC says:

    @ celeducat’em


    that’s a good point. i don’t see how she can go live in a mansion/chateau after visiting these tragic areas and the poor people stuck in those situations. :-(

  27. Milou says:

    Je comprends que vous puissiez la détester, elle nous oblige à voir le monde tel qu’il est. Et c’est violent, laid, dur. C’est sûr qu’on est loin du petit monde merveilleux d’Hollywood où le plus dérangeant est qui a baisé qui, qui a bu plus que l’autre, qui a eu le plus d’entrées au Box office… Le monde est moche et ça dérange !

  28. WhiteNoise says:

    It is one of the lead news stories here in the UK tonight. I really don’t care what people think of Jolie but she is doing exactly the UN ‘job’ she’s taken on, which is to use her celebrity to good effect.

    I don’t think she’s the best actress in the world but anyone who denies her ongoing, genuine commitment to international humanitarian issues is allowing bias to get in the way of the reality. Kudos to her and to everyone else who’s trying so hard to keep Pakistan and its devastated people in the news.

  29. nnn says:

    Milou pourquoi tu parles Français dans un forum anglophone ?

    Sinon, je suis d’accord avec toi !

  30. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    This is a bit off topic- There is a thread, so vile against Jolie over at Female First, I am in shock!

    The thread title is TO FIREWOMAN, and the allegations in it are not to be believed. I was hoping that a Jolie fan here would know how to conatct Jolie or her managers, or legal team, because they need to be aware of what someone is claiming. It is horrific, and goes beyond disliking an actress.

    I am serious when I ask that someone, even the writers on thsi site, contact someone. There is a sick woman making beyond slanderous claims about Jolie, and I think it needs to be seen by a lawyer.

    Sorry to interupt the discussion. I am just sick by what I have read!

  31. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    RHONC How can you agree with that poster? He or she doesn’t know what they are talking about. First of all Angie always flies commercial to these locations. So what if Angelina lives in a big house. All people who make alot of money live in big houses. Bill Gates lives in a gigantic f*cking house with all sorts of gadgets wired through it but yet he is still great humanitarian who gives lots of money to causes all over the world. It shouldn’t matter what kinda house you live in or car you drive or anything. What matters is the good you do with what you have. Angelina has been doing good for 10 years. The woman is amazing and dedicated and she has been showing that for years.

  32. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    I knew someone would pipe in with an Aniston story, it’s inevitable…

    yep, I’m sure Aniston’s accountant encourages her to make her “quiet” donations as they are highly valued TAX DEDUCTIONS and her PR team quietly encourages her to keep her vapid mouth shut about it lest she reveal how stupid and selfish and uniformed she really is.

    Cut to a teary-eyed Jen: “please, give money to the little retards” sniff sniff.

    Now, how about a nice booze-and-smoke filled trip to Cabo with all my “friends”? C’mon, it’ll be a good scrubber, it’s just like doing Charity!!

    Sorry, but this post is about the people of Pakistan and AJ.

    Everything is relative. Do you drive a car or use electricity? Do you use air conditioning? Have more than one TV? Get your hair done?

    Then to someone who considers those to be outrageous “luxuries,” you’re a selfish hypocrite who causes war and famine and environmental disasters. Lol. Bad logic. Everything is relative. It’s about balance.

    IMO Jolie has more than made up for the “sin” of being successful.

    It’s ludicrous to argue that in order to be sincere, AJ should be digging latrines and should move her family to a cave to drink their own urine and wear hair shirts.

  33. Kim says:

    I think celebs/rich people should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and help others that are less fortunate. Its’s not an either/ or situation. I can live in a nice comfortable home and still volunteer at a homeless shelter. I’m helping others and I feel good helping others so its partly selfish on my part.

  34. Rose says:

    Who cares what female first have to dribble, who even cares if people ‘buy what she’s selling’. Do or do not. She’s going her job with the UN and she does it well.

  35. bellebeesting says:

    @ Kim @ 26 – Indeed. But a headline that includes: “UNHCR” and “flood-ravaged Pakistan”…photos of Pakistani children and links to making donations? IMO, that opens the door for a much broader discussion right here on this particular ‘celebrity’ site.

    And on this site we get value added entertainment, like…Darth Maul? LOL at Denise and rescinding my previous compliment to St. Angie’s photo stylist.

  36. jane16 says:

    I admire her for her charitable work, but why is she wearing that freaky black thing? To appease muslim men?

  37. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Rose- Well pardon me for mentioning it and being disgusted by some vile things that someone has lodged against Jolie, and I am not even a fan.

    I was simply thinking that someone here might have an idea where one could go to make Jolie and her lawyers aware of it. It is a specific claim that is libelous, and more so than what News of the World did to her and Brad a year ago.

    I wasn’t asking anyone to care about the site in general or most of what is said there.

  38. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I personally can’t stand the celebrity “I CARE, LOOK AT ME!” style of charity. Give your money quietly and shut up.

    I think it’s sad that some people only feel moved to help out in a drastically horrible situation when their favorite celebrity does. It’s stupid, pathetic and silly.

    Be informed on your own. Don’t depend on people who play pretend for a living to determine what you should care about.

    EDIT: Fluffy Kitten Tail-who cares what someone says about Jolie on some comment box? People probably have whole websites dedicated to destroying her image with libelous stories. Go seek those out. I’m not giving Female First some more hits just because there may or may not be some libelous comment over there. And I don’t like Jolie.

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Fluffy: I glanced at it. It’s clearly some delusional person. Sad, but it happens. Every star has their share of mentally unwell followers. And I’m sure we’d see a lot more craziness here if they didn’t moderate the comments.

  40. cheyenne says:

    There are some sick psychopaths posting on Female First who are absolutely hopeless of remedy. All you can do is avoid that website like the plague.

  41. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awwwww Fluffy, Female First is beyond trash. The things they have said and done on that site are disgusting, vile, and nasty. If anyone in “legitimate” media gives it even the slightest bit of attention then Angie’s lawyer will take care of it if its as serious as you say. I don’t read that website because I want to stay as sane as possible.

    Oh Hamm, Well even in this fast paced amazing world, filled with all kinds of technology and new ways to connect with others all across our planet some people don’t/won’t even know a tenth of what happens unless its brought to our attention why we should care about an event. To some people our own problems are bigger than anyone’s else issues. They blind us to whats happening in the world. Thats why people like Angelina Jolie help bring us awareness of issues I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Angie has brought alot of awareness to her fans and the media who normally wouldn’t run a story but thanks to her being attached they do, especially her young fans who wouldn’t switch on CNN or C-span, or even their own local news to see whats happening in the world.

  42. olivia says:


    From JJ:
    God Bless you Angelina! @ 09/06/2010 at 5:24 pm

    God Bless you Angelina as you do the work of God!
    God is sending you, one of His greatest ambassadors, to comfort those who are in need of His comfort and of His help.
    His Mighty Angels go with you and wrap you in the strength of their wings and keep you safe under ALL circumstances.
    May His ALL SEEING EYE go before you to make your way clear, clean and safe.
    May God grant you, and those you serve, a beautiful, uplifting, positive, peaceful, fruitful experience and return you safely to your loving husband Brad and your children, filled with unspeakable joy at being able to help so many.

    If I was Angelina Jolie I would be more worried about those freaks :)

  43. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Hamm is my man- Now where did you get I was seeking to destroy Jolie? I am disgusted by the thread, and did I say for anyone on here to give the site hits? I mentioned the thread name in case someone knew where to report something of this nature, and would have the info.

    No need to be aggressive with me!

    @Love Angelina- It is serious, and the person should have the full force of the law regarding slander and libel, thrown at them!

  44. anon says:

    @olivia: I don’t think Angelina is worried about folks posting, fans or nonfans; seems to me that just taking a plane (anywhere in the real)to Pakistan is worry/danger enough. I admire that she goes, so much easier to anonymously and quietly give money, as for the uninformed, well tough on them :-) They should be up on all the issues and not waiting for actors celebs etc to inform them :-)

  45. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Olivia thats not very nice to mock someone like that and call them a freak for being nice. Whats wrong with praying for someone? You just don’t understand that Angelina and Brad have fans who adore them and love them.

  46. Morgs says:


    I’m pretty sure Angelina is so self involved she has herself on google alert. Her “I don’t read about myself” line reeks of bs.

  47. Morgs says:

    Never been to FF, but this Firewoman has been discussed on other sites. She’s an attention hungry troll who’s been peddling her same bull for awhile now. FF sucks, why would anyone want to give them hits? Stop advertising them on this website.

  48. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Love Angelina: I know that some people have bigger problems in their own lives. I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t give money to charity, I give my time because that is all have to give.

    I understand that some people aren’t bright enough or don’t care enough to watch the news and be informed. Those people probably won’t give their money or time regardless of what a celebrity says.

    What I think is pathetic and stupid are those who depend on their favorite celebrities to tell them what to be concerned with.

    “Thats why people like Angelina Jolie help bring us awareness of issues I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”

    I think that is really really sad.

  49. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well Hamm like I said alot of people don’t watch the news, alot of people are invested in their own worlds, and they won’t know what happens about alot of things unless a famous person or someone they are interested in points it out. I don’t think anyone “depends” on celebs for information. I don’t. I happen to be very interested in the world around me.

    I think your getting caught up on the wrong thing. I think you should just be grateful people will know what goes on in the world. That they won’t wake up and be ignorant to the suffering of others. That perhaps they will be so moved that they will offer what little or alot they have to help someone in need. If you get caught up on who helps spread the word then your missing the point of why the word is being spread in the first place.

  50. Camille says:

    @ She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: I loved your post so much, you nailed it!

  51. jemshoes says:

    LOL @ #25 Denise

    AJ does look a little “Darth Maul”!!!

    Whatever you think about her and her celebrity, she does put her money where her mouth is and I respect that.

  52. Crash2GO2 says:

    I just can’t resist adding, that Angelina looks positively spooky/comical in that black cover-up. I know she is doing some good work, but in the latest photos of her in her grim reaper gear clutching a notebook to her chest with her best ‘empathetic face’ pasted on made me LOL!

  53. Camille says:

    The haters will find anything to bitch about with this woman :lol: .