Snooki used to be bulimic, anorexic, but is now a healthy orange potato


Snooki and the Jersey Shore people got TWO tabloid covers this week – OK! Magazine has the Strange Orange Potato (SOP) and her struggle with anorexia and bulimia, while Us Weekly has “Jersey Shore’s Secret Fights.” Meh. But I did find the SOP’s struggles slightly interesting. I didn’t know that she had dealt with eating disorders before – and I guess it was serious, or else she wouldn’t be saying “I almost died!” Unless that’s just hyperbole and she just used took a few laxatives when she felt bloated, and now it’s like, “ZOMG, I COULD HAVE DIED, Y’ALL.” Fascinating.

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is an icon for the reality-show era — famous for being her bronzed, brawling, poufed, profane, fist-pumping 4-foot-9-inch self. She’s also lucky to be alive. Just a few years ago, the 22-year-old was a painfully insecure Poughkeepsie, N.Y., teenager suffering from two potentially deadly eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia.

OK! caught up with Snooki at L.A.’s The London hotel, where she was in town for the MTV Video Music Awards. There, she shared her struggle and how she finally learned to have a positive self-image.

[From OK! Magazine]

Wait, so the Snooki we see now is her having a positive self-image? Oh, honey. NO. No one who is that f-cking orange has a positive self-image. She once buried her feelings in self-abuse by sticking her finger down her throat, and now she buries her feelings in layers of ORANGE. But, hey, the poof is gone, right? Baby steps.

12 September 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki. 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Kevan Brooks/AdMedia

44919, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Tuesday September 14 2010. Snooki and Pauly D from the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore arrive at the E! Studios to film an appearance on Chelsea Lately . After the taping Snooki visited an office building where she hid behind two security men and in a blanket. Photograph: Matt Symons/Anthony

12 September 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki. 2010 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. Photo Credit: Kevan Brooks/AdMedia

OK Magazine cover courtesy of OK! Online.

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  1. CeCe says:

    She could die living THAT lifestyle. And lets be frank…being that heavy isn’t healthy either.

  2. aenflex says:

    I don’t think her before pic is too thin?

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG and I always say she would be so cute if she dropped like 10 pounds. Snooki is adorable regardless and since I started watching the show I can see why she is everyone’s favorite. Well I am glad she overcame her problems.

  4. Annicka says:

    80 pounds is actually perfectly healthy for a height of 4’9″.

  5. TaylorB says:

    I never thought I would say this but I miss the poof. Snookie is campy, that is her claim to fame, and unless she gets a poodle perm and teases those bangs to the sky her charm is lost on me.

  6. original kate says:

    since when is being a bloated orange boozebag considered “healthy?”

  7. Cath says:

    It doesn’t matter if her weight was healthy before if she was starving or throwing up to maintain it. Anorexia and bulimia put a heavy strain on almost every bodily system: cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological… It causes osteoporosis, heart disease, gastrointestinal cancer, and infertility. It’s far better to be 20 lbs overweight than restricting your calories to below 1000 a day or throwing up multiple times a day.

  8. D says:

    Annicka, I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps she was just puking from being drunk and mistook it for an eating disorder?

    SOP is the best. Maybe she can take over Denise Austin’s stint as an Idaho Potato spokeswoman.

  9. scorpiogal says:

    I agree with Annicka… 80 lbs is NOT too thin for that height at all! And she looks perfectly healthy in that before pic. Also- if she was anorexic, she wouldn’t have been drinking regular Coke…someone with an eating disorder would never dream of drinking that.

  10. ghostbuster says:

    she mentioned the eating disorder on the first season when the situation made a comment about her weight. im glad she like herself. she comes off as fun and firey on the jersey shore. i dont get all the hating on her. she comes across on the show as very nice and sweet. same with jenni, just dont mess with her or her friends, which i think is understandable

  11. dread pirate cuervo says:

    80 lbs is dangerous when you’re 5’9″, not when you’re 4’9″.

  12. CiCi says:

    I love Snooki but whatever! 80 lbs is NOT “near death” for someone 4’9! She is overweight now and needs to drop like 15.

  13. kelbear says:

    Being bulimic or anorexic is bad for you no matter how much you weigh.

    And I too, miss the poof.

  14. spanks says:

    I wonder what she would look like without the fake tan?

  15. Jillian says:

    Annicka is right. If she weighed 65 lbs that would be scary skinny for her. I am 4’11″ and the least I’ve ever weighed is 79 lbs. I now weigh 93 and could stand to lose a few. My ideal weight is in the 80s.

  16. guesty says:

    snooki looks like she should be retired in boca…

  17. Dexter says:

    Snooki doesn’t seem to be naturally skinny. it’s just not her body type. I’m also 4’9″ and I once was around 80lbs but only because of an eating disorder. that wasn’t funny and it definately wasn’t healthy. I’m not naturally skinny either.

  18. Andria says:

    80 lbs at 4’9″ is technically underweight – a BMI of 17.3. Whether or not that is a ‘healthy’ weight depends on many factors, such as body type, laxative abuse, vomiting, etc. It is possible for some people have a BMI of 17.3 and be healthy, and it is also possible to have a BMI of 17.3 and be in serious danger.

    For the vast majority of women, 17.3 is not a healthy BMI. In the absence of other factors, it is also not usually dangerous. Miserable to maintain though! Hollywood is full of underweight women who never get to enjoy EATING.

  19. iKat says:

    She may be an idiot, but i’m glad she got through that. Good for her
    (AND WOW! I didn’t realize the poof was gone… noticed something was different but didn’t know what. Now i miss it!)

  20. The Bobster says:

    She’s starting to look more and more like a barrio street vendor.

  21. Lisa Turtle says:

    I would hardly say she’s “healthy” now… The woman is clearly abusing alcohol. The common link is a control issue Snooki used to stick her finger down her throat to feel in control, now she drinks to the point of arrest to feel out of control — many addicts have multiple addictions.

  22. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sorry Snookie, but I have a friend who is 85 lbs and she is 4ft 11inches, and she is healthy, not anorexic looking in the least. Snookie is shorter than my friend so I do not believe being 80lbs almost killed her, the bulemia to stay that way, but not the weight.

    Snookie might be healthier if she quit smoking like a damn chimney and drinking until she pukes, passes out or ends up in bed with random dudes. That lifestyle is every bit as unhealthy as being thin.

  23. audrey says:

    she has the ugliest mouth, nose, cupid’s bow combo I have ever seen.

  24. jessica says:

    Need more “skinny” pics before I can make my decision! lol

  25. MissVJJ says:

    HATERS!!! Awww, just because Snooki isnt a 5’11″, 100 pound white girl, you all are gonna hate! She seems very confident with how she looks now! Something most of you girls can never be!

  26. anoneemouse says:

    Yes, it’s much healthier to carry a spare tire around your waist…caused by booze abuse.

  27. omondieu says:

    I can’t believe I’m defending Snooki, but I don’t think that she looks that bad at her current weight. She’s on the slightly heavier side of the weight spectrum, but the girl’s just got a curvier figure. She’s far from obese. I wouldn’t even call her fat. Her lifestyle isn’t healthy, but people with curvier figures can also live active, healthy lives and never be skinny.

  28. Fishlips says:

    “Strange Orange Potato”

    BWAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  29. Ursaline says:

    I really don’t care one way or another how she looks but please get rid of those awful tight bandage and spandex dresses! They only accentuate the pudge and if she would wear clean lines it would look great! That blue pattern isn’t doing her any favors either.

  30. Seri says:

    I’m 4’10 and naturally bounce between 80-90 lbs. I always felt so ugly and skinny because of it, but it’s nice to hear in the comments that others can be this size and not feel as hideous as i have.

  31. TQB says:

    Regardless of what she looked like at 80lbs, if she had an eating disorder, she was unhealthy. She is in no way obese now. If you want to criticize the tanning, the smoking, the drinking, fine, but suggesting that her current weight is unhealthy makes you one of THOSE people who encourage everyone to be insecure and oversensitive.

  32. connie says:

    if anyone has seen that show when i was 17 on MTV there was an episode which snooki was a commentator, in HS she was thin. So i have to disagree with whoever said she did not have a naturally thin frame. homegirl was captain of the cheerleaing squad and had a bangin bod! i think she was the popular dim witted girl in high school and now she’s lazy and famous for nothing, hence the extra lbs

  33. Pretty1908 says:

    there is nothing wrong with being thicker but i dont feel she could loss maybe ten to fifteen pounds . im short like her and we have to watch our weight seriously.

  34. LittleFATMe says:

    This is what I am going to say about that: she states that she is happy with herself and that she won’t wear a two peice because she likes to be sexy in a covered way – not just naked. She said that even when she was thin she never wore a two piece, uh – is that a full cover suit in the before pic?

  35. Kitten says:

    People are so harsh. Not a huge fan of the show or anything but I think she looks fine now. I think it would be really difficult to find clothes that flatter when you are so little! She’s doing her thing and I’m happy for her if she got past the demons.

  36. bb says:

    I’m so sick of this chubby equals healthy, thin is bad, bad, bad meme.

  37. Melissa says:

    @connie – Most women’s high school bodies are significantly different from their more mature bodies a few years down the road. Many of us are late bloomers. I was a twig in high school, and my body started to change my senior year. I didn’t eat more, I just developed boobs, hips, and put on weight – naturally. I can take one look at Snooki and tell that she does not have a naturally thin or tiny frame.

  38. wunderkindt says:

    Snooki doesnt need to be thin! There are enough other cast members doing that.
    She stands out because she’s not generic tv thin.

  39. Captaine says:

    She’s still a loose, fat, slutty, binge drinking piece of human garbage.

    Braud ain’t even italian. She’s 100% chilean and her self hate makes me want to vomit.

    With the rise of the Tea Party nutjobs and the fact that someone like Snooki is a “celebrity” just goes to show the downward spiral of American society. Ridiculous

  40. TQB says:

    @bb, I’m so sick of everyone telling us we should all be 10 lbs underweight.

    @Captaine, she’s adopted, her family is Italian and she was raised in upstate NY, where I can tell you first hand, Italian communities are very strong. Where do you get self-hate? maybe she just identifies with the people who have cared for her since just after her birth.

    However, I totally agree with you on the downward spiral.

  41. She is looking good now. Women shouldn’t worry about their weight that much.

  42. bb says:

    @41 – I challenge you to quote one person or source who has said “people should be 10lb underweight”

  43. TQB says:

    @bb, almost every magazine, catalog, movie, TV show in this country glorifies women who are drastically underweight and holds this up as the model we are all supposed to aspire to. I am envious of the bubble that you live in that you did not grow up constantly feeling like if you just lost another 5-10 pounds you would be pretty and acceptable.

  44. gg says:

    She is not “fat”. But I can tell you this – if she quit all the calorie-filled drinking (and exercise again like she used to), her body would be a LOT slimmer.

    The horrible orange mud smeared all over and the pink lipstick have got to go, though. Love the bangs and teased crown – she looks way better without the chavvy pouf. She still needs a massive makeover and somebody to teach her what not to wear. As she gets older and hopefully wiser and not even more alcoholic, she may clean up eventually.

    Jenni is a huge accident waiting to happen.

  45. LBees says:

    Yes, too much tanning and too much drinking.

    But I’m glad she stopped bingeing and purging.

    I think people should realize that BMI is just an indicator of healthy weight, not the be-all, end-all answer to whether you are fat or thin.

    She is curvy, so whomever it was naming their 80-lb friend as an example of how a 4’9″ person could be considered healthy perhaps isn’t taking that into account. Body type is more indicative of how fat you are versus your weight, per se.

    Eh. She’s kind of funny. I don’t watch Jersey Shore (except for one episode, the one where they leave “the note” for Sammi, which was on repeat for like eleven days. So I guess I saw it twice) but she seems harmless. Silly and drunk, but harmless. Better than a lot of other celebutards!

  46. Sumodo1 says:

    My mother was 98 lbs at 5-feet-tall when she got married at age 20. Not skin and bones, from pictures I’ve seen.

    It’s all the booze and Cheetoh dust that’s making Orange Smurfette fat. No exercise at all, except flapping her gums, fist-pumping, and bending her right elbow to drink.

  47. vee says:

    OMG all of you people talking about BMI. It’s an estimate. Whether she is or isn’t overweight is not the point. ED’s are an aweful thing to overcome. Speaking from personal experience you get to a point where you are good you are fighting the fight. Then something like college roomates or a boyfriend, or the freaking media in Snooki’s case is bringing up dieting and weight. It’s a nightmare!!! God bless Snooki for talking about it because saying this is who I am I’m healthy not starving is the only way she can keep herself from relapsing with all the pressure. I’m not religous just a self recovered Mia. God bless the Snooki!

  48. mollination says:

    Except, 1.) her before pic is not “too” thin, and 2.) 80 lbs. is not as shocking as it sounds when you consider her 4′ 9″ frame.

    Not to mention, I think Kaiser had it right when she mentioned the possibility of majah hyperbole/exaggeration. Sad how many people (celebs and us regular folk) have been trained to stretch their life tragedies/secrets/skeletons in their closets for the benefit of attention and “rank”. There’s a morbidity to it — same with any of the celebs who tried to force the image of themselves as the “closest person to Heath Ledger” or anyone else who passed away. It’s weird, but it happens all the time.

  49. GT says:

    I’m not even going to comment on the weight because to each their own but the orange has GOT TO GO!!!! She looks like a freakin oompa loompa!!!! Why????

  50. fizXgirl3114 says:

    awww… I hate making fun of people’s weight… no matter who they are… I had a traumatic childhood because of my weight ( I wasn’t even fat, i just happened to be a female in the wrong culture) and this makes me sad :(

  51. bb says:

    @44: I agree magazines ect publish a lot of pictures of women who appear to be underweight…but from what I see they are hardly ever being glorified, but rather criticized, even to the point that you might call harrasment. A tabloid cover screaming “skin and bones” is hardly glorifying it’s subject. Especially what I find disturbing is when this criticizing spills over onto women who are thin/slim but appear to be fit and healthy rather than underweight – a prime example of this would be that girl from 90210 – Annalyn McCord. Also Snooki here in the ‘too thin’ pictures simply looks perfectly normal.

    I also believe many of the celebs who really are drastically underweight are addicted to stimulant drugs like Adderall, Cocaine, meth ect, rather than being that thin as any sort of fashion statement.

  52. crab says:

    Puleeze 80 lbs at 4’9″ I don’t think so!! My sister-in-law was 80 lbs at 5′ and she looked perfecly healthy!!

  53. Stephy2485 says:

    REGARDLESS of NUMBERS (ie: weight and height) denying yourself food and/or vomiting up what you have eaten IS NOT HEALTHY and I think we can all agree on that point…

    I think she looks good…She obviously enjoys a more relaxed and indulgent lifestyle than most of us but so what? Most people are overweight (I for one am a little over weight) but I wouldn’t say I’m entirely unhealthy either…
    I eat loads of fruit and veggies and tofu and beans (vegetarian!) but I also enjoy french fries and ice cream and drinking, lol. I wouldn’t say I’m “unhealthy” just because of my extra few pounds. And neither is Snooki. I’m not a fan of the show or the cast but really, leave the girl alone. She looks good and she likes being orange.

  54. Dolkite says:

    GREAT headline…I’m still laughing. Also the comment calling her a “boozebag.”

  55. heavenasia says:

    She looks exactly how Christina Aguilera use to look.
    Back then when she was overweight, super tanned and wearing lots of makeup. She even had the bangs and dark hair too.

  56. Alicia says:

    She looked way better with 80 pounds, not anorexic at all
    Still I have to agree with Audrey, her mouth is sooo gross, hate the lips, also her body is horrible looks like a barrel witenagemot little legs

  57. hannah says:

    eating disorders are a serious disease, but i’m 5’4 and at one point i weighed 80 lbs. (granted i had my own issues.) hearing this claim that she “almost died” bc she weighed that little makes me very self conscious seeing as how even trying to gain weight i cant top 95. dont get me wrong every one should eat healthily. but come on this girl still had more meat on her bones as an anorexic/bulimic than i do now as i sit here and stuff my face. everyone has to learn to balance out their own metabolism .. how much you weigh doesn’t mean shit unless youre also looking at height, muscle mass, bone density AND body fat. boo to the media for emphasizing weight as a number. confidence is sexier than the most perfect body in the world !!!

  58. hannah says:

    not to mention, my bmi is 16.something and im actually not that underweight for my body type, just low muscle and small frame

  59. Sam says:

    Christina Aguilera looks alot like snooki they could be twins,they are also about the same height are they twins?.Someone should tell Christina we found her twin because girlfriend thinks she looks like Marilyn Monroe LOL.

  60. lynn says:

    Just because her body wieght was still healthy doesnt mean that she wasnt anorexico. Its about what youre eating and how quickly you lose wieght. If she wasnt eating over a period of time it doesnt matter if she wieghed 160 or 70 lbs she would still be anorexic.