Lindsay Lohan is out of jail already, her ruling was overturned and she met bail

It turns out that TMZ was right when they said that Lindsay couldn’t be thrown in jail without bail for two failed drug tests, which were misdemeanors. Lindsay’s lawyer filed an appeal on her behalf and her sentence to languish in jail without bail until her next hearing was overturned yesterday. Bail was set at $300,000, she met it, and now she’s out to terrorize the streets once again. The tiny silver lining in this is that she’s been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol detection bracelet and to stay out of nightclubs. I’m sure there will be plenty of “drinks spilled” on the device, just as there will be so many important business meetings that she can’t miss held in dark loud bars at 1:00 am.

Here’s TMZ’s report:

Lindsay Lohan will be a free woman soon, because a judge has just reversed Judge Elden Fox’s decision and has granted LiLo bail … TMZ has learned.

Judge Fox ruled earlier today … Lindsay could be held without bail. But apparently the Judge’s ruling flies in the face of California law, which gives defendants the right to bail in misdemeanor cases.

Judge Patricia Schnegg, Assistant Supervising Judge for the L.A. County Criminal Courts, just threw Judge Fox’s bail decision out the window. Judge Schnegg has set bail at $300,000.

Lindsay, who is in Lynwood Jail right now, should get out soon … probably in a few hours.

UPDATE 6:02PM PDT: Lindsay will have to get a SCRAM bracelet (this will be her third) within 24 hours — and under the terms of her bail, she is not allowed to be around known drug users … and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time. Also, nightclubs will be a major no-no … Linds has to stay out of places where alcohol is the “chief item of sale.”

UPDATE 10:10PM PDT: TMZ has learned that Lindsay’s favorite bondsman has posted her bail. She can now leave the Lynwood jail as soon as she can get a ride.

[From TMZ]

Radar Online reminds us that this is the third alcohol-detecting SCRAM device that Lohan has been outfitted with at the age of 24. I’m sure that Judge Fox knew full well that his ruling would be promptly overturned, but he wanted to give Lohan a wake up call that she’s never, ever going to anything other than hit the snooze button on.

If Lindsay was surrounded by people who had her best interests in mind instead of leeches and sycophants someone might put her in an inpatient rehab. Lindsay’s mom won’t even admit that her daughter has already been in rehab four times and that it never took, though, so you know that’s not going to happen. She’s going to drink, drug and go out until her next hearing on October 22 and she’ll be jailed again probably and she’ll get out within a few days to continue doing whatever she wants, earning a living calling the paparazzi and selling her overpriced padded leggings. This woman could have been a movie star, she could have been a TV star, she could have been a pop star. (She wasn’t bad compared to a lot of the crap on the radio.) Now she’s just an entitled addict in denial. There are stories of sadness and regret for lost careers and families in every AA meeting around the world. Some of those people lost much more than Lindsay before they got there.










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  1. Lia says:

    Every convict in California who is in jail on a misdemeanor should immediately insist on being let out onto the streets. Besides having incredibly huge feet and giant duck lips, Lohan also has such a huge sense of entitlement that she will be found in a gutter somewhere one morning, SCRAM bracelet still in place, and lifeless. Ironically, her mother will blame the court system for it…….

  2. Uh says:

    Wow. With friends/family like those, she’ll be dead soon. Does she even have a “bottom?”


    Back to the betting pool.

  3. Maria says:

    Could someone explain the US system to me? What it looks like is that if you have money, it doesn’t matter that you violate the probation, nothing happens anyway. True? Will she even loose the bail money or get it back? I don’t get it. Am I stupid or is the system really a joke?

  4. Bee says:

    Uggggggh! I’m so disgusted. I knew she was somehow going to weasel out of jail. She’s like the teflon Don, nothing every sticks.

  5. Gwen says:

    She has a “favorite bondsman”??! Epic fail! Why the rest of the kids aren’t removed from Dina’s care is beyond me.

  6. Red Riding Hood says:

    Dina is a monster – why is it obv to everyone else (& apart from a few crazies) that Lindsay has a huge substance abuse and personality problem??!!! And Dina just ignores the fact

    So does she go back to court if she enters a nightclub or drinks or drugs?????

  7. Hautie says:

    Dang, I bet she needed a drink after all this… and what happens when she has another dirty test. Or sets off her SCRAM? Just keep on letting it happen till she OD’s?

    And I love that she has her on personal Bail Bondsman on speed dial. Classy!

  8. Chris says:

    Judges let her go because they know America’s drug laws are BS and that people shouldn’t go to jail for personal use. However the Lilo fans who protested at the front of the courthouse need to get a life. Seriously, do they actually think that she’s going to be so moved by their actions that she’ll invite them into her life?

  9. dvz says:

    Totally co-sign Uh’s remarks. In a way she is dead already, it is just a matter of time for the coroner to call it. Very sad, but I don’t think it will be long. When addicts get free passes like this, they tend go on binges, as her failed drug tests have already pointed out.

    Her tolerance has built up to where she is going to end up overdosing just to get a “regular” high. She will end up like a scrawny Belushi or Farley, only a decade (!) younger.

    What makes me even sadder is how if this does play out, she will be seen as something of a martyr. People mourning her as a lost soul and “wasted talent” (I am beginning to wonder how much of a talent she really was/is in retrospect), instead of an entitled addict who threw her life away. She isn’t even interesting enough to put the “she had a death wish” thing on, like people did with Belushi and Farley. And unlike them, it seems she only wants to get high and skate through life. Any actor who truly loves to act at least makes attempts at acting even while coked/pilled to the gills. I could name a hundred actresses/actors that did it and won awards while acting under the influence. I don’t think she wants to be an actress, she’s happy being high, and whatever gigs she lands are nothing but a means to that end.

    As much as I hate her (non) parents, they can’t be blamed for the entirety of this whole mess, though they are certainly are to blame for the gravy train game. Her stable is filled with enablers, as was Anna Nicole’s. I am truly disgusted by this whole situation.

  10. Liana says:

    When that “personal use” extends to driving a car, carjacking, etc, then it becomes everyone’s problem. The stupid bitch violated the terms of her probation… more than once.

  11. whitedaisy says:

    SOOOOOOOOOooooo…does the newly ordered SCRAM bracelet mean that her court ordered, multi-weekly drug tests and daily counseling no longer apply?

    The counseling and laboratory tests are the only possible things that could save her.

    That SCRAM is a joke.

  12. Chris says:

    But personal drug use shouldn’t be a violation of probation;driving a car under the influence yes, but use alone no; the judges know that and that’s why they don’t take it seriously. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence, who bothers to do some research, will find that the War on Drugs only increases the harms caused by drugs.

  13. eva says:

    That pic of her # 1 stalker fan is sort of creepy. Dude looks unbalanced.

  14. Po says:

    This stopped being a personal issue a long time ago. While I believe that some addicts belong in rehab and not jail, this particular addict doesn’t want to quit. She is not some poor woe as me character, at this point she believes she can do whatever she wants. I personally would have preferred it if this judge would have just given her bail in the first place because now this is the umpteenth time she’s has been in jail for a while and had the justice system just let her out.
    You can’t blame Hollywood and mom for creating this monster, the LA court system has gone a long way to help out.

  15. The Truth Fairy says:

    This will NOT give her a wake-up call. This will only reinforce her idea that everyone is out to get her and that she can do whatever she wants because she is not at fault.

    You read it here first: She’ll be dead by the end of 2011.

  16. Jazz says:

    WTF!!! How come RDJ got a year in jail for missing a drug test yet this freckled failure gets yet another slap on the wrist?! Has the law changed or something?!

    I agree with dvz, all she’s done is a few Disney films and the rest of it is her being a partying trashbag and being talked about in the gossip columns and websites, and most of the comments on there are people saying how much of a loser she is. You can’t build a career out of that. This spoilt brat is never going to learn anything if people don’t start getting tough with her.
    If strangers on the internet can see that, why can’t her shitbag mother?

  17. Jo says:

    @maria: She would only lose the bail money if she failed to arrive at court the day of her trial. She’d have to pay a % to her bondsman, but the entire bail would be returned, minus a small admin fee.

  18. Dany says:

    Why does nobody – except her crazy fame seeking father – sees the urgency to put her into long term rehab? I’m really no fan of his pompous gossip but at this point he’s the only one who seems to get it. This “girl” is in desperate need of saving her miserable little life and I totally agree with dvz.

    One of my friends’ son was in rehab for ONE YEAR and after skipping it before two times after one week or so this was his only chance to just survive. This would be the time frame for her too. Of course the problem ist she doesn’t want to quit anything.

    Must be a funny life to get lots of money for being a loser and I don’t care about her personally but this case is just a bad bad joke for all drug addicts out there.

  19. Chris says:

    “That pic of her # 1 stalker fan is sort of creepy. Dude looks unbalanced.”

    True. He even had a t-shirt for the occasion. He probably thinks that Lilo’s going to be so impressed by his support that she’ll end up getting with him or something, eeww.

  20. Marianne says:

    God you’re not teaching her anything. She’ll be back doing drugs in no time.

  21. LittleFATMe says:

    That’s just fab! I mean, why not let a baby hittin’ cracky out! Forget learning a lesson. This judge was just too mean. When Lindsay hits AND KILLS someone the system should sit in jail with her. (For the whole 45 minutes she is there.) BS – all of it!

  22. Shelley says:

    DVZ and Liana, you’re both right on target. And Chris, see how OK you are with her ‘personal use’ when she maims or kills your ‘personal’ friends or family.

    OMG y’all – I work for Count Govt and am in the same bldg as the unit that runs the urine check program. LL is no different than the people I see in the hallway every day and they display some ugly behaviors, believe me. But some of them truly are addicts. I agree with UCLA – LL isn’t an addict -she’s an arrogant heavy user of whatever drink or drug suits her whim of the moment or is in the table in front of her, in a glass or a bag or in a powdered format. And if she isn’t a sociopath, then she’s a better actress than we knew, as she’s delivering a grand performance as Sociopath of the Year.

  23. dorothy says:

    It’s ok. We can see this all play out again in a week or two when the scram bracelet “accidentally ” goes off. Doesn’t matter..her career is over and the her fan base has, had it. Shes a has-been.

  24. bagladey says:

    If the American justice system does not have the power to put Lindsay Lohan in her place, the mature general public certainly does, and they should start getting Lindsay’s attention immediately by impeding her moneymaking and fame by boycotting anything that involves Lindsay: Online articles, magazines, clothing lines, movies, EVERYTHING. Nothing bothers Lindsay and the Lohans more than NO paparazzi and NO press. Michael Lohan is a piece of trash and I aleady boycott him to the point where I don’t even read articles that feature anything about him. Enough already.

  25. logan says:

    Get your children, elderly and pets off the streets. She could be driving down a road near you! Glad she is out. What would we do without this drug riddled twit? She is like Christmas, she just keeps on giving. Our lives would be dull without Lindsay. Just hope she doesn’t kill any one. Lindsay Lohan 4 (or more), California justice system 0.

  26. chasingadalia says:

    Bitch should’ve checked herself into Betty Ford a long time ago. A nice 6-12 month stay there would do some good.

  27. Sandi says:

    As you can see the American Justice System only applies to people that don’t have any money. If she wants to save her career and life she should go to rehab and stay there until the court date. Oh silly me, she doesn’t have a problem.

  28. Stephanie says:

    So, she basically gives the finger to the entire justice system by repeatedly using drugs and alcohol while she’s under probation, and they just give her a slap on the wrist? There are never any consequences for LiHo, besides wasting some time in meetings, her PO’s office giving dirty drug tests, and the occasional field trip to jail. I’m afraid she will go the way of Anna Nicole. How sad.

    I wonder what would happen if she got caught with coke in her purse, on her hands and a dirty drug test? Probably nothing, right??? Sickening. What would it take to get a punishment that sticks?

  29. Jen D says:

    Someone like her can’t afford to go to rehab for half a year. Her career would suffer too much – she depends on being in the media all the time. I doubt it would even work, anyways. I don’t think that drugs are her problem. Is there a rehab for being entitled and stupid? Because that’s the rehab she needs.

  30. Marie says:

    Not surprised..I still want to take a needle and deflate those lips of hers.

  31. logan says:

    What CAREER? She doesn’t have a career, all she is, is the ring leader of a circus.

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    “…the War on Drugs only increases the harms caused by drugs.”


  33. Marie says:

    Oh God, does this mean we will now have to hear crazy Dina all over Good Morning America, what a mean horrible judge was to her daughter? Maybe she will basically get him fired from the case too, like she did to Judge Reveal. I’m going to go puke up my cheerios now…

  34. mln says:

    @Jazz RDJ committed a felony he actually broke into someone’s home (in the mistaken belief it was his)which enabled the judge to be tough with him. As long as she is only on trial for a misdemeanor this is just going to go on in an endless cycle. I do think she is a danger to herself and others because she is surrounded by people who enable her except her father who is still a crazy a-hole but at least talks about sobriety.

  35. wunderkindt says:

    Dont worry! She’ll be back in jail.

    Food for thought: Wonder if that judge made a ruling he knew would be overturned just so the system could collect her $300,000 bail money????

  36. Captaine says:

    Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton,…

    If they were just some everyday black guys they’d be underneath the jail by now.

    Must be nice to be rich, white, and famous.

  37. margaret says:

    argh! all it takes is money. I love my country, but we need to tweak our system to treat violators fairly across the board. sadly, the implosion that is Lindsay’s life continues.

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    And that does explain why she was so calm and ‘demure’.

  39. Anaya says:

    There comes a time when you just have to step back and simply let it be.

    Lindsay doesn’t want help so she’ll never be helped. At the end of the day this is Lindays’s battle. No one else can fight this but her. It’s sad but true.

    I have enjoyed her films. I’ve been supportive of her. I’ve been angry with her. Now I am washing my hands of her. After all I was only a fan not a friend, sister, or employee.

    She’ll probably end up an E News Special Report: The Life and Death of Lindsay Lohan. Just like Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, and Michael Jackson. Her life story will be edited into an hour long show flashing back to the good days and counting down her last days. Just another star who will leave us all too soon.

    (Sorry for sounding so dark.)

  40. hmm says:

    Didn’t she hijack some guys in their car or something a while ago? Is that not as bad as mistakenly breaking into somebody’s house when you’re on something? She’s really still only on the misdemeanor level? Really?

  41. wunderkindt says:

    Media persons keep reiterating this mantra: “She’s so talented” blah,blah, blah. . . But I dont think so.

    I have seen some of Lohans’ movies and dont think there is anything particulary ‘special’ or outstanding about her acting.

    There are many other actresses MUCH more talented than Lohan who dont do the fart-brained antics she does.

    Lohan is creating drama by herself because she knows-along with the rest of us-that her acting abilities just arent enough to get any really big attention.

    So she tries to stay ‘relevant’ by doing things just to get her face splashed on the news. Otherwise, who would waste half a New York second on this bitch?

  42. MarenGermany says:

    Is there actually anybody out there who still wants to see a movie she´s staring in?
    She lost all sympathy anyone might have ever had for her.
    She said she´ll “take responsiblity for her actions.” Not much.
    If she hadnt any money she would be in some backalley snorting the bad shit up and sleeping in her own vomit.
    She is nothing but a disgrace to society.
    The only reason I´m posting is because I feel SO bad and angry for all the people in jail who were maybe caught with one unlit joint. WHAT A JOKE!!!
    I lost my sympathy for her a long time ago (and once I liked her).
    Fucked up junkie-head.
    Nobody want to see anything of her anymore but her slow and disgraceful path to her own grave…
    I dont even feel sad for her anymore.

  43. Just a Poster says:

    Wunder you are wrong.. she is quite talented in GETTING OUT OF JAIL!


  44. Michelle says:

    Octomom never got the “career” she was hoping for because everyone saw her attitude sucked and didn’t want to see her on magazines or TV. We can do the same for Lindsay by deliberately avoiding products that she is associated with. People have had empathy for actors in the past who’ve battled substance abuse issues because they still respect the public and their craft when they’re sober (I’m thinking Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robert Downey Jr. Robin Williams and even Richard Pryor). It’s Lindsay’s entitled attitude we all hate. That’s what we want to see addressed.

  45. la chica says:

    what happens when she relapses again before Oct 22nd? or hits another baby-stroller? will she finally be put in jail where she belongs?

  46. Lilo dodges the bullet again.
    Lesson learned? None.
    Place your bets. She’ll be up on charges again within 60 days.

  47. Anti-icon says:

    #3 Maria. Wow, thanks for that question, because I’m an American Citizen who has been violated by our own laws; and I did get an attorney (NOT Court appointed) and it did cost a lost (in relation to my monthly salary as a working mom who drank alcohol and had no accident whatsoever, just got pulled over for slight weave over the line and I was UNDER the limit, but that falls to driving while ability impaired and the punishment is THE SAME.)

    What I have witnessed is that IF YOU HAVE MONEY, you have justice. You have healthcare. You have education. Because you buy consensus. You do not earn it through the system, you corrput the system with money to suit your own gains. And she never learns what consequences are. But we, the average American Citizen are brutalized and beaten into poverty and mental distress due to a mistake.

    That’s our system of justice for misdemeanors. We get spun into bitter citizens, but Lindsey Lohen and the rest of Monied Society gets to slide into bad behavior continuously.

  48. Lady D says:

    Another one washing her hands of all things Lohan.

  49. jean says:

    This doesn’t sound like “celebrity justice.” Instead, it sounds pretty typical. She plea bargained down to two misdemeanor DUI charges in 2007 and the state allowed it to save the cost of a trial. She has not served much time because of overcrowding, as happens with most misdemeanor offenders. You have to either change DUI laws and laws regarding drug use or raise taxes to build more prisons. And most Americans don’t want to do either.

  50. original kate says:

    i’m sure lindsay has her favorite bondsman on speed dial, right underneath her favorite drug dealer.

  51. Captaine says:

    wonder if she’ll do any REAL jail time after that Oct. 22. court hearing.

  52. shug pants says:

    HOW? WHY?

    End this nonsense and make her the poster “child”/offender for all her crimes. Girls in their early 20′s still look up to her, because for the majority of their life (early teens – on) Lindsay has been in the public eye.

    Make BLOHAN the scared straight case of the 21st Century.

    Remove all minor children from Lohan care (Ali been sold off into sex slavery yet?) Ali will never make it as an actress or model (any $ for Ali’s much needed nose job going to Lind’s defense fund, etc.)

    Does Blohan’s trial for car jacking = grand theft auto, kidnapping, etc (an aggressive D.A. could turn this into a big bad deal with much heavier consequences – she would not be in special treatment at Lynnwood) start in Jan 2011?

    I believe she is not a drug addict. Blohan is a GARBAGE HEAD. Multiple signifigant personality disorders. Inhaling snorting drinking sticking what ever where ever are symptoms of a GREATER problem. She is nuts. UCLA psych eval records sealed?

    SERIOUSLY!!!! Get Blohan off the streets and locked up – jail cell, padded cell (anywhere).

  53. shug pants says:

    P.S. –

    Dear Lindsay,

    Even hookers dont show up to court dressed as hookers.

  54. sunnyjyl says:

    Why is Dina taking out the trash?

    …. wait… is that her purse? How appropriate.

  55. Johnthing says:

    Those fat lips are still killin’ me.

  56. Solveig says:

    I don’t understand her fans, like the guy on the picture, wearing a shirt with “innocente” written on it. You can love someone for reasons I won’t judge, but clearly Lindsay has issues and clearly she’s responsible of some questionable actions and crimes, and as much as one loves her I find unbelievable the way some people are so in denial towards her actions, almost as much as she is.
    Guess this story will never end, she’ll be in and out of jail for a long time.

  57. sasha says:

    I agree about her talent, she’s not all that.

    As a child actor, she was cute, charming and talented and that made her a big fish in a little pond. In her teens, she was being given good movies that she did well in, still cute, still convincingly charming and still talented: a rather smaller fish in a somewhat bigger pond.

    Now she’s an adult actor. No longer cute, definitely not charming and it’s been so long, I couldn’t say about the talent. She’s now a small fish in a huge pond and there are hordes of eager, talented, good looking and hard working actors out there. All she’s got is her career being paid by paparazzi who know that we still click her stories.

    As people have said, if we stop clicking the stories, we’ll stop being bombarded with them. It’s our choice.

  58. Dingles says:

    She peaked at age 17. Pathetic.

  59. Kim says:

    Like I said yesterday there is no way in hell she would stay in jail until Oct 22

  60. Original Gracie says:

    I don’t even want to say one word about this brat.

    However I am posting because I have fallen in love with those shoes. OMG. But, it seems unlikely I will find a spare $1,000 dollars laying around my house.

    Those shoes are awesome.

  61. Innocent says:

    The Judge had to set bail i wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay gets a new Judge after this debacle.
    I can see why people think she would violate her bail conditions but i genuinely believe she won’t.As this time any violation would be a violation of her probation and she would be stuck in jail until the hearing.
    I think at the next hearing there is a strong possibility she will just max out her sentence, get released early from Lynwood and be off probation.

  62. beebee says:

    Another one for the “washing my hands of her” category. See ya around, Linds.

  63. Aqua says:

    She should be in jail for violating her probation.serve the sentence in FULL,do not pass go, do not collect $200,go STRAIGHT to REHAB.

  64. Innocent says:

    This wasn’t a sentence
    The Judge either had to formally sentence her or give her bail.

  65. Lindsay says:

    wunderkindt – Food for thought: Wonder if that judge made a ruling he knew would be overturned just so the system could collect her $300,000 bail money????

    No. He could have set bail at $300,000 himself. Plus, they have to give the money back when she appears in court. I’m sure his goal was to make her stay in jail. If she was held without bail there is no early release due to overcrowding but if he sentences her to 30 days after the hearing she may be able to leave early due to overcrowding again. I’m sure his plan was to let her out on time servered after the violation hearing. It has nothing to do wanting to collect bail money.

    Maria- What it looks like is that if you have money, it doesn’t matter that you violate the probation, nothing happens anyway. True?

    No, this court date was to set a day for the violation hearing. On Oct 22 he will look at the eveidence of probation violations and she will be sentenced if he finds her in violation of her probation. This is the first step, it isn’t over.

    Will she even loose the bail money or get it back?

    If she shows up and complies with the terms of her bail then she will get it back.

    I don’t get it. Am I stupid or is the system really a joke?

    The system is flawed. But everybody deserves a defense and someone fighting for them and making sure they get fair treatment under the law. But of course money can buy you a better lawyer with more time, experence, and resources especially compared to an overworked, underpaid legal aide lawyer provided by the courts.

    Of course “personal use” should be a probation violation. She broke the law. She was ordered into rehab as part of her sentence – they sent her to rehab to get her off drugs. She didn’t get out because it is “only” personal use and judges don’t agree with it. If he didn’t care about personal use then they wouldn’t make drug testing and classes part of the requirement.

  66. lucy2 says:

    That grown man in the hat and t-shirt seriously needs to re-evaluate his life choices.

  67. wunderkindt says:

    I stand corrected: Yes, Lohan is extremely ‘talented’-at being an escapologist, that is!

  68. jzhz says:

    @Maria (#3) – Yes. See Simpson, OJ.

  69. Nick says:

    She posted bail. This happens all the time – people post bail before their trials. I dont see why everyone is so outraged. Additonally, the bail of 300K seems rather high for Lindsay’s offenses. By the way, this coming from someone who cant stand the Lohan bunch.

  70. jean says:


    The judge scheduled her next hearing for 30 days from yesterday, without bail, because he knew it was the only way to make her do time. If he had sentenced her to 30 days she would have been out the same day due to overcrowding. Which is what will happen after her next hearing.

  71. Messenger says:

    excuse me all you naysayers. you are talking about a human being. first, let me tell you that Lindsey will rally and go on to be productive in a career of her choosing. second, she will straighten up and fly right when she is ready. don’t you know anything about those who substance abuse? they have to be ready to embrace healing. no one can say what toll the events of her life have taken on her. can we show some compassion please? just because someone is wealthy does not mean she instantly earns our contempt. if anything, it shows that money cannot buy happiness or excellent parents or a trouble free existence. i don’t know what her personal demons are, but I recognize that she has them and I personally want to give her the space to face them and to finish growing up. Let’s try sending her positive energy. It might actually help her onto the road, so obvious to everyone here, that she should be on.

  72. CB Rawks says:

    “people shouldn’t go to jail for personal use.”

    Once again, what about when that personal use ENDANGERS DECENT INNOCENT PEOPLE? But you don’t give a crap about that do you, druggie apologist.

    Well, to anyone who feels like breaking the law, go do it in LA where no one gives a shit about right and wrong.

  73. LM says:

    …Why can’t you just let me
    do the things I wanna do
    I just wanna be me
    I don’t understand why
    would you wanna bring me down
    I’m only having fun
    I’m gonna live my life

    I’m tired of rumors starting
    I’m sick of being followed
    I’m tired of people lying
    saying what they want about me
    why can’t they back up off me
    why can’t they let me live
    I’m gonna do it my way
    take this for just what it is…

    song by Lindsay Lohan

  74. Faye says:

    I want that “Linnocent” shirt. Not because I think she’s innocent by any stretch of the imagination, but because it’s a delightful combination of completely ridiculous and totally hilarious.

  75. ab says:

    the #1 fan is someone Jimmy Kimmel hired for a bit on his show Friday night. HE was suppose to get in everyones way and act crazy and make fun of all the media commotion. Hence the hilarious/rediculous “Linnocent” Tshirt and his multiple signs.

  76. LK says:

    Are Lindsay’s bosoms low hanging or is it the outfit?

  77. k says:

    The issue is LiLo thinks she’s teflon. And the only reason she is even relevant is because the public is so sick of her, they want her to crash and burn. And are hoping each time she comes up in the media is because she’s burned.

  78. GT says:

    I think this is really, really sad. What is it going to take for someone to make her get help? Unbelievable. If she OD’s it will be all their fault. Sad.

  79. skeptical says:

    I don’t care if she gets help or not. She clearly doesn’t want help.
    What bothers me is her putting others at risk.
    She had cocaine in her on that PCH joyride.
    Now she’s driving again… and she tested positive for cocaine.
    I’m concerned that it’s only a matter of time before she gets on her high entitlement and flys off on a crazy car ride again.

  80. truthzbetta says:

    “Drug laws increase abuse”

    Bwwaa haaa haaa

    OMG, the college pot leaf t-shirt wearing, High Times intelligentsia stays the same gen after gen. Fact free arguments so’s they kin keep their weed. This has nothing to do with yer weed, calm down and remember our public safety isn’t all about you.

    Lilo drives the wrong way on the road under the influence, and has addiction problems that affect her health, safety, ability to show up for work, and the safety of those around her.

    The facts are all those things are proven to kill yourself and others. She’s not a poster girl for how wonderful being an addict is.

    She’s kind of proving the opposite here. A once promising career is flailing underneath fun times turned into addiction, and now her hot mess is hurting all around her. Addiction is sad, dangerous, and too often deadly.

  81. tuscan sun says:

    @ LK

    She’s not wearing a bra.

  82. bry says:

    What happened to her? She love doing stupid things.

  83. Liana says:

    Additonally, the bail of 300K seems rather high for Lindsay’s offenses.

    Not for multiple probation violations. And considering that she blew off court once to party in Cannes, she can also be considered a flight risk.

  84. Innocent says:

    In May when she was in Cannes and her bail was set at 100k that was outrageous for a misdemeanor offense. On Friday when she walked into court she was willing to go as high 1 million to meet bail so of course her team just paid the 300k.

    I think on October 22nd if her new rehab doesn’t work out there is a strong possibility she will refuse probation.
    She would get out SO early from Lynwood and her probation would be done.

  85. orion70 says:

    how wrong is it that I thought her #1 fan looked a bit like Simon Pegg on first glance..?

  86. haribo says:

    does anyone know what sunglasses she’s wearing?

  87. Shelley says:

    Messenger and Innocent and everyone else who supports her own notion of being a special and
    entitled being – see how precious a gem you think she is when she maims or kills someone you care about. I was at the wedding last night of a young woman who’s overcome far worse parents than LL could even dream of, and other great challenges as well, with very little money. LL is 24+ and makes her own choice to be an arrogant selfish person every day, and she endangers others every time she gets behind the wheel UI or WI.

  88. krissy_kitty says:

    @alfandindi: I don’t think she is really shooting up, what junkie ties off their wrist to inject themselves? If anything they are gonna use the tourniquet much higher on the arm.. at or above the elbow..

    I am no Lindsay fan, but even I can see she is performing for the camera, like she did with Vanessa Manillo(sp) when VM held the knife to LL neck. (or was it the other way around?) Either way girl was not shooting up in those pics… It was just a pathetic attempt for attention, like everything else she does.

  89. Whitey Fisk says:

    Thanks for the info, ab. #1 Fan had me concerned too!

  90. alfandindi says:

    @ Krissy_kitty – noted (and it’s not like the News of the World is the most salubrious of papers) but i’m 27, I go to a lot of clubs and the majority of people I know dabble in certain things associated with the dance music scene, but surely shooting H is a completely different ballgame, only someone comfortable with intravenous heroin use would be comfortable in posing for these kind of shots?! I thought the same about Kate Moss and Pete Doherty back in the day… you can’t go out with a junkie unless you sail pretty close to the wind yourself!!

  91. Nicky says:

    Linday looks like she’s ‘skin popping’ in a couple of the photos. This is when the drug is injected inbetween the skin and the fatty tissue to form a bubble under the skin. It increases the length of the high but also places the user at greater risk of infection. The pictures of her injecting into her wrist could just be for show however, it’s not uncommon to inject drugs into the wrist, if they can raise a vein, an addict will shoot into it.

  92. it’s a good thing she’s rich, or else she’d have to serve her time like everybody else

  93. nsfw says:

    You know what I think Judge Fox knew it would get overturned but I think he felt like it was the only thing he could do to keep her from hurting herself or anyone else….yea it was a desperate move on his part to go against case law but I supported it 100 percent!Too bad the judge who appealed it didnt get it…

    I DIE for those shoes….I could never afford them but my god they are fabulous!

  94. Kat says:

    The #1 fan dude cracks me up.

    Is it wrong that when reading the bazillion Lindsay stories all I think about is how pretty her hair colour is, before I realise that I have the same hair colour and just don’t appreciate it?

    I’ve been in bed for a week, the crazy is setting in.