Katie Holmes bullies her employees

Gossip blogs aren’t the only ones who think Katie Holmes has changed for the worse since marrying Tom Cruise. Apparently her friends think so too. Where Katie publicly comes off as soft-spoken-to-the-point-of-meek since hooking up with the pint-size actor, her friends say she’s become demanding, rude, and borderline abusive to her staff.

Has fame and fortune gone to the head of Mrs. Tom Cruise? We hear that Katie Holmes has developed quite the attitude lately, treating her hired help like crap! That beacon of virtue and truth The National Enquirer reports that Katie has been bullying her household help, with sources saying living with Tom has changed her personality for the worse.

“She treats the help like slaves,” says the insider. “At times, she just leaves everything she doesn’t wear on the floor where it drops for the maids to hang up.

“That’s so unlike the old Katie, who would never want to be any trouble or be at all aloof.” And we thought she was just a Stepford robot these days! The insider also told of an incident where Katie took a sip of Tom’s “daily smoothie” after their housekeeper prepared it for him.

“One day, the housekeep was making Tom his daily smoothie and Katie came along and sipped a couple of inches from it. Then she told the housekeeper that she’d blame her for drinking it! She was just goofing around to see the woman squirm. The poor woman was terrified because she didn’t know what she was going to say to Tom.”

[From Nine MSN]

If there’s any truth to it, then that’s quite the unbecoming story. In a way it makes sense though. If Katie felt frustrated and angry with Tom, it would figure that she would take it out on her underlings. I doubt Tom hears much of Katie’s dissent. But a maid or housekeeper would have to listen to her.

When you hear Katie speak now, there is this overly-controlled robo-wife quality to her speech. It’s really creepy. You can’t help but think the poor woman must have an axe-murderer’s rage building up inside her. I feel it just looking at Tom Cruise. Imagine if you had to kiss him.

Here’s Katie leaving Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles after having lunch on 01/30/08. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. KateNonymous says:

    It’s got to come out somewhere.

  2. Dizzybenny says:

    i don’t have a house cleaner and i leave everything on the floor.
    that’s what theyre for arent they,pick up and clean??
    They call drinking out of Tom’s smoothy an “incident”?watergate,iran contra,Clinton indescretion you could call that “incident”.
    I always have problems with the help complaning like with the Rob Lowe thing.
    If you feel so much pressure on a job just quit already!! :evil:

  3. lanette says:

    eh ehmmm can we get the name of the so called “insider’?
    probably not, right?

  4. Clare says:

    Jaybird, am not suprised how you have reproted this story. Your bias has been clear when it comes to this family. If it was Angelina you would say you did not believe it being the national enquirer.

    Bad people cannot hide it so well. It comes out eventually. We have never seen Katie be bad to any one in public. No one who works with her has a bad thing to say about her. Look at Angelina Jolie, she tries to be good and yet her nasty self keeps popping up. Give this girl a break, yes her husband may rub people the wrong way but she seems like a nice girl. This was probably planted by the so called anonymous or some other angry former scientologist.

  5. Clare says:

    Lanette, enquirer always has those facelss insiders down to the smoothie maker. :roll: Disappointing that celebitchy gives credence to it.

  6. CB Rawks says:

    “You can’t help but think the poor woman must have an axe-murderer’s rage building up inside her. I feel it just looking at Tom Cruise. Imagine if you had to kiss him.”

    Oh, I doubt she has to kiss him.

  7. Blanche says:

    “angry former scientologist.”

    Angry with very good reason, I might add? Do you know anything about the CO$? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  8. me says:


  9. Mairead says:

    Terrified over a daily smoothie … that hits so many levels of moronic I really don’t know where to begin.

    Now Blance, the poor girl might be trying to become a “clear” – silly Suppressive Person you :wink:

  10. Syko says:

    Not saying that this is true, but I can see it happening. You find it in other aspects of life – like at the DMV, where the clerks are people who are powerless outside of work, but they get this job that gives them power over people who come in to deal with them, and they almost take delight in making it tough for you. So I can see this young girl who suddenly has money and servants wanting to exercise her power. It’s not attractive, but it could happen.

  11. This surprises whom?

    The two inches of smoothie was her breakfast, and lunch.

  12. mamalicious says:

    “Clare”, do you work with Kate formerly known as Katie? You sound like you’ve got inside information here. You’ve got a nerve to talk about plants. “people cannot hide it so well.” Ain’t that the truth! LOL
    Get out of your sect, “Clare”.

  13. lady says:

    i hate the whole cruise family, they are weird and seem so fake. They are very scary to me. Even suri looks like she is not going to be a good person (hope not).

  14. Anon says:

    “This was probably planted by the so called anonymous or some other angry former scientologist.”

    LOL. Yeah, cause they are reeeaaalll concerned with this sort of shit.

    Guess what? You don’t have to be part of Anonymous or the critics to think that something really weird is going on in that family.

  15. Leila says:

    I’m sorry, but that really doesn’t sound like “bullying” to me. So she’s a slob. And the smoothie thing seems more telling about Tom (the housekeeper is worried about Tom hearing this) than Katie. It sounds like a joke on Katie’s part that the housekeeper didn’t think was funny because the housekeeper is afraid of Tom.

    It’s certainly possible that Katie has become a complete b*tch, but these “incidents” really don’t convince me of it.

  16. ayatolla_of_rocken_rolla says:

    who really gives a shit? she is not news worthy

  17. Because I say So says:

    I’m with Ayatolla_of_i! Why won’t the whole family just retreat into Scientology heaven already???

  18. Ma says:

    Noooooo! Katie, don’t drink the kool-aid, I mean SMOOTHIE!

  19. vdantev says:

    Without Tom’s money and his Scientology thugs to back her up- it’s a different story.

  20. CinPin says:

    I’m also with Leila!!!!

  21. Hollz says:

    aren’t maids for picking up after you?
    Wish i Had one.

  22. MM says:

    Why am I not surprise?

    She has married for (more) fame and fortune and thought she would become a bigger movie star, so she married an older man who is wealthy and powerful.

    Her actions speak louder than the way she tries to present herself as “sweet”. There is nothing real about her.

    Her life is one big “performance” and the real Katie, is what the poor employees have to face behind closed doors.

  23. fgh says:

    I’d comment but I’d be attacked for being a Scientology plant! ;)

    Yes, that is what the maid does…and gets paid for.

  24. Ginny says:

    The point being made about Katie not picking her clothes up is not that it’s the maids job or even that it’s wrong for Katie to do it, but that it is something that, according to Katie’s friends, she would never do before she married Tom. It’s being used as a highlight to show how much she’s changed — yes, it might be the maid’s job, but the “old” Katie would have wanted to make the woman’s job easier for her, etc.

    Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did abuse her staff, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if she’s so self pitying that she won’t pick up her own clothes because she’s so unhappy, etc., rather than just being a bitch about it.

  25. 9 says:

    I don’t exactly believe this story, but I’m not saying it can’t be true – things like this happen often, you know?

    About the maid thing, though, it sounds like she’s just a slob. The maid is paid for cleaning and such is her job; now, if Katie were doing it on purpose and taking it to an extreme (not, say, “I’m drinking Tom’s smoothie, see if you can do anything about it, nyeh”) then, yes, I’d be worried.

    For now, let’s keep thinking they’re still feeding her the kool-aid with a sippy-cup, shall we?

  26. Cici says:

    what’s the big deal?!?!?! i drop my clothes on the floor or bed when i’m done trying them on and choose not to wear them. they are left for me to pick up at a LATER time. well, katie happens to have daily housekeepers, so it’s their job to keep the house picked up! i don’t have a daily housekeeper, so it’s my job!

    that’s not even a story. it’s a housekeeper’s job to keep the house clean, no matter what the habits are of the client. if you don’t like their habits, quit. but don’t say they shouldn’t leave their clothes around. sigh.

  27. seriously says:

    This story sounds like a stretch.

    Even if she leaves clothes to be picked up by her maids I am sure they are well paid to pick up after her AND it’s likely in the job description.

  28. Cici says:

    and jokingly threatening to tell Tom the staff drank the smoothie? that actually sounds kind of humorous to me, like a playful interaction with the staff that could be misconstrued. i doubt the staff was TERRIFIED.

  29. poopie says:

    Do you think TinyTom and his robotowife make ‘the help’ take e meter testing to see just HOW suppressive they are? maybe ‘the help’ ARE $cientologists too? the sea org ? they all creep me out and you KNOW L.Ron’s spawn aka Suri is growing up surrounded by this weirdness… can’t wait to see what she is like in say 10 years… scary people, all.

  30. Ling says:

    I’m with you, 9.

    To me, the insider sounds a bit lazy. Surely he/she could have made up something a bit more newsworthy.

    “Often, Kate empties the entire contents of her wardrobe onto her floor. If it’s not picked up in five minutes she threatens to fire the entire staff.”

    “Katie drank two inches off Tom’s ‘daily smoothie’. [Christ... 'daily'?] When he asked about it, Katie blamed the maid and almost got her fired.”

  31. countrybabe says:

    I have to agree with Clare. I’m not their biggest fan, but when is the last time anyone heard Katie speak let alone get a creepy robot feeling. She didn’t have much to say before that wasn’t from a script.

  32. breederina says:

    Just one thing, I doubt the so called maid gets paid at all. Would bet that the entire domestic staff is made up of Scientology drones who are either jumping for the chance to serve the master or working in exchange for Scientology sessions. Very much doubt they actually receive salaries of cold hard cash. Does any one really think Tom Cruise would hire people from any old SP infested agency to work at his homes?

  33. Mairead says:

    ’twas far from maids I was reared – but I would have thought that it was a no-no to disrespect your maids like that by just dumping all your crap on the floor? I know that they could be illegal immigrants (or “the Undocumented” as the Irish illegals in America pompously call themselves) but the higher the turnover in staff the more open to leaked secrets these celeb types are…

    Unless it is the maids who are the “insiders”. Good enough for them if it is and they act like such children to those running their lives.

  34. Shay says:

    I think Katie likes the attention she gets. She walks around trying to look like royalty now. It’s possible that she’s snotty to the help but I don’t think that’s a good example. She could have been playing with the lady. Sounds like something I’d do but I guess the only difference is I don’t have a maid.

  35. Rianna says:

    Katie has balls for drinking Tom’s crazy-ade.

  36. poopie says:

    i picture KatIE like Goldie Hawn’s character in the movie OVERBOARD..(the one BEFORE she fell overboard)

  37. poopie says:

    in this picture her cheeks look like she’s had XENU IMPLANTS ! ACCKKKKKK!

  38. yeah RIGHT says:

    clare –

    interesting that you would bring angelina to a katie holmes story.

    are you feeling uncomfortable with the latest rumors that jennifer aniston is actually a lesbian and has been hiding this since day one?

    is this the reason?

  39. frewt says:

    That story is fucking stupid and the people like Clare who get all bent out of shape about it are, frankly, stupider.

    What’s interesting is that Katie has such ugly legs and yet is STILL wearing ultra skinny jeans. Oh the SHAME.

  40. juiceh says:

    Leila, I can’t agree with you. If Katie knew that Tom was likely to fire the housekeeper for sipping on his smoothie and threatened to blame her for it, it shows cruelty. What kind of a joke is it? It’s the woman’s job, for Chrissake. She probably has debts, a mortgage and a family to provide for.

    About the story, I’m irrationally inclined to believe it even though it’s most likely a fake, because that damn family creeps my pants out. Yet I’m also inclined to believe that Meg White is a robot, so feel free to discredit me.

  41. Anna says:

    I agree with MM, Katie looks fake. She’s not that innocent: she married a rich and powerful man, she’s set for life. Where would she be without Tom? We would barely know who she is, that is the truth. Will it last between the two of them? Of course not, half of it was love. I don’t like her, I never did. Also, no matter how much money you have you should always remember people working for you aren’t your slaves and they deserve respect. What is she incapable of picking up her clothes? I think power has gotten to her head. What an idiot!

  42. Leila says:

    Juiceh, good point, but you’re assuming that (a) the housekeeper believed that Katie would tell Tom, (b) Tom would believe that the housekeeper actually did that even if the housekeeper denied it, (c) Tom would fire the housekeeper for sipping the smoothie, and (d) Katie knew he would fire her for that. I don’t know these people to say that all those things are true. If she’s going to freak out the housekeeper, wouldn’t she come up with a better story? “She stole from me!” Or, “she spit in your smoothie!” The sipping thing would just be a weird thing for the housekeeper to do and not particularly believable. More like blaming the dog when all the beer is gone from the fridge.

    So I’m sticking with my “joke gone wrong” conclusion. (And, if so, the fact that Katie can’t joke without somebody going to the tabs with it is pretty sad.)

    Disclaimer: I don’t know these people and defending either of them kind of makes me want to take a shower. But I just find the incidents described in this story pretty lame. Like Ling, I wish the insider came up with some stories that were more shocking and entertaining. (Damn it, entertain me, insider!) :wink:

  43. nicky says:

    I personally know people who worked with her on Dawson’s Creek and she was no saint then… had a habit of throwing litter into the local rivers when she thought crew wasn’t looking… and she was rude to several interns on the set.

  44. Emily says:

    She is not living a real life – she needs to learn to be more independent so that if the marriage does ever fail she won’t fall to pieces.

  45. Bodhi says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I recognize “Clare”‘s inane vitriol

  46. Blonde Ambition says:

    All I gotta say, is just looking at the TomKat couple freaks me out anymore….he is creepy and she looks like a stepford robot now.

    boo. hiss.

  47. Olivia says:

    I never really understood the whole “Katie Kraze!” She’s cute, and potentially could have been a great actress. But when she conformed to Scientology, well, that says it all, and for a guy too, not even for herself. I feel sorry for her, because I don’t think she really believes the Scientology crap…she probably just goes through the motions for Tom. (And really, if it’s for Tom why bother?)

  48. Ana says:

    Tom is known to be adorable with his staff, unlike nicold was, so said the ex staff and nannies , but katie strike me as a fricking biatche.

    Poor Tom, I hope he’s fine and control his bank account.

  49. That’s just dumb and dorky is all in my opinion goofing on the maid like that. Not bitchy, so it’s pathetic Katie Holmes giving herself bitchy airs over it. My advice to her, give it up. Now her talking nonstop and loudly with friends during the “New Moon” movie is just rude in my opinion. But that’s meant to be taken more seriously then what’s written above here about her.

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