Dina Lohan is shopping a reality show about Lindsay’s rehab stay

42419, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Friday July 9, 2010. Lindsay Lohan, soon-to-be-incarcerated, manages to smile as she leaves a Coffee Bean in a Nike sports bra and sweats accompanied by her mom Dina and sister Ali. No sign of any writing on her nail polish this time! Photograph:  David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com
Lindsay’s mom Dina is reportedly trying to shop a reality show about her daughter’s stay in rehab. You know that the Betty Ford clinic is too classy and private for that and would never allow cameras, so the show would presumably center around Dina and her other kids, which is probably what she’s aiming for anyway. Her last stint at reality television was canceled after one meager season in 2008. No one wanted to see “Living Lohan” then, although maybe there’s some interest now that we might get to see Lindsay in an orange jumpsuit crying behind plexiglass into a black phone. I would fast forward through a bunch of Dina’s lies and delusions of grandeur to catch that.

Dina Lohan has stooped to a new low – even for the Low-han family (which I thought was near impossible!). kikster got the exclusive scoop that Dina is currently shopping a reality show based around visiting her daughter, Lindsay, while she is in rehab. The whole thought of it is pretty disgusting… even though I would watch it!

It is pretty transparent that this woman (term used loosely) cares nothing about her daughter and only about herself!
KIKSTER EXCLUSIVE: Our kikster squealer tattles: “Not only has Dina been ‘shopping’ around her upcoming trip to visit Lindsay in rehab at Betty Ford with her “other” 3 abandoned children, Michael Jr,(22), Ali (16) and Cody (13) to media outlets for the sale of pictures BUT she is doing it to develop a new REALITY SHOW!”

Kikster’s source continues, “Dina(48) did this years ago when Lindsay first went into rehab. She sold the footage for an E! Network ‘Special’ and then worked with E! to land her reality show, Living Lohan.” The kikster insider goes on to say, “It’s really sad that Dina is doing this AGAIN. She’s been advised that it’s in poor taste but that’s Dina for you- it’s all about HER!”

[From Kikster via Radar]

I hope this isn’t true but it sounds just like Dina, doesn’t it? She even told the NY Post back in June that she was already filming some kind of reality show, although it’s doubtful there were any networks interested. She said “We have already started filming. The cameras follow us in our daily lives and as we promote our businesses. I want to prove that we are a good, hardworking family and we don’t have the crazy lives that some people claim we do.” Now that Lindsay is in rehab and probably going back to jail, Dina might have that much more plot to pitch her show. It’s pretty disgusting, but we can’t expect any kind of class or discretion from that family, especially in a crisis.

43090, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday July 29, 2010. Dina and Ali Lohan leave the Lynwood Correctional Facility, holding onto bags of letters and books fans mailed to Lindsay Lohan during her jail stay. Photograph:  David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com

Dina Lohan goes through the drive through at In N Out Burger on July 12, 2010 in West Hollywood, CA (photo by MIA PICTURES / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

With her mother Dina Lohan by her side, actress Lindsay Lohan arrives at her lawyer's office for the deposition of a civil suit from 2007, this afternoon in Venice Beach,CA on May 04, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Marjalane says:

    As much as I dislike Lindsey, I feel bad for her because she doesn’t stand a chance with family like this. Even if she totally cuts them out of her life, Dina will keep reinserting herself.

  2. Jaded says:

    Oh dear God when will this woman stop whoring out her kids???? STOP – take time to repair the insane amount of damage you and your idiot ex-husband have inflicted on them. If there is a hell, you both will be there come judgment day.

  3. MeMyself says:

    I wouldn’t watch this because I wouldn’t want to help feed the machine.

    And that machine is hungry!

    Gee..guss I’m all grown up.

  4. Diane says:

    Evidently there’s still a lot lower she can go.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    this woman is a disgusting excuse for a mother.

    I cannot fathom using your own child’s distress/addictions/tragedies to make money. but I’m not at all surprised that Dina can.

    only someone like her could think of a way to continue to milk the cash cow, even while she’s on her way to slaughter.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Of course this is probably true! I’m willing to believe anything about these gross people.
    Sooner rather than later I think Lindsay will be participating too, as her career is shot.

  7. Arianna says:

    if this was my mom i would punch her in the ovaries to make sure she couldn’t birth any more children to fuck over with her terrible parenting
    she is despicable.


  8. GatsbyGal says:

    If she were a decent mother, she’d be spending this time really trying to bond with Ali and reflecting on her and Lindsay’s actions that culminated in this rehab stay. Y’know…acting like a concerned, loving mom.

    But, no. This IS Dina we’re talking about after all. How much $$$ can she milk out of her poor kids?? STAY TUNED! DERRRRRP

  9. texasmom says:

    Marjalane got it in one — THIS is why I can still feel sorry for Lilo. She never had a chance with a mom like that.

  10. Blondie says:

    This woman is the most disgusting vile creature that happened to spawn some kids!

    I think Lindsay needs to realise how Dina only cares about making money from her and doesn’t give 2 hoots about her recovery (well saying that Lindsay doesn’t either & is easy to see where she gets that from)

    Words cannot express how vile this is…

  11. sharylmj says:

    such a sad situation for Lindsay. Both of her parents love the media attention they get because of their daughter. I hope Betty Ford helps her realize she needs to distance herself from them in order to get healthy.

  12. Tess says:

    This is an example of predatory motherhood. What a reptile.

  13. Rosi says:

    you wrote shopping instead of stopping into the title… i understand, shopping goes with money and that’s what Ms Mohan is all about. :-)

  14. Lem says:

    the bestest mommie ever. without DiLo, LiLo would never be where she is today ;)

  15. Lisa says:

    This woman is so disgusting! She is scum!

  16. Muffyq says:

    In that last picture she looks like Kate Goselin~Yikes!

  17. aenflex says:

    Ali really looks like a man.

  18. bondbabe says:

    Mommie Dearest, but in a different realm

  19. logan says:

    Me thinks the nut didn’t fall far from the tree.

  20. Poopie says:

    @aenflex: you’re right ! Ali DOES look like a guy! have we ever seen a pic of the 22 yr old son?

  21. TaylorB says:

    Well it seems only fair that Dina get some $$$ out of this, after all if it weren’t for her (and let’s not forget Michaels) excellent parenting skills LiLo might not even be in this rehab/jail situation and then who would the family mooch off of?

    On a serious note, LiLo is an adult and responsible for her actions, but when a child is raised by a father who is a criminal and a mother who bar hops with you when you are a teenager the odds you won’t end up a stinkin’ mess are pretty slim.

  22. Trillion says:

    I bet she’s already started a bidding war amongst photographers for first dibs on LiLo’s corpse shot.

  23. dorothy says:

    That woman is just the most reprehensible person I have ever seen. I wonder how much she’ll get for the eventual “death photos” of what will eventually be one of her daughters. That would be her swan song.

  24. SFRowGuy says:

    Way to got Dina! Nice way to take advantage of your daughter’s problems — make money off of it. If you can’t get legal stewardship of her cash, might as well makes some money some other way. I suppose than it’s okay if Lindsey sees if she can get some television series done about skank-ho mothers? Oh wait, don’t they already do that? It’s call Real Housewives…

  25. Jeri says:

    Dina, go hide your face in shame. You suck. Earn your own living apart from “your CHILDREN.”

  26. original kate says:

    holy moly. lindsay needs to get a restraining order against dina.

  27. sashavice says:

    Why are celebrities ALWAYS drinking one or more Starbucks coffee’s at a time?? ALWAYS.

  28. Franny says:

    its like she doesn’t eat, but only drinks high calorie shakes and non-diet soda.

  29. Kate says:

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Though knowing her, she would justify it as “I am attempting to educate the world on the experiences that occur within rehab.”

    This sounds right up her alley; I buy it.

  30. Andrea-2 says:

    The only way Lindsay can get better is to get away from this train wreck of a family. No matter how good the rehab, if this is what she goes back to, it’s all for nothing.

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