Keira Knightley’s Chanel & stringy bob: cute or not so much?


I hate almost everything about this look from Keira Knightley. She and Eva Mendes are in Rome for the Rome Film Festival, and they are promoting their new film Last Night, which I’ve never heard of. Keira wore Chanel, of course. Chanel dress in navy, with red and cream patterns/detailing, and Chanel booties. I hate both. The dress looks like a jazzed up 1950s housedress, and the booties look Keira lifted some costume pieces from Atonement. What is worse, though, is her hair – now, I was a big fan of this bob. I thought it was adorable a few weeks ago. But the hair might have grown out into something awkward. Either that, or she just didn’t style it correctly. Because it looks like a mess. Not a hot mess either.

Meanwhile, shock of shocks, I love what Eva Mendes is wearing. She looks great! Maybe one of her best red carpet outings in a while. The dress is Oscar de la Renta resort, and the shoes are Miu Miu. Plus, Eva looks like she’s stopped f-cking with her face, thank God. By the way, did anyone else hear the rumor that Eva split from her long-time boyfriend? They were together for something like eight years, and I’ve yet to see a denial or confirmation of the initial report. So… Eva could be single now. The boys will be happy.




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47 Responses to “Keira Knightley’s Chanel & stringy bob: cute or not so much?”

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  1. saintdevil says:

    I think they both look frumpy and boring.

  2. Kayla says:

    agree with the critique but definitely never thought i’d see these two as costars…

  3. Kimm says:

    It’s cute .

    Off topic …

    I just saw the official trailer for ” I Love You Phillip Morris ” , this may have been the best role Jim Carrey has done .

  4. BReed says:

    Like the hair, hate the clothes.

  5. Pixiepower says:

    Love both looks even though I’m not an Eva fan.

  6. Embee says:

    I actually think Keira looks nice and Eva (whom I adore) needs to brush her hair. Strange: to me, these two beautiful ladies look less beautiful when standing together. Really odd.

  7. Crash2GO2 says:

    Kiera looks like a bobble headed doll who is about to tip over. I do think she is beautiful, but someone needs to teach her how to carry herself.

  8. girl says:

    I want to see I Love You Phillip Morris so badly! Such a shame that it has been out in Europe for quite a while but not here. I hope they don’t edit the hell out of it for American audiences.

    I think KK looks kinda frumpy. Definitely not like she is on the red carpet. Especially her hair.

    EM looks lovely in that dress and I like the shoes, except the color. Reminds me of diarrhea. Her hair and make up really don’t look red carpet though.

  9. KateNonymous says:

    I don’t hate any of it, except the shoes. But none of them–hair, dress, shoes–go together. It looks like she dressed via some sort of clothing and accessory matrix.

  10. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think they should’ve traded outfits (well, except for the booties–I swear those kind of shoes don’t look good on anyone).

  11. devilgirl says:

    Posture, Keira, posture!

  12. photo jojo says:

    HORRIBLE bob and HORRIBLE shoes. She’s way too pretty for that.

  13. workerbee says:

    Those shoes! They look like the binding shoes from China.

  14. terryo says:

    Kiera is most desirable! A beauty!

  15. Lady Bea says:

    Love Knightley’s hair & dress. The shoes are OK — I give them partial points for being blue suede.

    But Mendes is a mess. Her hair is greasy. The dress is dull. The shoes are nasty. Why are they so shiny? Why are they nude? Gross.

  16. SammyHammy says:

    Kiera looks horrible, as usual. She needs to learn healthy eating habits instead of starving herself into the bobblehead that she is now. She should hire stylist (a good one) to tell her how to dress, since she apparently doesn’t have a clue about it. That dress? Those shoes? That horrible hair? Ugh all the way around.

  17. LT says:

    Eva’s face still looks jacked. Such a shame when young women like that feel the need to tweak the hell out of themselves – you’re fine the way you are!

  18. Megan says:

    I love how Keira basically IS Chanel now… she embodies it!

  19. DrM says:

    Keira’s hair colour is really ‘flat’ is the issue I think. It needs to be livened up. A really rich, shiny chocolate brown say…

    And she needs a pie and a pint…but we know that already…

  20. Xx says:

    They look like they are at a baby shower at the Red Lobster in Hoboken.

  21. LBees says:

    Love the bob, but then I don’t care too much for the must-be-stick-straight hair nonsense that seems to go on these days. It looks nice, methinks.

  22. lrm says:

    love both dresses, hate both shoes.
    both dressed and women would look far hotter with different shoes that don’t distract the eye from the face and dress.

    also, it’s Rome. It’s different red carpet there…depends on the event…over the top tranny hollywood red carpets are not always the order of the day….ya know?

  23. kissmee says:

    she looks ugly us always…

  24. Cheyenne says:

    What is this, Nouveau Hausfrau?

    From nose to toes, epic fail.

  25. womanfromthenorth says:

    Yuck.. her hair is not that bad but both dresses are ugly

  26. Mingy says:

    ugh i’ve never liked keira..she’s just..i dunno
    i love eva’s dress.

  27. RobN says:

    I had KK’s hairstyle once. Luckily my mom took the scissors out of my six year old hands and took me somewhere to have it fixed.

  28. mercy says:

    I love Keira’s hair (so much better than the heavy bangs she had for a while); hate the dress, and especially hate the shoes. She’s still gorgeous though, no matter what.

  29. Camille says:

    I completely agree with Kaiser about Keira, awful. However I think Eva looks boring as hell. This is NOT her best look at all. They both look terrible.

  30. jen says:

    Keira could wear a mop on her head & still be gorgeous!

  31. Erin says:

    That bitch needs to eat a porkchop STAT! Not only does her hair look stingy so does her body. YUCK!

  32. prettyme says:

    i really don’t get why people like keira that much!she is so scary thin!

  33. british bitch says:

    Pigeon toes are more worrying than the “head flushed down the lavatory at Roedean look.”

  34. Holly says:

    Both of those women are some of the prettiest women working in hollywood. Not always the greatest actresses, mind you, but definitely beautiful.

  35. MuMu says:

    I really Like Keira and I think she has great style. I just think she’s naturally thin–not anorexic.

  36. Jacq says:

    How big are Eva Mendes’ FEET?!? Wow

  37. orion70 says:

    Eva’s outfit is my least favorite of the two. Dress looks like it was off the rack at Sears, and the shoes, the hair..does nothing for her. Far from great.

  38. Stella9 says:

    Hmmm, to me Keira doesn’t really look thin at all – just very flat chested. If she had watermelon implants nobody would say she was skinny. Kudos to her for staying natural though – I bet she’s had a lot of pressure put on her to get her boobs done.

  39. Sandy says:

    I think that’s a first. Never seen her look like crap before. Didn’t think it was possible. Still think I’m hallucinating.

  40. Wendy says:

    Enough with the ‘eating disorder’ and ‘eat a porkchop’ comments, people! Keira is thin – she’s always been that way and it doesn’t mean she’s the least bit unhealthy, so leave her alone! If people made comments about an overweight person having an eating disorder there would be a shitstorm on here but it seems it’s still cool to trash the thin girls. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  41. Jag says:

    Between the two of them, I like Eva’s dress and shoes and that’s about it. lol

  42. I saw her nude photos of which she was on a bed. I was like ‘Could someone please give me a Trojan condom? I want to be there!’ She almost has the same smile as the other Irish-American playmate-Jenny McCarthey. Can you believe like fellow playmates Destiny Davis and Heather Rene Smith she is blonde with brown/hazel eyes? Which doesn’t go good for me. I like black hair but I want her anyway!