Elin Woods is selling off all the jewelry Tiger gave her

KAPALUA, HAWAII - JANUARY 8:  Elin Nordegren, Tiger Wood's fiance, wears her diamond engagement ring on her finger as she watches play during the 1st round of the Mercedes Championships on January 8, 2004 at the Plantation Course in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Elin Woods isn’t letting anything from the past hang around to bring her down. According to the National Enquirer she’s selling all of the jewelry Tiger gave her, including her engagement ring. She recently placed the pieces to go up for auction with Sotheby’s, where they’re expected to fetch around $2.5 million. Elin has asked that the jewelry be auctioned anonymously and that her name not be attached to the sale.

“It’s the ultimate act of revenge,” said a source close to Elin. “It’s her way of saying, ‘Now do you get the message? It’s over!’”

As the Enquirer has reported, only a week after finalizing his $100 million divorce settlement, the disgraced golfer began begging the mother of this two children to reconcile.

He recently pleaded his case in person after returning his youngsters from a visitation – but Elin told him to go stick his head in a sand trap!

Now Elin has instructed the famed auction house Sotheby’s to sell her fabulous bling, including her hefty antique diamond engagement ring.

Her entire jewelry collection could fetch close to $2.5 million…

“She treasured the pieces as gifts from a loving husband, but now figures they were more likely things he bought without much care to cover up his guilt.”

The stash includes a diamond necklace with matching earrings and other treasures from Cartier, Tiffany and Harry Winston. Elin has requested that she not be identified as the seller, disclosed the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 8, 2010]

I remember when Ellen Barkin sold off all her jewelry from her billionaire ex, Ron Perelman. She made $20 million dollars from the sale! In an interview with Parade, Barkin described the jewelry as “battle scars.” She saidI didn’t want to look down at my hand and be reminded of why I left him. I didn’t need to carry around baggage of a man who had tried to make me Mrs. Somebody. The jewellery wasn’t a trophy for me. It was more like a battle scar.” Elin probably feels the same, and wonders which prostitute Tiger was with the night before he bought her that diamond necklace.

Elin received an alleged $110 million dollar settlement in her divorce but is still said to have curtailed her lifestyle to make sure that the money lasts and that she leaves plenty for her kids.

Golfer Tiger Woods gets a kiss from his wife Elin after losing his match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament in Gainesville, Virginia, in this September 22, 2005 file photo. The world's No. 1 golfer, Woods and his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren have divorced following the sex scandal that embroiled Woods late last year, a statement from their lawyers said on August 23, 2010.   REUTERS/Shaun Best/Files  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT GOLF IMAGES OF THE DAY PROFILE)

Tiger Woods walks with his wife Elin Nordegren during the President Cup in San Francisco on October 9, 2009. Woods announced on December 11, 2009 that he will take an indefinite break from professional golf after rumors of alleged affairs with several women have surfaced. UPI/Kevin Dietsch/Files Photo via Newscom

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  1. hanh says:

    I’m liking this woman more and more as she remains classy throughout this divorce.

    She could have made much more if she had attached her name to the auction, but that she hasn’t to try to avoid publicity circus with auction is super classy.

    I also think its great she’s not out spending every cent of her settlement but living a reasonable lifestyle. Its the smart thing to do. Who knows what Tiger will do in the future? The children might not even get an inheritance from him. She’s thinking of their future and that’s a smart momma.

  2. Rita says:

    Good for her. Once its all gone, she’ll be so strong and will live life to its fullest.

  3. 2.5m? you’d think that with all the shit he was doing Tiger would have showered her with diamonds…

    If Victoria Beckham ever sold hers $_$

  4. Hautie says:

    Kind of surprise’s me that she would not keep the heirloom ring for her daughter.

    I completely understand why she would not want it ever wear it again. But it would have been a nice heirloom for the daughter one day. Yet I see why she would get rid of all the newer stuff.

    No matter how much Elin may hate his guts… daughters always adore their Daddy’s. Even the awful ones.

    Oh and I love how Ellen Barkin claims to be the one who left. She was forcefully removed from the marital home without notice. He sent over security and told her to pack her sh*t.

    So I completely understand her selling anything he ever touched.

  5. Po says:

    If she’s not spending like a crazy person she’s smart. After seeing Tiger’s mistresses and how questionable they are it is obvious he has more than a couple of flaws and you never know what he could turn into without a wife to be “seen” with. He could say f**k it and start blowing all of his money on his lifestyle.

  6. Eleonor says:

    @hanh: Totally agree with you, she’s very very smart; I also think that with this low profile she is trying to protect their children.

  7. BReed says:

    I was divorced in 1984: I am 59 yrs old. The first thing I did was take my maiden name back, the second thing I did was sell all the gifts of jewelry. These things are like powerful totems and I did not want them on my body or even in my jewelry box. My ex was unfaithful, too. Makes a mockery of “the gifts of love.” Good for Elin. I have a feeling she will find someone who will shower her with love and fidelity. She deserves it.

  8. ams511 says:

    umm i pretty sure the daughter isn’t going to want the ring…its not like she isn’t going to become aware of what happened. whats she going to do with that trash?

  9. jc126 says:

    I like that she seems to be very practical. However, I think I’d wait until the economy is better to sell it. Although maybe these Sotheby’s auctions are recession proof?

  10. Eleonor says:

    I think Erin will be able to explain everything to her daughter, and having a mother who’s not a famewhore, and that in a moment like this doesn’t freak out publicy is a very good example.

  11. Anastasia says:

    Good for her. That woman seems to be pure class. And I’m impressed she’s not engaging in a lavish lifestyle so that the money will last. She was a model and could probably return to it or something else if she wanted to, but she seems to be happy raising her kids, so good for her.

  12. Mizz Tickles says:

    Somehow I just pictured Elin with David Arquette – they could have a lot of fun together!

  13. Kayla says:

    More I hear about her, more I like her. Great woman.

  14. ann says:

    Yep – got rid of anything and everything jewelry wise that had any sentimental attachment to my ex and got myself new stuff – totally switched my preferences and so happy. No kids between us is the reason I took back my maiden name. Kids – would keep the name.

  15. Stronzilla says:

    I still think Tag Heuer should dump Tiger and hire his wife for their ‘What Are You Made Of’ campaign.

  16. dholmas says:

    LOL. I just sold the majority of jewelery my ex bought for me. I always got something nice when he was having an affair. I do not blame Elin for selling it. Classy lady as opposed to the whores who are talking to tabloids and hiring lawyers to try to keep their 15 minutes of fame.

  17. scotchy says:

    what was the ellen barkin/ron pearlman story?

  18. L says:

    @jc126 Platnium prices are sky high right now (I was just looking at engagement rings and it’s insane. White gold for me!), so she could make a pretty penny on them. And yes-jewelery is pretty recession proof.

  19. Moreaces says:

    I dont blame her, I have done the exact same thing in the past,, sadly mine was not worth nearly as much as what she’s gonna fetch… Im sure Tiger will leave more than enough money for his children,, but it is cool, that she is thinking of their furture as well.

  20. Kelley says:

    @ #5 … “surprise’s” LOL …

  21. Jeri says:

    I really admire her. I’m sure her kids will be well taken care of in every way.

    I’ve liked Ellen Barkin for many many years.

  22. Randomness says:

    After my divorce, I tried to sell my ring back… that’s how I found out how cheap my ex really was….

  23. buenavissta says:

    My ring wasn’t worth much so I took a hammer to it instead. It felt great and believe it or not, it helped me forgive him. Clearly Elin has a great deal more class than I do and my admiration for her continues to grow.

  24. PrettyLights says:

    I took a sledgehammer to a ring from my ex too… it was so worth the release of emotions, I felt so great afterwards and never regretted it. But it also wasn’t worth 2.5 mil.. :) Elin seems so smart, classy, and way out of Tiger’s league. I’m sure he knows he’ll never have another chance at a woman like her.

  25. D says:

    This is the first foolish thing she’s done in this process. That jewelery hasn’t done anything wrong. She needs to keep it. :-)

  26. Madison says:

    I’d sell it too, the jewelry is nothing but a reminder of a life that was a lie.

  27. Green Is Good says:

    Elin is a class act all the way. Tiger is an idiot for wrecking his marriage. Done.

    EDIT: Torn about the selling of the jewelry. Elin could have left it to her kids, as they’re too young to get the whole negative connotation associated with it. Maybe put it in a safety deposit box? Out of sight, out of mind, as it were.

  28. jc126 says:

    #32 – If the ring had been a family heirloom, I’d say give it to the kids, but since it’s not, I agree with getting rid of it.

  29. Kim says:

    She should save them only for her daughter. She hates Tiger, understandibly, but he is still father of her daughter and that jewelry would be nice to be passed down to her. Then again if she knows certain pieces were given to her out of guilt then by all means sell those items because no one wants those kind of memories.

  30. Liana says:

    Better to sock aside the cash for her kids than to pass on memory tainted guilt gifts.

  31. Jamie says:

    I can understand why Elin would sell the jewelry and I don’t blame her. They’re probably reminders of how her marriage to Tiger was a complete lie for so many years and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did think he bought them for her out of guilt. He probably did.

  32. Chris says:

    Elin is hot and she’s worth $110 million bucks, I already hate the lucky bastard who’s going to get her.

  33. Raven says:

    Stronzilla, I love your idea. Then she could use the money to buy some jewelry she wouldn’t be ashamed to leave to her kids.

  34. asoidhfksd says:

    i don’t believe that she had absolutely no idea that her husband tiger was scewing around. there were tons and tons and tons of blind vices way before it exploded saying that she accepted it as part of their agreement, and in exchange for the lavish lifestyle she was enjoying.

  35. LittleOat says:

    Haha @#23 I know…

    Good for Elin. I don’t think any jewelry will be a great “heirloom” for either of their kids, so good for her for getting rid of all of it. I don’t know the whole story (and probably never will), but I truly doubt anything he gave to her has any true sentimental value, so why not sell it. I know a lot of people want to label her as a gold digger, which may be true, but I also think she has her children’s well being at heart.

  36. mia says:

    It would have been even better if the money from the sale went to a women’s shelter.

  37. khaveman says:

    Good for Elin. I wouldn’t want the jewelry either. Too many memories. It’s best to get the money, invest it and rebuild your life.

  38. bellaluna says:

    Despite my (ex) husband cheating on me, I saved my wedding set for our daughter. She knows what happened, and if she still wants the engagement ring and wedding band, well, she’s welcome to them. They’re in a safe deposit box, far from my view.

    As for the rest of the pieces my ex bought me, they’re gone. I bought myself a “me” ring – buy me, from me, for me. And I still wear it!

  39. Hatsumomo says:

    OK, Seriously, how can you spend a 110 million dollars and worry that its not enough? Imean, the article clearly came from her camp if she has to ‘cut back on her lifestlye’ so 110 million could last her life. What a bunch of bull-friggin-shit. I always thought settlements like these were stupid.

  40. Henriette says:

    I hope she donates the money to charity. A group that does research on STDs, for instance. Or perhaps a shelter for abused women…

  41. jemshoes says:

    I love that Elin has been so strong, restrained, practical and down-to-earth throughout this saga. My feeling is that her ex hasn’t realised just what and how much he’s lost til now.

  42. abby says:

    Hmmm…. the article says Tiger was asking Elin to reconcile. I thought (according to the tabs) that Rachel Ucantell :P was gonna be his next wife, because they are SOOO in love.

  43. Goud inkoop says:

    She’s really great. She really needs to sell the jewelry!