Star: John Mayer is boning married chef Giada De Laurentiis

LONG BEACH, CA - OCTOBER 25: Chef Giada De Laurentiis speaks during the Maria Shriver Women's Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center on October 25, 2010 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Have I ever really discussed my love of nearly everything Food Network-related? I’m not even a foodie – in fact, I’m a picky eater. But I love to watch people cook, and I love to hear people discuss food. It relaxes me. Anyway, some of my favorites on the network are Paula Deen, Ina Garten, and Nigella Lawson – but I have some kind of strange affection for Giada De Laurentiis, even though she puts cheese on EVERYTHING. Salads, beef, desserts, cocktails, whatever, put some motherf-cking cheese on it. I get a kick out of her show, and thus, I know some facts about her: she’s married to a really nice milquetoast guy named Todd who thinks he scored big-time with Giada. They recently had a baby too – the baby isn’t even two years old, if I remember correctly. And now I know something else – Giada is a whore. NOOOOO!!!! According to Star Mag, Giada is licking parmigiano reggiano off of JOHN MAYER.

John Mayer has earned a reputation for romancing some of the most eligible women in showbiz, but now Star can exclusively reveal that he’s been involved in a steamy romance with a married TV chef!

Multiple sources tell Star that John has shared hot nights with sexy Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis, as we report in our Nov. 22 issue. Last month, John and Giada — who has a 2-year-old daughter with her husband of seven years, Anthropologie fashion designer Todd Thompson — were seen together at the Boom Boom Room at The Standard hotel in New York.

“John had one hand on the small of her back,” an eyewitness tells Star. “They looked like two people who were going to go home together.”

Later that night, another eyewitness saw them at the nearby Hotel Gansevoort, where they disappeared into a suite together!

When approached by Star for comment, a giggling Giada admitted, “I was at The Standard that night.” But she insists she’s not cooking up trouble with John — and didn’t even see him that night: “I’ve met him and he’s a great guy, but I just like his music. That’s all.”

However, a source close to John says, “This doesn’t surprise me one bit! He’s always talked about how he was into her.”

Pick up this week’s issue — on newsstands Wednesday — for the full story, including all the details of their recent night out together and how they’ve been linked to one another in the past.

[From Star Magazine]

Well, who isn’t into Giada? She’s cute as a button, and she fries her own Italian donuts. I don’t blame Mayer for having a crush on Giada, and I don’t blame Giada for (barf) liking his music. But I will blame them both for boning. Mayer for speading his douche to a married lady, and Giada for screwing around on Todd, who genuinely seems like a nice guy (although totally boring). Now, can we take Star’s word for it? Eh. They were right about Ashton Kutcher… but they’ve been wrong about other stuff.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 08: Musician John Mayer speaks onstage at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation 2010 Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on November 8, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for VH1)

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 08: Musician John Mayer attends the Vh1 Save the Music Foundation Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on November 8, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

WESTWOOD, CA - JULY 28:  TV Persoanlity Giada De Laurentiis arrives at the special screening of Columbia Pictures' 'Julie & Julia' held at Mann Village Theatre on July 28, 2009 in Westwood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES - SEP 25: Giada De Laurentiis & Husband arrives at the Pink Party 2010 at W Hollywood Hotel on September 25, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom

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  1. Oi says:

    Enty has blinds about this, one that wass within the past few days. I say totally true. People over there thought it was her or Rachel Ray. Why would anyone screw this guy?

    Update: found ‘em;

  2. David says:

    Please explain why he get’s so pretty many women

  3. gabs says:

    He has such a douche face. ugh. What do people see in him?

  4. devilgirl says:

    Please explain what her husband is wearing with his tux jacket?

    LOVE Anthropologie!

  5. meilamon says:

    Is that her husband in the above pic? If so I definitely believe it. He looks like he can’t get the job done.

  6. Westcoaster says:

    There was a blind item not too long ago about John Mayer and a “celebrity” chef. Posters on the site thought it was about him and Giada, but some thought it could have been about John and Rachel Ray!! John sure gets around!!

  7. Kaiser says:

    Yes, that’s Todd with the mauve scarf. Yes, he beeps on the gaydar, but he still seems like a nice guy!

  8. mslewis says:

    Giada and Todd have not only been married for seven years, they have been together since Giada was 18 years old!! He’s been in love with her through her years of going to cooking school in Paris and her years of being just another private chef in Beverly Hills. She seems to love him very much and he loves her. I don’t believe for a minute that she is dumb enough to throw away her husband for John Meyer. I just don’t believe it. Giada would have too much to lose because her shows are about food and her family. It would be ridiculous for her to throw away millions from the show and her cookbooks and personal appearances AND her reputation as a good person, for a douche like Meyer. I just can’t believe she would do that. Not for John Meyer. That would be just stupid.

  9. Marjalane says:

    I knew this was her! As much as I dislike Mayer, I knew he wouldn’t have lowered himself to bang Rachel Ray- two things drive me nuts about Giada though, (besides the whole “whore” thing) One, she over-enunciates everything, and two, she has a huge head; It’s gigantic compared to her tiny, perfect body. Look at it next time, you’ll see what I mean!

  10. brin says:

    Wow…who saw that coming….not me, hope it isn’t true. Mayer better play nice cause Giada knows her cutlery…lol!

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Such a huge effing life, its got me in tears from laughing. Giada is really gonna leave a fashion somebody, a huge fashion somebody to eff John Mayer? Yea no.

    I love her to, I love her travel food shows, I love how everything is so neatly prepared in her kitchen. I love the adorable little touches to all of her meals. Giada makes me think I can cook, I have successfully cooked an Angel hair pasta recipe from that used red pepper flakes. I may have screwed up the infusing them in oil though.

  12. alejandro says:

    Now it’s what came first the chicken or the egg? Did somebody from Star tip off that website to plant the news so it would seem more believable when it came out in their tabloid. Or did Star do research after reading that blind item?

    Edit – The orignal blind is from 2009! Crazy ish.

  13. Gabriela says:

    There is something Russell Brand-esque about him. Not only the shaggin, but I mean his face. Also, the fact that both of them always look like they could use a shower.

    Anyway, who isn’t he boning these days?

  14. Diane says:

    Eww. Please women, stop this, he’s a total shithead.

  15. Stronzilla says:

    You gotta watch Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef. He’s adorable and so fun to watch. He makes cooking look so easy. Maybe Giada was attracted to Mayer’s greasy appearance and the fact that he’s a cheesedick. You say she likes cheese on everything.

  16. Sara says:

    No way this is true! She just had a baby and this would ruin her show, I don’t believe any ounce of this!

  17. Kitten says:

    I believe it. We all know that Mayer has magical douche powers.

    On another note: God I hate Paula Dean. She doesn’t even seem top enjoy the cooking process at all. I get the vibe she just cooks so she can stuff her face. I like watching chefs that actually seem to derive pleasure from making dishes.

  18. photo jojo says:

    I echo Diane’s comments. When will women stop thinking they can ‘change’ this @sshat!?

  19. guesty says:

    she is uber annoying with that nutella spread that is in every single solitary dessert.

    bet he’s not her first affair nor will he be her last.

  20. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @David… He apparently has a superdong

  21. mln says:

    @Oi I saw those blinds and there is one that is a bit older right? I didn’t think Rachel Ray would be that pervy and dumb to screw around with JM.
    There was always something about Giada that I didn’t like.

    @David he is rumoured to be well-endowed

  22. teresa says:

    Beak-nose gravel-voice lying whore. Busted.


  23. teresa says:

    I wonder if Johnny is the anonymous source, seems like all famous ones he ew bones get caught.



  24. Bodhi says:

    NO! I love Giada & refuse to believe it! I vote Rachel Ray all the way!

  25. Angela says:

    I immediately thought of those blind items Oi posted. I love it when they get solved.

  26. teresa says:




  27. Deniz says:

    And I thought I was the only person who thought she put cheese on EVERYTHING! All her dishes look fantastic until she ruines it with a type of goat of feta cheese lol.

  28. Embee says:

    Kitten – I so agree with you about Paula Dean! That woman makes me want to scream. She’s trying so hard to convince everyone that she’s a lady … not fooled at all.

    Giada has always rubbed me the wrong way but I truly hope this is not true. How tragic to throw away a whole family for sex.

    Doesn’t she look like Olivia Wilde?

  29. Tess says:

    @ Marjalane, Kitten, Rosalita

    Yes, yes, yes. The over pronunciation is hilarious and kind of patronizing. Ever hear her say parmagiano reggiano…or even ricotta? Too funny.

    And Paula Deen, ugh. What a glutton. I can’t watch her. I lose my appetite when she stuffs butter, raw batter, whatever, into that greedy little mouth of hers.

    “Tiny little T-Rex arms”. LOL!!!

  30. danielle says:

    The way she talks bugs me too. And I believe this – I read CDan and never thought Rachel Ray and Meyer were getting busy – she’s just not cute enough.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Teresa….. LMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHA

  32. jc126 says:

    Gosh, I so hope this isn’t true!

  33. Attagirl says:

    I watched Giada for a long time and then suddenly she got on my nerves. Her recipes seemed kind of facile (maybe I just became a better cook?) and I REALLY got tired of her shoving her boobs down your throat, everything she wore was skin tight and low cut. The whole Italian sex-pot thing annoyed me. She just pushed the yuppie, so-Cal, celebrity lifestyle too much with her cheezy parties and everyone cooing over her so I can actually believe she’s been getting a bit on the side with Mayer – they’re the king and queen of cheese basically.

  34. weslyn says:

    noo not Giada..i love paula deen..she always looks eager to eat what she cooks and she made making homeade cinnamon rolls easy

  35. junipergreen says:

    Somehow I really doubt this.

  36. koala says:

    she has “bitch voice,” that southern california drone that women get. she seems like she’s super conceited and of course she’d hook up with mayer.

  37. Bodhi says:

    My husband & his best friend will be crushed, Giada is their TV girlfriend…

  38. Just a Poster says:

    Nah, I think it was Rachel Ray and not Giadia

  39. anti says:

    #8 — it’s sad if she did cheat after all of that… maybe they have an open marriage?

    mayer is an anomaly, but it is interesting that it inevitably leaks whenever he’s finished with a woman.

    nice guys DO finish last.

  40. KO says:

    @mslewis – I completely agree! This really doesn’t seem logical!

  41. anon says:

    @mslewis: I agree
    @LOVE ANGELINA: I hope it is a lie

    I like her and I think her little girl is adorable, this would be so sleazy :-( if this is true, her image takes a huge negative hit with her stepping out in the first place and with John Mayer ugh :-(

  42. bros says:

    the food network has completely devolved over the past 2 or 3 years. it is so so much worse than it used to be. no one on it anymore is a chef or has talent. its a bunch of shows about home bbq fanatics who make only meat every single episode, overpronouncing freaks cooking mexican and italian, 10 dollar meals with nothing interesting about them, crazy-eye lady making food for the whole week, drunkie mcchemically enhanced food sandra lee, and rachel ray the hack, and in general is so so much more boring and prosaic and not about anything culinary.

  43. anti says:

    she just likes his MUSIC?!

    i think that means they did it.

  44. Jaded says:

    @bros – totally agree, can’t watch food network anymore, it’s just a bunch of untalented hacks and competition cooking. Meh. My new fave cooking show is America’s Test Kitchen on PBS.

  45. L says:

    Ah the lollipop head chef. Can’t stand her. She never smiles, just kind of bares her teeth and seems really not genuine.

  46. Obvious says:

    I am hoping that it’s not her but Rachael Ray.
    That she loses it all and we don’t have to listen to that voice anymore! evoo

  47. devilgirl says:

    I also agree with Bros. I used to watch FN all the time, but people like Sandra Lee and others have ruined that channel.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    All I can say is, dude must have some crazy mojo in bed.

  49. Feebee says:

    Hang on a minute, how is Giada the whore?? And why do you go there? Even with the 5% chance that this story is true, clearly it is John Mayer who is the whore, that would simply make Giada the married “john” or “jane”. If the sexes were reversed this would be how it would be reported.

    As for the content of the story, I’ve given up caring about John Mayer’s exploits. It appears he will hump anyone and everyone.

  50. Dee Vine says:

    @ Alejandro: agree…have the tabloids been reading blind items recently and then trying to spin it into a headline?

    Yes, Giada, we know you are Italian, but you dont have to over-emphasize “ricotta”. We all know how it is pronounced with an Italian accent. Actually “ricotta” is my cue to change the channel…

    My favorite is Nigella Lawson. She talks like she is trying to seduce you, and she doesnt use low fat, low sugar or low anything. And lots of butter. Yum.

  51. bros says:

    nigella is rad. when she used to be on the style network, i was so obsessed with her shows I would tape them and rewatch them. she is brilliant and i love her recipes in the NY times as well as her interviews on NPR. every recipe she has is easy, elegant and delicious.

  52. hellen says:

    Giada has a Q-Tip head. Actually, she looks like one of those little Day of the Dead figures with that bony little body, huge skull and rictus smile.

    Meyer is just pond scum.

  53. bella says:

    @MSLEWIS…M.A.N.Y. people with perceived perfect lives with incredible success fool around. It happens all the time. Look at Bobby Flay (since we’re talking Food Network.) It appears he had an indiscretion with January Jones. He’s a Food Network empire and Giada is another successful brand…Sometimes the ego thing overtakes all else. I believe this, 100%. No one is above making a mistake. Do I think Giada is a serial whore? NO. But I do think she could mess up. I hope her marriage makes it through because they seem like a nice couple and have a beautiful daughter. She’s got great recipes and is a great on screen talent, but I agree..she’s become annoying and I’m tired of the boobs in my face, too….still wish her the best…

  54. sasa says:

    She reminds me of an older Olivia Wilde.

  55. 4Real says:

    Aww NO BIGHEAD what are you DOING?!! I’m going to have to cook up a batch of chicken visuvio and think about this.

  56. nnn says:

    I hope it’s not true.

    Any woman boning Mayer is not worth it in my book.

    They cheapen their dating pedigree to the lowest of the low and taint it forever by dating him. Mayer is trash and dating him makes you trash by association…a stain in your dating resume.

  57. archiepelago says:

    @ ‘he has a superdong’ comments. I still wouldn’t bone him, even with somebody elses. Nope, nu uh.

  58. Tory says:

    @ Kitten: Paula Deen is a neighbor. She not only loves cooking, but she has “adopted” our elementary school on the island and thrills the kids by serving them lunch every couple of months. And she and her husband could not be two nicer people — we always see them at the grocery story, local restaurants, beach, etc. and they never hesitate to stop and talk with anyone and everyone. P.S. There aren’t many true Southern women who, given the time and talent, don’t love to cook. Living in the South is all about good eatin’!

  59. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I love Giada. Yea, she’s a little weird but I think she’s cute and seems very sweet. She can’t help that she’s boobalicious and has a tiny frame. To me, she doesn’t look like she’s trying to be sexy, she looks like she dresses like any other person she just looks sexy because she has a sexier body than the average joe.

    I highly doubt this is true. She and her husband seem to enjoy their milquetoast existence just fine. I bet it was Rachel Ray’s annoying ass. She’s the one with the plant-sized ego and this delusion that her weird body is sexy.

    EDIT: And I wasn’t going to say anything but there is really weird being a picky eater after about 10 years old in my opinion. Unless a person has allergies there is really no reason for a person to not have a wide-ranging palate for many different foods.

  60. Kaiser says:

    The Hamm – Do you know how condescending you come across? And you consistently make these bitchy little asides about me. It’s unnecessary.

    And yes, I’m lactose intolerant. I avoid cheeses and milk and cream sauces, etc.

  61. Katie M. says:

    If this is true, then it is very sad. There are many many nasty rumors about John Mayer (probably all true). I have always thought Giada had more class. I hope for her sake that it is just an ugly rumor.

    For what it’s worth, my folks saw Giada a few years back while they were in Vegas. Her head is actually normal sized! They film her oddly, which creates the illusion of having a big head. She is very petite. My mom estimated she is very similar in build to me (0/2) 5’3″ ish. It could be that they film her that way to compensate for her height?

    @Kitten/etc…I LOVE Paula. My mom’s side of the family is all Southern. Watching Paula always makes me smile (and her recipes are awesome)

  62. OtherChris says:

    “And now I know something else – Giada is a whore.”

    I literally LOL’d.

    Thank god for pictures of her with lines. They must film that woman through gauze on her show. I was beginning to worry that she’s perfect.

  63. Irea says:

    I don’t believe this for a minute…
    Am I the only one who thinks she’s ugly as hell??
    Hey John, you can do it soooooooo much better!!

  64. OtherChris says:

    @Bela #56. My friend worked for Food Network. Bobby Flay was widely hated. The chubby Italian guy (red hair?) was adored, however.

  65. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    You have allergies. Therefore you are exempt from my annoyance with adults who are picky eaters.

    EDIT: And I do apologize if I sounded condescending. It’s just a personal peeve of mine which unfortunately got piqued when I read your post. Allergies or issues with digestion are perfectly legitimate reasons to not eat certain things. I don’t eat or drink things with chemical sweeteners as they make my throat itchy.

  66. flourpot says:

    “Giada would have too much to lose because her shows are about food and her family.”

    Lets not forget Boobs. Her show is about food, family and her boobs.

  67. Anti-icon says:

    Good gossip. Gross all around. Skanky behavior by a buncha skanky values bottom feeders whose class and privileges seems to mean nothing inside their respective homes. John Mayer has no children–he can be a skank. Does the married couple have children? Probably. Nice modeling of strong parental unit. Give the keys back to the flyover states and let us run everything. Oh, yeah, I do have pets to attend to…..
    carry on, weird ones with loose values.

  68. Kim says:

    If this is true it will be the first time John has hooked up with someone scummier than him (she is MARRIED for goodness sake)!!!! I really hope this isnt true.

  69. Pix says:

    I am not a fan of Giada, but I have a hard time believing this is true. My conspiracy theory is that Rachel Ray is the “eyewitness” who planted this story to throw everyone off her stench. I could totally see her as the true John Mayer skank and then saying it was Giada as a diabolical way of ruining Giada’s good girl image and keeping her cheating ways on the DL. It’s actually brilliant.

  70. bella says:

    @OtherChris…I don’t understand your response to my previous post. I didn’t say Bobby Flay was adored or anything. I said that he is a Food Network empire enjoying enormous success and celebrity and I think he did cheat with January Jones. In other words, no one, scumbags or nice guys (or girls) is above cheating.All people make mistakes…good and bad people. Another poster said Giada was too nice and successful to cheat, which I rebuffed. On the Bobby Flay hate thing, I believe Food Network employees may hate him…he’s arrogant…I met him once at his NYC restaurant…arrogant as hell…Who is the “red head” chef you say Food Network employees like? Is that Mario Battali, because his a** got canned because he’s a prima donna…He was even stripped of his Iron Chef title…LOL…must have ticked someone off majorly…

  71. bella says:

    i just want to apologize for my epic-length posts today…too much coffee

  72. Jeannified says:

    I don’t believe it for a minute…and I don’t even really like Giada. She drives me nuts…yet I still watch her show. She seems sincere and fake all at once. Still…she’s been with Todd FOREVAH!!! They dated for 11 years, before he proposed! She seems like she loves him and vice versa. He’s a good mid-western boy! I don’t believe this story!

  73. Beca says:

    i love Giada BECAUSE she puts cheese on everything. my kind of girl!
    although my sister swears up and down that’s she’s actually a midget who has had her arms and legs stretched medically. so there’s that.

  74. Stephanie says:

    If this is true, I have a really hard time understanding how this guy gets any kind of woman when his douchery is well-documented. I have dated my fair share of douches, don’t get me wrong. But not with any of them could I find an independent source of information about their past. (LOL, besides a prison record. ;) ) If these women have access to the information, I don’t understand why they go for it with Mayer. That’s just me.

  75. Majosha says:

    Kaiser, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any food allergies, and I’m still a picky eater. And now that Hamm has taught us that people like me don’t have any “legitimate” reasons for being finicky, I suppose there’s nothing left to do but weep openly in front of my sparsely-filled fridge.

  76. anon says:

    @Majosha: :-) not just you I’m sure

  77. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Majosha: You don’t have to care about weird little peeves of mine; I’m just a random internet person with an opinion about something that just happens to apply to you and that I had no idea applied to you.

  78. StopKiddingYourself says:

    “put some motherf-cking cheese on it.”

    Ftw, Kaiser!

  79. Camille says:

    November 10th, 2010 at 9:07 pm : :lol: ;)

  80. me says:

    @devilgirl: to me it looks like the cult Alexander McQueen skull scarf, I have two similar ones. I would exchange the dark blue one for his pinkie :)

  81. Crabbie says:

    Dating old dude and marrying too early, check.
    7 years passed by (itch timeframe), check.
    50% of women cheat on husband, check.
    Boring old white dude for husband, check.
    Standard rockstar crush, check.
    Insane screaming denial, check.

    Yup, they’re having an affair…..