LeAnn Rimes: “I’ve never had kids running around on Christmas morning!”

Photo by: Quasar/starmaxinc.com 2010  11/10/10 LeAnn Rimes at the 44th Annual CMA Awards. (Nashville, Tennessee) Photo via Newscom

When on the red carpet for last night’s CMAs, LeAnn Rimes once again rejected the claims by many that she and Eddie Cibrian are engaged. She’s protested the rumor so vigorously, I totally think there’s something there, but that’s a story for another time. What interested me was LeAnn’s claim that she and Eddie are going to allow “the family” to come to them for Christmas – and that she and Eddie will have “the boys” for the holiday. Jesus… she’s just not going to stop talking about these kids, is she?

For the last time, LeAnn Rimes wants you to know that she is not engaged. “It’s insanity!” she told The Tennessean before the CMAs Wednesday in Nashville.

Referring to E!’s report that Eddie Cibrian popped the question, Rimes, 28, said, “I don’t know how many times I have to say it. I say ‘no’ and people think we are and I’m just not admitting it.”

She initially ignored the report, but her mom started calling her “thinking we’re engaged and I didn’t tell her,” said the singer. “It was like, ‘I’ve had it.’”

Rimes — who presented the single of the year to Lady Antebellum for “Need You Now” at Wednesday’s awards show — is preparing to spend her holidays with her man and his two children.

They’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with both his and her parents at her parents’ home in Dallas, she told UsMagazine.com. Keeping them entertained: The Dallas Cowboys game, “which I’m kinda sad to say we are going to, but I have to support my Cowboys, even though they aren’t doing so well right now,” she told Us.

“For Christmas, we will be at home at our house with all the family coming to us.”

Are there any traditions she and Cibrian, 38, are starting?

“Not really,” she told Us. “He has been introducing me to the kid tradition. I’ve never had kids running around on Christmas morning.”

It’s exciting, she added.

“I’m one of those people that wakes up on Christmas at 5:30 — I’ll probably be up before them!” she said, referring to Cibrian’s sons. “I usually am up, getting coffee ready, breakfast ready. It’s fun to have kids around — it’s completely different.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m also getting the feeling that this whole step-mother(-ish) role is getting a bit bigger than she expected, and it’s starting to bother her. While she was once Hand That Rocks The Cradle about Eddie and Brandi’s kids, LeAnn is starting to sound like it’s more work than it’s worth. Plus, she just looks like hell – maybe she’s pregnant? Morning sickness? She has been “sick” recently… could be.

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 10: LeAnn Rimes attends the 44th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 10, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Photo by: Quasar/starmaxinc.com 2010  11/10/10 LeAnn Rimes at the 44th Annual CMA Awards. (Nashville, Tennessee) Photo via Newscom

Ty Pennington and LeAnn Rimes present the Song of the Year award during the 44th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on November 10, 2010. UPI/Terry Wyatt Photo via Newscom

LeAnn Rimes arrives for the 44th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on November 10, 2010. UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom

LeAnn Rimes arrives for the 44th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on November 10, 2010. UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom

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  1. brin says:

    When I read that the first thing I thought of is what about Brandi, the boys’ mother…when does she get them for the holidays?

  2. la chica says:

    she has a truly, unfortunately unattractive face.

  3. OtherChris says:

    Great body, hideous face. No matter how you look at her, she’s got “man face.”

  4. Shelley says:

    OMG here come another 200 posts. I think LeAnn looks pretty with minimal and natural
    makeup and her hair down. The way she looked at the CMAs, I don’t get either. The dress, makeup, and shoes don’t suit her. Having said that, I think she sounds like she likes EC’s boys and enjoys their company. I don’t know of any reason to think otherwise – past history of the affair etc aside; I am just saying she sounds to me like she genuinely likes the boys, and why wouldn’t she? And having said that, yes, all three of these adults need to quit with all excess boozing, quit granting interviews, **never** drive WI/UI, and come together to do what’s best for the boys every step of the way, every day. I hope that will happen.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Shut up shut up shut up shut up…

  6. icantbelievethis says:

    Apparently people with psoriasis (auti-immune condition) can also have IBS. Stress causes psoriasis flare ups, as well as IBS flare ups.

    I grew up with stepparents who were vocally resentful of having me around. So while I am sure it sucks for Brandi to have to read these types of comments, I think it is good for the kids to be welcome by LR.

  7. Lady D says:

    I usually get up before 5 on Xmas morning. It’s exciting. Can’t help it and I’m 50.

  8. HotPockets says:

    Attention Kaiser:

    Can we please have a Leanne, Eddie, and Brandi posting blackout? Especially Leanne, these people aren’t relevant enough to poke fun at them. Plus, Leanne’s squinty face never ceases to bother me.

  9. Kazoo81 says:

    ugly people shouldn’t wear their hair pulled back like that.

  10. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well, to be fair, she did say she had had the flu. Her hair and makeup are way too harsh.

  11. guesty says:

    she is so fug & so self-centered. please just stfu.

  12. LittleFATMe says:

    I think she might have FINALLY thinned out those eyebrows! Yay! Baby steps!

  13. Rita says:

    Imagine the Christmas Card pic she’s going to make public.

    She clearly decided sometime ago that as long as she keeps her name in the buzz, people won’t believe the negativity because nobody with a voice that good could be such a disgusting person. We’ll see, but so far people aren’t buying it…. or her music.

  14. Rita says:


    One more thing, the 200 posts were on a Brandi thread. LeAnn’s good for 50 tops.

  15. anon says:

    @Shelley: “OMG here come another 200 posts. ” err yeah :-)
    I don’t understand why the dad has them,
    so I have not commented. Why does he get to have the children with his girlfriend? I just don’t get it.

  16. june says:

    And you shouldn’t have kids running around your house this coming Christmas either They belong with their MOTHER not you and the douche bag that cheated on Brandi when she was pregnant with Jake

  17. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    If she is pregnant, this relationship will be over soon. Can you imagine it? She would tweet and complain the ENTIRE NINE MONTHS.

  18. Diane says:

    @Rita: “Imagine the Christmas Card pic she’s going to make public.” Oh dear lord, it will be scary.

  19. icantbelievethis says:

    @anon Brandi may get them part of Christmas. Many times in custody plans holidays are traded off (ex: even years with dad, odd years with mom). Or they are split (Christmas eve with mom/Christmas Day with dad).

    Courts don’t usually base visitation on whether or not a parent is a d-bag.

  20. Anti-icon says:

    I do hope at MEDIATION with the bone heads, that maybe some legal precedence can be set here vis a vis NO TWITTER in child custody cases, before during or after child custody has been set. This means, if tweeting is putting the children in physical harm (DUH) and also it is creating little “public figures” out of Brandi’s children, then it is DAMAGING to the children. Done. End of the Leann Rimes Self Publicity Campaign Via Twitter. (ONE OF THOSE SPECIFICS BRANDI NEEDS TO HAVE ON HER LIST BEFRE THE MEDIATION MEETING).


  21. Rita says:


    As the world’s leading authority on crackheads, you surely know that over dosing a junky will not help them kick the habit.

    I tried to OD my son by feeding him nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for two days. Now he sleeps with a jar of each under his pillow and a loaf of bread under the bed. (That is not to say I’ll sleep with my LeAnn doll anytime soon.)

  22. ams511 says:

    that outfit is just terrible.
    she needs to fire her make-up artist too.

    maybe her stylist hates her?

  23. anon says:

    “Courts don’t usually base visitation on whether or not a parent is a d-bag”

    thanks for answering me, I would have thought since he was the one who stepped out, that that would sort of be held against him. :-(
    @june, my sentiments exactly, its just wrong :-(

  24. 4Real says:

    Anybody know how to say SHUT THE HELL UP in Fantasian?? LOL!! (I love Michael K!)

  25. LolaBella says:

    I like those ‘warrior shells’ at the top of her dress; the dress not so much. She has to be styling herself, because no stylist worth their salt would send a client out like this.

    I wish the mediation would enforce a ban on talking about the kids to the press/on Twitter/in paid or unpaid interviews for EDDIE, BRANDI and LEANN.

    I wish they would all just STFU and realize that what’s best for the boys is for them to live their lives without the entire world knowing everything that goes on.

    Adults can be so fucking selfish.

    ETA: Holy crap is that Ty Pennington with her?? WTH happened to him?

  26. brin says:

    She looks like she just pooped her pants in that last pic.

  27. poster 1 says:

    Forgive me for saying this, but she looks slightly better now that her eyebrows have been done up.

  28. TG says:

    I think she is more in love with the idea of being the wonderful stepmother than actually loving his kids and providing support for them. I am sure she is busy working on her own kids so that they can be #1 in Eddie’s life. Of course Cibrian is #1 in his life and always will be so she is an idiot to want to marry or have kids with him.

  29. brin says:

    @Lolabella…yeah, someone said on another site “the homebuilder with the homewrecker”…lol.

  30. dorothy says:

    Well thank god for that! Can you imagine what that crazy woman could do to kids?

  31. Darla says:

    This hateful spoiled brat needs to realize that it will be their MOTHER”S first Christmas without them because their douchball sex addicted daddy ran off with a trailer-trash corn-fed twitter-compulsed uglay-ass homewrecker.

    And then she needs to order herself up some STFU from HSN, $9.95 + shipping and handeling. Buy in the next ten minutes, and you get a free nose picker.

  32. lucy2 says:

    TG, I COMPLETELY agree with you. If she really thought about what’s best for them, she wouldn’t keep talking about them publicly and saying stuff that makes everyone upset and uncomfortable. I think it’s all about her and what sort of image she’s trying to create for herself. Very sad for the kids.

  33. Jayna says:

    Get over it. It’s been almost a year and a half. Holidays are always shared. My ex and I share Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and sometimes we even share Christmas Morning and then Christmas evening with the other. She was asked about their holiday plans and what they were doing. If she ignored the kids as part of it, she would be accused of something else.

    A year and a half later. Time to move on.

  34. icantbelievethis says:

    @anon Many courts don’t allow adultery into the custody dispute, well not outright. My ex was never home b/c he was out screwing around, so I could have brought up the cards/letters from his girlfriend has proof that he wasn’t the hands on dad he claimed (he tried saying he was the primary care giver and put our son to bed each night, even though he was with his girlfriend at the bar until 3am then in a parking lot (ours) with her until 5am).

  35. Darla says:


    Well, I think maybe they should. Someone who will betray someone they promised to be faithful and truthful to is obviously someone who loves only themselves, and would betray anyone else he/she loves, including their kids. Cheaters are worthless pigs, and anyone who hooks up with one deserves whatever misery they get.

    And no, I’ve never been involved with a cheater, at least not that I know. More importantly, I’ve never cheated on anyone, so pass me on over a great big pile of stones and I will lob those suckers as far as I can.

    Hey, Kaiser, don’t you think you should do a men in uniform HGF in honor of Veteran’s day? Like Richard Gere in an Officer and Whatever

  36. Rita says:

    Just a reminder:
    The reason “wewe” never spent christmas with children in the house is because last Christmas day Eddie abandoned his children and spent their entire school christmas break with LeAnn drinking tequila in Aspen. Such a good dad.

    (Damn, this addiction is tough to break)

  37. icantbelievethis says:

    @Darla I don’t disagree with you, but sadly I don’t get to make the rules.

  38. mymy says:

    I have no idea how she gets so much hate from people. Many people in the spot light have either had affairs on movie sets or left their partners for someone they met on a movie set. To may to count.
    I have never seen any sort of consistency on the public’s animosity or lack of it toward such a thing happening.Either everyone who does it is scum or you feel it is OK. But to pick and choose who is a slut for doing. While turning a blind eye to others is very odd. I think the fact that one likes a star before they do it makes them more understanding. I have no feelings about LeAnn . But I do have consistent feelings about cheating. It is wrong period. And one should get divorced and stay single for 6 months after before starting to date again. That is my feelings. Across the board.
    Most woman will not wait 6 months after a man becomes divorced out of fear they will find someone else. And many woman cheat as a way to ensnare men for the long run. Woman need to stop.

  39. lio says:

    Please, who is the actor with her in the third photo (i know i know him but i can’t remember where i saw his face)?

  40. why? says:

    We all know that it’s EC parents who are taking care of those kids. Didn’t Leann herself tweet that EC parents had the boys during the school night, while EC was on tour with her?

    Why exactly are we supposed to believe that EC is in love with Leann when he allows her to tweet and talk about his kids after proclaiming that exposing these kids to the media and paps is not child focused and only serves to bring attention to the person who is using them for this purpose. It just amazes me that she hasn’t yet figured out that if this man can’t keep a promise to his own kids, then we all know that he isn’t keeping any promises to her.

    We all know what Leann is going to be doing while everyone is opening presents and eating holiday dinner. TWEETING and taking twitpics.

    Why should Leann stop tweeting about those kids she feels like no one(not the court systems or BG) can stop her because her money has the last and final say.

  41. Liana says:

    ooof, she does not look good in these photos.

    My husband and I get his daughter on Christmas Eve and his ex-wife gets her Christmas Day, but this year, we’re going to spend Christmas in Lake George with friends, so his ex suggested we take her this year for the entire holiday time and she’ll take her on Thanksgiving and will take her on vacation all Easter week. But my husband and his ex-wife are adults and think in terms of what’s best for Sophie. These clowns only think about themselves.

  42. why? says:


    Wasn’t Leann just whining about how people should stay out of her business?So why would she even talk about her holiday plans after the boo hoo fest she did in that ABC interview?

    Just because she is asked a question, it doesn’t mean that she had to answer it. Leann could have said no comment, but once again she wants to send the message to BG that she can do and say whatever she wants about her kids and that there is nothing that she can do about it. That is not a great message to be sending to any mother, that she doesn’t have the power to protect her kids from LR insecurity.

    Leann is fully aware that she shouldn’t be talking about those kids, yet she still does it anyway. If she cared about those kids, she wouldn’t keep putting them in the middle of her need to upstage another woman.

    Just for once, I would like one media oultet to ask EC why he allows LR to tweet about his kids or even talk about them in interviews, when he said that he doesn’t want them exposed to the media. And ask LR why anyone would believe that EC is in love with her or being faithful to her when he can’t even keep a promise he makes to his own kids.

    It is a shame that Leann uses those two kids to validate her “romance” with EC.
    So in her mind, EC loves her because he allows her to talk about those kids.

    Of course LR and EC have the kids for Christmas, remember that she is doing that CMA Christmas Speical and she is probably planning on using them to promote her career, album, and single.

  43. CB Rawks says:

    Ty Pennington at the CMAs? Whah? Was Vern Yip there too? They were probably hard pressed to find a co-presenter for LeAnn. What about the ShamWow Pervert, he wasn’t available?

  44. why? says:


    Leann is not the victim. The backlash against her is LR own doing.

    Now, why would she keep talking about those kids when she knows that their mother and including their father(well that is if you believe what EC wrote in that custody petition and said in his Rachel Ray interview concerning this matter) does not find this acceptable behavior.

    If you look at the cheaters who get the most backlash it’s usually because they are playing the victim all the time, constantly trying to shove their “Romance” down people’s throats every sec, or showing utter disregard to the people who were hurt in this situation. Does that ring any bells? Precisely what LR is doing.

    Putting those kids lives in danger by telling the paps where and when they can be found on any given day.

    Leann just won’t shut up because she is bent on making everyone believe that her relationship with EC is better than his relationship with his wife by any means necessary.

    It’s Leann who needs to stop. People are not going to pat her own the back because she keeps tweeting about another woman’s kids out of insecurity.

  45. Salina says:

    She just can’t not talk about their kids.

  46. bunny wabba says:

    i’m surprised since she looks like a donkey.

  47. Grace says:

    I can’t even focus on what Leann said because I’m too distracted by those hideous shoes, the awful lipstick color, and the disgustingly short shirt.

    She dressed so much better when she was still married to the gay guy. He would have never let her out of the house looking like that.

  48. Jennifer says:

    LMAO Grace!

    I feel terrible for those two boys and BG. I wonder if LeAnn has ever googled “narcissism” after one of the many times she’s been called one. She’d probably read it and think “ME?? A narcissist?? No way!” She is just that delusional.

    It’s sad to see such a psychopathically delusional person that’s in the limelight be given permission to manipulate this situation involving two small children.

    It’s a shame the judge hasn’t given a gag order. Please BG ask that the judge serve a gag order on this horse faced EC c*m dumpster.

  49. k says:

    The karma for Twit LeAnne over Eddie, and Eddie’s karma somewhere down the road, can be as slow as it wants to be. The slower & more drawn out, the better. But the karma for LeAnne using those children should be swift and make a deep impact. Let’s hope so. (She uses them to boost her image, and she uses them to take digs at ex-wife, which poor children have no control over.)

  50. Henriette says:

    Ladies and gents – please place your bets. How long will this relationship last before exploding?

  51. OfficialBitch says:

    Oh its almost over – Im sure Eddie is pissd because leann didnt carry his freeloading arse to the awards so he could prance like a pony on the red carpet. he carries too much bad press now. hes getting OLD and he is a CRAPPY ACTOR. Next!

  52. CB Rawks says:

    LeAnn’s Twitter: “It would be so wonderful if private things could really be kept private.”

    My eyes have rolled so hard that they are stuck inward inside my head, and I have only just stopped choking and sputtering.

  53. brin says:

    Yeah, she’s a real piece of work…. narcissist, hypocrite, psycho. She & Eddie both have nowhere to go but down.

  54. Cirque28 says:

    “It’s insanity!”

    “It was like, ‘I’ve had it!’”

    Oh honey, if you’re THAT vexed just because people think you’re engaged, then being cheated on by Eddie is going to be a horribly rude awakening. I predict you’ll have a new perspective on what being truly fed up feels like.

  55. JJ says:

    Even more priceless was her tweet “I literally started crying today thinking how much I am loved”….gag. There was also a tweet where someone called her out for like 150 tweets in a day, check it out. It’s truly a Reality Tweet Show starring DelusionalAnn.

  56. TXCinderella says:

    Yes, dressing like a ho is going to win her some new fans. She probably thinks she needs to be uber sexy so Eddie’s eyes don’t wander. Hair-Old lady Lipstick-Garish Dress-Fug Body-Good from the neck down.

  57. Jezi says:

    She is a piece of work. Her tweets are now about how she wants privacy. If she knew what that word meant. Nothing in her world is private. I’m sure Brandi would appreciate her kids’ lives being private as well. Leann only likes things private when she is getting steamrolled, other than that she’s living it up.

    @JJ I nearly threw up in my mouth when I read that tweet about her “happy tears” again.

  58. brin says:

    E news kept showing her dress as a CMA loser on the black carpet….lol!

  59. brin says:

    @JJ, Jezi…..I like the tweet where she chides people for not understanding what goes into big business (what is she, Proctor & Gamble?). She’s not complaining, mind you, but no one understands how hard she works! LMAO!

  60. Jezi says:

    @brin oh yeah hard worker…didn’t she cancel like 4 or 5 “concerts” in the past few months? I guess convincing the public that she’s a wonderful, humanitarian takes a shit load of work. So there you go!

  61. Jacquie says:

    It actually sounds like she likes having the kids around but is still getting used to it, which is normal. If we take away from everything the “did wrong” she’s just a normal girl learning to be a step mom and that can be a hard place to be in, you don’t want to over step you’re boundaries but you want to love the kids, and if you’re a decent person, help raise them. It sounds to me like she’s doing just fine.

  62. Jezi says:

    @Jacquie she always oversteps her boundaries. That is people’s biggest complaint. The mother of those boys asks her not to tweet info about her kids and Leann continues. To me, that is overstepping. I’m not saying not to love the boys. It’s great that she wants to take on the difficult role of a step parent, but you don’t need credit from the media and the fans to play that role. Do it privately because that’s what counts more.

  63. why? says:

    If Leann liked having those kids around, why can’t she step away from her iPhone from more than a sec when they are with her? I find it extremely odd that she can take care of those kids when she is tweeting every sec. Just because she smiles when she is in seen in public with the kids, it doesn’t mean that she likes it. Remember LR kept kissing on DS even though she keeps claiming that she was unhappy and unfilled.

    Leann is far from normal. No normal woman would keep tweeting about another woman’s kids AFTER she was asked to stop. The fact that she would keep overstepping these boundaries suggest that LR doesn’t care about those kids at all. She is using those kids to get back at their mother. Why would she do that if she happy with EC or has “won” EC?

    BTW, EC was spotted out to lunch with his kids. The paps, who we all know EC called because he thinks showing up in public with those kids AFTER he and LR have had some major backlash will redeem them, asked EC if they were engaged and one of the kids said “YES”. So why would the kid say that they are engaged if they are not?

  64. why? says:

    So using two innocent kids to taunt their mother (her lastest is this interview about how she is spending Christmas with EC and his kids just to let BG know that her money has the last and final say in things regarding BG kids) knowing full well that it was probably something that BG and EC were trying to work out(but I guess LR money won, since once again EC and LR get whatever LR wants), promote her and EC careers, tweeting EVERY detail of her life with a man who can’t even keep a promise to his own kids, writing “I cried because I am so blessed and loved” posts, giving interviews when she says that she doesn’t regret her affair with a married man, and staging fake engagements every week just to promote her single and album is what Leann thinks being in big business is all about?

    I loved the tweet about how she is so loved and blessed. What world does Leann live in. If the people truly loved her, they would be honest with her about how she is coming off everytime she tweets or make a comment about those kids or even tries to lecture someone on God, bullying, and privacy when she is still tweeting about another woman’s kids.

  65. DKO says:

    Why does Eddie get the kids for Christmas 2 years in a row? Why did he get them for Hallowe’en? Isn’t he getting them for Thanksgiving too? How does he score all the holidays? Brandi needs some new lawyers. And oh yeah, Ted C seems to be hinting that LeAnn is a pot head.

  66. Trisha says:

    Ok, let’s all take Eddie, Brandi, and the kids out this equation for a minute. Don’t you guys (meaning male and female) think she is just plain ugly, ugly, ugly, fugly? lol ..I mean come on girl …put some of that money to good work, please have something done to the face. I am sure you can find a plastic surgeon that can improve you a little bit, God knows it would have to be an improvement over the way you look now. Now, on the adultery thing ….an old adage speaks true here. I think Brandi should just beat the hell out of them both and be done with it. She and he both make me sick to my stomach!!! Go for it Brandi, I am sure we can come up with the bail money for you. Show her (him) how a mother bear protects her cubs when in danger. I say the ADULTER AND ADULTEREE deserve each other….too bad the future is not happy for cheaters…what a way to live looking over your shoulder, wondering every minute when somebody is late what they are doing, or if they are telling you the truth. Ooooh well if you lie with the dogs you get up smelling like one …or in this instance two. I say you both go away, we are soooo tired of hearing and seeing your ugly, disgusting, low life faces.

  67. brin says:

    @DKO….I said the same thing…why isn’t Brandi getting any time with them over both holidays? And Leann won’t shut up about it, like it’s a big win for her.

  68. brin says:

    US Weekly is reporting that Dean Sheremet(?) is engaged!!! Sooo happy for him & I’m sure he won’t deny it like his crazy ex Leann!

  69. why? says:

    What I find so funny about Leann is that she expects us to believe that EC is telling her that he loves her and that he thinks that she is beautiful.

    The man also said that he doesn’t think it’s child focused to expose his kids to the media and press and yet he allows her to tweet about his kids nonstop, stage photo-ops with them, and talk about them in interviews where she annouces to the kid’s mother that she won’t be spending time with her own kids on Christmas. So why exactly is anyone going to believe that EC is saying these nice things to Leann, when he can’t even keep a simple promise to his own kids?

    You know that EC isn’t saying those things to Leann because she wouldn’t be on twitter talking about it, she would be busy enjoying EC. I think that Leann is probably just using reworking the lines from the Northern Lights script as inspiration for her “lovefest” with a man who sells out his own kids.

    EC is cheating, it’s why Leann doesn’t allow him to be off by himself for too long. Notice he has to always be on tour with her. He only get’s excused from these tours when he is playing the devoted father. So how many women did EC meet up with while he was playing the devoted father? It is also why Leann keep an eye on EC even while he is “bonding” with his kids.

    So how long after DS engagement annoucement will Leann announce her engagement to DS(remember a week after DS announced that he was moving in with his girlfriend, LR announced that EC was moving in with her via In Touch first and then People mag)? US Weekly said that her “Fans” were questioning Leann’s happiness for DS.

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    I so don’t understand this incessant need to bag on LeAnn for her looks which she can’t help. I actually think she is quite pretty. There is plenty of fodder besides her appearance – if that is the best shot one can take, I guess one must be tired of recycling the same old material.

  71. CB Rawks says:

    @Brin, she tweeted her congratulations to Dean. Isn’t that unbelievably tacky? She can’t phone him up and have a chat and congratulate him properly and in private? Gross.

  72. betty says:

    The only reason Leann like to have the kids around is to bring attention to herself.Notice when they are not around she has nothing to tweet about.That sperm donor Eddie allows Leann to use his kids for his perks. Eddie is a selfish scumbag,.But life has a way of repaying all the wrong doings and he will see that through his sons. It unfortunate when a barren woman like Leann has to use another womans kids for her emotional fulfillments.

  73. CB Rawks says:

    Guys, I just had to point this out.

    “Devilled eggs with bacon
    Brussels sprouts… with BACON
    Green beans with BACON”

    Yeah that’s how to get yer vegies, LeAnn. Slather everything with bacon.
    I’m pretty sure at this point you can admit you ate an entire meal of bacon, with some plant-life garnishes here and there. :D

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