Blake Lively pursued by Adrian Grenier, but Blake wants a better upgrade


Since her split with Penn Badgley a few months ago, Blake Lively has been desperate for a boyfriend upgrade. Many think that Blake tried and failed to get with Ryan Gosling – or that he hit it and quit it. And then Blake made a move for Leonardo DiCaprio, professionally and sexually, to get the part of Daisy in the new remake of The Great Gatsby. All in all, Blake is aiming high – Gosling and DiCaprio are power players (to varying degrees) in Hollywood, and it’s clear in my mind that Blake’s next boyfriend is going to be a Movie Star (rather than a Television Actor). So… shock of shocks, Blake played it cool when television actor Adrian Grenier was all over her at a recent event. Star Magazine claims that Adrian wanted it bad, and that Blake was just not that into it.

Blake Lively is single and ready to mingle – with Adrian Grenier. Blake, who recently called it quits with costar Penn Badgley, seemed flattered by Adrian’s avid attention at October 20’s Vertu party in Manhattan.

“As Blake was chatting with Seal, Adrian came over and the three started talking about the elections. Then Seal left,” says a source. “And that’s when things got interesting.”

Grenier was glued to Blake’s side for most of the night, and he made sure they exchanged phone numbers, says the source. “He kept complimenting her. It’s like he was on a mission.” He’s not the only high profile hunk Blake has connected with lately. On November 3, she and Leo DiCaprio dined – albeit with several others – at NYC’s The Lion to discuss a possible role in the remake of The Great Gatsby.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Personally, I think Blake and Adrian would be compatible, professionally and romantically. Adrian is an upgrade from Penn, although not a huge upgrade. Not a Leo-type upgrade. After all, even though Adrian’s performance on Entourage is well-received, he still hangs out with Paris Hilton. By choice. Blake could definitely do worse, but I think the point is that she wants to do much, much better.



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34 Responses to “Blake Lively pursued by Adrian Grenier, but Blake wants a better upgrade”

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  1. Samigirl says:

    Adrian is good looking, but I think he seems like a total douche. I really hate that she and Penn broke up. Penn seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

  2. Jack says:

    She can do better ,she is very beautiful

  3. jzhz says:

    Maybe the smell of desperation was a turn-off. I mean, it’s nice to have attention, but there is such a thing as trying too hard. Sounds like that’s what he did.

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Adrian is seriously a nice guy. I think she is stupid to turn that piece down. She would have so much fun.

  5. cee says:

    She is attractive but I am not impressed with her acting. Of course I never watch Gossip Girl. She has a way to go to be A list

  6. mln says:

    Blake is too ambitious to settle for Adrian. Wasn’t the point of dumping Penn to land a bigger fish?

  7. jennifer says:

    He hangs with Paris Hilton AND he works with Jeremy Piven. Double puke. Sorry, guilt by association..move on Blake.

  8. abel says:

    she can do wayy wayyyyyy way better than both of them. she needs a hot rebound movie actor.. someone like channing tatum [if he wasn't married].. she’s gorgeous.

  9. ziggy says:

    these snippets make blake sound like a pretentious beeatch trying to screw her way to the top. she’s not that pretty with her flat pie face and is a mediocre actress (although it appears mediocrity rules in hollywood). whatever.

  10. Harry says:

    Plus ,she looks wayyyyyyyy more beautiful w/o makeup ,she looked hawt beautiful in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.God damn!

  11. alejandro says:

    Don’t blame her. Once Entourage is done so is he, he isn’t going anywhere. And anybody who associates with Paris Ebola Virus has the same fate.

  12. Bodhi says:

    I think she looks exactly like every other skinny fake boobed nose job bottle blond out there.

    I do love the sparkly skirt tho!!

  13. euroschmuck says:

    She knows what she wants and she goes right for it. I like that about her. Plus I like her voice. And the boobs of course.

  14. flutters says:

    Idk. I know she’s trying hard to make herself happen and I don’t think she’s that great. But I feel like this is a story where she should get a few props for actually having some standards.

  15. Kevin says:

    Ziggy and Bodhi have it exactly right. Unless she goes to work for Victoria’s Secret she has little chance of landing De Craprio. I would like her take a shot at Christina Aguilera. Don’t know that it would do anything for her career, but it would be saucyyyyyyy!! Oh yeah, and here’s the obligatory, Leo is gay statement.

  16. Persistent Cat says:

    I agree with Flutters. Instead of congratulating her for passing on his assumed-skeevy advances, she’s slammed for thinking she can do better just because she’s a blonde with big breasts and maybe a nose job.

    He’s a good looking guy but I can’t get past the story some girl told about going down on him and he stank. How gross is that? Blake might have heard it too.

  17. Linda says:

    Penn Badgley will be big. He is something!

  18. Carrie says:

    I think she’s going to make a play for James Franco- with his building Oscar buzz (some critics are saying he has a serious shot at a win) he’s going to be the most high-profile single young movie actor for the next 6 or so months.

    At any rate, if she is serious about trying to raise her profile by dating someone famous, Franco is the way to go right now- he’s famous, he’s respected, but since he doesn’t really do the LA, papparazzi thing, it makes the move look less like a Kate Bosworth/Rachel Bilson.

  19. Should be working says:

    @Harry- thank you! I thought she did really well in Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

  20. normades says:

    She’s like the poster child for good plastic surgery.

    @Carrie: I think Franco is still dating that Anna chick. But agree she wants someone of that stature.

  21. Iggles says:

    Persistent Cat – I heard about that too!

    I can’t think of him, without thinking he’s dirty. Even the way he grooms his face — the omnipresent 5 o’clock shadow is NOT working for him. And he would look cuter if he curbed those eyebrows just a bit. He feels like since he’s a guy he doesn’t have to do shit. That’s gross and makes him seem lazy..

  22. Kim says:

    PPLLEEAASSSEE! This would be a TOTAL down grade for Adriene or any guy for that matter. She is on a teen soap opera for goodness sake!

  23. honeyv says:

    i used to like adrian. but after seeing this he disappointed me. i don’t have anything with blake, but she i think she’s stupid, and every time she looks bored and boring. HE could do better!

  24. Madison says:

    She can do better than Adrian and her movie career needs her to do better than Adrian. Blake should go for Jake Gyllenhaal.

  25. original kate says:

    i so don’t get the lust for adrian grenier. my gay boyfriend is enthralled with him, but to me he looks like the caveman from that insurance commercial.

  26. YvetteW says:

    I very stupidly can’t separate Adrian from the character Vince. Maybe she can’t either…

  27. hildogg says:

    Is it just me? I totally don’t get this one. I think she’s cute…not pretty and by no means gorgeous…she has nice legs….her boobs are cute but they are fake..they look like all fake boobs…I applaud her for not going too large (in the breast area) but that is all…and she’s a horrible actress….just don’t get her at all…I don’t like AG, but even he is too good for her

  28. Jennifer says:

    I second the Blake/Jake hook up!


  29. AJ says:

    What does anyone see that they would call her gorgeous or even beautiful? She is so middle-of-the-road with her squishy eyes. Her hair is definately gorgeous though! Why is Anna Wintour obsessed with her – why why why???

  30. Dee Vine says:

    I third the Blake and Jake hookup. Jake and Swifty is just ewww. Adrian Grenier is ewww too. I think Blake is gorgeous.

  31. gabs says:

    Adrien G is a loser. He hangs out with Paris Hilton. Enough said.

    I also wanna see her with Jake Gyllenhaal. Could you imagine if Blake steals him from Swift? All the songs Swifty will write about the tramp that stole her man. Plus Blake and Jake sounds cute.

    I dont even like her, but for gossips sake, Blake and Jake G would be a good match