Did Jessica Simpson buy her own $100,000 Neil Lane ring?

**The above ring isn’t her engagement ring. I wish!

Jessica Simpson is aware of our judgment. She sees our judgment, and she is prepared to give us a media extravaganza in order to prove her love, to prove that THIS LOVE is for real. Since announcing her engagement on Sunday, Team Farty McObvious has issued a dozen different missives to Us Weekly, People Magazine, Styleist, and PopEater, amongst others. They are trying to create a story about two people who hooked up five months ago and fell crashingly in love with each other and are now going to marry and have lots of babies because it’s true love and it has nothing to do with NICK LACHEY. Anyway, now that we’ve gotten the talk about her pervert father, the dire need for a prenup, and the alleged details of the 11/11 proposal out of the way, it’s time to discuss the ring, yet again. We still don’t have photos of the ring – a ruby with two diamonds, set in yellow gold, but you can see the ring here. Apparently, ruby is Jessica’s birthstone. I’ve already said it looks like a tacky mall ring, and that if Eric picked it out, he has horrible taste. But now PopEater is theorizing that Jessica might have picked this sh-t out, and that she likely paid for it too. Oh, and it’s Neil Lane. Ugh.

The sight of Jessica Simpson’s $100,000 ruby-and-diamond Neil Lane engagement ring alone is enough to make you gasp, but the fact that she may have purchased it herself is enough to bring you to tears.

“No way could Eric, who doesn’t have a job at the moment, afford to purchase such an expensive ring,” a friend of Jessica’s tells me. “Yes, he made a little bit of money in the NFL and is from a wealthy family, but unless his parents helped him out, Jessica must have paid for it herself.”

Jessica, who unveiled her flashy bling on Nov. 14 at a Kansas City department store, has long made it clear that money is not an issue with her, but even so her friends are concerned about the star’s $100 million fortune.

“First, we find out that Jessica doesn’t want to have a prenup, and now we find out that she might have paid for her own ring. It just doesn’t feel right to me,” a family friend tells me. “We all want Jessica to be happy and finally find true love after all she has been through, but she doesn’t understand that in the long run if she pays for everything it will hurt her relationship with any man.”

Our friends at Stylist reveal that Jess’s second engagement ring features an approximately 4-carat, oval-shaped ruby stone flanked by two diamonds from Neal Lane, known for his rare vintage jewels. Its worth is estimated to be at least $100,000.

“What’s the big deal? Jessica has more money than she can ever spend,” another friend explains. “If she wants to treat her future husband, friends or even herself to an expensive piece of jewelry, it’s her business and no one else.”

[From PopEater]

Do I judge Jessica for buying her own ring? I don’t actually. I think it makes good sense for a woman if she’s wealthier than her future husband to not only buy her own ring, but to pick it out as well. I mean, this is the ring that you will theoretically be wearing for the rest of your life. Why not get a good one? Of course, if Jessica did pick it out, then she’s the one with tacky style. Also – while I don’t judge Jessica for the ring, I do judge her for being with a guy who can’t be bothered to do anything but be at her beck and call. Eric Johnson is like the new Kate Middleton.

Speaking of: Jessica totally got media c-ckblocked by Kate Middleton, right? HA. And you thought the next six months were going to be about non-stop Jessica’s Wedding bullsh-t. Now Kate will get all of the attention meant for Jessica. That’ll teach Jessica from trying to c-ckblock Nick Lachey.

Actress and singer Jessica Simpson speaks at the Night of the Village as part of The Women's Conference in Long Beach California on October 25, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

46484, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday October 21 2010. Jessica Simpson leaves Red O restaurant after dining with friends and family - including her ex-husband Nick Lachey! Jessica's boyfriend Eric Johnson and her mother Tina were also there. Photograph:  Josephine Santos, PacificCoastNews.com

Jessica Simpson leaves her hotel hand in hand with her new beau Eric Johnson in New York City, New York on September 15, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Jessica Simpson leaves her hotel hand in hand with her new beau Eric Johnson in New York City, New York on September 15, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Header: Jessica Simpson, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. David says:

    She looks really big in the 1st picture!

  2. meg says:

    finally figured it out- she looks weird cos she’s got a bulldog shaped head/neck area. now i can sleep at night…

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    honestly, I’ll be surprised if they ever make it down the aisle.

    I don’t hate Jessica, she seems like a nice enough person, but this whole thing screams desperation.

  4. flourpot says:

    I can’t stand rings like that. Everytime you run your fingers thru your hair the ring either catches and pulls out a small clump or you wander around, oblivious to the fact that you’re trailing hair from your ring. In other news, only 100k? Pretty cheap, considering.

  5. Jillian says:

    That engagement ring is fug.

  6. tiki says:

    hmm, i’ve seen this ring somewhere before. where was it? oh, that’s right. my five-year-old granddaughter wore something similar to her birthday party this past weekend because she was all about the bling. hers wasn’t from neil lane, though. she got a knock-off out of a gumball machine. other than that, same ring.

  7. brin says:

    First of all, I love the top picture (as good as yesterday)! And I love that we all know she bought the ugly ring and finally I love that she got “c*ck-blocked” by Kate!!!!

  8. sickofit says:

    uhm, that wedding is never going to happen

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think its really sad if you have to buy your own engagement ring, bordering on pathetic. I would pick it out, but who I am kidding he would know what kinda ring I want because I will hint a thousand times if I ever felt we were heading down that road. LOL Even if I couldn’t have my dream ring, they make lovely rings in variety of price ranges, he could have just gotten one he could afford.

    Goodness I hope Jess didn’t buy her own ring.

  10. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So I finally looked at the ring. Barf. If it was just the ruby, she could say she was trying to avoid blood diamonds, but no-one would buy that anyway. Unless it has magic powers, there is no way that ring is worth $100 grand. It is fu-glaaay!!! So she definitely picked it & bought it herself. Also, I ususally hate the way I photograph, but it’s not my job to get my picture taken. It is, however, Jess’s job & there are so many of these “farty” pix of her. I wonder what she did to the paps that they sell these horrible shots?

  11. kwoww says:

    who wears gold rings anymore? ugly as shit.

  12. Relli says:

    “Jessica totally got media c-ckblocked by Kate Middleton, right? HA. And you thought the next six months were going to be about non-stop Jessica’s Wedding bullsh-t. Now Kate will get all of the attention meant for Jessica. That’ll teach Jessica from trying to c-ckblock Nick Lachey.”

    You took the word right out of my mind/mouth. Kaiser i also think you make an awesome point about it being totally ok for a woman to buy her own ring!

  13. Eka says:

    With all the hoopla no one is talking about the fact that this dude just got divorced. And five/six months later he is engaged? Please. ‘eye roll’

  14. guesty says:

    thank you waity katie thank you.

    now if jess will just hurry up & have her wedding say within the next week or so she’ll be outta the tabs for at least a little while.

  15. flutters says:

    The ring isn’t my style but if she likes it then it’s all that matters. That article is speculative about who paid for it and I don’t care too much about that issue either.

    But this from Kaiser is awesome: “Jessica totally got media c-ckblocked by Kate Middleton, right? HA. And you thought the next six months were going to be about non-stop Jessica’s Wedding bullsh-t. Now Kate will get all of the attention meant for Jessica. That’ll teach Jessica from trying to c-ckblock Nick Lachey.”

    Haha! Here I was thinking that there was also collateral media c-ckblocking of Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian!

    In some ways Jessica is doing Nick/Vanessa a favor. I honestly think they’re going to get more attention from the “race to the altar” than they would’ve if Jessica weren’t engaged. Depends on whether they care about that or not (I think they do).

  16. TeeTee says:


    her WHOLE thing, just desperate..
    she seems so kiddy like..

    Kate will overshadow all of her fuckery.

    he didn’t buy that ugly ring–she did.
    maybe now she’ll go somewhere and sit down..

  17. krissy_kitty says:

    All I have to say is PRENUP!!! I was a lil irked by her announcement of her engagement so close to Nick and Vanessa’s engagement… It just wreaked of desperation on Jessica’s part.. But, I wish her nothing but happiness.. I don’t know why but I really like her. :p I just want her to be smart about this and protect herself financially and emotionally.. IDK

  18. Liana says:

    I just hope she’s happy. She seems like a nice enough person.

  19. Annicka says:

    That ring looks like something my grandma would wear.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Eka, I mentioned that on a previous post, to me that’s the biggest sign that this isn’t the wisest move by any involved.
    I too will be shocked if they actually get married. I picture another round of “Jessica’s Heartbreak!” magazine covers when it falls apart.

    I don’t like the ring, it’s not my style, but it’s her money. Speaking of, I’m a little doubtful of this $100 million worth that was thrown out there. Her career has been stalled for several years now.

    ETA: When the William/Kate engagement was announced this morning, my first thought was “somewhere in California, Jessica Simpson is having a hissy fit.”

  21. Henriette says:

    YAY! Once again, I totally agree with Kaiser. In this day and age, why shouldn’t a woman buy her own engagement ring? Honestly, folks should worry more about how they’re going to make a marriage work than about what’s on their finger, who paid for it, and whether or not it’s yellow gold.

  22. Maritza says:

    Her selection of the ring is her business, whether it’s white gold or yellow, ruby or diamond, it’s her money and her choice. All I’m saying is, this guy really hit the jackpot!

  23. brin says:

    @flutters…”collateral media c-ckblocking of Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian”….lol, so true…this story gets better & better!

  24. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I wish her well but DAYUM that ring is UGLY!

    I woulda done a big rock and two rubies on the side. Its my birthstone too but a diamond is a diamond!

  25. Devon says:

    The ring is something I wouldn’t want, but it’s her ring, not ours. This isn’t her first engagement so I’m not surprised that she would want something different. She’s already got (or had) the platinum/huge diamond ring. I wouldn’t want anything similar to what I had previously. I wouldn’t go for a yellow gold ring or a ruby but I would get something that wouldn’t remind me of the first one.

    As for the speculation that she bought her own ring, it doesn’t matter. For all we know, Eric could have purchased his own ring for her and she wanted something different (bitch move, I agree) or since she knows that she’s the wealthier of the two, she wanted to buy it herself to save Eric the stress.

  26. Danielle says:

    Its funny how you believe the “sources” that say nasty things but don’t believe the ones who say good things. Why is that?

    I personally think its tacky how badly the media (and people in general) want to ruin what should be a happy moment for someone. That’s more selfish than accepting a marriage proposal despite your ex being engaged as well. Should she have put her life on hold? Let her enjoy what should be a good time in her life. The press is getting out of control on this to the point of just generally being bullies.

  27. Danielle says:

    Also, I never take the popeater guy seriously on all things Jessica as its kinda well known she fired him a few years back.

  28. bellaluna says:

    Okay, as someone who fell in love with my husband (and he with me) almost at first sight, I can see how it COULD happen to someone else. But I believe we’re the exception, not the rule.

    edit: Dear God; I just read about the carat weight on that thing – it’s over 10 carats total! What a beast!

  29. Jezi says:

    What in the world would make her buy that ring? If you’re gonna spend the money then at least get yourself a beautiful diamond. I would rather walk around with my measely .5 carat diamond ring then that piece of shit ruby. Sorry Neil Lane but it’s hideous. Might be cute to wear with a nice red dress to some event, but not as an engagement ring.

  30. Kbomb says:

    I helped pay for my ring and my husband proposed to me the day after his divorce was final. OMG we are totally going to get divorced (sarcastic eye roll). That being said, these 2 are doomed. LOL.

  31. InVain says:

    That ring is disgusting…yuck. And for the record, I prefer yellow gold and wear it frequently…I usually wear it without stones…and would NEVER wear that shit.

  32. Jayna says:

    Anyone who thinks she paid for that ring is foolish. Of course, he paid for it — on credit. He wanted to impress her, that he could afford such an expensive (albeit ugly setting) ring, so that she thinks she is getting a catch, a successful man. That’s what a lot of losers do, spend a lot in the beginning to trick the woman into believing they are something they’re not.

  33. Sambina says:

    WELL She bought Vanessa’s too (her money that Nick got from the divorce) so why shouldnt she buy her own.

  34. anjasmomma says:

    That is a really ugly ring. Really! Jess is in need of a best friend right now. Bless her heart she is a train wreck. Someone needs to tell her #1 What’shisname is a big loser. Marrying someone like him won’t keep her happy for long. #2 Again the ring is fug and needs to go back to the jeweler.

  35. Str8Shooter says:

    She bought the ring, and announced the engagement, for the same reasons she does everything else media-related: she’s desperate for attention, and sees her pop-culture relevance diminshed.

    Seriously. Dumb as a bag of rocks. Blonde roots, no doubt.

  36. devilgirl says:

    I buy myself rings all the time and avoid the marriage part. Why ruin good jewelry with a bad marriage!

  37. ahoymatey says:

    I just have to say…I have a birthstone ring similar to that, but with a bigger middle stone & smaller diamonds. Mine looks way better & was about $100 at Kay…

  38. original kate says:

    i think engagement rings are kind of dated. what’s the point of them, really? “look, i belong to a man.”

  39. sammyhammy says:

    That is exactly the engagement ring I wanted!!! My husband would have bought it for me, too (not for 100K, but a more reasonably priced ring of similar style). But, oh no…my dad. He is SUCH a traditionalist, and he convinced me that I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have just an ordinary diamond solitaire. So, that’s what I got.

    Not that I don’t love my diamond now, more than 20 years later. I do-it’s gorgeous. But it wasn’t my original choice.

    A few months after we got married my hubby went out and bought me a ruby ring guard, so at least I have something kinda like what I wanted, just in reverse.

  40. Kim says:

    NO WAY could he afford that ring unless he comes from money? That ring is soooooo ugly! It looks like its from a mall jewelry store! I cant believe it is Neil Lane or that it costs $100k! It looks fake!

  41. Kim says:

    Let us not forget this guy JUST got divorced like what 5 months ago!!!! HE is a total loser!!!! But if she wants to pay a loser to be her husband thats her perogative. I like Jessica but she really chooses the wrong men (except Nick).

    Now all the tabloids will have exclusive interviews with this guys ex wife who he would probably still be married to if gravy train Jessica hadnt come into the picture.

    Who would skip Yale to be with a new girlfriend and who would date a guy who did??? loser!

  42. liz says:

    This whole thing is so fake, it’s sad. You can see the utter asinine and helpless vapidity in her eyes in all of the pictures!

    The real winner in all of this?
    Nick Lachey

  43. mel says:

    Didnt Britney Spears buy her own ring too? This relationship is doomed. Jessica is so desperate and she shows it. Poor girl. I hope everything works out but he’s gona take her to cleaners if they ever divorce just like K-Fed did to Britney.

  44. anoneemouse says:

    I feel really badly that I always think of her as pathetic but she brings it all on herself! Please please please fade into the background now…we’ve heard and seen enough. Clearly NO ONE ELSE will ever had the love that she has..cough cough gag gag puke

  45. Musicfan says:

    First off that ring is disgustingly tacky. Second, this guy is pretty smart that he picked a chick with all that moolah, sexed her up and enertained her stupidity.

    I bet ALL THE MONEY on earth if she (Well her creepy daddy) demands she gets a prenup, he will call off the wedding. If anything he will want to do a quicky wedding. As for K-Fed hell yeah Britney bought her ring he sure, didn’t take his “hard earned” money to buy it.

    I rather my future hubby buy me a 1500 dollar ring if he couldn’t afford anything else, then I purchase something elaborate just to show people I have it.

  46. Camille says:

    Her fiancé reminds me of Tory Spellings husband. He is totally a combo of that guy and that Federline guy. These girls sure can pick them can’t they :lol: .

    I read on another blog that the reason they are moving things along so fast is that Jessica is desperate for babies. Well I hope this actually is not true, because getting married to some shady guy you have only known for 5 months when you are worth that much money just so you can have a kid, is the dumbest idea ever. If its true I give them 2 years tops.

    A friend of mine got married to a guy too quickly, all because she wanted to have babies (before 30) and of course it didn’t last. Now she is in her 40s, with a crap job, in a crap housing situation and with no nice male prospects on the horizon either (and yes she would like a boy friend).
    These woman, (especially dumb-asses like JSimp), need to take some time before rushing into marriage, after all her 1st go round didn’t go well either.
    I do not give these 2 much hope in a long term union.

  47. Jayna says:

    This guy did make millions over this course of his career. I don’t care what his bitter ex-wife said to sell her story. His lawyer said he has financial holdings and real estate investments. He may be at a crossroads, but he made a lot of money if you add up all his NFL contracts. He did graduate from Yale and is very smart to get accepted to Wharton’s. Do I think she should get an ironclad prenup and not rush into a wedding and see where he goes careerwise? Absolutely. But loser is going a little far on this guy. He’s no KFed.

  48. Sunshine says:

    What a funny picture of Jessica! Looks like she’s telling someone to f-ck off.

  49. Heavenbound says:

    (No offense to all my celebitchy sisters)… But are all of you blind? That is not an engagement ring.. She has it on the middle finger, it is not on the right ring finger. Duh! such hatred really…

  50. Samigirl says:

    I really, really want Jessica to be happy, but she so obviously has low self esteem. If she can’t be happy with herself, she will NEVER be happy with someone else. That being said, I’m sure we will all be having this conversation again in 12-18 months.

  51. Bitter fruit says:

    Is she pregnant in that last shot?

    52 – that’s not the ring in the top photo. Follow the links in the article for photos of the monstrosity.

  52. mln says:

    I agree with Kaiser that there is nothing wrong per se with picking out and purchasing or at least contributing to the purchase of your own ring. BUT in this case Jess is not coming from a place of sensible independence but desperation and that is what is tacky. The dude needs to get a job and figuire out what exactly he wants to do with his life besides leech off of her.

  53. Lauren says:

    He made the NFL league minimum during his years with the 49ers. He didn’t make millions, it was more like $300k at most. And that was years ago and he’s since been through a divorce. Real estate holdings? Yeah right. His exwife said that he’s broke and she would know.

    And he’s not that smart. He bailed on Wharton to follow JS around and leech. George W Bush went to Yale, and he’s a moron. K-Fed 2.0.

  54. Aurelia says:

    Jezz, I ask if you guys are all blind too. Firstly the big oval mall bought dress ring J is sporting is on the wrong hand for starters. Secondly it isn’t even a ruby. It does not have the concentration of colour a 100K ruby has. Looks like coloured glass with small pearls circling it. Thirdly, that ring does not even match the description of her actual engagement ring. Where are the 2 accompanying diamonds? The only similarity is the oval shape? Get a grip people. Yes, J looks overstuffed and preggers. Snared herself a man the old fashioned way, maybe like her sister – get up the duff and force a proposal. Ha ha. Jess is defo the new Britney. It won’t last.

  55. wunderkindt says:

    Oh well, . . . what did you expect?

  56. Devon says:

    Aurelia, if you click on the link that Kaiser spoke of, you will see the correct ring. We all know that the first picture isn’t her engagement ring.

  57. Jeri says:

    Looks like she got cheek injections too. Just what you need when you’re trying not to look “round” everywhere. Looks awful.

    Of course she bought her own ring (or gave hime pocket money for it).

  58. tango says:

    Geez, why all the engagement ring haters? It’s almost like if a ring isn’t platinum with white diamonds, the poor girl ought to hang her head in shame and refuse to get married. If you’re not buying or receiving it, why would you care if someone elses taste in engagement rings is not yours?

    That ring has a 4 carat center ruby with a 2 carat white diamond on each side in a vintage style. She probably wanted something totally different than the engagement ring she got from Nick.

  59. Veronica says:

    I think she deserves to be happy. So much negativity… it does seem that she should be weary of this guy. I think that she never really fully recouped from the heart break of Nick. Sometimes you love someone so badly & you want it to work. I think that Nick being older just wanted different things at an age she wasn’t ready… sad thing is, the same thing happened to me…much feels like a knife to the chest, but all in all… if she would have settled she would be in a worse place than she is now? The true question is… is she so desperate for love & with the new engagement is she settling? I also did the same.. got engaged for 2 years before I realized it wasn’t the one I wanted.. I only did it to spite my ex… maybe she will realize this before its too late.. and I too bought my own engagement ring! Bad sign man.. I do wish her the best whatever happens. Stop hating haters :)

  60. Kat says:

    For the love of God, Jess, don’t be a dumbass. Get a prenup!

    I have a funny feeling that this marriage is already doomed before it happens. Anyone else have that feeling, too? Same goes for Nick & Lemonjello’s wedding.

  61. Jayna says:

    Lauren, you’re wrong about him only making 300,000. I don’t know about his early years, but here’s the last few:

    regarding the 49ers:

    Eric Johnson, TE
    Contract Details: Johnson signed a three-year contract with the 49ers on March 18, 2004. The deal is worth $4.5 million, according to the San Jose Mercury News

    with the Saints in 2007, he made almost 2 million dollars:
    3 Eric Johnson $1,805,000

    He was resigned in 2008 for 1,250,000 or so. He was released later in the summer. I don’t know if he got his full salary or how that worked. Over the course of his career, he did make many millions.

  62. crtb says:

    She should wear a ring that he could afford. It would mean so much more if he purchased it for her rather than she buying it for herself. It shouldn’t matter how small it is but that it was given in love.

  63. angela says:

    Wow, some of you people sound envious of Jessica. I think that its great she’s found love again and I wish them only the best.

  64. B says:

    Oh my gosh, that ring is a material object and she/they chose it…their taste, their meaning, their deal.

    I know people are just sharing opinions, but geesh why knock their style of ruby love nugget?

    Did anyone expect it to vastly differ from her dress style anyway?

  65. Cletus says:

    That ring is awful. It reminds me of these earrings that my ex-husband bought me for x-mas/Hannukah one year… they were fake (lab created) ruby studs, but they were really big and looked like melted Jolly Ranchers. I wore them, though, because he picked them out himself and I loved him. Maybe Jessica feels that way about her ugly ass ring. Unless she picked it out paid for it herself. In which case, ew.

  66. Po says:

    I have to disagree on buying your own ring. They are a couple now, she needs to allow him to buy what he can afford. If you’re not willing to alter your life at all and take into consideration that you have chosen to marry a man without as much as you then you need to not get married. I know that some may disagree but if she buys her own ring now she will be paying for everything from this point on. If she wants to buy something why not buy him his wedding band.

  67. mymy says:

    So she makes more money than him. How many men can she choose from that make more than her? Not many. Men have been doing this for years. Now woman make money and they are doing it? Oh woman’s lib goes out the window when it comes to this. I have a feeling many couples do this. Woman wants a nice ring man can’t afford it. So woman buys it. Big deal. And I guess she has different taste than a lot of you. So what

  68. PsychicEyes says:

    Such a pathetic excuse to try to gain the spotlight from your ex’s engagement. I would have believed it was genuine engagement if he had given a her small ring; something romantic — this one smells too shitty to me. Perhaps hatched up because she cannot stand being single — poor little Jessica, when are you really ever going to learn? Stop coming across so desperate and do a bit of reflecting and maybe just maybe you might actually get it as to why guys don’t want to stick around. Sorry, this is a fake relationship and I don’t buy that there is any love between these two.

  69. jemshoes says:

    Well if this story is true, and if this is what makes Jess “happy,” then good for her. Personally, I have never coveted diamonds / jewellery: I’m just not that kind of girl. I’ve only just had my wedding ring resized (my ring finger is now 2.5 sizes bigger after pregnancy and childbirth) and am due to pick it up this Friday and I can’t wait!!! :) The engagement ring was never a part of the fairytale for me, and when I got engaged it just seemed more important to buy things like furniture than spend thousands of dollars even on a small diamond. :) But I understand other girls’ love for diamonds – I admire the ones my girlfriends wear – and I also get why some love gaudy, flashy jewellery (hypnotising!!!)!

  70. thesaurophile says:

    Is it me or is Jess starting to look a little bit like Tammy Faye Bakker?