Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady, cuts interview to throw up from hangover

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on the Brady Bunch, did a brief radio interview, cut short by her hangover. She rushed out at the end, gagging, covering her mouth and saying she was about to throw up.

Olsen fessed up that she had drank too much Wednesday night, but between retches she urged listeners to come see her show Thursday night at Loonee’s Comedy Corner on North Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs, where she opened for headliner Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca.

Olsen blamed Fonseca for her condition.

“Chris got me so wasted last night, and I’m so ready to vomit on the microphone,” she said. She urged fans to come to Loonee’s to watch her and Fonseca “fight with each other.”

Olsen ended the brief interview by telling deejay Darren McKee, “I’m going to go throw up now.”

Denver Post

Of course, her manager said that it wasn’t that Susan had too much to drink, but it was because of Colorado’s high altitude that she couldn’t handle her alcohol intake. He also defended her saying it wasn’t ‘like she was shooting heroin in the studio or something.’

Admittedly, she wasn’t indulging in illegal drugs while doing an interview to promote her comedy show, but she was hungover with her 12-year-old son in the room. Her son didn’t seem to bothered by the incident, telling listeners to come along to her show and ‘watch her drink like a pig tonight’.

Susan was once rumored to have a career in the adult film industry, but all it amounted to was that she had helped a friend with the soundtrack for their adult film. After Brady Bunch finished and she graduated from high school, Susan worked as a graphic designer for ten years. Her last acting experience was in the Brady Bunch Movie. She has also worked as a radio host and is raising her son who has asperger’s syndrome.

Here’s a video of her radio appearance. Around 2:00 minutes in she starts gagging and covering her mouth, and rushes out of the studio saying she’s about to throw up.

Susan Olsen and her son are shown in the header on 3/7/08 thanks to WENN photographer Nikki Nelson. Image Below thanks to Susan Olsen Fans.

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  1. Leandra says:

    That poor little boy of hers. His mother’s drinking really upsets him. Is there no more stable relative he could live with who would provide a happier home for this child?

  2. xiaoecho says:

    wow! her son is a chip off the old block – looks wise ………..that comment is a worry though

  3. Because I say So says:

    I know it’s messed up that her son knows her drinking habits, but that kid is my new hero!

  4. mollination says:

    That DJ doesn’t play it off as “all-in-fun” or anything! How embarrassing for that child!

    I hear ya’ Anni, I’m just thankful I was the younger one and it doesn’t have any effect on me like it does my sister.

    What a loser of a mom. Not that she was drinking (so don’t start getting on me) but for blatantly being hungover in front of her child, and forcing HIM to act like the adult. LET KIDS BE KIDS you irresponsible fucktards!

  5. Wif says:

    I don’t know. I’m sure I saw my dad hungover once or twice. Since I’ve have my kids I haven’t had a hangover yet, but man would I like to earn one. The kid’s comment makes it sound like this isn’t an isolated incident, but it could be, and he’s just repeating something he’s heard to be impressive on the radio.

    I’m actually more offended by my neighbours who I witnessed getting high IN FRONT of their 8 year old the other night. I just don’t get some people.

  6. Harley says:

    wow. that lil boy looks JuST like his mom did 30 years ago

  7. stellapurdy says:

    Like Harley said.

    And I love all the judgement being passed around after reading about one isolated incident. That would make me assume that all of you are probably in line for the parent of the year award :roll:

    Did anyone think for a moment that maybe it was a stunt to get people to go to the show? Or do you always believe everything you read on a gossip site?

  8. Mairead says:

    Well, stella, you could be onto something there.

    An adult gets drunk and has a resulting hangover… how unprecedented!!! For those of you that do drink, have a look at yourselves on wedding/party videos please tell me that your children aren’t mortified by your drunken dancing :wink:

    The son sounds like an average 12 year old smartarse to me to be honest – especially if he has Aspergers, which means he can’t always judge how his comments can be taken up.

    Now if she is an alcoholic, that is a different matter – but it’s disgraceful to brand someone as an unfit mother on the basis of one on-air incident.

  9. tvf says:

    Even a change of a couple thousand feet will make you much more susceptible to alcohol’s effects. It’s not uncommon for kids in Colorado to buy booze, then drive up a mountain to drink it because they’ll get way drunker. Plus, the altitude can make people nauseous, and definitely makes hangovers much worse.

    If the kid were regularly beaten, he wouldn’t have a mouth on him like that. (That’s not what I’m advocating.) Kids of alcoholics know to keep their mouths shut about their parents drinking.

  10. Amy says:

    Does anyone else think the DJ was being a total jerk to her and the kid?

  11. Maddie says:

    Oh, big deal! Like NONE of you has ever had too much to drink. The kid has Asperger’s syndrome, and high altitudes do make people more drunk. I’d be worried if she COULD hold her liquor. Getting drunk with a resulting hangover off of a couple of drinks once in a while doesn’t make a person an alcoholic. At least she had the kahunas to admit it and didn’t cancel the interview for being drunk.

  12. E-Advocate says:

    The E-Advocate is officially standing up for Susan Olsen who played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch. As the editor, I am attesting to her amazing activist and advocacy work that I have witnessed personally. I met her several times during her week in Colorado when she participated in “Stand Up for Autism.

    Though she had never done improv comedy before, she went out on a limb and flew out to Colorado to give it a try for a cause that she wholeheartedly believes in. She spent the week supporting autism at several improv comedy benefits and was hilarious. She is a brave and down to earth person who deserves our admiration.

    If only this country knew her as I do, as a fellow activist. 51,000 viewers on YouTube have been mislead to believe that she has a drinking problem. She does not. A few glasses of wine at a high altitude would give anyone a surprisingly vicious hangover. She went to the radio station to promote a cause regardless of how she was feeling and I applaud her dedication.

    Once again, the E-Advocate is officially standing up for Susan Olsen. She participated in “Stand up for Autism” and we should participate in standing up for her.

  13. anne says:

    NOTE TO SELF: don’t get plastered and show up still drunk with son in public.

  14. joe says:

    I am not going to say it is right at all what she did or does.Before we judge anyone …..How many here have gotten drunk like that in their life??????

    I see alot of judgement being passed around when none of us are perfect.We all make mistakes but still that is no excuse for her actions or anyone elses also.Read the Bible Matt 7….says it all about judging others.