Josh Duhamel actually apologizes for plane incident, claims Blackberry addiction


It was exactly a week ago when we found out that Josh Duhamel had been kicked off of a plane for refusing to turn off his Blackberry, and for heckling a stewardess or something. Basically, he was a jagoff. In the immediate aftermath, Josh’s publicist only offered an insincere-sounding apology. Then, a few days later, Josh told Access Hollywood that he learned his “lesson” and was now “good”. Once again, there was the general feeling of insincerity, like Josh just didn’t want to be bothered explaining himself or the situation. Now, a week later, he seems to realize that he actually needs to sit down and give an interview about it – and coincidentally, he’s also promoting some charity work he’s doing. Smart. That’s why Hollywood publicists get the big bucks:

‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ star Josh Duhamel had a bit of his own transforming experience last week when he was asked to leave a flight from New York to Kentucky after reportedly ignoring a flight attendant’s request to turn his BlackBerry off. The star exclusively tells ET, “I messed up, and I feel like an idiot because of it.”

“It’s just one of those situations that you wish you could have back,” he explains. “I meant no disrespect to the crew or the flight attendant or any of the people that were on the plane. I didn’t mean to further delay them. …You know, that’s just not the person I try to be, and I just wanted a chance to apologize to the people that were affected by it.”

Josh adds with a laugh, “The lesson that I learned is that I probably need to check myself into ‘BlackBerries Anonymous.’”

This holiday season (and, of course, year-round), Josh is trying to make a difference and hopes people will consider the American Red Cross and their 2010 Holiday Giving Campaign, “Gifts that Save the Day.”

“Considering the economic downturn, and there’s a lot people out there that are struggling right now, it’s not an easy time for a lot of people — and it’s not the most easy time to give — but this is the time when people most need it,” he explains.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Josh helped organize a youth run that raised more than $100,000 in Santa Monica, CA. He says that the flooding in North Dakota about five years ago sparked his interest in getting more involved with the Red Cross.
“I felt like I really wanted to do something,” he says. “What can I do? How can I help make the biggest impact? And it was through the Red Cross.”

The 38-year-old star plans to spend the holidays along with wife Fergie with his family, noting, “We switch off every year. Last year Christmas was at Ferg’s house, this year it’s at my place. … We just plan it so that we’re spending time with both families.”

Josh confirms that they plan to renew their wedding vows on their upcoming second anniversary in January, saying, “It’s fun, and it’s a good excuse to get family and friends together and throw a party.” In the meantime, both stars remain busy, but Josh says he enjoys catching his significant other on stage with the Black Eyed Peas whenever he can.

“I love watching the show and I love watching her perform,” he gushes. “I’m impressed by her and her talent. I’m not afraid to admit it — I’m a fan.”

Talking a little ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon,’ which lands in theaters July 1, 2011, Josh says, “There’s nothing quite like being on the set of a Michael Bay movie because it’s a spectacle every day. I feel like a tiny cog in a giant machine when I’m there, but it’s pretty fun to be a part of. … I’m excited to see how it all turns out.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Wow, he killed a lot of birds with one interview, right? Apology for being a jag? Check. Charity promotion so he looks like a decent guy? Check. Promoting the strength of his marriage after that affair with the stripper? Check. A little early promotion on Transformers 3? Check. Whatever, he sounds kind of sorry. I’m over it. He’s not important enough to be mad at.


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  1. Rita says:

    I don’t give a crap about this guy but I want to say HURAAAAY for tab websites and pay homage to the elite upscale site, Celebitchy (kiss kiss). If it wasn’t for these sites, celebrities would never get the message. Their publicist read them for public opinions and when the celebs read them, we can take them down a notch.

    Fellow Bitches, if you think you’re just spouting off and your comments don’t matter…think again.

  2. brin says:

    What…no apology for being a total douche?

  3. Sarah says:

    He’s still hot. lol. Maybe he’ll be on the next season of Celeb Rehab for his “addiction” LMAO

  4. Hautie says:

    I suspect he is only sorry that it got made public. He has probably been a nightmare for years and just finally p*ssed off the wrong female.

    Too bad she has not done CNN. I bet they are looking for her… :) I like to hear her take on having him removed from the plane.

  5. ElizabethM says:

    If he genuinely meant no disrespect, this wouldn’t have happened. I think he only regrets the negative press he caused.

  6. K says:

    I think this makes him even more of an ass. If he really felt sorry for his actions, he’d have apologised to the plane crew and passengers as he voluntarily walked off the plane that day. Waiting a week then plugging a bunch of crap? Major Douche.

    And what a way to downplay the severity of addictions, Josh! Kudos.

    Done with him.

  7. Stronzilla says:

    Did anybody see that picture of him in the airport BEFORE he got on that flight? Wasted, absolutely wasted. Could hardly stand up. I don’t care how many charitable acts his publicists trot out, Once a Douchamel, always a Douchamel.

  8. Ferguson. says:

    I told you, he’s addicted to his BB. I believe him cause I already knew it.

  9. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I would have bought his appology if he hadn’t brought up the charity work which makes him sound like a douchebag. I don’t give a shit if you donate blood every morning and feed the homeless every night, it doesn’t give you a right to be a jagoff on a plane and than give this lame half ass appology. But like Kaiser said I’m over him and the whole thing.

  10. Whatever says:

    Whatever his motivations, at least he admitted responsibility. That is rare – and not just among celebrities.

  11. Raven says:

    I personally think it is more than cleaning up negative press. If you get yourself on one of those no-fly lists, it is hell to get off. And airlines can see that he gets added if he looks like an ongoing headache. It would be very difficult for this guy if he could not fly. They can’t afford the private jet on a regular basis. I think he’s making the apology public and looking sincere to avoid ending up unable to fly at all.

  12. poopie says:

    So here comes but ANOTHER syndrome where no one is responsible for their bad behaviour :

    B.S. = Blackberry Syndrome

    HA !

  13. Jeri says:

    hmm… I’ve pondered it a week and… He’s still a douche.

  14. original kate says:

    “You know, that’s just not the person I try to be.”

    he needs to try much harder.

  15. Crash2GO2 says:

    Yeah right. Nice try douchus.

  16. ale says:

    poor guy his life must be really empty.

  17. Hakura says:

    This guy is such an ass.

    He’s only coming out with this ‘apology’ now because the backlash was so major. This just comes across as “I deeply regret the misunderstanding on the plane where my ‘blackberry addiction‘ MADE me to act like a douchebag-HEY! Does everyone know about the CHARITY I’m supporting?”

    Should’ve thrown him off the plane, onto the active runway. Would’ve seen how ‘sorry’ he was then. Douche.

  18. Henriette says:

    He helped organize a fun run that made $100,000? So… he helped fundraise. Which is nice – fundraising is important – but I’d have been more impressed if he’d then matched that $100,000 raised with an equal amount from his OWN bank account. Getting others to give money = good but giving your own money = much, much better.

  19. Anti-icon says:

    I keep getting this guy confused with that dude who married Scarjo. They just seem interchangeable….yawn.