Madonna’s health is suffering from stress and she is “totally miserable”

Poor Madonna. Seriously, poor, poor Madonna. The woman has it rough. Bad things keep happening to her lately, and she clearly has nothing to do with them or any control over it. Her life is just in one of those “sometimes bad things happen for no reason” places right now. Madge isn’t feeling so hot lately, due to the stress of probably cheating on her husband with a married man, breaking up his marriage, and nearly losing her own. Who would have thought that wouldn’t make you feel like a good person?

Madonna’s physical and mental health are suffering as a result, and she’s at one of the lowest places in her life, according to friends.

…for the first time, despite her incredible fitness regime, her health has started to suffer. Doctors discovered Madge is anaemic, a surefire sign she is overdoing it, and she also suffered a painful knee injury. Madge has had a doctor, physiotherapist and a chiropractor on duty during rehearsals for her forthcoming Sticky & Sweet world tour. This week medical experts ordered her to take her foot off the pedal on the punishing dance routines because her body simply cannot cope.

Madge’s meltdown follows some testing times in her personal life. A source in her camp said: “Madonna is doing less than OK. She has been rehearsing for the tour and she is totally miserable… She’s down physically and mentally. The situation with Guy is very, very tense. The way the press are going crazy with the A-Rod story, her brother’s book and her physical exhaustion are all taking their toll.

“She feels nobody has taken her side. One of her closest pals says she has never seen Madonna so low. She has been feeling low and looking really gaunt. Madonna was told to go soft on work and rehearsals, so she will now take one proper day off every week and go easy in the mornings. She has a blood analysis done every few days — including one during last Friday’s rehearsal in front of everyone.”

[From The Sun]

She feels nobody has taken her side? Did she really expect people to? I realize no one can really know the details of a marriage except the two people in it… but come on. How much empathy did she expect people to feel? In some respects I dislike her more because she broke up someone else’s marriage, but her own seems to (technically) still be together, which seems pretty damn unfair. I doubt it’ll hold for long, but it still grates on my nerves.

According to The Sun, Madge is relaxing/recuperating in the Hamptons at BFF Gwyneth Paltrow’s home. Perhaps she can use some of her Kabbalah magical wisdom to look deep insider herself and take a little responsibility, instead of being annoyed with everyone else for not showing her the proper amount of sympathy.

Here’s Madonna arriving at the Kabbalah Centre in New York on Saturday. Photographer: Michael Carpenter. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. mizzmish says:

    Ahhh…the narcissist cant look in the mirror of truth! Yet another one crumbles. I cant stand her. Apparently most people are over her. Thank goodness. Are we supposed to feel bad for her? Did ya SEE truth or dare? I am going to imagine she got worse and honestly it blows whenever you find out the world does NOT revolve around you. But for MOST of us…that happens as a teen. I hope she goes and becomes like a hermit or something.

  2. Scott F. says:

    I’d say any health problems she’s having are 20% stress and 80% the way she treats her body. To be working out that fanatically and (so I’ve heard from her interviews) eating virtually nothing at her age is just a bad idea.

    People think there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when they’re doing things that are considered healthy. I mean, does she LOOK healthy to anyone here? Yikes.

  3. daisy424 says:

    Boo fucking hoo, poor Madonna.

    I have a genetic form of anemia. It’s simple; you take a pill, end of story.

  4. Lara says:

    JB, you sound like you were the bedside lamp in the room where they were allegedly banging each other. Are you absolutely sure they had an affair? I don’t buy it.

  5. Spoonman55 says:

    Waaaaaaaaa- I’m a millionaire.

    Waaaaaaaaaa-I steal kids from 3rd world countries.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa-I lip sync all my concerts…

    No Wait! why am I whining?

    I’m Madonna,everyone loves me-NOT…

  6. Ron says:

    Speculation is always amusing, that’s half of what this site is about. However, in salacious stories like these, everyone, including this author assumes the worst. Is it simply not possible that they were friends, maybe the flirted with each other, maybe they had an affair. Even if they did have an affair, it may have been the final straw that broke the marriage, but from all published reports it had been on the rocks for awhile. I live in LA and I know people who are in the public eye and if you were not there, you just don’t know what the story is. So when you write an article like this frame it in a speculative way, not as truth.
    And I do feel sorry for her, this is not her signature get me in the press routine at all.

  7. TIA says:

    Give me a break people. She is awesome and going through a bad time. She is only human. Who are you to tell her not to work out so much or what to do with her own life. She is going through a bad time, she will get through it, but have some damn compassion.. my lord.. I mean really !!

  8. kitcat says:

    I’ve never been one to sympathize with madonna, but she REALLY lost me when she chose to publicly dress those kids in NY Yankees clothing when all those rumors were flying around. She KNEW everyone was talking about her having an affair with Gay-rod so she dresses her kids in his team wear? Gimme a break! That seemed exceptionally nasty towards Guy Ritchie and putting her kids right smack in the middle of something they shouldn’t be a part of. She needs to start acting like a mom. I still think all of this BS is just self-created publicity for her upcoming album and tour. The coincidences are too many. :roll:

  9. GirlyGirl says:

    Ron, you said it. Well done. I was surprised how sure the author was about the truth of the rumors. In the end it is all just that… speculation, unless a rep makes a statement. Madonna is certainly not perfect or saintly, but if you’ve ever seen her perform you have to admit that she has worked very hard to get where she is and her creative ability deserves recognition. That being said, if she had an affair and broke up a marriage, shame on her. But we don’t know. And THAT is true.

  10. boomchakaboom says:

    After a lifetime of bulldozing anyone who stood in the path of her climb to the top of the star-heap, Madonna is simply finding that getting older means that not only does your body weaken, but your conscious grows stronger.


  11. lola lola says:

    Ron: Lighten up dude! “Stylish Celebrity Escapism”..that’s what we get here. No-one comes here for the headline news. And if you did, you shoulda taken a left turn at Albuquerque.

  12. JayBird says:

    Darlings, you’ll note that I wrote, “due to the stress of probably cheating on her husband with a married man” – “probably” being the operative word here. We can only write so many “possibly” “probably” “maybe” phrases before the articles lose their point and become weighed down with cautionary phrases. Obviously only the people involved know exactly what happened – and that’s true for much of what you read just about anywhere.

  13. Alexis says:

    It is fun when the mighty fall.

  14. kate says:

    her arms frighten the beejesus out of me.

  15. Payton says:

    Madonna is finally crashing after 25 years of manipulating and using people. Why should people take her side? This is just another chapter of her ugly fame. I like some of her music, but her disloyalty, behaving like a slutty mummy & weak character make me lose all sympathy for her. Guy has behaved incredibly dignified, considering Madonna’s scandelous behavior. Madonna does not deserve this upper crust Englishman, or her children. Madge is burying her own grave -I hope Guy throws the dirt on her, and finds the love he truly deserves.

  16. paris herpes says:

    She’s overdoing it, she’s done all this to herself. No boo-hooing!

  17. LiLi says:

    jaybird- your post was well written
    hey ron and girly girl- have you been following what cynthia rodriguez said the day she filed for divorce? duh!
    i love the “punishing dance routine” part.
    sorry madonna, but rolling around on the floor in a purple leotard does not count as dancing.

  18. Codzilla says:

    She looks terrible. Pale, sinewy, and just plain unhealthy. Maybe it’s time to expand her diet beyond steamed grains or whatever the hell she’s been choking down for the last million years.

  19. Snowblood says:

    I’m with Ron, TIA & Girly-Girl here. And I do feel bad for her, I mean if she really is that sad and depressed, which seems so out of character for Madonna, that sucks for her, and I wouldn’t wish such depression upon Madonna. I don’t believe she’d f*ck that douchebag bozo ball player, she’s way smarter than that. I don’t wish ill upon Madonna, that’s one of my childhood favourites and I’ll always be on her “side,” controlling ego and octopus arms and all. Beh…

    She’s turning 50 years old this year, right? August 16, 1958 is her birthday, so there – she’s feeling the physical manifestations of inevitable aging, now, and maybe even menopause has hit her, right? Madonna wants so badly to stay young and energetic and sexy, forever, and has worked so hard and diligently her entire life to be in top physical form, but of course, Time is controlled by no one. The reality of this fact is probably really digging home to her this year. It’s gotta be some kind of middle-life crisis she’s going through, in addition to the other stuff like her brother’s book and the ballplayer rumours, etcetera.

  20. Shane says:

    Madonna has been an obnoxious hater all her life. I doubt a little depression will change her all that much. Unfortunately.

  21. PJ says:

    I agree with others that Madonna might have a bigger problem with aging than many other women her age do. That said, she has not looked physically healthy in the past year–ever since her veins started popping out of her arms. Her skin color is sort of grayish and her hair is straggly. She might be pushing herself too hard with the diet and exercise.

    The average age of menopause is 51.3 years, so if she hasn’t had it yet, she’s going to very soon and definitely is having perimenopausal hormone changes.

  22. Kristin says:

    LOL. Cause you (Jaybird) know that’s exactly what happened.

  23. ak says:

    Sticky and Sweet tour? What is she, an 80s hair band?

    She’s a buffoon, and I have no sympathy.

  24. cassie says:

    Yeah it’s hard breaking up peoples marriage.

  25. xiaoecho says:

    Once you get around to having an affair, the marriage is already broken – whether she did or didn’t fuck him, his marriage is not Madonna’s responsibility, it’s his.

    Control freak Madonna is maybe realising how little control we have over nature. Aging can be wonderful or a cruel joke, but we are in control of our attitude towards it -

  26. Lauri says:

    Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

    She’s getting what she deserves…no more, no less.

  27. Plot says:

    Vadge may or may not have slept with A-Rod, but she sure is milking the controversy at his expense (forget he has children that might be hurt.)

    Mad hurts everyone who comes in contact with her. They don’t matter, they have to suffer the consequences of her publicity seeking (desperate) gestures.

    She sucks the oxygen out of the room and the life out of everyone around her Wonder why no one who has worked with her ever defends her? Because, as stated by David LaChapelle, Elton John, Donatella Versace, Vadge is a mean and nasty human being.

    Even Justin Timberlake, who publicly defends just about everyone he has ever met, says not a word about Vadge during these troubled times.

    Boo Hoo, Vadge is sad! Don’t believe it. As long as she is getting column inches, she’s ecstatic.

  28. snappyfish says:

    She is and has always been a media whore. It is how she made her money. Remember the video that was ‘too explicit for MTV’ she immediatly sold it as a DVD release. She is a marketing whiz.

    She took her little to modicum talent and made millions. She walked over everyone she ever knew, including family, it is just hard to feel sorry for her.

    Even her attempt at ‘do-gooding’ adopting a child from an orphanage was mired in controversy. Apparently she stole a child from a family that didn’t understand what they were getting involved in. I believe, now and always will, that was publicity stunt.just as her entire career/life has been.

    As for A-Rod, he gets what he deserves. Madonna has given more rides than greyhound. He is just he current stop on that neverending ride

  29. Lara says:

    “Even Justin Timberlake, who publicly defends just about everyone he has ever met, says not a word about Vadge during these troubled times.”
    I don’t know about the other ones but JT wouldn’t open his mouth to defend anybody if it doesn’t serve his OWN interests. Remember the Janet Jackson “fiasco”?
    Makes me wonder if those other examples you gave are true.

  30. Plot says:

    Justin has defended Britney and Cameron religiously. He DID defend Janet, just took no personal responsibility, and blamed the whole incident on media hype. Janet wanted more, something personal I guess, but Justin didn’t shut up and weasel away.

    I don’t like Justin, but he’s a marvelous ass kisser. He praises everyone he ever worked with, all the band boys, producers, actors. Justin wants Justin to succeed.

    As for the others, well, you could google up their opinions of Madge, I don’t care one way or the other.

  31. Lesley says:

    Anyone who is ” relaxing/recuperating in the Hamptons ” is not in my pity book. :roll:

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Good ! Delighted to read this. Don’t feel a bit sorry for her.

  33. Butch says:

    The wolves are circling for sure. i wonder if she’s overplayed her hand in this case? I’m indifferent to the health issue. She shouldn’t blow her wad before the tour anyway. Her ticket sales will tell the real story.

  34. Nan says:

    The crazy drunk has not posted in this thread either.

  35. Nan says:

    mizzmish, very astute about your ‘teen’ observation. Madonna never grew up. That’s the price she paid. Too bad Madge never went to university. If she had, she should have majored in marketing. She’d have passed with flying colors. She would be teaching the damn class.

  36. Anastasia says:

    Here’s the thing–people are just SICK of her. She’s been in the public eye hundreds of times longer than a lot of people–over 25 years, and her time ran out a long time ago.

    She doesn’t need money. She just can’t let go of the attention and spotlight. And she needs to. She needs to just quietly go away.

  37. scorn says:

    I smell Madonna’s spin mysters out in force so let’s all start feeling SORRY for Madonna. And while we’re at it let’s pretend she never put out a “Truth or Dare” video, she never had a sex book published, she never cavorted on stage with a faux sexibition act, she never used the Christian cross in a sacrilegious way to garner media attention, she never shopped around for a sperm donor, she never treated anyone in a dismissive manner, she didn’t ruin her husband’s career, she has never had a face lift, she never whored herself out in order to get her tracks played, she’s never been filmed doing soft porn and NEVER, NEVER did she become a diva.

  38. Teri says:

    She never learned to garner the good will of people like Tina Turner learned to do in the end. That is why Tina is still revered and she is not. So no, I’m not boo hooing over Madonna. I’m sure it all has to do with the death of her mother BUT she took our kids along for the manic sex ride to the top! There is just no forgiving her that. And you know, I’m three years older than Madge but I’ve chosen to be nicer to people so I feel I’m dealing with aging better, I’m a little more settled in my soul.

  39. Teri says:

    All those years I felt I was swimming upstream against the tide, those years she was zealously putting smut on stage, in print and on film, and people touted her as the next coming, I was screaming in my head that this will come to no good end, but I was screaming into a void, she had already mesmorized a nation of young malleable teens that were so ready to rebel against the norm. They chose Madonna to represent them and show them “the way”. Well she showed them all right, more than they needed to see and now the pendulum has swung the other way. She is no longer in favor, except with her zealot fan base, and we know that they have a high degree of narcissism and hedonism among them so they will never stray from their idol.

    Didn’t she already play this part in Evita? The powerful woman scorned? Puhleez! People’s opinions change when you spout words of caring and understanding but your actions show you to be a fake and charlatan. She is one and the same.

  40. sassyspank says:

    karma can be a bitch, no?

  41. MadonnaRules says:

    Spoonman55 – Get a clue. Madonna does NOT lip sync her concerts! I’ve had virtually first row seats to some of her concerts (I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE ONE) and she SINGS and dances with every part of her being! She is an AMAZING Performer and no one walks out of a Madonna concert without giving her the credit she deserves, you get every ounce of her for your money. Fork up some money and go see her before you tell tales! You can say whatever you want about Madonna, but NO ONE can take away the fact that she RULES the stage.

    All of the people who condemn Madonna and call her names and act like morons on these forums are jealous of the name Madonna made for herself BY HERSELF. No one helped her to the top. She is a self-made WOMAN and won the true American Dream. You people who rag on her cannot understand her ambition and drive. Nor does anyone who spits this vitriol ever mention how much she supports good causes and all the money she had donated out of her own pocket. Shut the hell up and do your research.

    What have most of you, who call her names and disrespect her, ever done with your lives? NOTHING. Ever stand up for what you believe in – in a public forum, do what you really want to do, no matter what the consequences are? Well she has done that for 25 years, and I hope she does it for another 50!

    Rock on Madonna. I absolutely love and respect you for your contribution to American Music and Culture.

  42. Carolina says:


    FINALLY somebody says something intelligent!

    MadonnaRule has stated so specifically and intelligently why there are ‘haters’ of Madonna.

    I’d comment any more but MadonnaRule has it dead-on.

    It is of the utmost intelligence.

    Funny because the haters are losers ripping apart other people online while they accomplish nothing and don’t want to face their own problems…so they continue to fester untruths about other people without doing their proper research or taking into consideration the level of stress an individual like Madonna is under…any one of the people writing comments on this page would collapse by seeing just three of these “hater” comments written about them after a lifetime of working so hard to earn their own way in life.

    MadonnaRule right on.

    God bless and I hope you have all the happiness you deserve in life…for rising above the mediocre hater.

  43. Church Lady says:

    Madonna. Oh.. Madonna. So, she’s named after the mother of our Lord. But she doen’t quite live up to the same standards, does she? One gave birth to the Savior of all mankind.. and the other prances around in a black teddy to the delight of pre-teen onlookers.
    Well isn’t that special…..

  44. Dee says:

    I have read all these posts…and I’ve come to the conclusion that no-one really cares about Madonna. she’s an aging hasbeen with too much money. I think it’s best that she retires as gracefully as she can. Someone made a very pertinent comment about her having the name of the mother of Jesus – and she’s not lent one bit of dignity to it, throughout her entire career. In fact, she’s been a slut, an egotistical bitch, and very, very selfish. She looks like a mini me of Fay Dunnaway, with her stretched skin over obvious cheek implants, and her eyeballs are going to end up on the top of her head, the way she’s going. I think she’s finding out the hard way that it’s not all about HER. She’s a goner. Let her wallow in obscurity in all her money!:evil:

  45. Dee says:

    Carolina? keep your MadonnaRule, you’re obviously a fan. I luurrve Angelina Jolie, Jen Aniston, k.d, lang, Kylie Minogue, Amy Winehouse, Olivia Newton – John, Aretha Franklin, Cindy Lauper, Melissa Etheridge, etc, etc, etc. I sing their praises often. Madonna has bled us dry for too long. She’s trying desperately to hang on to the limelite by having rediculously obvious plastic surgery, keeping in the public eye, creating ‘newsworthy’ stories. It’s over! Will somebody let her know before she makes a COMPLETE fool out of herself? :lol:

  46. Patrick says:

    I love Madonna. So leave her alone you anti-age, anti-successful, anti-backbone losers. Oh and this is NOT Madonna writing this.

  47. nasiruddin says:

    as i have read news paper in that i seen a column stating that ms madona is suffering from HEPPATITIS C IS THAT TRUE