Star: Johnny Depp hit on teen model on Pirates set

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Star Magazine has a truly infuriating story this week from a young model who claims that Johnny Depp took an interest in her on the set of the latest Pirates movie and tried to offer her help with her career. All she offers to prove her story is a picture of her posing with Johnny in costume, and she doesn’t claim that she ever had anything going on with him, just that he hugged her too long at one point, kissed her head and tried to contact her afterwards. Johnny is incredibly generous and friendly with all his fans, he calls them his employers, and this sounds like a model trying to get some free publicity by claiming a relationship with the star that doesn’t exist. This whole story pisses me the hell off, because it’s just a fangirl gushing about Johnny. There aren’t any allegations of wrongdoing on Johnny’s part, it’s just implied.

The chemistry was undeniable when Johnny Depp gazed into the eyes of stunning model Kristen StephensonPino on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides. Later, holed up in his trailer together, Johnny whispered the words millions of women around the world could only dream of hearing. “He was like, Darlking you’re exquisite – you’re by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” the 5’5″ dirty blonde tells Star in an exclusive tell all interview. “It was one-on-one, I was in there for a few hours, and that’s, like, everyone’s ideal lover boy. He’s just the whole package!”

Kristen caught the actor’s attention [On the Pirate's set where she was a boob model or something] and he pounced. Johnny, still in costume, immediately had his personal makeup artist, Joel, call the 19 year-old over. “They had just left the set, and all of a sudden Joel looked at me and waved his hand to come talk to them,” says Kristen. “Johnny shook my hand and then kissed it – it was supercute. His hands were soft,” she dishes. “All of a sudden, my heart just stopped.”

Despite the electricity crackling between the two, the encounter was brief. But later, when Kristen was getting ready to leave the set at the end of the day, Johnny’s makeup artist again stopped her and brought her back to his boss’ trailer to hang out. “Johnny was already out of costume, and we just started talking,” she says.

And flirting. Kristen teased Johnny, telling him she had a crush on his one-time Pirates costar Orlando Bloom. “I was like, ‘I’ll take you and Orlando Bloom! That’s the only way you can get me,” she tells Star of their sexy banter.

But Johnny quickly crushed any possible competition for her affection, she reveals. “He starts laughing and goes, ‘Honey, no, no, no, no. I don’t share with anybody. You either get me or me, and that’s it.

Kristen continued to toy with Johnny, telling him that her really big crush was on David Bowie. She joked that he rocker wasn’t her husband only because they hadn’t met yet. Adds Kristen: “Johnny looks over at his makeup artist,” who had entered the trailer, “and he says, ‘So – she likes older men!’”

Johnny quickly made another play for her, Kristen says. “I was talking to him about stuff, and he was like, ‘Actually I’m really more of a shy type.’ When he told me that I was like, ‘Awwww!’”

Johnny then got more intimate, kissing Kristen’s forehead. “He goes, ‘You’re extremely sweet,’” Kristen confides to Star, adding that Johnny proceeded to embrace her. “It was a sincere hug – it wasn’t like a good bye.”

Indeed. Johnny found a clever way to keep in touch with Kristen on the sly. He told her to communicate with his makeup artist if she ever needed anything, says Kristen. “They were like, ‘We guarantee we’ll see you again.’”

Johnny tried hard to keep his promise. Kristen says the star’s makeup man, Joel, who travels everywhere with the actor, offered her a yearlong gig as his assistant. Perfect cover, insists the set insider. “Johnny’s motivations were more than clear! He wanted her with him. But Kristen declined because she wants to concentrate on her acting and modeling careers. Still, what could be better for your career than hanging out with Johnny?”

One major reason why Kristen didn’t drop everything for Johnny? She also has a thing for guys her age – especially 22 year-old pro surfer Torrey Meister, whom she’s been dating for about a year.

But Johnny was so smitten with Kristen that he tried more charming ploys even after he left Hawaii. “After the production moved to Los Angeles, he had the casting people contact her several times to say he would fly her out there for a small part as a mermaid,” dishes the set insider, revealing that Kristen said she had a family emergency and turned them down. Kristen confesses that “Johnny put in a good word for me.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 27, 2010]

First of all, this chick is only 5’5″ tall and she wants to be a model. The story is full of modeling photos of her, including some where she’s compared side by side with Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss. This sounds like bullsh*t, like she was hanging around and Johnny was being nice to her, and she took it the wrong way. Maybe the makeup artist was into her and Johnny was just being friendly. She alternately could have also made up the entire story for publicity. If she was offered a yearlong gig as Johnny’s assistant or a part in Pirates, why didn’t she take either offer? This whole story reeks.

Photo of Kristen from ModelMayhem. Johnny Depp is shown at the Spanish premiere of The Tourist on 12/16/10. photo credit: Sean Thornton/





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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry but if Johnny Depp offers you a “job” as his assistant for a year, YOU TAKE IT! I think she met Johnny, he was sweet like he always is and then in her head she created this whole situation. She’s a pretty girl but nothing majorly special about her, except now because of her story people are talking about her.

  2. samihami says:

    This just doesn’t ring true.

  3. Dorothy#1 says:

    Yeah, I don’t want to believe it either, but with Hollywood’s track record on relationships…

  4. gigi* says:

    do they always have to say crap about everyone?

  5. Marjalane says:

    Maybe he was won over by a mouthful of decent teeth.

  6. Eve says:

    What Star usually writes always sound like fan fiction. I don’t buy this for a second.

  7. DetRiotgirl says:

    Yeah, I’m not buying this either.

  8. carrie says:

    OMG on the pictures, Depp’s hair is washed!!! i don’t care on the story,it’s probably untrue

  9. guesty says:

    imma gonna go with…maybe he did totally hit on her & she was like uh no. his ego is crushed…so now he & his fans will deny & defend to the end! only the make-up artist knows for sure & he really wants to keep his job so he’s not talking. bwha. :)

    *runs back to real life*

  10. brin says:

    I agree with you guys, Star is good at writing fiction.

  11. jasey says:

    Johnny looks so hot in this pictures! The story is a big BS!

  12. Jezi says:

    What an idiot this girl is!!!! This man has a long term girlfriend and what, like 3 kids with her. Trying to start trouble for him in his relationship with this stupid, bs story just infuriates me. He seems geniunely nice, maybe he did find her attractive, however, that was all. What story is there? Nothing!!!! She just wants to put her name out there. Ignorant little girl!!! After this, she may never work again. You run your mouth like that and no other actor may want you around.

  13. sickofit says:

    well she is goodlooking but certainly not smart.

  14. meilamon says:

    I don’t care if it’s true or not, but I’m hot just imagining him telling me “‘Honey, no, no, no, no. I don’t share with anybody. You either get me or me, and that’s it.”

    Hot ova here!!!

  15. Whatever says:

    She probably saw that whores are making some bank lately and figured she’d try her hand in this new “business”. This is a totally thin story and not believable at all.

  16. padiddle says:

    If this is true (which I really, really doubt) Sounds like he did no more than harmless flirting with a co worker – I can totally see people I work with being like “oh so you like older guys” in a joking/flirty way.

    It sounds like she told him she was trying to get her career off the ground, and he thought of her (maybe because she was pretty who knows?) and suggested her for a part. That’s just being nice, not lecherous. Who believes this “breathless giggle” shiz Star writes anyway?

  17. eja102 says:


    as for hollywood’s track record with marriages, i think johnny is as far from hollywood as one could be.

  18. serena says:

    She is just a slut publicizing herself.

  19. lilred says:

    Sounds like he was trying to help her, and it was misconstrued she could have done MUCH worse than JD as a mentor.

  20. fanny says:

    Anything is possible … this kind of two-faced behavior it unfortunately all too common. I’m hoping he is the loyal family man that he appears to be. He sure looks better in these photos than the previous ones. He actually is still a great looking guy.

  21. Solveig says:

    I knew this was going to happen.
    As soon as he entered the messy circle of the Branges he had become the victim of stupid gossip.
    Enough already.

  22. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    This is all BS!! Johnny is extremely nice but some of that crap she spewed doesnt sound like him at all.

    If he offered me a position to be his assistant… I would say yes before he got the last word out.

    What a skank. I need to get my skank shank out and find this ‘ho.

  23. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I never believe these. I don’t believe that Ashton did anything and I certainly don’t believe Johnny would either. These girls are seriously looking to get famous quick by having very famous men names attached to their own. Its sad.

  24. fabgrrl says:

    BS! It sounds like Johnny was just harmlessly flirting with a pretty young thing. Harmless fun. If Johnny Depp wanted to be a philandering @ss, he would have a parade of women lined up at his dressing room door (led by me!).

  25. Roma says:

    I was all “5’5???” while reading the story. Is it bad that that I automatically discounted her story because she was too short to be a model?

    Or maybe I’m just bitchy today and don’t want fake girls starting stories.

  26. Whatever!! says:

    blah blah blah……story is bull.

    Anyway more importantly……is it just me or is johnny losing the “hot”?

  27. Jazz says:

    So let me get this straight? She was offered a year long job as Johnny’s assistant and she DIDN’T take it? To concentrate on a modeling career even though she’s 5’5? Stupid girl!!

  28. citysuede says:

    ummmm… sane woman alive would turn down a year to be close (or even just work with) Johnny Depp. no one.
    Oh, and I love that he calls his fans his employers!

  29. Rita says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl

    You must be more subtle with your consternation. The phase “I think thee doth protest too much,” comes to mind.

    You’re a very pretty girl and I love the braid in your hair in the top pic. Very Depp’esq, if I may. Come out of the closet my dear, Johnny will love you for it. (Just hav’in fun)

  30. Novaraen says:

    *thinks about taking on both Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom*….heheheh…


    She’s pretty, but she talks too much.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Rita… WTF eva! I will protest too much when it comes to him. Any other topic and I am pretty tame so back off.

  32. Rita says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl

    My insinuation that you are actually
    Kristen StephensonPino was all in fun. Love ya JDG.

  33. Jeri says:

    Pisses me off too. Just another fame seeking b-tch trying to get publicity off Johnny’s “generous and friendly” nature. Hope this doesn’t make him stop being so courteous to his fans.

    Love Johnny Depp, he’s so hot!

  34. Jeri says:

    Pisses me off too. Just another fame seeking b-tch trying to get publicity off Johnny’s “generous and friendly” nature. Hope this doesn’t make him stop being so courteous to his fans.

    Love Johnny Depp, he’s so hot!

  35. SamSam says:

    You hear that? Thats the sound of millions of slut shanks being forcefully ripped out of their sheaths.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    gigi: do they always have to say crap about everyone?

    How else are they going to be able to sell their shit rag?

  37. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ Rita…. sorry sorry sorry, Im in a bit@h mood and took it wrong. Sorry sorry sorry.. Work crap.. luv ya back.. muah.

  38. flourpot says:

    And this is why he lives on a private island and shuns people.

  39. I Choose Me says:

    Christ in a Canoe that entire encounter reads like bad, terrible, awful, treacly fan-wank. Who writes this sh-t? As for the story itself, she wishes.

  40. mslewis says:

    I didn’t get past the 5’5″ model!! NO WAY!!

    So this whole thing is fanfic. I’m thinking the ‘ho told Star that Johnny Depp shook her hand and they just ran with it. Nice try, but no no no!!

  41. Boromir's bytch says:

    It’s good to know that somebody still thinks Orlando Bloom is hot. The world needs to be reminded of this.

  42. Shazza says:

    I took the wording to mean that the makeup artist offered her a year long gig as HIS (the make up artist’s) assistant. But since he’s Johnny’s personal make up artist, that would put her in close contact with Johnny anyway.

  43. Avi says:

    This story is stupid. Big BS…

    What a shame! Johnny is so sweet with his fans and co-workers, he doesn’t deserves this!

    And Johnny looking really good in those pics!…HOT

  44. sincity says:

    Please please please check out the pics of her and Johnny. They have clearly been photoshopped. They are pathetic and laughable just like the entire non story.
    It’s sad that she has done this so childish. She has basically said Depp was willing to put his family and career on the line for her. What a silly dolt she is for even thinking it never mind SELLING so much BS to a rag. Hope they paid her the going rate for her time.

  45. Kim says:

    I wish someone would sue Star Magazine

  46. Delta Juliet says:

    Oh please, men flirt like this with me all the time. It’s harmless fun. They certainly aren’t looking to start something up.
    Sounds like she just is hoping to gain some attention/fame from a harmless interaction.

  47. Hakura says:

    @I Choose Me (#41) – “Christ in a Canoe” LOL. Never heard that one before.

    And I agree, I don’t believe this BS. I know how hollywood is, but Johnny is probably the LAST person I would believe this of… He’s such a private person, with no history of this sort of behavior. It seems like his sort of ‘friendliness’ could easily be taken for something it isn’t, but this girl sounds like she just wants the publicity for her career.

  48. Lisa says:

    This girl is just out for her 15 minutes of fame. Everyone knows how much Johnny is in love with Vanessa Paradis. She is the only woman for him,period!

  49. elmo says:

    Does this girl realize that every women that Johnny meets when he is doing autographs and taking pictures he talks like that? I have seen him be lovey-dovey to 70 year old women! This idiot will have NO career in Hollywood. How stupid is she that she thinks the way to Hollywood is to sell pictures to a tabloid and embellish a story! What an ugly airhead. Johnny would not give this dope the time of day.

  50. elmo says:

    I would love it if Johnny took the time to throw a huge lawsuit against this idiot and Star magazine.

  51. hannah says:

    even if this is totally true, its flirting, not cheating. the assistant part sounds like total bs, but being nice to her and calling her sweet seems like, well, being nice. even so, how is flirting news worthy? they made an entire article abut flirting? really? flirting is a normal part of life, even if you are forever commited and enjoying your life with your partner. friendly flirting is good for you i think.

  52. PMTpraise says:

    Kristen is a beautiful, respectable, fabulous young lady…

    Star researched her participation as the Mermaid body casting…and they asked if she would share her story…she did (FOR FREE)…

    Johnny was nice, she was interesting and that was it! Kristen doesn’t need to be a traveling make up artist (Concubine), because her own story is simply amazing…

    Not a typical American, she grew up in Germany and Japan. She speaks fluent Japanese…

    She has been on Hawaii Five O and Off the Map numerous times…

    Kristen Stephensonpino turns down YOUR dream job because she has integrity!

    Wait and see…she is going to be HUGE!


    Fan from Hawaii

  53. Sally says:

    I also couldn’t get past the 5’5 thing.. and that she looks kinda like Alessandra Ambrosio.

  54. DetRiotgirl says:

    @PMT Praise… Woah, are you her publicist or Kristen Stepawhatsit herself? Too much.

  55. julie says:

    I don’t believe this history!
    This girl is just out for her 15 minutes of fame! poor girl…

  56. Hakura says:

    Johnny reminds me of Michael Jackson in that hes very affectionate, kind, and grateful to fans in a way that most people aren’t used to, and can easily misunderstand as a result. Also alike in that it makes him an easier target for exploitation.

    & I mean no offense to anyone with this, but…Does anyone else think we’ve just been paid a visit by either Kristen herself, one of her friends, or a family member? The exaggerated compliments and choice of words gives off a ‘proud parent/best friend/family member vibe.

    I couldn’t help but be curious, so looked for her info. Kristen’s Myspace claims that she’s from Hawaii. Coincidence? >.>

    But this story (true or not) will only hurt this actress’s career. Johnny is established, beloved by his fans, and highly respected as an actor. Even if she wasn’t paid for this story, she’s getting free publicity, and linking her name with someone very famous. It always comes across as someone lying to improve their career, trying to take advantage of someone’s fame to create their own. Sadly, putting out this story will likely cause most Depp fans to immediately dislike this actress (whether she’s any good or not). Alienating a large audience wasn’t smart.

  57. elmo says:

    PMTPraise, Are you her mother? I saw on her mothers facebook page that she thinks that it is so exciting her daughter is in Star!!! This family must be a bunch of hillbillies. This idiot will NOT have a career in Hollywood after talking trash to a tabloid about Johnny. Johnny is much beloved in Hollywood and by his fans and Johnny would not besmirch his family. Johnny talks nicely to EVERYONE, this fool thought she would take her two pictures (one photoshopped) to a tabloid and have fun making up a story. What a tramp!I wonder what she was paid? Oh, and by the way PTP Praise, Johnny already has a well established makeup artist.

  58. Liana says:

    Here’s my issue with this story… Johnny Depp in well known for staying IN CHARACTER while he is filming. So that alone kind of makes this story sound like a lot of shite (unless he seduced her as Jack Sparrow, in which case, bizarre). Anywhore, whatever.

  59. elmo says:

    Hakura, You are right about how Johnny is “overly” friendly to fans and people in general and that COULD be misconstrued, especially by a screwy 19 year old. He is always calling everyone, complete strangers “love” “darling” “sweetheart”.Unfortunately, this could make that end. She needs to go back under the rock she came from. Good luck with that career in Hollywood.

  60. Hakura says:

    @Elmo – Unfortunately you’re right about that =( It’s sad that something like this is going to force johnny to change the way he interacts with people.

    But even if this girl *did* think for one second that Depp was making a pass at her… How was it going to help *anything* to talk to Star? That’s the PR equivalent to marrying kevin federline. At least *Britney* had something going for her before she did that… This girl isn’t even going to get off the ground, now.

  61. jmg says:

    the funny thing is that they say she is dating “pro surfer” whatever his name is….he is not a pro surfer

  62. Jen D says:

    @mslewis -You’re right, it comes across as badly written fanfiction. What a silly little girl. It doesn’t sound believable, and she has so little proof. I think she just killed her chances of becoming a star. No one will want to hire her for fear she’ll make a fool of herself again.

  63. nj says:

    What a dope. Say gooodbye to your career, girlfriend.

    I am not one of those crazy Johnny Depp fans- though I do like him and appreciate his immense talent. But I’m 36 and remember when he became a star-as do many others here- and after seeing this guy operate for over 20 years, a few things are very clear. He loves his privacy. He is very attached to Vanessa Paradis and his kids. He doesn’t chase tail. You don’t read stuff like this about him. Why? Because it doesn’t happen. He has worked with gorgeous models and actresses for his entire career. Many groupies and fans have tried to get a piece of him (I’m sure).
    Some women believe a man is only as faithful as his options, but that’s not true. Some men are not cheaters. I do believe this is not even as much a choice as it is something programmed into one’s personality. Johnny Depp strikes me as this type.

  64. viper says:


    Please let it be true! I know it’s horrible and ue me but the selfish fan girl in me wants it to beeeee!

  65. truthzbetta says:


    Hah! I think the person up there is right about it being the mom. I thought it was a publicist too but a pro would try to be more subtle.

    Ooooh exotic. She speaks another lang. Sorry mom, your kid’s as interesting as everybody else’s kid. Except she lies about actual famous people with families. Boring and not cool.

  66. Stronzilla says:

    I think the mention of her height, or lack thereof, here is relevant. I don’t believe Winona Ryder, Kate Moss or Vanessa are what you would call statuesque. He likes ‘em petite. Also, as much as it would be nice to believe otherwise, he is coming up on his mid-life crisis, a time when rational thought goes out the window for men.

  67. gigi says:

    Pretty- yeah.
    The most beautiful girl ever- hell no.
    Shes an average model pretty girl. Thousands of those ones.

  68. Yasmine says:

    The comments on this page are hilarious. @ PMTpraise, that post was so ridiculous and pathetic. Thanks for the resume update lol. And the responses were golden. I agree that girlfriend isn’t getting anywhere with this story.

  69. beanie says:

    She is average looking. Even with all the make up, hair extensions and photoshop, she is still average which means she really probably has a mug face and a good body. I don’t believe a word of what this wanna be says. Go crawl back under a rock!

  70. Brenda says:

    Johnny are you done laughing yet? It’s kind of like how you have worked with Tim Burton for ten decades huh? lol

  71. Kat says:

    Brenda, that interview was the funniest thing I’d seen in ages.


  72. burner says:

    Kristen StephensonPino…WHO?

  73. nat says:

    Of course she did it for the attention, else wise her response would’ve been “no comment.” I want to see the photoshop pictures!! can’t find em anywhere but I imagine they’re a laugh!

  74. deppkitten says:

    a girls got to be much prettier than that plain/rather ugly gal Kristen to take Johnny’s eyes off Vanessa. Someone needs to shut her up.

  75. elmo says:

    It is so funny on her mothers facebook page how “thrilled” they are with this fool getting her face in Star magazine!! Her mothers name is Sharon StephensonPino, look it up on facebook. One person even commented that this will open up her movie career! The picture with her posed in front of Johnny is definitly photoshopped. Oh, yeah, Johnny is really going to make sure this imbecile is going to get some jobs in Hollywood.

  76. elmo says:

    I also know some people who were on the set and they said that this never happened. Johnny stays in character the whole time and she is trying to make something out of nothing.

  77. KC says:

    I think if Johnny Depp was going to fool around (and I’m not going to believe he does), it would not be on a movie set with a 19-year-old bimbo.

  78. This is stupid says:

    I went to high school with this girl and she is always trying to get at older, taken guys for attention and the drama it brings. She has a great body but her nose is a bit much to be a real model, she is also quite dumb to begin wth which is exactly why she thought something like this would work

  79. elmo says:

    Check out this idiots Facebook page, she was going on a radio show and gave an interview to a Hawaiian newspaper. She is now saying Star twisted her words and made it into a salacious story. She thought Star wanted to interview her because she was an up and coming model and actress. What an airhead!!

  80. blasted1 says:

    Wow! I’m just now finding this out and I have a question for all you so-called “fams”…if this story is true (now or in the future with some other chick), will that be all it takes to make you stop being a fan of Johnny’s films? It won’t hurt his career one bit. Examples: Angelina, Brad, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. The reason why it won’t hurt him is the same reason it didn’t hurt the others…talent. All these actors have immense talent and he will continue to rack up successes no matter how many women he sleeps with. If you’re a real fan, his filmwork is all that should concern you. I bet most of you guys are tiger woods haters, too, for the very same idiotic reason. And, sorry to rub it in, Johnny is not a married man, he’s just a “partner”…whatever that means!

  81. fiona says:

    This is complete bullshit. Don’t believe one word of it.

    I love johnny 4 ever <3 his biggest ever fan. X

  82. maggie says:

    Where do you see those photo’s?
    And Why the heck does she hate johnny like that?? He dind’t even toucht her and she publiched that kindda BS ??
    She’s a spoiled little wrat that’s just likes to show off becaus’ she played with johnny depp .. and becaus’ people wheren’t interested she had to make up another story to make herself intresting again.. BTW Jhonny still hott! x ;1