Gwyneth Paltrow sanctimoniously goops about motherhood


We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow loves her children, little Apple and Moses. I have no doubt that Gwyneth is a good mother – she seems very engaged in her kids’ lives, and when she takes “time off” to be a stay-at-home mom, she really follows through and goes underground with it, you know? She’s not trotting her kids out every day for the paparazzi, she’s not pushing the “just a simple, happy mother and her children” visuals that so many celebrity women push. But then Goopy has to ruin it every time by getting on her high horse and, with her voice and tone dripping with sanctimony, tell you how much she hates doing anything without her children, and how all of us are so “less than” her kids. While I understand what Goopy is trying to get across – that she adores her kids and that she prioritizes them above all else – she always has a habit of framing every issue in snotty condescension.

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow loves acting, but it has to be a pretty compelling part to take her away from her favorite role: mom to daughter Apple and son Moses. Playing troubled alcoholic country superstar Kelly Canter in ‘Country Strong’ fit the bill, as does her role in ‘Contagion,’ as an infected working mom in the new Steven Soderbergh film shooting now.

When considering movie roles, “you want to put yourself in the hands of someone who’s really good or where you might learn something that you never thought you’d learn because my time out of my house and away from my kids is no joke,” a dead-serious Paltrow told PopEater while doing press in Los Angeles for ‘Country Strong.’

“I am not putting them to bed right now, I’m here, and that’s really hard on me. But at the same time, it’s what I do, so when I do my work, I want to be inspired. I want to bring home something they’ll be proud of and they’ll look back and go, ‘Wow, Mom was alright’.”

When she’s home in London with her children and her husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, she is extremely hands on, she stresses. “I’m at everything and I pick them up everyday, take them [to school] every day, do everything for them, homework, bath …When I’m home, I’m extremely 100% present.”

Though Paltrow has often talked about her love of living in Europe, it sounds like she may be missing the green, green grass of home … just a little bit at least.

“My favorite thing about [living in London] is it’s very green. We’re in the middle of the city, but we have grass and trees and a little swing set [and] I can take Apple to the Royal Ballet to see ‘The Nutcracker.’ There’s a quality of life in terms of a big city there that’s pretty great, but, you know, I miss home. It’s hard. I love it there, but the older I get the more I miss, specifically, California.”

[From PopEater]

First of all, let me just repeat: I think Gwyneth is a great mom, and I respect her for being a celebrity mom who keeps it low-key. BUT – “I’m at everything and I pick them up everyday, take them [to school] every day, do everything for them, homework, bath …When I’m home, I’m extremely 100% present” – seems judgy, right? Like, any mother who is merely giving “95%” to their kids is so unworthy of the gift of children. Like, Goopy looks down on working mothers who are merely spending time away from their kids because of “money”. When Goopy spends time away from her kids, it’s because of HIGH ART. Art that her children will appreciate some day. That was just my take on it.

Second point… this is why Goopy leaves her children… HIGH ART:

I mean… is it rude to tell Goop that this time probably would have been better spent with her kids? Also: does she flash her goopy vadge in this video? Discuss.



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  1. Stronzilla says:

    well, if she’s starring in the new Steven Soderbergh film they may as well change the title from ‘Contagion’ to ‘Constipation’.

  2. beth says:

    hahaha, stop being so jearous of her kaiser – i know she gets to enjoy chrismartincoughcoughdong and all but still…

  3. e.non says:

    how funny is it going to be when her mother’s film opens bigger than her recent flop…

  4. Rita says:

    I agree that she’s probably a great mom that loves her children. Maybe she misses them and wants to get back home but this thread also smacks of a little guilt or defensiveness on her part. It all depends on how the subject was broached and guilded by the interviewer.

  5. normades says:

    Maybe she should spend some more time with her husband

  6. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s permanently annoying, but actually don’t think this stuff has the usual pretentious sneer of her usual comments.
    What I do think is interesting is that this is supposed to be her “high art” comeback film…yet every commercial I see for it promotes it as a Leighton Meister film, and there’s just a second or two of Goopy.

  7. brin says:

    High horse? High art? Maybe Goopy is just high.

  8. whitedaisy says:

    “extremely 100% present”?
    I imagine that this is easier with a personal chef, personal trainer, personal stylist, etc.
    She has no other demands on her time, unlike the rest of us.

  9. mslewis says:

    Well, I like Gwynnie so I don’t think she is ever being snotty. I think people take her the wrong way. Also, her kids were living with her in Nashville while this country movie was being made so I think she just means she misses them NOW while she is doing promotion for it.

    Anyway, I’ve never understood the snark and the hate people have towards Gwynnie but, really, the snark is still not as bad as what’s directed at Angelina, so, have at it.

  10. ThirdChris says:

    Let me preface this with saying that I’m not a huge fan of The Goopy. I don’t really smell condescension in this interview. A little defensive, maybe. I know I get defensive if I catch a hint of someone looking down on me because I’m not at home with the kids. And like Goop, I try to be focused on the kids when I am there. (though I will admit, being away from them isn’t all that hard on me, lol)

  11. Diane says:

    I simply can’t stand her. I see her as a minimally talented actor–despite the Oscar–who had all the doors automatically opened for her by her well-connected parents. Has she ever had to fight for anything?? Seems to me she’s had everything handed to her her entire life and now she wants to lecture the rest of us on living? I’ve read her Goop column…shallow, superficial crap from an overprivileged woman who really isn’t that bright.

  12. Whatever says:

    Yep, judgy and sanctimonious as all hell. It’s easy to look down on working moms when you are so rich that you never have to work. Most moms don’t have that luxury and if they are not “100% present”, it is because they are busting their asses to give their kids what they need. Those moms love their kids just as much as Queen Gwyneth. Blech.

  13. di butler says:

    If she wanted to impress her kids, she should have used a pseudonym when making Country Strong. That way when they search the net for mom’s films, they won’t get a hit on that shiteous disaster.

  14. Dana M says:

    I had to re read the article because her quotes, to me, didn’t come across as us being “less than her kids”, nor ” does she ” seem judgy”, IMO. However, as a working mom, some women feel guilty fo leaving their kids with nannies or in daycare. So when a working mom does come home after work, she does try to do ” everything for them” and be there 100+ %. I dont find her quotes at all condescending unless perhaps I was having one of those feeling guilty days about working and not able to be a stay at home mom and felt jealous at moms who were able to stay at home with their kiddos. This is just IMO though.

  15. Mia135 says:

    Yes, it probably was not the least bit intended on her part, but a tad sanctimonious and insensitive none the less. She definitely wasn’t trying to put down mothers who don’t spend every minute with their children.
    But as others have said, her comments fail to acknowledge the many mothers who have no choice but to be away from their children, working hard in order to make ends meet.

    Privileged mums like Paltrow who have a ton of money, resources and people at their disposal can afford the luxury of only being away from their kids in the name of “high art”. It doesn’t make them better mums or mean they love their kids more, it just means they can afford to do what many mums can’t.

    I think her statements just reflect the unintended cluelessness that many people of a certain class tier show towards real-life issues of motherhood, money, employment etc. more than anything else.

  16. guesty says:

    if she’d drop the sanctimonious (the most perfect adj.) bullsh*t…maybe her talent would & could be more appreciated.

  17. danielle says:

    I don’t like goopy…but I think this may be more of a slam on other actress mom’s who don’t even care for their children when they are home. You know – the nanny does everything.

  18. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ whitedaisy – cosign!
    I hate to admit it, but that video wasn’t that bad. (Hangs head in shame!)
    I was just embarrassed for her for that Glee performance!
    What is going on with her husband? Why are they NEVER together?
    Something is strange there….

  19. Teri says:

    well if she is a good mother as she says she then moving back to cali would be a big mistake

  20. poppy says:

    of corse paltry thinks her kids are amazing because they slid out of her golden vadge… they are her glorious creation!

  21. Lisa Turtle says:

    Maybe she just wanted to get out there and star in a film… I don’t think she’s carried a movie since her kids were born.

    And while this movie doesn’t look particularly “High Art” to me – I bet it was fun to film. C’mon, big hair, sparkly country dresses, Tim McGraw, playing guitar – it looks fun!

  22. Kayla says:

    This song reminds me FORCEFULLY of Jenna Maroney’s “Tennis Night in America” song from 30 rock. Except not as nearly as good.

  23. TxGal says:

    You know I do try to give her the benefit of the doubt but I really can’t stand this bitch lol. I really don’t understand how she earned an Oscar when she really is not that good of an actress. She is OK not great. Also she seems like she has to prove something about being a good cook, housewife, etc….

    Anyway I was looking at the video and her movements are very stiff also look at her thighs they are flabby. For someone who is into exercising and doing micro-what-ever-diets her thighs are very flabby not toned up at all.

  24. original kate says:

    of course goop is so involved with her kids, she only works a few months out of the year. frankly she and chris are wealthy enough that she doesn’t have to work at all. which is fine, but i detect a little superior air whenever she says shit like this.

  25. LindaR says:

    Why the hate for this woman? She isn’t any more sanctimonious than anyone who has an opinion on how children should be raised. It’s like saying everyone that posts here is being sanctimonious when they offer their own opinion on what a celebrity is doing with their children and offer their own words of wisdom. Gwyneth is actually kind of boring and normal with some of the things she says. Leave her alone.

  26. Kbomb says:

    Did anyone else love the movie “Moonlight and Valentino”? I saw it about 100 years ago and remember her being so (ano and) fragile but so appealing. I’ve had a girl crush ever since. But HATED her character in Glee- felt like she was trying too hard to be relatable.

  27. Cleo says:

    I liked her look in Hush when she showed a cute sprinkle of freckles across her nose and under her eyes. I think her intentional pancake face makes her less likable. We like pretty!

  28. Cathy C says:

    Ok, and Angelina Jolie didn’t have everything handed to her because of her famous parent? Right. And AJ talks about her kids and her parenting in the same manner from what I have read, so please stop with the whole Gwyneth is sanctimonious/hate her bit, but yet AJ is a saint crap please.

  29. Mitzi says:

    Nice one Diane (No. 12)

    Is that milk-fed Gwynnie trying to be sexy? I’ve seen sexier looking things on a mortuary slab.
    Remind me not to go and see this pile of shite, I have to stay in and clip my toe nails…

  30. Isabel says:

    When are they getting divorced??

  31. Kloops says:

    I don’t mind Goop. I do think she’s a bit of a snot, but it’s her thing. What I’m not crazy about is her enthusiasm about the work of parenthood when she fails to mention that it’s only part time because she’s on set at least once a year and she has a lot of help. It’s a whole lot more work when you have to work full time, pick the kids up, do activities, meals, housework, homework, deal with sibling squabbles etc…. The list goes on and it gets old. I love my kids, but rest assured it’s work. Hard, boring (sometimes), frustrating, but often rewarding work.

  32. Kiska says:

    Unfortunately Goopy has a terrible way of articulation that comes across as snobby.

  33. beth says:

    goopy has the misfortune of being born into hollywood royalty – who is her mom again? – had an ex who was brad pitt, has a hubby who is one of the hottest men alive who very clearly adores her, is nice looking enough, LOOKS totally high brow and all and will never know a day of want or hunger for the rest of her life.

    its like she can say anything – if she said ‘oh poop’, literally meaning it while changing baby diapers with her mind halfway across the world cursing that hubby of hers who’s never around to help, some of us are still gonna look at her, and think, ‘what!?! what did she just say? why that sanctimonious lil bitch.’ poor kid.

  34. zeko says:

    I can’t say I’m a huge fan of hers, but I don’t get all the hate she gets constantly. Nothing in that article sounded snobby or snotty. She was giving an opinion about herself as a mother, not about other mothers who work. And those who work and find her comments insensitive because she’s lucky not to have to work all the time, well, that’s just jealousy.

  35. Jeri says:

    She has made “Goopy” synonymous with “Snotty Condescensing B-tch.”

    Her children may look back and be proud of that.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    I know what she means. I personally didn’t take her comments that way. The ‘high art’ comment was funny! :lol:

  37. janie says:

    because she makes these kind of comments while other things that slip out of her mouth totally negate any sincerity. like when she said that she does her exercise routine with 2 little kids crawling all over her and that anyone who does not find the time to exercise is just not wanting to.
    uh, i have a 3 year old. try doing anything, like taking a sip of coffee without him getting into your biz.
    also, she also works out for 2 hours a day. something does not add up.

  38. beth says:

    goopy n chris martin are as perfect together as angie and brad – which goes to say we should hookup n breakup n hookup n breakup until we hit homerun, as in the case of these two pairs. long live gwynmartin and brangelina!!!

  39. Matt says:

    This woman cannot say anything without it sounding like she is ‘looking down her nose’ at everybody else’s lives.

    I actually don’t think she intends to sounds like this but… she is so f*cking annoying.

  40. Jessi says:

    Whatever Gwyneth, some of us are 100% with our kids every day and we don’t need to shout it from the rooftops to feel validated.

  41. Bitter fruit says:

    Pretentious, untalented hag. She shouldn’t move too much or that broomstick up her ass will give her splinters.

  42. CB Rawks says:

    “I’m extremely 100% present.”

    Octomom said that too. Shudder.

  43. JenJen says:

    I so saw some snatch there too as I recall! I can’t take the torture of pushing play to check again. I think it was on Chelsea Handler she was bragging what a great cook she is. GAG.

  44. Henriette says:

    She might be 100% present but she’s absolutely 100% had a nose job, too. Maybe not recently, but no one is born with a nose of that shape.

  45. kelly says:

    The more women preach about the fantastic endless holy amazingness of motherhood, the gladder I am I gave it a miss. If it’s so self evident, why are they always stabbing us in the ear with this shiz? Protesteth overmuch?
    Im sure it’s cool enough to have rewarding children but really, the only people who find your kids fascinating is you. Sorry!

  46. DiMi says:

    I don’t care for Gwyneth, but this is nothing compared to Angelina bragging about being a great mom, and I never read anything critical about that.

  47. Sami says:

    Whats with the attacks on Angelina? WHY do haters have to drag Angelina into EVERYthing? The topic could be about banana milkshakes, and someone will come in and go off about Angelina. Loonifers really are crazy.

    Cathy C: Gwyneth and her father were very close, he guided her and influenced her. Angelina didn’t have that with her father. She made it all on her own. Further, the ONLY people I see calling Angelina a ‘saint’, are the haters like yourself. So get over your issues and complex.

    DiMi: Angelina has NEVER ‘bragged’ about being a great mom? Why so many LIES on here? She has talked ABOUT her KIDS, but not about herself as a parent. Please, get your facts STRAIGHT.