Diane Lane upset at husband Josh Brolin’s arrest, gives an ultimatum to stop drinking

Diane Lane, the lovely wife of actor Josh Brolin, is said to be both mortified and fuming over the arrest of her husband after a drunken brawl in a Shreveport, Louisiana bar. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Josh’s drinking has been an issue for the couple, and now sources say that Diane is fed up and wants Josh to choose between her or alcohol.

“Diane gave Josh an ultimatum – it’s her or the bottle,” one insider tells Star. “She is tired of him going out and acting like a frat boy. She’s worried sick about him every time he leaves the house.”

And with reason. Trouble began for Barbra Streisand’s stepson when he and several crew members went out to party on July 11 after finishing up work on Oliver Stone’s biopic, W, in which he plays President George W. Bush. According to a source, as the night wore on, the group got drunker and became too flirtatious with female patrons at Shreveport’s Stray Cat bar. When several local men told Josh and friends to back off, the situation quickly turned violent- and the police pepper sprayed and arrested Josh along with six others, including Jeffrey Wright, who plays Colin Powell in the movie.

“All these problems have taken a huge toll on his wife,” adds the insider. Making matters worse, less than a week after the arrest, Josh was spotted outside a Santa Monica bar on July 19, exchanging words with Sean Penn after he was accused of getting touchy-feely with his wife, Robin Wright Penn.

This isn’t the first time Josh’s wild ways have landed him in hot water. As Star has reported, Josh, 40, was booted out of the Whiskey Bar at the W Hotel in Westwood, California, last month for hitting on women.

And in December 2004, just four months after they walked down the aisle, Josh was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge when Diane, 43, called 911 during a fight that got physical. She did not press charges and dubbed the episode a “misunderstanding.”

[From Star, print version, August 4, 2008]

For the most part, I approach every story appearing in Star with great suspicion, but there are just enough kernels of truth in this one to make me wonder. Diane Lane seems like such a smart, strong woman, and I hate to think of her being in this type of situation. But it happens to strong women every day, unfortunately. I do agree that, at 40 years old, it is probably time for Josh to cut down on the partying. Especially if it’s putting his marriage and career in jeopardy. Is booze really worth losing everything over?

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are shown at the “In the Valley of Eljah” premiere on 8/17/07. Credit Fame

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  1. geronimo says:

    Just watched the TMZ Robin Wright Penn thing and he’s completely wasted on it. Don’t get it, his career really takes off and he starts f*king around like this? Shame, really like him as an actor too. Someone needs rehab. Poor Diane.

  2. TrinTrin says:

    My theory: Brolin is a repressed gay who is going after Sean Penn’s wife as a proxy, meaning he really wants to sleep with Sean Penn. He is getting those arched gay eyebrows, and he also played gay very convincingly in Flirting with Disaster.

    Meanwhile Sean Penn, who just made a movie about the gay mayor of San Francisco, Harvey Milk, is also most likely a bisexual. There seems to be sexual tension between them that they relieve in fighting and drinking. Maybe Sean Penn reminds him of his stepmother, Barbara Streisand. It’s fun to speculate.

  3. Kevin says:

    Love Diane, don’t care for that particular hair style though. Josh is lucky Sean Penn didn’t put a beat down on him. Age must have mellowed Sean out since the Madonna days. (back when she was relevant)

  4. elisha says:

    LLllllove her. Diane, that is. The header image is sorta creepy though, with the one red eye.

  5. Kolby says:

    Am I the only one who still sees Brand when looking at Josh Brolin?

  6. Blackalicious says:

    Diane Lane is a class act and naturally beautiful. No fake plastic work done on here and if anything had been done it’s subtle and not that much. Always liked her. He seems like such a brute so I was surprised when they were married. Partying at 40? That’s kind of sad. Doesn’t Diane have a kid from when she was married to that guy who was in Greystoke? Christopher Lambert? I think she does. Never saw a picture.

    She can pull off short hair but the short layered look- this style is aging for anyone.

  7. Julia says:

    If I were her, I’d leave his ass for what sounds like excess flirtation and womanizing even without the alcohol abuse and trouble with the law. She is awesome. He is a dickwad.

  8. RReedy says:

    I LOVE Diane Lane…she is a special actress! She is “too good” for that rat she is married to…he is good looking but seems have the badass gene. She should LOSE HIM and make Under the Tuscan SUN II!!!!

  9. Wil in Mpls says:

    Dang .. Josh is a dog! Who knew.. [remembers him in the "Planet Terror" portion of "Grindhouse" and thinks just exactly how convincing he was in that role ...] Uh .. I would like to amend that statement .. ;)

  10. All Adither says:

    I don’t trust him. Never have. Diane could have anyone. ANYONE. Why him?

  11. Mary says:

    Why is he always going out drinking alone anyway? Sounds like he does not like staying home with his wife! Diane Lane is beautiful, a great actress and way too good for him. He is a total loser. I probably would have left him after the battery charge in 2004. If he did hit her (seems it was covered up real quick) that would have been the last time he saw me! She deserves so much better than him – show him the door Diane, it will happen again!

  12. Michele says:

    She’s truly a beautiful woman. I am not sure how she deals wth Babs! LOL Barbara Streisand would be a nightmare mother in law.

  13. girlygirl says:

    It sounds like trouble between these two. Josh is a hunk who really likes to flirt with the ladies! He loves women – you can tell. Diane is ok not beautiful-kinda plain looking. Diane admitted a few years ago that she had 2 affairs w/married guys. So what goes around-comes around. It’s Josh’s turn now – ouch!

  14. Mary Ann says:

    Diane is a beautiful women she does not need him. He has always been trouble.

  15. Susan says:

    1) Sean Penn & Robin Wright seem a toxic couple to be around, always getting other people embroiled in their jealousy crap.

    2) Josh Brolin needs to calm his ego down and not become one of those men who have to later live by 20/20 hindsight (oh, gee, how I wish i didn’t make that mistake) – DUH!

  16. Dee Domani says:

    She is a bewtiful lady.I question her inteligence.If she was that smart she won’t put up with all the crup.

  17. Jan Bujwit says:

    Diane Lane is a lovely lady who deserves someone who cares about her. I hope she takes charge of her life and walks out. There is always a rainbow up the road and around the corner. She just needs to take the right direction and walk through the crazy stuff to find it. – Good luck and much happiness to her.

  18. Trish says:

    Diane Lane fans wanting a good romantic movie…try “A Little Romance” it was her first and still my favorite movie ever.

  19. Ann says:

    Diane Lane is one of the best actresses around. Josh Brolin.. what has he ever really done. He is probably intimadated by here and has low self-esteem anyway because of his father… so the weak man drinks, flirts and blows off steam. But it’s no excuse. I was married to one like him and I kicked him out and only then did he sober up. She should do what is right for her. But not put up with his BS.

  20. chris buttera says:

    I love diane more than any other actress and hope she can always be as happy as ever. would like to see her with someone nicer and caring. she is such a class act things will eventually go perfect for her. she needs a change.

  21. Chris says:

    She doesn’t need him? Wrong! He doesn’t need her! Bitch!

  22. Steve James says:

    She is a great gal, too bad she has picked a problem to share her life with. But…

  23. Jackie says:

    I think she is beautiful and talented..I have enjoyed all of her movies…Don’t waste your life….it goes be too quickly….I waited much too long to divorce and alcoholic…but I did and than married a really great guy….

  24. mymanmccain says:

    TrinTrin that was a good post with the exception that Harvey Milk was not the mayor of San Francisco, he was the first openly gay city supervisor of San Francisco. George Moscone was the mayor and shot in the same attack by Dan White, who was resigning as supervisor. You’re the second person I’ve heard confused about Milk’s position in the city government. To my knowledge there has yet to be an openly gay mayor of San Francisco. Why do people assume just because it’s a gay mecca the mayor is a buggerer? Yes “it’s fun to speculate”, but try a little research first, if you can, rather than perpetuate inaccurate information. Oh the humanity! And oh yeah, Diane is guilty . . . . of being hot!

  25. mia says:

    She should have stayed with Jon Bon Jovi……two class acts! No one needs to put up with this. Then the media has made it everyone’s business, how horrible for Diane.

  26. Big fist says:

    Trin Trin, stop projecting your runaway sexuality on others. You have to stop doing two things actually beside stopping the projections: I. Burn all your Psychology Today magazines and 2. Stop drinking your own bathwater, it’s making you goofy.

  27. Big R says:

    Everyone agrees Diane is a 10. Mentally she may be a 3 for staying with this Hollyweird POS. Is he trying to make up for his father whose married to that DoucheBag Streisand? No question Diane should dump him and flush the toilet. She’ll probably stay with him, he’ll ask forgiveness and do it again. :mrgreen:

  28. Big R says:

    TrinTrin seems to know a lot about repressed Gays etc. Is he a latent homosexual and wants a threesome with Sean-Penn and Josh Brolin???? :D :D

  29. KENNETH says:


  30. sheila says:

    Everyone has their issues in a relationship. Maybe they’ve been trying to work on this..and Diane was giving him time to sort it out. Perhaps now she’s just pissed because the timing of these incidents are becoming closer and closer. She really is a beautiful woman, and its shame that Josh Brolin doesn’t see that and choses to hit on others when he’s had a few. Hey Josh….you ain’t all that sweetie…appreciate what you have..cause 5 years from now your wife will still have a career and you’ll be known as Barbra Streisand’s stepson….

  31. DoctorBob says:

    Heck, if Barbra Streisand was my mother-in-law, I would drink heavily, too! Seriously, though, Josh is an immature idiot to be messing around on Diane Lane like this. She is classy and elegant in every sense. Every older guy wishes he could come home and find someone like her waiting for him. There is absolutely NO WAY I would ever do anything to lose her. Josh, you are an imbecile!

  32. J.C. Lyles says:

    Interesting…Found this interview with Josh from last year that might shed some light. At the very least, he seems like a very interesting, bright guy.


  33. girlygirl says:

    A lot of you on here like & think Diane Lane is Beautiful. While I’m not a big fan of her acting etc. I do agree that she is a classy lady & dignified. It must be embarrassing to have her husband’s flirty business plastered all over the Media. But I’m sure she’s strong enough to deal with it. But we shouldn’t be so judgemental. No one knows the real truth behind Josh Brolin’s arrest. As for Sean Penn(who is an ass)getting irrated over a harmless hug by Josh & his wife Robin – please. They’re all old friends. I saw the TMZ Video too. Josh is a little drunk but he wasn’t groping her. Diane & Brolin may be having marital problems which would explain him acting out in public, drinking & brawl’n. No one knows what the truth is except Josh & Diane. By the way Josh is an awesome Actor & has been one for over 20 years. He’ll still have a career in 5 years & Diane will likely not…..that’s hollywood!

  34. MaNancZ says:

    I hope that she will consider Alanon to focus on herself. Alanon is for people who are or have been affected by a relative or friend that has been affected by alcohol. Alcohol is a disease. It affects everyone’s lives.
    It destroys families, lives, and jobs.
    Take care

  35. JessicaForYou says:

    Yeah it’s true sexy Josh better check out AA again cause he loves too many beers & while we’re on the subject – he smokes ALOT! That’s a unhealthy mix. Plus Josh was kicked out of the Whiskey Bar last month? According to The Star – it was last Summer. That story is probably exaggerated anyway or complete bullshit! Good Luck Josh, here’s wishing con’td success with U’r career man!

  36. Babygirl says:

    Okay I think Diane is not gorgeous, never did think so, I always found her cute, but she looks so old now but anyway, maybe somethings missing at home, maybe they both need to take a look at their marriage.

  37. Paul says:

    Sigh for Diane…Like so many others, I’ve been a big fan since ALR…lots of us hoping her personal life would have the same sparkle as her career…she’s so witty, intelligent and that rare natural beauty….I can’t help but wonder if her best bet is with someone outside of the industry.

  38. Jersey says:


  39. Alanon is for people who are or have been affected by a relative or friend that has been affected by alcohol. Alcohol is a disease. It affects everyone’s lives.

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  42. They’re all old friends. I saw the TMZ Video too. Josh is a little drunk but he wasn’t groping her. Diane & Brolin may be having marital problems which would explain him acting out in public, drinking & brawl’n.

  43. rafal says:

    Thanks for the ideas you have discussed here.

  44. RaizsOala says:

    Thanks for the ideas you have provided here.

  45. abbeyrd1011 says:

    I don’t think you can really judge either side by this article. Jon Bon Jovi did not have such good things to say about Diane, etc. Josh is a good man – and normal. I’m sure they will work it out.